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I have recently returned from Bori, South Sudan. With me were my pastor, Rev. Ron Hughes, one of my CBM board members, Mr. Jason Persall, Mr. Sid Kramer, a seed specialist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and my son John who does all the technical and video/photography work.

May/June 2013
is in the process of arranging the configuration of these large bins around the mill house. Frank Schwieger will arrive with the present container, install the first Genset to provide dependable power to the mill, and to install the grain bins on concrete pads around the mill. Another first-of-itskind in South Sudan! I find it impossible to find the words to thank these volunteers who sacrifice so much time and energy into this ever-increasing success in Bori, South Sudan. Jason Persall and Sid Kramer set up the planter so that the fields will be planted faster. They also gave instruction in field preparation and seeding. Seeds that were planted on a Thursday were 2 inches high by Monday. Conditions were perfect for planting: warm

Misoi planting fields

tractor driving awards in Kenya, and now works full time with SFC, teaching new drivers as well. We have finally acquired a truly capable mechanic, Samson. He is from Kenya and in the first four days he was on site, he had three of our outof-commission tractors back up and running. We are now serving our large fields as well as our out-growers almost adequately though many are still waiting for help in their fields. Speaking of our fields, our men on the spot in South Sudan had no accurate way of estimating our acreage. We had been told our Ransak Fields were about 1,000 acres. My son John used a GPS and came up with a more accurate measurement 447 acres. That may sound like a reverse, but when you see the amount of maize from that acreage, we realize we are getting twice as much per acre as we had thought. Our maize production, includ-

Cal, Ron, Jason and John

The used Russian generator that was provided by the manufacturer of the mill has given us endless headaches. Frank Schwieger has found two Caterpillar GenSets in Canada which were seldomused back-ups for some government installation. They have been tested and one of them will be shipped this summer to South Sudan along with eight grain bins which will hold a total of about 400 tonnes of grain. This is essential for storage and to improve the out-put of flour from the mill. More bins will be sent in yet another container in a few months. The Lord has been good in that these bins have been donated. Harold Grinde

Sid and Jason set up the planter

and humid. When we left, the fields were in the capable hands of our chief tractor operator, Mr. Misoi Kiprotich Noel. He has won numerous

ing that of our Out-Growers was 507 metric tonnes. Almost twice what we have ever grown before. Now, with proper machine planting that same acreage will multiply again. We are deliberately slowing down our land-clear-

especially in the slow-motion activity of many around them. Yet everything seems to be improving. Our mechanical workshop is totally enclosed and secure. We are now in a position to be able to buy spare parts and store them safely. Rather than running to Kampala when we need a part, we will be able, if we have enough funds, to have the most commonly needed bearings, lubricants and fluids on hand. That will save many miles of travelling the 550 km to Kampala, Uganda. While we were in Bori, South Sudan, one of our board members, the Hon. Manase Lomole came and brought several Government Ministers. They were given a tour of Bori Compound and they expressed surprise and delight that such a place existed in South Sudan. We had a very good board meeting, with Jason Persall invited to sit in as an observer. We were unable to dedicate the new church for two reasons: (1) It was full of maize due to lack of storage, and (2) the building itself was not quite finished, though windows and doors are all in. Trim, paint and seating yet needed! Anyone want to help finish the church? Please also pray with me that God will give us His choice as the pastor for the new Good Friends Church at Bori. Please keep us all in prayer. The need for financial support continues as we keep growing

Church full of maize

and improving our methods and machinery care. Please use the enclosed envelope to send in what God lays on your heart. We value your financial support and prayers. May the Lord of the Harvest reward you for your faithfulness. Sincerely yours in Christ, for South Sudan, Cal Bombay

The next harvest is growing

ing for a while until what we have becomes fully productive. We will then get aggressive again in land clearing. Both Bull Dozers are running well. Please pray for Zamba Duku, our Managing Director. He has been having eye problems. I received an email and

Cal at the mill in Bori

Zamba and Cal with advertising for SFC flour

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from what he described, he has cataracts in both eyes. On Thursday, May 2nd one eye will have been operated on in Kampala, Uganda. Pray for all our leadership staff. They often have more to do than seems humanly possible,

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