WHY is everything SO complicated? It is not.

in our speculative affairs, we best engage reality with high nuance and a sufficient degree of complexity (after all, Iif epistemology models ontology and our master paradigm of emergence is grounded in complex systems theory) but, in our practical affairs, utter simplicity often suffices

relatively few have speculative vocations or personality needs, but all must engage practically, while requiring only a minimal (indispensable) amount of theoretic background

little good comes from answering questions that any given person does not have, unless we have some type of formative, reformative or transformative role in their lives ... that's the simple way I approach that

my succinct formulation in response to kant's famous interrogatories - what can I know? what can I hope for? what must I do? one can hope to know what one must do, which is to love beyond all of the different speculative answers tendered by all of the different religions, I challenge people: for all practical purposes, what would you do differently (other than loving) if some other religion were somehow proven true?

thus it is that Pope Francis is a devotee of the Little Flower and named - not after Xavier, his Company of Jesus namesake, but - after the Little Man from Assisi