Questionnaire to elicit information on ‘The study of online v/s brick and mortar shopping’

Dear respondent, We, the students of Masters of Business Administration in Symbiosis International University, Pune are conducting a survey on the said topic. We seek you co-operation in answering the questions given below. We assure you that the information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for academic purposes only. Please put a [ ] against appropriate answers.

Name : Age (in years) :

__________________________________________ 18-21 26-35 22-25 36 and above

Gender :



Occupation :

Professional Housewife

Student Others

Educational Qualification : Masters Students Bachelors Others

Income (per month) : ` 15,001- ` 25,000 Above ` 35,001 ` 25,001- ` 35,000

Location :



g. read news/articles) Chatting (e. Search product info Surfing (e. what would be your preference? Shopping in a mall/shops in a marketplace Shopping online from various e-commerce websites Ques 5) What kind of goods do you purchase from the Internet? (You may select more than one option) Books CD/Video Software Flowers Gifts Electronics .g.Ques1) How many years experience of using Internet? (Select one only) Less than a month Less than 1 year 1 – 2 years 3 – 4 years More than 5 years Ques 2) On a scale of 1(lowest) . MSN / ICQ) Research a topic Looking for a job Internet shopping Other (Please Specify): ______________________ Ques 4) Given the current times.10(highest) how much is your daily internet usage? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ques 3) Rate your usage of the Internet according to the purpose considering 6(lowest) and 1(highest).

Hotel/travel bookings Ques 6) What would be your main reasons for shopping online? Saves time Saves money More relaxing shopping More efficient Others _____________________ Other. please specify : __________________________ Ques 7) Do you feel secure when shopping on the Internet? Yes No Ques 8) Which features do you value when visiting an e-commerce website? On a scale of 1-8. rate the following considering 8(lowest) and 1(highest). Company profile & brand identity Security certificated Customer service & website interface Detailed product information Large selection of products Terms and conditions of website Cost & speed of delivery Personalised offers/adverts Others. Please specify _______________________ Ques 9) Do you intend to continue purchasing products from the Internet in the near future? Yes Ques 10) What is your biggest concern while shopping online? Lack of trust No touch and feel factor Long delivery process No .

com E-bay.Unsure about the final product Ques 11) Which e-commerce sites are you most familiar with? Others ____________________________ Ques 12) Do you think online shopping will soon kill the traditional way of shopping? Yes No Why? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ .

.Thank you for your valuable input.

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