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NEW PRINCE SHRI BHAVANI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY B.E./B.Tech. DEGREE INTERNAL EXAMINATION - I, 2012-2013(ODD SEM) Fifth Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering EC2305 TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES (Regulation 2008) Date : 04-09-2012 Time : 9 am 10.30 am Maximum : 50 Marks

PART A (5 x 2 = 10 Marks)

1. Express standing wave ratio in terms of reflection coefficient. 2. What is the use of eighth wave line? 3. What is frequency distortion? 4. What are the advantages of double stub matching over single stub matching? 5. Find the reflection coefficient of a 50W transmission line when it is terminated by a load impedance of 60+j40 W. PART B (4 x 10 = 40 Marks)
Answer the following

1. (a) Derive the general transmission line equations for voltage and current at
any point on a line (16) (OR) (b) (i) Derive an expression for the input impedance of a transmission line. (8) (ii) Write a short note on reflection factor and reflection loss.(8)

2. (a)(i) The characteristic impedance of a uniform transmission line is 2309.6 ohms at

a frequency of 800 MHz. At this frequency, the propagation constant is 0.054(0.0366+i0.99). Determine R and L. (8) (ii) Derive Campbells equation. (8) (OR) (b) (i)A line has R= 10.4 W/km, L= 3.67mH/km, G=0.8X 10-6 mho/km, and

C=0.00835 f/km. Determine the characteristic impedance, propagation constant and sending end current for f=1000 Hz, Es=1.0 volts and length=100km.(8) (ii) Explain the reflection on lines not terminated in characteristic impedance with phasor diagrams. Define reflection coefficient and reflection loss.(8) 3. (a) For a transmission line with a characteristic impedance 75 and a load with a capacitive impedance 45-j100.Determine SWR, the distance a shorted stub must be placed from the load to match the load to the line, and the length of the stub (16) (OR) (b) Determine the stub length and the distance of the stub from the load given that a complex load ZL=50-j100 is to be matched to a 75 transmission line using a short circuited stub.(16) 4.(a) Define standing wave ratio and obtain the expression of SWR in terms of reflection Coefficient.(8) (b) Derive the input impedance of a quarter wave line and discuss its applications.(8) (OR) (b) (i)Discuss double stub matching.(8) (ii) A UHF lossless transmission line working at 1GHz is connected to an unmatched line producing a reflection coefficient of 0.5(0.866+j0.5). Calculate the length and position of the stub to match the line(8)