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y father, Felice Anselmi, was born 1891 in the lovely village of Arsio-Brez in the Val di Non, in what was

then the Austrian Empire in the Palazzo di Arsio-Brez and hence, had probably some noble lineage. For sure, he was always special to me. Like so many Nonesi, he immigrated along with his special friends from his village, the brothers Joe and Mike Rauzi to Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1910 to work There he found some of his brothers family and fellow paesani that had preceded him. Like so many of the Tyrolean immigrants, my father boarded for a time at the home of Peter and Angela Menghini on Rugby Ave. He sent money to his mother regularly. His fellow paesani found him work with an area employer, the Union Pacific Coal Company who was notorious for their dangerous mines and working conditions. In fact, my father started to write in a ledger in 1912 about the many problems facing the coal miners. They received very low wages, suffered unsafe working conditions, and had no health benefits. He recalled in his ledger that the Tyrolean miners were sent into depths of the mine shafts for coal exposing them to the danger of methane gas explosions. He witnessed his friend John Corazza get killed, trying to stop a runaway coal car with a spike bar into the tracks, but the car came faster and he was killed.

Family Stories: The Anselmis

to the Val di Non, my father was to be given a special gift for my mother, Maria, from Angela Marchetti Menghini, a sister to my nonna, my mother Marias mother. She asked if Felice would take a gift of a gold locket on a chain to me in the USA, her niece Maria in. He didand I wear this locket today. Yet more precious and special are the memories of our family life, our traditional Tyrolean values and the wonderful memories of our origins. My mother learned to speak English and when my father died at the age of 59, she became the farmer amazing all the neighborhood farmers. She managed to buy and sell cattle at the local auction.

Felix Anselmi was a Sachem of the order of the Redmen Organization formed to help families in need. My father was instrumental in forming the Friendly Club in 1937. In 1987, the children of the Tyroleans had a golden anniversary, honoring our heritage. Leno Anselmi with our Tyrolean paesani later formed the Trentini Italians of Utah. He was the founder and First President. I ,Mary Anselmi Ravarino, graduated from the University of Utah. I received the American Association of Universitys Distinguished Women award in 2010. Leno Anselmi graduated from Utah State University with honIn 1920, he returned to Arsio-Brez to see his sick moth- ors and a scholarship to Cornell. I am very proud of my er. He met for the first time Maria Cologna, my mother, family and my Tyrolean Heritage. from Castelfondo of the Val di Non. They fell in love and were married in the church St. Nicolo, Castelfondo, Written by Mary Anselmi Ravarino Austria in1921. They returned to the USA to Rock Springs, Wyoming. After some time, my father went to work in the coal mines in Reliance, Wyoming. For years after my father sought to inspire his fellow workers to strive to become part of a union to obtain proper working conditions and health care for his fellow miners. Having witnessed the tragic death of his friend, John Corazza, my father and mother decided to leave Reliance and took a trip through California, to Idaho and Utah only to settle in Ogden Utah with paesani. In 1931, my father with his family and Zio Fortunato Cologna bought a farm in Weber County, Ogden, Utah with paesani.Leno Anselmi was born in 1922 and I, Mary Anselmi in 1924. We enjoyed a very loving comfortable home. My mother was a very special person to us as well as to all her friends. She left a very special legacy. We were inspired to read and to pursue education. Returning 27

Felice Anselmi

Maria Cologna Anselmi

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