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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

Updated on Thursday, 31st May, 2012

This FAQ collects the most commonly-asked questions from the rules forum.

When do the effects from my Spells and Abilities end? Unless otherwise stated they end in the Resolve Effect Step of the Closing Phase

Does the game end, if one side is completely destroyed? No. The player with models remaining can play out the remaining Turns, so he can complete any Strategies or Schemes he may have remaining. You still count up VPs at the end. It is quite possible to win the game with no models on the table. Note that this should not be used as a game delaying tactic. Often, its easy to walk through the remaining Turns to determine if objectives can be completed rather than taking the time to activate each and every model be sure your opponent is fine with this before skipping over models, however.

What happens when a model attempts something that it couldnt do, like cast a Spell to create an additional Rare model when my Crews maximum number of that model are in play, or casts a borrowed Spell that requires a Weapon/Ability my model doesnt have? You cannot attempt the Action. If the Action would not work, reset back to before the Action began. If an event would require the model to enter play (such as a Pine Boxed third Viktoria coming into play when a Death Marshal is removed from play) the model does not enter play.

Can you clarify what an Attack Flip or Defense Flip is?

Attack and Defense Flips are specific to Strikes (RM p.42). Casting and Resist Flips are specific to Spells (RM p.52 & 53). Morale Flips are specific to Morale Duels (RM p.56).

Then what is a Df flip? Stat flips use the indicated stat. A Df flip uses the Defense (Df) stat. A Wp flip is a flip using the Willpower (Wp) stat, and so forth.

We have a question about who controls a model when resolving an effect. For example, if my opponent uses a Talent or Spell that allows her to Push my model which of us is the model's Controller during the Push? You are. A models Controller changes only when indicated in a description. Your opponent may be directing where the model goes, but its Controller has not changed.

Do Wooden Bullets from a Gunsmith affect my Terror Tots? All members of a Faction count as having the corresponding Characteristic. eg. all members of the Neverborn Faction count as having the Neverborn Characteristic.

When a model must resolve multiple non-environmental effects that are not controlled by the player at the start of its activation, for example Poison 1 and Regeneration 1, what order are the effects resolved in? The models Controller may choose the order in which the effects are resolved.

When is a card "in play"? A card is "in play" from the time it is flipped from the Fate Deck, or played from the Control Hand until it is moved to the discard pile or back to a Hand or Deck.

Which takes precedence, "must" or "may" when resolving game effects? When resolving game effects a "must" effect is resolved before any other choices can be made. Effects that "may" happen, occur after that.

If a model in my crew takes an action which is Once per Turn, can another model take the same Action? Once per Turn is for each individual model, so for example two separate Punk Zombies could each take a Self-Mutilate Action in a Turn. But a single Punk Zombie couldn't use it twice.

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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

Can you clarify what an effect is? An effect meets all of the following criteria:
It is generated during an Encounter It sits 'on' a model
Paralyzed sits on the model which is Paralyzed. Conduit sits on the Voodoo Doll. Nurse's Massive Dose sits on the target of the Spell.

Has a defined end time

Excessive Bleeding lasts until the end of the Encounter. Wild Heart lasts until the end of the Turn. Damage Effects end once the damage has been applied and you have started Damage Resolution.

What is not considered an effect? The following are not effects:

Models Anything printed on a model (although they may generate effects) Terrain Markers/Counters/Tokens Wounds A Models State (Model states include: Falling Back, Killed, Sacrificed, Buried)

What does unmodifiable or uncheatable mean? Unmodifiable means the value cannot be modified in any way including Cheating in a new Card. Uncheatable means the flip cannot be Cheated.

If the model cannot be killed, but is reduced to 0 Wd what happens? If the model cannot be killed it is reduced to 0 Wd but you do not check for death conditions.

Targeting Questions
Who is the target of an effect if something shifts the effect to a new model? The new model is now the target of the effect from the point it shifted onward.

If a targeted model shifts the effect to a new target, and had activated a Trigger, does the new model gain the benefits of the Trigger? No. The activating models Trigger would resolve normally.

When can Line of Sight be checked? Line of Sight is public knowledge and can be checked at any time by either player. Players cannot pre-measure when checking LoS.

Does Hunter allow you to ignore Obscuring Effects created by models? Hunter allows you ignore cover penalties when targeting models and increase its LoS into and within obscuring terrain to 6". Abilities like the Stitched Together's Creepy Fog are not terrain, so Hunter does not work on them.

Does the enemy model get cover against my Austringer's Strike? No. Everything that ignores LoS, also ignores cover.

Can a model target itself with an Ability? Yes, unless the Ability states it targets enemy models or other friendly models.

