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London, May, 2012 Six postgraduate students currently enrolled in Hult International Business Schools pioneering Masters in Social Entrepreneurship, have come together to bring about change in the Millennium Village of Gumulira, Malawi.

Bringing sustainable business opportunities to empower local communities for development

Ashoka founder, Bill Drayton, once said Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry. motivated Indeed, and this dynamic is the social motivation that has driven six young entrepreneurs to embark in a journey aimed at empowering communities in Malawi, Africa. Representing numerous points across the Globe, namely Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Korea, Germany and Spain, the team came together during their postgraduate studies at Londonbased Hult International Business School, where they are currently enrolled in its Masters Program in Social Entrepreneurship. Bapstised under the name Project Gazelle, honoring Malawis local fauna, the project seeks to identify and pursue potential opportunities for social businesses that will empower local community while at the same time, contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) within the established deadline of 2015. The initiative will commence in Gumulira, a small village in Malawi, nominated as one of the Millennium Villages. At present, there are around 79 Millennium Villages across 10 countries, representing 12 different agro-ecological zones and farming sites in Africa. Originated by the Earth Institute and Geoffrey Sachs, the Millennium Villages Project sets out to eradicate the extreme poverty that is threatening timeframe. the successful achievement of the MDGs within

A SNAPSHOT OF GUMULIRA VILLAGE (MALAWI) With an approximate population of 6,700 and 1,200 households, Gumulira Village, is located one hour west of the City of Lilongwe, near the Mozambique and Zambian borders. Despite its growing population, services within the area are scarce and underdeveloped, with only 2 primary schools and 2 health centers supporting its population. Farming is the primary activity, engaging around 25% of the population, but is facing numerous challenges such as poor access to agricultural inputs, poor crop yields and water scarcity, are threatening the development of the region.

The idea was first formulated when Mr. Jeong Tae Kim, member of the Project Gazelle Team visited Gumulira Village in August 2011, alongside Mr. Dong Ho Kim, Chairman of Merry Year International, sponsor organisation of the Village. Mr. Jeong Tae Kim, who has previously worked with Korean based Appropriate Technology Foundation, explains that during his visit I noticed a number of local items that had the potential of becoming the basis for sustainable social enterprises. Some of these identified opportunities included Do-it-yourself sanitary pads, processed peanut and corn produce and the production of charcoal from corn waste. Without a doubt, this project

proposal. Project Gazelle will provide us with a first class learning experience that will enable us to apply all of the concepts and practices acquired during our studies at Hult. The team will be visiting Gumulira in 24 May of this year for the purpose of conducting primary research and field testing the business concepts designed. Successful business opportunities will not only benefit the locals of Gumulira, but may be replicated in other impact. Microfinance visionary Muhammad Yunus states Im encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun. Without a doubt this is what we are trying to achieve. Project Gazelle in Gumulira will constitute the first stepping stone in this journey. neighboring Millennium Villages to magnify the scope of their

Meet the team

Jeong Tae Kim Korea
Development expert in the field of Appropriate Technologies and Inclusive Markets. Has over 5 years work experience in the UN and field exposures Malawi, Burundi, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Vietnam.

Marianna Mendivil Mexico

Has a background in anthropology and a comprehensive experience in social development and environmental sustainability. She has worked with communities across Mexico, Zambia, Uganda and South Africa.

Paul Haaversen Costa Rica

Brings a background in project management and leadership. Combines extensive international experience with strong crosscultural communication skills to help address developmental needs.

represents a great opportunity to empower the local community in the drive of change. By actively engaging them in the development process we are no longer considering them passive bystanders alien to the decision-making process, but rather key players central to the latter. one of the team members argues. After the successful submission of its Business Case, Project Gazelle is now looking for sponsors to support its required field research and

Marta Prez Duque Spain

Has a background in International Business and Finance. After working in the Investment Banking and in the IT consulting business, she is looking to apply her analytical expertise to make the world a better place and have an impact.

Dominique Lambert Germany

Being involved in charity fundraising, his intention is to increase social impact and to make it more sustainable. Challenging new ideas and thinking outside the box are part of his ethos.

May Lew Australia

Without a doubt, this project represents a great opportunity to empower the local community in the drive of change