Waldorf  Earthschooling  Curriculum  

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Fifth Grade Planner Supply List                                                     MP3s for Fifth Grade Verses     G5  Persian  Block:                                                                                                               Ten Days of Spring: Persian New Year Mythology of Persia Kindergarten   Guide The Epic of Kings Kindergarten Planner Supply List Biography of Avicenna KG Curriculum Book Arabic/Persian Market Lessons Watercolor Verses for the Year Persian Market Game MP3s for KG Verses Music of Persia Architecture of Persia Skills  We  Will  Work  On  in  KG   (With original photos by Kristie) Note that the Kindergarten child learns in Geography of Persia Art of Persia such an integrated way from play, movement, songs, stories and modeling that (With original photos by Kristie and a section on "Persian Carpets and it is impossible to list every item on this list. However, this list can give you an idea Form Drawing") of what to expect. If you feel something is G5  Egypt  Block: missing please let me know. It may be (includes original photos and experiences included but not mentioned below. by Kristie Burns who lived there for six years) KG History and Literature: Mythology of Egypt Simple Fairy Tales Poetry of Egypt Simple Fables Music of Egypt Repetitive & Personal Stories Architecture of Egypt Simple Nature Stories Geography of Egypt Drama and Plays Art of Egypt Food of Egypt KG English and Grammar: Biography of Alexander the Great Language Verses   Vocabulary Rhymes G5  Greek  Block:   Language - Sounds Mythology of Greece Movement and Sounds Poetry of Greece Parent Modeling Music of Greece Architecture of Greece KG Mathematics: Geography of Greece Math Verses Art of Greece Math Rhymes Food of Greece Counting Games, Verses & Stories Preschool Planner Supply List for Preschool/KG Preschool Curriculum Book Watercolor Verses for the Year MP3s for Preschool Verses

Preschool  Curriculum  

Fifth  Grade  

Math Movement Meaning of Numbers KG  Science  &  Geography:     Nature Walks, Games and Observations Play with Natural Toys & Objects Creating Scenes with Nature Natural Toys Puppet Shows Gardening Caring for Animals Plant Care Gardening Nature Walks Harvesting Planting KG  Art:     Wet-on-wet painting Block Crayon Basics Nature Crafts Handwork Shaping Bread Pre-Finger-Knitting Making Snacks KG  Other:   Watching or Helping Parent More Complex Handwork Music Verses & Movement Foreign Language Verses & Song Parent Modeling Movement/Brain Balance Pouring Setting the Table Serving Balance Sorting Breathing in/Breathing out Rhythm Fantasy Play Climbing Jumping

Biographies of Pythagoras, Pericles, and Socrates   G5  India  Block:     Mythology of India Poems of India Music of India Architecture of India Geography of India Art: Exploring Mandalas Food of India Biography of Buddha Soprano Recorder Lessons Soprano Recorder Sheet Music Sofi's 5th Grade BLOG N. American Geography Block Cultural and Physical Native American West to East North to South Resources Economics Food G5  Grammar  Block: Active and Passive Verbs Subject, Predicate Synonyms, Antonyms Homonyms, Parts of Speech Punctuation Indirect and Direct Phrases Indirect and Direct Objects Compound Verb Tenses Word Families Short Stories Essays   G5  Science  -­‐  Botany  Block:     Monocotyledon Dicotyledon Algae Moss Plants Trees Climate and Geography Herbal Identification Herbs for Kids Part II  

  First  Grade  
The  Books:   First Grade Planner Supply List for First Grade First Grade Curriculum Book (MAIN) Pentatonic Music Book w/Charts (PENT)

Sheet Music (SHEET) Waldorf Math & How to Start (START) Sixth Sense Math (MATH) Sixth Sense Language (SIXTH) Math Story Poems (MPOEM) Form Drawing First Grade (FDFIRST) Form Drawing Basics (FDB) Natural Gifts Kids Can Make (GIFT) Cooking with Kids (COOK) Watercolor Stories for the Year (YR) Storytelling & Theater for Kids E-book (SSTK) Knitting and Weaving for Kids (KNIT) Video Tutorials on Member Basics Website (VIDEO) The  Blocks:   (with locations as per above referenced)   G1  History  and  Literature  Block:     Nature Stories (MAIN) Multicultural Fairy-tales: Asia,Europe, Australia, North America, Central & South America, Africa, The Middle East (MAIN) Traditional Rhymes and Verses (SHEET/MAIN) Seasonal Rhymes and Verses (SHEET/MAIN) International Rhymes & Verses (SHEET/MAIN) G1  English  and  Grammar  Block: Written Letters/The Alphabet (SIXTH/MAIN) Basic Grammar (SIXTH/MAIN) Spelling (SIXTH/MAIN) Reading (SIXTH/MAIN) Recitation (SIXTH/MAIN) Writing (SIXTH/MAIN) Speech (SIXTH/MAIN) Theater/Plays (STTK/MAIN) G1  Math  Block:   Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division (MAIN/START/MATH) Story Problems (MAIN/MATH) Counting (MAIN/MATH)

