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Joschk Due


The month of April was ours to recover from the race season and rest up for the upcoming year. I also took advantage of some of some really unique media opportunities of which will be airing prime-time during the Olympics and Paralympics. Another highlight for me was my trip to Chatter Creek Resort - a remote cat ski operation near Golden, BC. It was nothing but steep and deep terrain filled with lofty cliff drops and some epic pillow lines. A perfect form of therapy to recover from such an intense season! Now that I am decompressed from the season I have switched my focus to bringing balance back into my life. By training my body ~ mind and soul this summer I am confident that I can step up to the challenges next season. One aspect of my life that really helps me to find balance is the ability to connect with my community and share some of my experiences and stories. I am honored and grateful to be working with great businesses such as WorkSafeBC and the RBC Olympians Program that support my dreams and give me a platform to speak from. I am also currently working on a documentary style film and a few promotional videos at the moment as well. I will keep you posted as they progress… A special shout out to those who empower my dream and support my goals:

moving forward

Silver Star Mountain Resort – WorkSafeBC – RBC Olympians Program – Kal Tire – Cummings Western Canada – Fischer Skis – Alpine Canada
THANK YOU! The media has been very kind to me this spring and has literally allowed my story to reach millions of Canadians. From several pieces in the local, provincial, and national newspapers to a couple of solid news broadcast pieces as well. Check out these links…

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sincerely, Josh Dueck

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