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1 High to Low ; 2 Zero to Moderate ; 3 Moderate to zero ; 4 Zero ; 5 Zero to moderate ; 6 Moderate to zero to low to high What is the

data depicting ?

a. Pressure in Kidneys b. Muscular Movements c. Cardiac Cycle Pressure d. Acidity in Stomach

2. The gear in the picture in top left is moved in counter clockwise direction by a force F. there is zero friction between the gears. What is the direction of rotation of

the bottom gear?(general)

a. Clockwise b. Counter Clockwise c. Cant Be Determined d. The gear does not rotate at all

3.Which of the following is true by the Newtons Laws of Motion ? (general)

a. Odd number of gears of equal sizes in contact move freely when any one is rotated. b. Even number of gears of unequal sizes in contact move freely and do useful work , when one is rotated. c. Odd number of gears of unequal sizes in contact do not move at all when any one is rotated. d. Even number of gears of equal sizes in contact do not move freely , when one is rotated.

4. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the working of a CSTR ?(Round 2)

a. For an exothermic reaction , the graph between the heat generated and temperature is a non-linear curve. b. An endothermic reaction can be controlled using a Temperature Control and Flow Rate control only. Pressure control is ineffective in this regard, due to inaccuracy in precision. c. For an endothermic reaction , it is easier to control the reactor , as after a certain point of time , the reactor becomes self-sustaining. d. Rate at which the heat is removed from the system depends on the temperature change in the cooling jacket.

5. Decipher

a. Peclet Number b. Nusselt Number c. Schmidt Number d. Archimedean Number

6. Fence , 5-membered race , bagpiper and a mobile robot. What are we talking about here?

a. Code names for future American Space expedition b. Chronological events in the movie Titan AE.

c. Traditions followed at a famous US university.

d. Scotland Film Festival.

7. Which company reminds you of Daniel Radcliffe?

a) Hewlett-Packard b) Morgan Stanley c) Wal Mart d) BASF

8. For a solid-catalyzed reaction, the Thiele modulus is proportional

a. sqrt (Diffusion rate / Intrinsic reaction rate ) b. sqrt (Diffusion rate /Intrinsic reaction rate ) c. Intrinsic reaction rate / Diffusion rate d. Diffusion rate / Intrinsic reaction rate

9.In petroleum refining operations, the process used for converting paraffins and napthalenes to aromatics is

a. Catalytic reforming b. Catalytic cracking c. Hydrocracking d. Alkylation

10. The terminal settling velocity of a 6 mm diameter glass sphere (density: 2500 kg/m3) in a viscous Newtonian liquid (density: 1500 kg/m3) is 100m/s. If the particle Reynolds number is small and the value of accelaration due to gravity is 9.81m/s2, then the viscosity of the liquid (in Pa.s) is

a. 100 b. 196.2 c. 245.3 d. 490.5

11. The height of a fluidized bed at incipient fluidization is 0.075, and the corresponding voidage is 0.38. If the voidage of the bed increases to 0.5, then the height of the bed would be(Round 2)

a. 0.058m b. 0.061m c. 0.075m d. 0.093m

12. A saturated liquid at 1500kPa and 500K with an enthalpy of 750 kJ/kg is throttled to a liquid-vapour mixture at 150kPa and 300K, At the exit conditions, the enthalpy of the saturated liquid is 500kJ/kg and the enthalpy of the saturated vapour is 2500kJ/kg. The percentage of the original liquid, which vapourizes is

a. 87.5% b. 67% c. 12.5% d. 10%

13. The terminal velocity of a small sphere settling in a viscous fluid varies as the(Round 1)

a. First power of its diameter b. Inverse of the fluid viscosity c. Inverse square of the diameter D. d. Square of the difference in specific weights of solid and fluid

14. The double pipe heat exchanger is used where(Round 1)

a. Large area & less heat transfer is required b. Small area & large heat transfer is required c. Large area & Large heat transfer is required d. Small area & less heat transfer is required

15. For heat transfer through a composite wall, overall resistance to heat transfer(Round 1)

a. sum of the resistance b. product of the resistance c. a ratio of (sum of the resistances)/(product of the resistances) d. (sum of the resistances) + (product of the resistances)

16. Guess the famous personality in the picture. The team performed a phenomenal task which was first of its kind in the world.(general)

a. Dr Sigmund Freud b. Dr William Harvey c. Dr Christian Bernard d. Dr Tsutomu Tomioka

