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What is it?

A structural engineer is an engineer that has to analyze, design, plan, and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants. Structural engineers are primarily concerned with desgining aesthetically pleasing buildings and structures that are safe and able to withstand various elements of nature.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Work Enviornment
The physical work environment of a structural engineer consists of mainly working in an office setting. Occasionally you may have to be outdoors to monitor the work being done by contractors on the work site.

By: Parth Upadhyaya 8/1/13 Pd.2

Favorite Part of MY Job

My favorite part of being a structural engineer is being able to help in design beautiful structures that will help benefit my community and the city of Raleigh as a whole.

Courses To Be Taken
Three courses that should be taken: Computing Design and Technology Art

Accomplishments one can achieve!

Title or Degree Required?

You may need a masters degree to become a Structural Engineer

Salary: $85,000 Anually College Education

Some accredited schools to attend are North Carolina State University, Virginia Tech University, and Georgia Tech University. The minimum degree you would need to be a structural engineer is a masters degree.

Successfully contribute to a structure that adapts to the environment Successfully play an important role in a major project locally or internationally

Why do it?
A high school student should consider a career in my field of structural engineering because they can not only apply their mathematic and problem solving skills but also they can make good use of their artistic skills and creativity. They can build long lasting structures that can help their community.

The license that is required is a professional engineers license. To earn that license you must pass:

Graduate Degree
Schools to consider:
North Carolina State University Virginia Tech Georgia Tech

Part A - The Fundamentals of Engineering examination Part B - The Principles and Practice of Engineering examination