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ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2012 PART 1 A family is an important institution in a society. Everyones hope is to have a happy family.

A closely knitted family will ensure the well-being of the community and hence the nation. Below is an example of Zulkefli and Aminahs family tree. Answer the questions below based on the family tree given.

Zulkefli & Aminah

Daughter A & Son-in-law

Daughter B & son-in-law

Son C & daughter-in-law

Son D & daughter-inlaw

Grand daughter E & grandson-in-law

Grand daughter F

Grand son G & grand daughterin-law Great grandson N

Grand son H

Grand son J & grand daughterin-law

Grand son K

Grand daughter L

Great grand daughter M

Great grand daughter P

Diagram 1 a) Based on Diagram 1, list at least 5 different sets (Example : set of sons). b) Based on Diagram 1, draw at least three arrow diagrams to show the relation of the family. Hence, i) determine the domain, codomain, objects, images and range. ii) recognise the type of relation. iii) represent each relation above using other methods. c) Based on (b), which relation is a function? State your reason. Part 2 a) You are required to come out with an attractive and creative card. Your card must have the following information. i) a family photo ii) a family tree b) Write a short description about your family in not more than 150 words.

Part 3 Based on Diagram 3, answer the following questions. f 1 0 2 2 3 5 g 4 9 25

Diagram 3 Find a) b) c) d) e) function f and function g . the inverse function f and g . composite function fg , gf , f 2 and g 2 . function g 1 f 1 ( x ) and ( fg ) 1 ( x) . Is g 1 f 1 ( x) = ( fg ) 1 ( x) ? What can you deduce from the following composite function? ff 1 ( x) and gg 1 ( x + 1) Hence, deduce the value of ff 1 (k 2 + 2) .

Further Exploration a) The function g is defined by g : x

x 1 , x 1 . Find x +1

i) g 2 , g 3 , g 4 , g 5 , g 6 and g 30 . ii) Hence, state the function g 2 n ( x ) and g 2 n +1 ( x) , where n is a positive integer. b) Given the function ax + b d , x . Find f 1 ( x ) . cx + d c Therefore deduce the inverse functions for the followings. Check your answers using another method. 2x 1 i) f : x x+3 3x ii) f : x 1 4x f is defined by f :x

iii) f : x Reflection

2x 5x 2

While you were carrying out this project, what did you learn? What moral values did you put into practice? Represent your opinion or feelings creatively by using symbols, illustrations, paintings or songs. END OF PROJECT PAPER