17. The magnetic moments depict which of the following properties in magnetic materials?(online quiz)

a. Ferromagnetism b. Ferrimagnetism c. Antiferromagnetism d. Paramagnetism

18. Name the scientist who was the only person to refuse both Knighthood and Presidency of the Royal Society .(online quiz)

a. Micheal Faraday b. Humphry Davy c. Malvin Kelvin d. Alessandro Volta

19. The Latin word formica means ant. This word formed the basis of name of an organic acid because

a this acid, in ancient times, was used to eliminate ant-hills b. this corrosive acid is secreted by ants to drive away their enemies c. this acid was first obtained by the distillation of ants d. ants are attracted by the odour of this acid

20. This kind of a material gets a permanent deformation on application of heat and pressure.(Round 1)

A. thermoplastic B. thermoset C. chemical compound D. polymer

21. Mt. Everest : Mariana Trench ; Russia : Vatican ; Dallol : Oymyakon ; then Atacama Desert : __________(general)

A. Cherrapunji B. Mawsynram C. Aitukaki D. Suva

22. In the following devices , which among the following energies is being converted to the other form of energy ? Thermocouple:__________________ TO ____________________(Round 1)

a. Electrical , Thermal b.Thermal , Electrical c. Electrical , Mechanical d. Thermal , Potential

23. In the following devices , which among the following energies is being converted to the other form of energy ? Thermistor :__________________ TO _____________________(Round 1)

a. Thermal , Potential b. Electrical , Thermal c. Thermal , Electrical d. Electrical , Potential

24. In the McCabe-Thiele diagram for binary distillation, vertical feed line represents _______________ feed and horizontal feed line represents _____________ feed.

a. Saturated vapour , Saturated liquid b. Supercritical Liquid , Supercritical Vapour c. Saturated liquid , Saturated vapour d. Supercritical Vapour, Supercritical Liquid

25. The intensification of the vibrations caused due to an incoming earthquake because of highly moisturous sediments caused by a lake bed is called

a. Solar Effect b. Pompei City Effect c. Mexico City Effect d. Rift Valley Effect

26. The growth of Omphalotus nidiformis , a mushroom is favoured at the time of

a. Acid Rain b. Smog

c. Volcanic Dust d. Basic Rain

27. Draconis Occidentalis , Equus asinus , Felis catus are the movie characters in which of the animated movies ?

a. Kung-Fu Panda b. Ice Age c. Shrek d. Rango

28. The Android OS Logo has been accused to be a copied version of a character of which of the following hand held games console ?(general)

a. Atari Lynx b. Emerson Arcadia 2001 c. Vectrex d. Intellivision

29. What is the below picture about ? (general) pictures net se download kar lena.

a. Obscenity in television programmes b. Racism and Apartheid c. A Law against online piracy d. Society for the ethical treatment of animals

30. Decipher the element.

a. Cerium b. Barium c. Sodium d. Kalium

31. Google Doodle is for a scientist who discovered two important elements :

a. Technitium & Rhenium b. Erbium & Hafnium c. Cobalt & Bismuth d. Caesium & Rubidium

32. Which Companys Logo consists sometimes of a Plumed Helmet or a Penguin ?

a. Eureka b. Onida c. Kelvinator d. Khaitan

33. A dual band phone can work in

A. In Countries of Europe , Asia , America and Australia B. In Countries of Europe C. Only in France ,UK and Canada D. All countries of the world

34. Guess the place mentioned ?

a. Amsterdam Canal Causeway

b. Burgundy Waterway c. Rotterdam Water Barrier d. Hook of Holland e. Bergambakt Bridge

35. In Jules Verne's "from Earth to the Moon" 3 men are blasted to the moon by cannon. Their speed of departure has proven to be(general)

A. Earths Orbital Velocity B. Terminal Velocity C. Peripheral Velocity D. Earths Escape Velocity

36. In Harry Potter movie, this is a small and decorative beast of little intelligence, humanoid form, up to 5 inches tall, with insectlike wings. Often featured in Muggle storybooks.

A. Fire-crab B. Blast-ended skrewt C. Fairy D. Niffler

37. What scientific phenomenon is often (mistakenly) thought as having been first reported by Columbus?(general)

A. The inversion of the sense of gyration of water emptying from a hole as one crosses the equator B. The difference between the geographic & magnetic North Poles C. Existence of Aurora Borealis above the ocean D. The increase in the sea's level near the equator, due to the increased centrifugal force.

38.Fill up the series: (Words do not have a literal meaning) Argon , Armageddon , Brine , Cluster, .. , Henry , , Umbra(general)

a) Einstein , Reynold b) Darwin , Mendel c) Keppler , Ronald d) Ergun , Marie

39. In the process of producing aluminium, anhydrous Alumina is produced after

a) Calcination b) Precipitation c) Digestion d) Smelting

40. In film type condensation over a vertical tube , local heat transfer coefficient is(Round 1)

a) directly proportional to local film thickness b) equal to local film thickness c) independent of local film thickness d) inversely proportional to local film thickness