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replace Uberty Township's .',truck with a newer'model capable of hauling more equipment.

Th'e proposed L-42 fire levy would

1975 model heavy rescue

'LIbtt!rty Townsh
By Eric

seeks3~min fire levy



EMS director to assist with the increased .L'bT 'hi" p voters profiles 1 erty' owns .Candidate ,,' . training, licensing will. decide ,Tuesday on Union Township residents will have and clerical require,whether to' pass a 3-mill a number of important issues and men,ts of paramedic servIces. fire levy that would genE;!r- races to decide Tuesday. Capital improve,ate about. $846,009 a..year" On the ballot is the county levy to ments would include , .ar'!t;projected~'cost to tax~ rais'e the Butler County sales tax one'payers of.$70 per year ..The ',half percent to build a new county jail replacing the L-42 heavy rescue truck, ';,current l~rriill.leVy expires . "" that. will'replace the existing over-iin1998.' .'. , ci'owdedand outdated facility. The fire department bought the L-42, a 'Mo~eY' ,generated from ",/Ii:l'Liberty Township, residents will the' levy would be' used to have a chance to pass a 3-milllevy to 1975 step-van, in upgrade: the level of fire-increase fire department services to 1985 from the city of Blue Ash for $1. protectio;1 services. avail"haildle the area's increased growth. able to residents. Fire Chief' The ballot there also includes a race "It's just not ade, Paul, S,tWnpfsees the need .. for the board of trustees: . quate to haul the alilount of equipment . fqr:,the'l~yY" ,a.s;a,'sign'of UmOliresidents' alsoelect members we need to haul," 'gr:?yvth:th~n, tne,towli-to tpeboard 0f.t~~stees .. '. Stumpf said. '~,~hIp.,,,:",:;;,,,",,, . ',," '.' " .,In (m~ of the: most he~ted races III . Also to be replaced is ,;',,::'Tflere.'is~.l6t ofgrawth, . 'the area, five c~ndidates will be vying ,'and"the'delnmid for a lot of for three seats on the Lakota School the 1980 life-squad vehicle that is kept in ',:':sernces~"he"sllid>~TheleVy.,' Di~trict board of education. reserve: When a new ,',is important riot only. to: ,~Nso,~vailable are seats on the Butler vehicle is purchased, contiriuethe level of s'eiVice 'County Educational Service Center, the current 1990 life we' have now, but also to' '.'':'For profiles 6r'all the local candi, increase the lever', in the ,'datks,see Page"A2. ,,/ squad at the .yankee .futUre." ,',. " '. ' ... ' 'Road would be placed into reserve, .., ' If passed, the levY.would ' , allow' the,. upgradeo('emer. for EMS personnel and paraImprovements at both fire gency r:lledical sen,jces> The medics would increase to 600 stations and construction of a 'departrnent' could, hire.' part-' houi's, 'or, about 10 months. third station, probably in the time paraIn.cdiclfirefighters Paramedics are licensed to south-west quadrant of the who would serve as first perform procedures that the township, is also needed. .responders around the clock, current ,EMS service cannot Stumpf said' that this additional location would provide which would' l;educeresponse . ,provide.. time. Fire departmen t officials access to the proposed regionD~~"~~A~A~j,CO f'",. tr",;n;nO' hoop t.o hin'! fu]]-tilne al hie:hwav.
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