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Selected grapes from vines more than sixty years of the variety Juan Garcia. Macerated in small volume conical tanks with controlled temperature and malolactic fermentation. Twelve months in French oak barrels. Its alcohol content is 14.5 °. It has intense cherry red color, bright and lively, with aromas of dried fruit, tenuous of blackberry, raspberry and currant that are assembled perfectly with the spicy notes of the wood in which it was matured for twelve months. Great balance and soft tannins and acid in moderate sweet presence. Meaty and persistent in the mouth. A wine as unique as the variety from which it comes. It is located at an optimal time consumption and improve even more. Abadengo, Arribes Designation of Origin has obtained very good grades in the most prestigious Spanish and foreign guides, as Village Voice, Penin Guide, Living the Wine, Wine Report, etc.. Recommended for specialized programs, including by the BBC in London. The guide Wine Report 2007 is listed as the fourth best wine in Spain in value Tipo: Red Aging Wine Bottle: 750 cl y Magnum

Wine made from grapes fully selected old vines, variety Juan Garcia. Macerated in temperature controlled conical tanks and malolactic fermentation. eighteen months Romanian oak barrels. Its alcohol content is 14.5 °. Tasting organoleptic analysis This wine varietal, from single vineyards and aged in barrels of the highest quality. From bright red excellent, bright and alive. Highlights: delicate aroma of dried fruits and spices, as well as a soft wood vanilla who raised him. On the palate: long entry, warm, creamy and smooth. Well rounded tannins, smooth and almost sweet. Passage very nice, elegant, fleshy and persistent. Very good assembly between alcohol and acidity. Long and flavorful. It is located at an optimal time and expect a long life. Great Abadengo, Arribes Designation of Origin has obtained excellent scores in both guides and magazines. It has been recommended by Live wine wine, and won the gold medal at the awards Arribe 2007

This wine is unique in the world, drawn by the variety of the same name and fully selccionadas grapes. It's a grape cluster small and tight, with skin blue-black color, very hard pulp, not colored and with a particular flavor. This wine has been carefully crafted with controlled temperature, malolactic fermentation naturally clarified. He then goes on to be raised in French oak and Romanian (medium roast fine grain), high quality, for a total of twelve months. His graduation is 14.5 °. Tasting organoleptic analysis Intense cherry color with purple hues, stable, clean and bright. Nose: notes at this time a good roast of wood which breathes hints of cocoa and minerals graphite and flint, in the background is seen a very good mature fruit character reminiscent of some cherries in liqueur and wild fruits. On the palate: the entry is soft yet powerful, manifests much fruit load (currant, blackberry) raisiny toasted, very good oak and a fleshy, is very tasty and long aftertaste. Bruñal is an exceptional wine that everyone enjoys a special prestige, which mostly for being a unique wine by its grape variety and its qualities. It has received excellent grades in specialized guides worldwide. The prestigious guide published in USA, Wine Report 2007, which qualifies as the second best wine in Spain. The Village Voice puts you in the honor roll of the best wines of Spain. The renowned English critic John Radford has called it one of his best finds. Type: Framed as signature wine, flee any formalism it is a Unique Wine in the world.

Wine made from grapes selected from the variety Malvasia. Macerated in stainless steel conical tank at a controlled temperature. His graduation is 12.5 °. It has a pale straw yellow color with golden reflections very clean and bright. The nose shows fresh fruit such as pear, apple, grapefruit followed by notes of orange blossom. In the mouth the fruit remaining sigeu easy passage and pleasant freshness with a tour smooth and easy to drink. Tipo: White wine Bottle: 75cl. Conservación: 8 o 9 grados

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