Are the Talents listed for a Weapon part of the Weapon or the model carrying it? What about if a model casts a Spell that uses the Weapon, such as Mimic or Self- Loathing? They are part of the Weapon. The Weapons Damage and Talents are all considered when using the Weapon. For example, Lady Justice would include the her Greatsword grants when suffering Self-Loathing.

Do Duels involving Wp count as Morale Duels? All Morale Duels are Wp Duels. Not all Wp Duels are Morale Duels. Models immune to Morale Duels are not immune to non-Morale Wp Duels.

What do colored stats and ghosted out suits do? Colored stats and ghosted out suits are play aids. Colored stats are there as reminders that a trigger is associated with the statistic. Ghosted out suits are there as reminders the model has already met that suit requirement with the appropriate stat.

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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

Counters and Tokens

Do models leave Scrap/Corpse Counters when there are no Scavengers/Graverobbers in play? No. Corpse and Scrap Counters are only generated while Graverobbers and Scavengers are in play.

If the last model with a Counter-generating effect (Graverobber/Scavenger for example) leaves play, what happens to any of that type of Counters in play? The Counters remain in play.

Does picking up a Counter require an Action? No. A model can pick up any Counter it is allowed to pick up any time it is in contact with the Counter.

A 40mm/50mm based model drops Counters when it is killed. Can a model in base contact with it pick up the counters? Yes. As the model generates the Counters before dropping them, models in base contact with it have a chance to pick them up before they drop out of reach.

If two models may pick up a Counter which gets priority? Starting with the player whose activation it is, and continuing in turn order players get the option to pick up the Counter.

Do effects that force Counters to be sacrificed or discarded from play, such as Hamelins Hungry Rats, sacrifice/discard Counters carried by models? No. An effect cannot force a model carrying Counters to discard them unless it is part of the cost to use the effect, or the effect specifically states so.

Is a Counter or marker carried by a model considered to be "on" the model for game effects like Shrug Off or Dispel Magic? No. Both Shrug Off and Dispel Magic remove Tokens rather than Counters. A Counter cannot be discarded by an effect unless it specifies Counters carried are affected.

Aura and Pulses

If you cast a Spell or use an Ability that affects multiple models through an Aura/Pulse, does each model make a Resist Duel if one is listed? Yes. Resist Duels are simultaneous. If more than one player has models in the affected area, resolve the Resist Duels in activation order, with each player completing all of their models Resist Duels in an order of their choosing before the next begins. Once all of the Resist Duels are completed, apply the effects of the Aura/Pulse.

If I am performing multiple Damage Flips, is each of those Damage Flips an individual damage source? Yes, unless it is stated that they are totaled and then inflicted. (e.g. falling or the Red Joker instruct you to total the amount and inflict it)

Can a model kill or sacrifice itself? Yes. Unless the Talent/Spell causes a fixed number of wounds and those wounds would drop the model to 0 Wounds.

Blast Templates
How do I place the second and third blast templates from a multi-blast (say it was a ) effect?

The first blast template must touch a portion of the initial targets base. Each additional template must touch a previous template. For two templates, one must touch the target. The second must touch the template touching the target. For three templates: one must touch the target, the second must touch the template touching the target, and the third must touch a template of your choosing. Yes, this does allow you to have three templates in a line.

Does the initial target of an attack with one or more

in it suffer the blast damage and the attacks initial damage?

No. The initial target of the attack causing the suffers only the attacks Dg. All other models in the suffer the Dg indicated one step down on the attacks damage. For example, an attack with Damage of 1/3 /5 inflicting Severe damage would inflict 5 damage on the target, then place two and inflict 3 damage on any other models touched by the two s.

If a model has a It causes No Damage.

on Weak Damage how much damage does the


Does a model need LoS to the location it wishes to place a blast? No. LoS is not needed to any of the blasts the model places, however a model is only affected by a blast if LoS can be drawn from the original target of the attack through the Blasts [See the section about LoS for Blasts, Auras and Pulses]

Are all models touched by a blast affected by its additional effects? When a Blast is generated by a Dg stat only the original target suffers the additional effects (RM p.45), unless stated otherwise. When the

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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

Blast was generated by an effect without a Dg stat, all models touched by the Blast are affected (RM p.21).

Who'se Control Cards and Fate Deck are used when you are controlling another model? You always use your Control Cards and Fate Deck for any models you control.

How do I reflip a Card? You discard all the Cards flipped, and then flip the same number of Cards again. Eg. If I spend a Soulstone to reflip my initiative, I would reflip two Cards if my opponent had a Doppelganger in play.

