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y father was born in San Paolo Brazil.

His father, Joseph and mother Maria went to Brazil to earn the money needed to begin their future back in Covelo di Terlago Austria. Prior to their return my grandparents added my Zias Giusepina, Maria and Adelina and after they returned came Zio Atillio and Zia Esther.Covelo is north west of Trento in the Valle Di Laghi, a very small town made up of farms and a small but vibrant dairy industry (cheese and milk producing). Covelo is a beautiful town and to this day a strong presence of Zanellas and other familys who can trace their origin to a Zanella remains. My mother was Pierina Paoli also of Covelo and her parents were Anna and Francesco. Just before World War II they moved to Rovereto. During the First World War both my father and his father served in the Austrian army in the Tiroler Kaiser Jaegger. Both returned with 2 orphan cows in tow I guess this was their idea of rightful compensation for serving since there was no other payment. These 2 cows were the actual start of that dairy business and Monte Gazza which was the location of their summer grazing and milking operation. In 1960 when I was 11 years old I had the great pleasure of helping to move the cows along with my Zio Atillio, cousins Renata and Giuliano from the hot summer fields to the cool grazing on Monte. Gazza. It was a 6 hour trek up a small winding road and at My parents -- Pierina and Querino -- and my sister Theresa the top we slept, ate and lived for a week in a small house made of stone and mud, an experience never to be forgotten

Family Stories: The Zanellas

We have been fortunate to have longevity of life in our family and this continues today as this year ,2013, we will celebrate my cousin and godfather Als 90th birthday, he is the first of the first generation Americans who served in the navy in World War II and still continues to reside in Mt. Carmel Pa. We will also be looking forward to our Zia Esthers, the last of my fathers siblings, 100th birthday and being with her in Covelo to celebrate that grand occasion, con vino, polenta e coniglio. Both my parents are My father came to the United States in 1920 where he deceased as well as my sister but the spirit of their lives, found work digging the subways in New York City. He work ethic, family values and love of the Trentino food returned to Covelo and then returned to the States in and culture continue to stay with us. The sturdy Trentini 1923 and in 1929 married my mother and came to the stock is what continues to make us better citizens of the U.S. for good. They settled in Mount Carmel, United States of America. On behalf of my cousins Al, Pennsylvania along with his sister, Zia Beppina and her Joe and myself I would like to thank you for the opporhusband Zio Paolo. The first generations Americans had tunity to tell you about this family we call the Covelo Di already begun with the birth of my cousin and godfather Terlago Zanellas. Written by Victor Zanella, Hampstead, MD Albert, followed by my sister Theresa, my cousin Joseph 32

and then me, Victor. My father worked as a coal miner for 38 years. He was best know for his constant state of tranquility, his strength and complete dedication to his family. He was a tall man of great strength and had the compassion of a priest. He had the green thumb of a true Trentino farmer and loved to grow his garden. He could end a conversation just My grandparents with my father in the by raising his hand and saying Tiroler Kaiser Jaegger basta and never having or wanting to raise his voice. My mother was a short woman 5-ft. tall, strong of character, a lover of politics and without a doubt a chef s chef. There were no medals for her culinary abilitys but to this day many of my friends in Mt. Carmel still talk about the meals she prepared. She worked for many years at the local Elks club as the chief cook, bottle washer and cleaning lady. There were weekends when she would be cooking for a wedding one day and a reunion another along with the daily dinners. She was not as calm as my dad but it was her job to run the house and with me and my sister running around some one had to be the bad guy. What I remember most about her was she was always there taking care of us all and anyone else that needed to be cared for.