G5  Math  Block:   How to Create a Time-line Finding Averages Decimals Word Problems Measuring Time Linear and Volume Measurements Weight Ratio, Area and Reciprocals Weights and measures of Persia, Egypt, India and Greece

Grade  Six  
Sixth Grade Planner Supply List for Sixth Grade G6  Roman  Block:   The Aeneid by Virgil Romulus & Remus The Seven Kings of Rome Maps of Roman Times The Roman Republic Heroes of Rome Daily Life in Rome (Original Interactive Plan by Earthschooling) Roman Debates Roman Engineering The Roman Government and Army Julius Caesar Mark Anthony and Cleopatra Octavius and Caesar Empire Caligula and Nero Jesus of Nazareth Apostles Peter & Paul The Decline of Rome Germanic Tribes Constatine & Byzantine Roman Church Medieval Judaism The Torah & Talmud Mohammad and Islam The Dark Ages of Europe King Arthur and the Knights The Castle and Peasants Arab and European Conflict Charlemagne

Mental Math (MAIN/MATH) Times Tables (MAIN/MATH) Math Through Stories (MPOEM) Math Rhythm & Movemenr (MPOEM) Simple Shapes (MAIN) G1  Science  &  Geography  Block: Nature Stories and Observation (MAIN) Poetry Awareness/Verse (MAIN) Plant, Mineral & Animal Kingdom Awareness and Observation (MAIN) Farm Trip G1  Gardening  Block: Nature Stories and Observation (MAIN) Gardening Assistance Basic Gardening Skills (MAIN) Garden & Nature Crafts (GIFT) Basic Cooking & Preparation (COOK) G1  Art  Block:       Straight and Curved Line (FDFIRST/FDB) Introduction to Letters through Art (SIXTH) Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting (YR) Beeswax Modeling (MAIN) Block Crayons (MAIN/VIDEO) G1  Handwork  Block  : Dyeing with Plants (MAIN) Finger-Crochet (KNIT/VIDEO) Felting (MAIN/VIDEO) Making Toys and Tools (MAIN/VIDEO) Making Crayons (MAIN/VIDEO) Make Knitting Needles (MAIN) String Games (MAIN/VIDEO) G1  Music  Block: Pentatonic Verses and Songs (MAIN) Pentatonic Flute Lessons (PENT) Seasonal Songs (MAIN) Games and Songs (MAIN)   G1  Foreign  Language  Block: Verses (MAIN) Songs (MAIN)

Haroun Al-Rashid G6  Medieval  Block:     Legends of Arthur Monasticsm Fuedalism The Crusades Islam Woodworking Painting Landscapes G6  World  Geography  Block:   Land Water Configurations and Contrasts Cultures of Europe Cultures of South America Reports Compositions Creative Writing and Mapping G6  Grammar  Block:   Dictation Book Reports Compositions Stories Debate Grammar Review Conditional Mood Structure of Sentences Class Play G6  Physics  Block:   Acoustics and Music Qualities of Color Astronomy: The Moon Thermodynamics Electricity Magnetism Geology Earthquakes and Volcanoes Horticulture/School Garden G6  Math  Block:   How to Create a Time-line Graphs Business Math & Economics

Games (MAIN) Cultural Traditions (MAIN) Vocabulary (MAIN) Numbers (MAIN) Optional: Arabic Alphabet Waldorf Style

Exchange Estimation G6  Art/Handiwork  Block:   Doll-making Making Stuffed Animals G6 or G7 Chemistry Atom Board Lessons Atom Board Instructions Element Cards for Atom Board

Grade  Two  
The  Books:   Second Grade Planner Supply List for Second Grade Second Grade Curriculum (CUR2) Watercolor Verses for the Year (YR) MP3s for Second Grade Verses Second Grade Form Drawing (FD2) Sixth Sense Math (MATH) Waldorf Basic Math (START) Math Story Poems (MPOEM) Sixth Sense Reading & Lower Case Alphabet (READ2) Games for G1 & G2 (GAMES) Fairytales & the Alphabet Guide (G) Pentatonic Recorder Lessons, Sheet Music & Charts (PENT) Storytelling & Theater for Kids E-book (SSTK) Natural Gifts Kids Can Make (GIFT) Cooking with Kids (COOK) Herbal Form Drawing (FDHERB Video) Herbs for Kids: One (HK1) Knitting and Weaving for Kids (KNIT) The  Blocks   G2 History and Literature Block: Fables (CUR2) Saint Stories (CUR2) Folktales from Around the World (CUR2) Knitting Stories (KNIT) Legends (CUR2) G2  English  and  Grammar  Block: Oral Storytelling (SSTK) Recitation - Individual & Group (SSTK) Cursive Writing (CUR2)