Twisting Fate
I have a flip. I flip my two Cards and they come up as 8 and 8 . Which Card do I use?

Both Cards have the same value. When the flipped Cards are tied for lowest value, the flipping player can choose which Card to keep.

Is Self-loathing's Damage Flip affected by the Duel Total? Self-Loathing does not use the difference in cast/resist totals to modify the Damage Flip. After the target has lost the Resist Duel the Caster makes a basic Damage Flip using the Weapon's Dg stat, , and any Ability modifiers that apply. The flip cannot be Cheated, regardless of its final fate modifier.

Cheating Fate
When, specifically, am I allowed to Cheat Fate? You are allowed to Cheat Fate under the following circumstances:
All Duels (when a neutral or positive flip) The Damage Flip (when a neutral or positive flip) When a specific rule allows

If the flip was not part of a Duel, nor a Damage Flip, nor is stated as Cheatable, then you cannot Cheat the flip. For example, Healing Flips cannot be Cheated.

Can I Cheat Fate after I spend a Soulstone to flip an extra card? The person that is losing may Cheat and then may use a Soulstone. Then the other player may Cheat and then may use a Soulstone. In that order. Once you have used a Soulstone you may not go back and Cheat. In the case of Spells, the caster has to cheat and use Soulstones first.

Discard Pile
Should the top card of my discard pile be visible to all players? Yes. Players cannot look through any discard pile, but all players should be able to see the top card of every players discard pile.

Which Joker takes precedence if the Red and Black Jokers come up during a Fate Flip? The Black Joker.

Can I still add a Soulstone when I flip the Black Joker in a Duel? Yes. The Black Joker prevents Cheating Fate, but not Soulstone use.

If I flip a Black Joker on Initiative can I spend a Soulstone to re-flip it. Yes. You are not Cheating the flip you are retaking it.

Can a model take the same Action multiple times during an activation, such as taking the Cast Action to cast the same spell multiple times? Yes, as long as the model has the AP and there are no restrictions on the Action in question (or Spell being cast) being used multiple times in an activation or Turn.

Can a model with Slow take (All) actions? Yes. (All) actions must just be the only action you take in your activation.

What happens if my model receives Slow after spending its last AP? Slow would apply to its next Activation.

I have an Ability that says "Target friendly Construct within 6" of this model activates after this models activation ends", can I use this on a model that has already activated?

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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

Linked In and other abilities that allow you to activate a model after finishing a models activation can only be used on models that haven't activated or are waiting to Reactivate.

Do Actions generated as a result of Talents and Spells cost AP to perform? No. Just like Triggers (RM p.26), additional Actions generated from Talents and Spells (such as the Coryphee Duet's Sword Dance Action) do not cost AP unless stated otherwise.

Is a Strike generated as part of a Trigger, Charge, or other effect an Action? Only the (1) Strike Action is a Strike Action. Other Actions which include a Strike are not "Strike Actions".

Specific Actions
Can I take the Focus or Channel Actions using AP granted from Melee or Casting Expert respectively? No. Melee and Casting Expert grant specific AP for the Strike and Cast Actions, respectively. You may not Charge or use any Talents that require general AP using the specific AP granted. You may only perform the Actions permitted by specific AP.

Can I use the specific AP from Casting Expert to pay for part of a (2) cost spell? No. As stated in the Rules Manual (p33), specific AP cannot be combined with general AP.

Sonnia casts a Spell using her Casting Expert specific AP and then Manifests her Avatar, gaining Casting Master. How many specific AP does she receive from Casting Master? She receives one. The Expert/Master Abilities are considered one ability for stacking purposes. As she has used one specific AP already, she only has the second AP granted by Casting Master remaining.

What counts as "moving" a model? Anything that applies a Movement Effect to the model. Eg. a Push, Walk or Charge.

Does a Push have to be in a straight line? No, unless it states it is a direct Push.

If an effect allows me to Push an enemy model (no restriction on direction), can I choose to push it off an elevation, or onto a Shafted counter, or into hot lava? Yes. As long as the Push is a legal move, the model can be Pushed into terrain/effects that can harm it.

Do I get a Disengaging Strike when a model leaves my Melee Range due to a Placement Effect? No, you only get Disengaging Strikes in response to Movement Effects.

If I have a model in combat can I cast a Spell on someone out side of combat? Spells without the combat. or icons can target models outside of the combat. If they have the icon they can't be used while engaged in

When shooting or casting ranged Spells into Melee, what happens if the random model is out of range or I can't draw LoS? If you are in LoS and in range of the original target you are able to hit the new target, regardless if that new target is in LoS or range.

