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About The NextWomen

Summary & Mission The NextWomen is on a mission to build The Female Business Brand for entrepreneurs, executives and investors. Our goal is to advise, inspire & connect a global & local community of ambitious entrepreneurial women specifically on their business needs - online & offline. We realise our goals through our products: The NextWomen Media, The NextWomen Services & The NextWomen Licenses. The NextWomen is all about killer advice and killer contacts! What We Offer The NextWomen MEDIA o the business magazine (now available on smartphones at launched in 2009, delivering fresh, exclusive content daily and providing a global hub for entrepreneurs, executives and investors to share, inspire and connect. A strong and rapidly growing social media presence and a weekly global newsletter complete The NextWomen Media. The NextWomen SERVICES o o o o The NextWomen Business Advice Programme is aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience of our networks experts, The NextAdvisers with the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. The NextWomen Pitching & Funding Events: providing entrepreneurs and investors with a stage to meet each other. The NextWomen Kitchen Dinners: providing entrepreneurs, investors and executives an informal place to discuss business issues. The NextWomen Academy: workshops, training and mentoring programmes, speed mentoring events, all led by industry experts to boost knowledge on specific topics. The NextWomen LICENSES o The NextWomen offers third parties the opportunity to produce The NextWomen branded products and services under the third parties control.

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The NextWomen Website (shown left) delivers fresh, exclusive content daily and provides a global hub for entrepreneurs, executives and investors to share, inspire and connect. Our mobile website (shown below) is now available in beta at

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The NextWomen Social Media & Global Newsletter

Twitter o 16,500 Followers o Facebook o 4300 Likes o Linkedin o 2000 Members o Monthly Global Newsletter (see example left) o 5000 on mailing list Meetup 1100 Members across: The NextWomen London The NextWomen Amsterdam The NextWomen Paris The NextWomen Montreal

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The NextWomen Readership

The NextWomen is read and followed by women founders, executives and investors around the globe. Our readers are o o o o 85% women, 75% entrepreneurs. typically aged 30-45 with an annual household income above US$200K. primarily in Media & Advertising and IT & Technology, with a significant but smaller proportion in Fashion & Retail. We also have readership in Arts & Travel, Health & Biotech, Law & Finance, Economics & Politics. from the USA (30%), UK (25%) and the rest of the word (45%) including significant numbers in The Netherlands, India, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and Israel.

The NextWomen Reach

o o Direct reach through The NextWomen Media channels (website, social media and global newsletter): 50,000. Through content syndication and event partnerships: 100,000.

The NextWomen Partners

The NextWomen has an international network of content syndication partners promoting our content via crosspostings. Other partner organisations promoting The NextWomen include:

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The NextWomen Editorial Calendar 2013

Our regular weekly content themes are: Female Heroes; Fundraising; Business Life; Awards & Events; Industry News; Interviews; Startup Diaries. In addition, we will be using the following monthly themes in 2013: o o o o o o o o o o o o January 2013: Africa February 2013: Social Entrepreneurship March 2013: Career April 2013: Fashion & Retail May 2013: Technology June 2013: LATAM July 2013: Generations & Family Business August 2013: Europe September 2013: How-to October 2013: Corporate Life November 2013: Marketing December 2013: Finance

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Sponsorship Options
Interview or Article
250/article or 400 for 2 articles Examples: We are happy to work with customers to create sponsored posts that reference areas of their websites. We want all of our content to be relevant and useful to our readers and as such work closely with sponsors to make sure that these posts are informative and help direct readers to more information and relevant locations on sponsors sites where appropriate. We credit sources by referencing and linking to the sponsors site in the introductory paragraph and author bio at the end of the article. As an alternative to an article, the sponsor has the option to submit one of their founders, executives, board members, portfolio entrepreneurs or CEO to be interviewed by The NextWomen. These sponsored interviews help promote the sponsors brand through one of their female ambassadors and can sometimes drive more interest than a simple article. The article or interview will be posted on The and rotating on the front page for at least 2 weeks, ensuring maximum readership. All sponsored content will be promoted to The NextWomens Twitter followers and LinkedIn group (see page 4). Sponsor benefits: o o o Brand or product awareness through credible channel, in the form of an article. Specific messaging, initiatives, programmes, products or services can be described in detail to readers, going beyond simple brand awareness. Possibility to add a call to action in the article to maximise RoI.

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Link Insertion in Existing Article

120 per link out Example: We aspire to link out to relevant sources from all of our articles. If you have a site that you think we should link out to, please do get in contact and we are happy to consider it. We do charge an administration fee of 120 to cover our time and resource costs to do this.

1,000/month or 10,000/year Banner insertion on The NextWomen home page and all article pages. o Banner as per example below (728x90).

o Other format banners (350x350 or 350x600) may be inserted on the sideboards of the site.

The Next Women Ltd May 2013 8

Sponsored Interview Series

Sponsor cost: 650/interview, or 5,000 for 10 interviews Example: Sponsors and advertisers have the opportunity to sponsor a series of interviews which can be tailored to their industry or to a specific profile or level of professionals/entrepreneurs. The NextWomen will interview 10 female heroes in the sponsors industry as part of a special <SPONSORNAME> Female Hero Interview Series. The NextWomen will provide custom branding for the series, including the sponsors logo in the main image for each interview, to be showcased on the home page. All interviews will have a similar set of 5 to 10 questions about the interviewee, their experience and business, with up to two questions chosen by the sponsor, helping them promote their industry, USPs, or to raise awareness of their brand. Interviews will be posted on at regular intervals over a defined period of time, giving the sponsor ongoing visibility with The NextWomen community and raising their brand credibility as a proud supporter of women entrepreneurs. All interviews to be promoted via The NextWomens social media channels and global newsletter (see page 4). Sponsor benefits: o o o o Opportunity to connect to influential women in a specific industry, through The NextWomen team. Brand or product awareness through specific questions that outline your USPs or special promos. Sponsors brand linked with supporting women entrepreneurs. Sponsor can distribute the interviews on their website or any other communication channels as their own content.

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Sponsored Article Category

1000 per month Sponsors and advertisers have the opportunity to sponsor one of The NextWomens seven article categories: Female Heroes; Fundraising; Business Life; Interviews; Awards & Events; Industry News; Startup Diaries. The NextWomen would publish an initial article introducing the sponsor and their connection with the selected article category. Sponsors name and logo would appear with all articles in that category for one month. All articles in the chosen category to be promoted via The NextWomens social media channels and global newsletter (see page 4) Sponsor benefits: o High, frequent visibility attached to a variety of articles

1,500/event Networking over drinks and canaps (or Kitchen Dinner or Pitch Event). o o o o o Audience: 20 to 50 European women founders and investors Location: London Keynotes: 1 founder, 1 investor Drinks/Food: wine and canaps Extras that can be provided by sponsor: luxury brand showroom for attendees (showcase with special discount on the day)

Sponsor benefits: o o o o o o Visibility on Promotion via The NextWomens social media channels and weekly global newsletter (see page 4) Five minute keynote at the event Opportunity to showcase products or services at a discount Opportunity to distribute promotional material at the event Follow-up email with call to action of sponsors choice The Next Women Ltd May 2013 10

Contact The NextWomen

For further information, please contact Beth Pitts, Editor of The NextWomen The NextWomen website: The NextWomen mobile website: Sign up for our weekly global newsletter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Join our LinkedIn Group:

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