Are you passionate about Pakistan, its economic development and the importance of research and evidencebased policy? Are you looking for an opportunity to work at a policy think-tank led by accomplished and committed researchers? The Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS), a new policy think-tank based in Lahore, is looking for bright, qualified individuals to join the IDEAS team. The current research clusters at the institute include: fiscal federalism and public finance, social exclusion and marginalisation, human development, and political economy, governance and institutions.

Research Associates
Main Responsibilities
General Research  Conduct research and literature reviews on key topics within the research cluster areas.  Collect and analyse information from a wide variety of sources, both primary and secondary, and synthesise research material.  Write policy briefs, reports, notes, summaries, abstracts and blogs as required by senior research fellows.  Independently analyse research findings and occasionally co-author work.  Monitor current trends and developments in research, both locally and internationally.  Interview academics, policymakers and important stakeholders for input into research reports and policy briefs.  Offer research support to other research clusters as required. Quantitative Research  Develop survey questionnaires and manage surveys.  Prepare and independently analyse data using statistical packages and database tools.  Produce research findings in various statistical formats and creatively represent this data in different charts, tables and graphs. Administrative Management  Carry out correspondence, coordination and reporting as required for the research cluster.  Manage the overall logistics of any seminars, workshops and conferences organised by the research cluster.  Generate and maintain material for the research cluster’s webpage and contribute to its dissemination strategy.

A Master’s degree in economics or related discipline with 17–18 years’ education (preferably from a top ranking university).

1–2 years’ research experience (preferably having authored or co -authored a significant publication or report).

Other Skills
Outstanding research, writing, and analytical skills; the ability to work independently and as part of a team; initiative and reliability; strong interpersonal and organisational skills; attention to detail; a thorough knowledge of library and online research resources with the ability to conduct independent research and fieldwork; and a sound knowledge of STATA, EVIEWS and SPSS (essential).

Salary Range PKR 75,000 to PKR100,000/month.

If interested, please send a one-page CV and cover letter addressed to: The Director, IDEAS, at by 31 August 2013.
Institute of Development & Economic Alternatives, 60 – H, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan Tel:+92-42-35831376

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