So, what happens if my randomized shot hits a model with an Ability that stops me targeting it? If you randomize to a model that has an Ability that stops you targeting it (eg. Hamelin's Bully) the shot fails.

Jokers and Blasts

What damage do I inflict on models in a when I flip the Red Joker? suffer

The initial target model suffers Severe damage with the damage for the extra flip added, while the other models touched by the Moderate damage.

Preventing/Healing Damage
If a Damage Prevention Flip amount is higher than the number of wounds caused (say the model suffered 1 wound, but the flip prevents 2) does the model heal the difference? No. A Prevention Flip only stops incoming damage; it does not heal wounds the model has already suffered. Damage healing and prevention

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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

do use the same chart, but the effects differ.

Is "damage inflicted" the amount of damage done before things like Armor reduce the amount of wounds taken? Or is "damage inflicted" after modifications to damage made? Damage inflicted is the total amount of damage a model suffers before reducing effects are taken into account. Incoming damage, including bonuses, is totaled, and then inflicted on the recipient who has an opportunity to reduce the inflicted damage before it is applied as wounds. (see the Damage Resolution Sequence on the Rules Errata/Clarifications page for more details)

I'm a bit confused by Spell types. I understand that all Spells affecting enemy models are considered attack Spells, but what are "ranged" and "melee" attack Spells, specifically? Ranged and melee attack Spells are those Spells that have a ranged ( ) or melee ( ) icon in their Range stat. These Spells follow the rules for that type of attack and receive any bonuses or penalties associated with that type of attack (i.e. a model casting a Spell with the icon that targets a model in soft cover would receive a on the Attack Flip). Spells without ranged or melee icons ignore any restrictions or benefits that would apply to those types of attacks (i.e. the spell above cast without the icon would not suffer the soft cover penalty).

If a Spell may be cast a limited number of times in a Turn, when does it count toward that limit? Once it is successfully Cast (RM P.53).

If a Spell has more than one effect (e.g. Menace), do any of the effects occur if the target Resists it? If a Spell is Resisted, none of its effects occur.

When a non-Pulse Spell can target/affect multiple models (eg Undead Psychosis) which models need to Resist? All models that were targeted/affected by the Spell Resist. Models that cannot be affected by the Spell ignore the Spells effects if they lose their Resist Duels.

I'm confused by what qualifies as a "Morale Duel"? A Duel is only a Morale Duel if it is indicated in its description.

Do I need to take a Morale Duel to shoot into a combat with friendly models in it? No.

Can an Undead model be forced to fall back by effects which are not Morale Duels? Yes. For example, Pandora's Mental Anguish Trigger can force an Undead model to fall back as the Resist Duel itself is not a Morale Duel.

Would a model immune to Morale Duels need to fall back as a result of Pandora's Mental Anguish Trigger? Yes. The Wp Duel counts as a Morale Duel for other effects, but is not itself a Morale Duel.

Does Armor stack? Armor from different named sources does stack. Example, a model with Armor +1, behind hard cover (Armor +1), affected by a spell that grants Armor +2 would have an Armor of +4.

How do different types of Armor stack? All applicable Armor bonuses are cumulative. Total all Armor bonuses which would apply to the situation. Example: A ranged attack Spell's damage would be reduced by the total of Armor, Bulletproof, Magic Resistant, and hard cover if all were in effect. If the same Spell generated blasts, models affected by the blasts could also claim an Evasive Armor bonus, but not the Bulletproof bonus as they were not the targets.

I'm confused, what can I Assimilate? If you can copy a Talent, you may copy any printed Ability, Action, or Trigger the target possesses only. Action Modifiers are not considered Talents for the purposes of Assimilate unless they are printed Talents possessed by the model. Example: Hoffman can Assimilate (+1) Melee expert from a Large Steampunk Arachnid as it's printed on the card. He can't, however, Assimilate Reactivate from a construct if it has been put on him by Rusty Alyce.

Diving Attack
Can Diving Attack charge through a wall? If there was a way to move past the wall (no roof, for example) it could. If the wall was part of an enclosed area, like a structure, no. The model needs to have a way to get around the wall, not through it.

Gamble Your Life

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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

Who performs the Damage Flip in Gamble Your Life? The winner of the Duel.

Pacify & Incite

Can I include Incited or Pacified models in a simultaneous activation? Only if all of the models included in the simultaneous activation could activate legally at that time.

Shared Action
Can you clarify how the Dreamer/Lord Chompy Bits Shared Action Ability functions? The Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits generate 2 general AP and 1 (0) AP individually like any other model. However they may not spend more than a total of 3 general AP (on anything other than Pass) between them. The Dreamer cannot spend AP generated by Lord Chompy Bits, and vice versa. Therefore, if the Dreamer received Fast and spent 3 general AP, Lord Chompy Bits could not spend his general AP during his activation.

