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is a four-month part-time program designed to introduce the principles and criteria of social entrepreneurship to existing and potential social

change agents.

if you are

are agents of change in society who create new solutions to social problems and transform lives. Be a catalyst for change. Tackle social issues as problem solving challenges. Live with a purpose of social change. Discover resources and innovate solutions by lending leadership to dissolve social divides.

Social entrepreneurs

social entrepreneurship


about to start a NGO

Crystallize your social change idea, focus upon detailing for action Get started with appropriate inputs on legal requirements Help in networking and connecting with resources useful in kickstarting your organization

outlook program
the concept of social entrepreneurship

a volunteer
Develop skills to partner with an NGO on a long term basis with the intention of making an impact Develop an understanding of challenges faced by NGOs Become an active partner, seeking and driving performance standards in NGOs where you volunteer

of social entrepreneurship to address organizational and resource challenges

See the potential

to the opportunities of social entrepreneurship that makes social work practice sustainable and effective

Orient yourself

working with a NGO

Develop the aptitude to look at the macro picture of your organization Help you grow beyond functional limitations Professional development: become well informed about changing trends in the social sector

of the possible areas of entrepreneurial action in the social sector

Become aware

a founder of a NGO
Pause, reflect and refocus priorities Identify strategic solutions Identify newer avenues and resources for the development of the organization Take the organization to the next level of growth

course content

and Educational Methods

concepts of social entrepreneUrship Social Entrepreneurship & Tools for Social Entrepreneurs

Module I

Criteria of Social Entrepreneurship, Values of a Social Entrepreneur Tools for Social Entrepreneurs Legal aspects Fund Development & Building a Donor Constituency Building a Volunteer Constituency, Corporate Social Responsibility, Venture Philanthropy
The centre for Social initiative & Management (cSiM) is a business school for social work professionals. at cSiM, we know about the power of individuals to make a difference. We create a fertile base for socially motivated individuals to discover their innate capabilities, enable them to enhance their personality and equip them with management skills. This process enables to transform their vision into action and to launch their own social initiatives. The centres, through innovative learning programs encourage individual initiative, mould social change ideas of socially conscious persons and engage diverse stakeholders groups in the process of becoming socially conscious.


insights into management tools Management Tools Organizational Planning Social Research Social Marketing Human Resource Management Project Management Communication Finance management & Governance and Accountability

Module II

social entrepreneurship as a tool for accelerating change
Centre for Social Initiative a nd M a na g e me nt

Field action

The course requires completion of a project work as part of Field Action Component. The candidates are required to spend a minimum of three hours per week at a designated NGO. A project proposal which encompasses the principles of Social Entrepreneurship learnt in the class has to be submitted at the end of the program.

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