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Blackfoot Reserve, Metis Scrip Claims

Bird, Sarah Ann; address: Carlton, Saskatchewan; claim no. 570; born: 8 February, 1885 at Blackfoot Indian Reserve, Alberta; father: Philip Bird (Métis); mother: Louise Lucier (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 837 for $240.00 Brun, Paul - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, St. Albert P.O. [Post Office] Born, Edmonton, 1855 - Father, Pierreau Brun, (Métis) - Mother, Marie, (Blackfoot Indian) - Married, 1877 at St. Albert to Jeannette Paul, deceased, and 1883 at Edmonton to Nancy - Scrip for $240 - Claim 825 Scrip affidavit for Dawson, Andrew; born: Fall, 1849; father: Andrew Dawson (Scot); mother: Blackfoot Indian; claim no.: 2753; scrip no.: 9873; date of issue: Feb. 9, 1878; amount: $160 Ducharme, Pierre dit Lanouche; heir to his deceased children: Louis, born: 1875 at Buffalo Lake; died: 1890 at Calgary; Adelaide, born: 1877 at Blackfoot Crossing; died: 1885 at High Bluff; Pierre Junior, born: 1880 at Blackfoot Crossing; died: 1896 at Calgary; address: Calgary; father: Pierre Ducharme (Métis and deponent); mother: Marie Desjarlais (Métis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 602 and 604; claim disallowed as to Louis; claim no. 1726 Fox, Annie; address: Blackfoot, Montana; claim no. 1490; born: November, 1880 at MacLeod; father: William Wagner (Whiteman); mother: Quinney (Indian); file ref. 953548 Hamelin, Moise - Concerning her claim as a child - Address, St. Albert - Born, 1854 Father, Moise Mahksipetah, (Blackfoot Indian) - Mother, Marie Lapataque, (Métis) Married, 1881 to Sukey, (Métis) - Children living, one, Joseph born 1883 - Scrip for $240 - Claim 983 Harrison, Quinney; for her minor child, William Harrison; claim no. 1489; address: Blackfoot, Montana; born: Spring, 1885 at MacLeod; father: William Wagner; mother: Quinney (Canadian Blood Indian & deponent); file ref. 953546. Scrip affidavit for Lawson, James; born: 1 April 1869; died: 11 February 1873; father: George Lawson; mother: Jane (Blackfoot Indian woman) Lebrun, Pierre; address: Calgary; claim no. 67; born: 1841 at Lake St. Anne; father: Pierre Lebrun (Métis); mother: Marie (Blackfoot Indian); married: 1861 at Edmonton to Catherine Nehannis; children living: Marguerite, Olivier; Eli, Cecil, Patrick & Moise; children deceased: Phillis, Pierre & Francois; scrip for $160.00.


Martin Magdeleine; address: Battleford, Saskatchewan; born: 1875 at Blackfoot Hills; father: Joseph Cardinal (Métis); mother: Euphrasine Lemire (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1639 for $240.00; claim no. 1031. Munroe, Benjamin; for his deceased father, Felix Munroe; address: Bittem Lake; born: 1828; died: July, 1876; father: John Munroe (Whiteman); mother: Blackfoot Indian; file ref. 1281726; claim no. 2747. Munroe, Christine; for her deceased children: Adelaide, born: May, 1873 at Lac la Biche; died: 1886 at Blood Reserve; Francois, born: September, 1875 at McLeod; died: 1894 at Blackfoot Montana; Joseph, born: October, 1877 near mouth of Red Deer; Melanie Deschamps, born: 1884 at Cypress Hills; died: at Lewiston, Montana; address: Pegin Reserve, Montana; father: Joseph Deschamps (deceased Métis); mother: Christine Desjarlais (Métis); heirs: Christine Munroe, scrip cert.: form D, nos. 1432, 3429 and 3251 for $80.00; Lewis Deschamps, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1434 for $80.00 and 2 other scrips for $80.00 each (cancelled); Angus Munroe, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1436 and 2 other scrips for $80.00 each; claim no. 1410. Potts, Jéremiah - Concerning his claim as a head of family - Address, Fort McLeod, P.O. [Post Office] - Born, 1844 at Fort Benton in the USA - Father, Andrew Potts, (Scot)Mother, Blackfoot Indian - Married, 1866 at Fort Benton to Marie, (Indian) - Children living, five (names on declaration) - Children deceased, two - Scrip for $160.00 - Claim 286 Smith, Sarah; address: Buffalo Lake; born: 1862 at Blackfoot Reserve; father: Big Wolfchild (Blackfoot Indian); mother: Elk Woman (Blackfoot Indian); claim no. 3287. Smith, Frank; address: Buffalo Lake; born: 1879 at High River; father: Oliver Hawkins Smith (Whiteman); mother: Sarah Wolfchild (Blackfoot Indian); scrip cert.: form E, no. 2526; claim no. 3270. Smith, Sarah; for her deceased son, George Smith; address: Buffalo Lake; born: 1883 at High River; died: Spring, 1886 at High River; father: Orville Hawkens Smith (Whiteman); mother: Poo-kee-mee (Small Girl) (Blackfoot Indian and deponent); heir: his father, Oliver H. Smith, scrip ecrt.: form F, no. 1312; claim no. 3272. Smith, Sarah; for her absent daughter, Neelie Mitchell, nee; Smith; address: Buffalo Lake; born: 1881 at High River; father: Orville Hawkens Smith (Whiteman); mother: Sarah Poo-kee-mee (Small Girl); or Sarah Wolfchild (Blackfoot Indian and deponent); married: 1899 to Arthur Mitchell; scrip cert.: form F, no. 2031; claim no. 3285. Wagner, John; address: Blackfoot, Montana; born: 24 December, 1876 at Belly River; father: John Killaly (Whiteman); mother: Quinney (Canadian Blood Indian); scrip cert.: form E, no. 852; claim no. 1444.


Wren, George; address: Milk River, Blackfoot Reservation; Montana; born: 12 May, 1869 at Edmonton; father: John Wren (Métis); mother: Melinda Choquette (Métis); Ref, 951774; claim no. 1435.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute


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