Does Terrifying affect friendly models? No.

If I have my Immunity to Morale Duels stripped can my Undead model be affected by Terrifying? No. It's not just the Immunity to Morale Duels that stops Undead taking Terrifying tests, Terrifying says that only Living models need to take the test.

Does Summoning a model into an enemy models Terrifying range count as entering it? Yes.

I am confused by when I activate Triggers. I have a damage Trigger, so why doesnt it activate off the damage total? You check to see what Trigger you can use during the Calculate Final Duel Totals and Activate one Trigger step in a Duel. The Trigger is activated then, but may not take effect until later in the Duel resolution (in the above case, when damage is inflicted). Its the attack Duel that governs what Triggers you can activate, not the Damage Flip, which comes after the end of the Duel.

Can I activate a Trigger that requires me to discard a Card if I have none left in my hand? No. A player must meet all requirements to activate a trigger.

Can non-Spirit models move through Spirits? Yes.

Can Spirits still move through terrain? Yes. The term 'over' in the rules indicates 'over' the terrain base (all terrain has bases now, remember?), rather than them 'hopping over the wall'. There is no movement penalty for them moving over (through in your reading) wallls, etc.

Can a Spirit end its movement in impassible terrain? Spirits can stop their movement 'on' impassible terrain (i.e. they can hover over the pit of nasty broken glass unlike other models. Spirits cannot, however, end their movement so they are sitting 'within' something with the impassible trait. They cannot hide themselves in hills, etc.

Can a Spirit disengage through a wall to avoid a disengaging strike? A model can block a model it is engaged with when that model moves out of its longest melee range and/or its LoS. If the Spirit is blocked it will return to the position it was in before it entered the impassible terrain. (see the Spirits Clarification section on the Rules Errata/Clarifications page for an example)

What counts as a "magical source" of damage? Spells and any Talent or Weapon with Magical in its description. Spells which modify Weapon damage do not make that damage Magical unless noted in their description.

Are Spirits affected by Severe or Hazardous terrain? They may move over Severe or Hazardous terrain without a movement penalty, but are affected normally by the damage from Hazardous Terrain.


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MALIFAUX - Bad Things Happen

If a Hollow Waif is Summoned back into play in the Closing Phase does it have Slow next turn? Models are only Slow on the turn they are Summoned. So a model Summoned in the Closing Phase (like the Hollow Waif) will not be Slow next turn. This is an exception to how Slow works normally, and unique to Summoning.

Special Forces
Can Zoraida summon a Wicked Doll if you have a model from another Special Force in play? The limit of only models from one Special Force and the limit on the number of Special Forces models in your crew only apply during hiring. So yes, you can summon a Wicked Doll if you have a Gunsmith in play.

Is the entire table considered woods terrain for the game if the Forested effect is flipped? No. Forested gives the table the light covering characteristic and models cannot see further than 3", but it does not treat the entire table as a woods.


If I note something secretly for a Scheme (such as an enemy model) and then announce the Scheme, do I have to announce the information I had noted? Yes. When announcing a Strategy/Scheme any noted information - secret or otherwise - is announced to all players.

If I Poison a model and it later dies due to that Poison, do I get credit for the kill? No, Tokens do not remember who applied them.

How do I determine which model is the target of a Scheme if it's Replaced by another model or models? When a target of a Scheme is Replaced, the new model is now the target. If the model was Replaced by more than one model, the player with the Scheme can choose which of those models is now the target.

Can my Bayou Gremlin deliver a message to Hamelin? Interact actions don't target a model, so Bully will not stop you taking one. Tell that Bully off!!

When can I Interact with something? You can only Interact with something if it has an Interact Action attached. If no range is given you must be touching it.

Supply Wagon
How does Hardness work on the Supply Wagon? The Supply Wagon must be damaged 3 times before it is destroyed. Hardness 3 means that you have to do 4+ damage in order to damage it once.

When a piece of terrain can be placed or moved (e.g. Illusionary Forest, Uproot), can the piece be moved/placed so that it is overlapping other terrain pieces? Also, when a piece is moved, can it be rotated from its original orientation? Yes to all.

What defines base contact if there are elevations involved? Models are in base contact if their bases are adjacent and they are standing on the same elevation. An elevation difference of Ht 1 or more will break base contact.

How do I deal with terrain shadows when I have irregular terrain? Just consider the difference in elevation between the thing casting the shadow and the model in the shadow.

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