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Watching a football game is inoffensive.

Yet not partaking in Keralas budget proceedings and choosing to watch a football match, raises eyebrows especially when you were the chief Ministers economic advisor. You are steering away from such opportunities to be of service to our society makes one to doubt your qualification for such an end. Added to that, it strengthens the claims by people who try to slander you. That is exactly what happened in that visit too. The news lead in the reporter channel at the time of your resignation was that the Chief Minister had lost his fourth wicket. In the present time who is to blame if one doubts the Chief Ministers office based on the current corruption claims on Team Solar? So it was quite natural for me to link your resignation to claims on corruption against you. Its an easy escape statement from my part I guess. My believes were not simply based on P.C.Georges statements, so many other factors like my political inclinations, slight tinge of prejudice, the prevalent claims and the number of your foreign trips rather strengthened my views. The details regarding the purchase of ambulance and its operation seem to be farfetched if one relates it to the past history of such deals. We are jaded by regular reports on corruption and scams involving cores of rupees with ministers and their relatives in the lead and more so in this case because Union ministers, other congressmen and their kin are involved as major shareholders. I didnt intend to be rude on you by the statement about your ignorance about our society. I had made an error there. All I meant was your claims shows that you are rather nave and wouldnt be of much

help against the practical politics in our state. Your expertise or techniques seems to have failed to reap its supposed benefits. Such are the times that we live in that one must keep away from the sad shadows of such doubts even. In the current scenario it is not only important for politicians and/or officials to do good work but it is also important to let the public know about that work. The Gospel of Matthew, not letting your left hand know what your right hand does is sadly not relevant in this context.Its high time we stop blaming the media for misleading the public. The burden of the decay that came into Indian politics is solely to be carried byall the changing political leaderships. For, they havent done what was necessary to uproot the rotten from amongst them instead they let them thrive by protecting them. This has been habituated. So bad is the situation that people cant stay afloat without being involved directly or indirectly to the nexus. The same psychology is applicable to the media too. To be clearer, they are tapping in on inherent voyeuristic tendencies of human nature. Keralites seems to equate the concept of leading a good life to having lots of cash. And the way to achieve it could be by any means;provided one has some kind of masque. This seems the reason why Keralites are being involved in a cascade of scams. What prompts the media into hounding the likes of Sabari Nath or Saritha Nair is not a genuine effort to bring them to justice. It has far more to do with

being envious about the wealth they had thus amassed. Only a handful of people gets to live the good life based on wealth, the rest vent their frustration by finding faults with the things that they see around them. Media simply feeds this frenzied mob. This is an intellective decay. The decay has not begun amongst the political nexus and spread to the society, but its rather the other way round with the decay of the society being reflected in its politics too. People who disguise slandering as criticism, people like me and the media are products of this corrosion. It is the responsibility of the political leadership to take measures against such ends. Leaders like V.S. Achudhanandan and Mamatha Banarjee have shown us the way it needs to be done, or have they? Take sides just as what V.S. had done, so that yours shall not be in harms way. They wouldnt need to take a safe stand for long, people are already losing faith in them and in the near future they shall be left unheeded. Its not a cause of concern, they bought it on themselves. Hope such social spaces bring out the deceptions and the deceivers. The concept is rather simple and I guess you would be aware of all these. Answering you trying to keep all my believes intact was rather difficult, but that couldnt prevent a reply either. Hope to meet you sometime when you find convenient.