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Sponsored by
NSTMIS Division Department of Science and Technology Government of India, New Delhi.
Technology No. Organization Subject Category Technology Name Personnel : 009 : Andhra Pradesh State Sericulture Research and Development Institute, Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh

Implemented by
Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute , Bangalore

: Mulberry Sericulture : Silkworm Breeding and Genetics : Shakthi - An Eco and User-friendly Bed Disinfectant

: Sivaprasad V, Chandrashekharaiah, Raja Gopal Reddy C, Jagadeeswara B, Year of Recommendation : 2002

Salient Features of the Technology

At present most of the disinfectants used in sericulture are used on chemical products having either formaldehyde or chlorine as disinfectant which are not eco and user-friendly. They are having pungent, smell, corrosive in nature and their long-term use is known to cause cancer and skin disorders. In view of this, the institute has developed eco and use-friendly disinfectants for silkworm disease management. Shakthi is a bed disinfectant formulation comprising Eco and user friendly chemicals for disinfection of silkworm body and rearing bed. Shakthi is a combination of an inert carrier, and organic disinfectant and an inorganic chemical disinfectants. Effective against all silkworm diseases in all seasons. Does not emit any pungent smell. Cost-effective with an increased productivity (10%). Use 3 kg (Tray rearing) and 6 kg (Shoot rearing) Shakthi for every crop as per recommended schedule. Dusts uniformly.

: Advantages over Alternative Technologies

Does emit any pungent smell unlike that of paraformaldehyde and chlorine based products. Do not cause any health hazards to the users. Eco and user friendly formulation and cost-effective. Dusts uniformly without any residues. Highly effective in the prevention of all silkworm diseases.

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8/3/2013 7:54 PM

Technology View

Precautions while Adoption/Usage

Do not dust Shakthi when silkworms are under moult. Keep away from children. Use preventive mask for general purpose. Do not dust when there is eatable leaf in the bed. Shelf life is 12 months. Dust using a muslin cloth/duster

Limitations (Application, : Suitable for all seasons and regions. Geographical, Seasonal etc.) Extent of Adoption (National/State or Zonal : State/Zonal level) Whether the Technology : Commercialized through NRDC. is Patented/Commercialized Source of Information
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8/3/2013 7:54 PM