Seventh  Grade  
Seventh Grade Planner Schedule for Seventh Grade Seventh Grade Documents G7  History  Block:   Late Medieval Culture Castles & Manors Cathedrals and Changes The Crusades Late Medieval Culture MLB The Age of Chivalry & Reformation Joan of Arc Renaissance Age of Exploration & Colonization G7  Geography  Block:   World Geography Africa Basic Meteorology I G7  Science  Block:   Chemistry I: Acids & Bases Chemistry I: Combustion Basic Periodic Table Atom Board Physics II: Magnetism Physics II: Electricity Physics II: Machines Physics II: Influential Physicists Physiology & Nutrition Astronomy II Astronomy II MLB G7  Math  Block:   Algebra and Simple Equations

Spelling (CUR2) Written Storytelling (CUR2) Lower Case Letters (READ2) G2  Math  Block  : Practice Four Processes (CUR2/MATH) Computation (MATH) Time Tables (MATH/CUR2) Rhythmic Math (CUR2/MATH) Counting Exercises (CUR2/MATH) Mental Math (CUR2/MATH) G2  Science  &  Geography  Block: Nature Fables of Animals (CUR2) Human Beings and Nature (CUR2) Environment (CUR2) Herbal Form Drawing (FDHERB Video) Herbal Crafts (HK1) Herbal Awareness (HK1) G2  Gardening  Block:   Simple Tasks (CUR2) Respecting Nature (CUR2) Crafts (GIFT) Cooking with Kids (COOK) G2  Art  Block: Cynamic and Flowing Forms (FD2/FDB) Cursive Writing (CUR2) Symmetry (FD2) Wet-on-Wet Watercolor (YR) Modeling Beeswax Scenes (BEES) G2  Handwork  Block: Knitting & Purling/ Knitting (KNIT/VIDEO) Cast off, bind off and change (KNIT/VIDEO) Adding & Decreasing Stitches (KNIT/VIDEO) Creating Patterns (KNIT/VIDEO) Weaving (KNIT) Knitting Crafts & Stories (KNIT) G2  Music  Block  : Pentatonic Verses and Songs (PENT) Note Values (PENT)

Geometry – Area and Perimeter The Golden Mean Negative Numbers Root Numbers G7  Art  Block:   Black and White Drawing Video Black and White Drawing E-book Advanced Clay Modeling G7  Language  Block:   Essays and Short Stories Review Essays and Short Stories New Reports Interviews Poetry Performance Art Recitation Play G7  Handwork  Block:   Fiber Identification How to Make a Waldorf Doll Woodworking Woodcarving G7  Music  Block:   Gregorian Chants MP3s for Gregorian Chants Music of the Renaissance MP3s for Music of the Renaissance Music of Africa MP3s for Music of Africa G7  Painting  Block:   Language MLB Drawing MLB Art of Exploration MLB Renaissance MLB Three Ways to Do a Main Lesson (Video)

  Eighth  Grade
Eighth Grade Planner Schedule for Eighth Grade

Listening Skills (CUR2/PENT/SHEET) Folk Songs (CUR2/PENT/SHEET) Circle Dances (CUR2/SHEET) G2  Foreign  Language  Block:   Oral Language Experience (at home) Vocabulary (at home) Numbers (at home) Phrases, Questions & Responses (home)

Eighth Grade Documents You will need the following e-books this year: G8  History  Block:   Elizabethan England Industrial Revolution Revolutionary War Declaration of Independence The Constitution The Civil War World War I & II G8  Geography  Block  :   Natural Resources Inventions World Economics G8  Physics  Block:   Acoustics II Thermodynamics Mechanics II Electricity and Magnetism II Hydraulics Aerodynamics G8  Science  Block  :   Meteorology Ecology The Eye The Ear Muscles, Skeleton and Movement Anatomy Cross Hatching Video Anatomy Book Organic Chemistry: Sugars and Starches Organic Chemistry: Oils, Proteins, Fats Organic Chemistry: Food and Sustainability G8  Geometry  Block:   Measurement of Surface Volume Platonic Solids Practical Applications of Geometry    

Third  Grade  
  The  Books: Third Grade Planner Supply List for Third Grade Third Grade Curriculum Book (CUR3) MP3s for Third Grade Verses Form Drawing Basics (FDB) Form Drawing for Third Grade (FD3) Celtic Knots/G3 Forms (CELT) Etching with Beeswax (ETCH) Watercolor Supplement for G3 (WG3) Beeswax Modeling (BEES) Pentatonic Recorder Lessons (PENT) House-building Guide/Lessons (HOUSE) Persian Market Lesson (MKT) Unicorn Knitting Patterns (UNI) Spinning Wool Video (SPINVID) Soprano Recorder Lessons (SOP) Vintage Book Web Page (VINT) The  Blocks:   (with locations as per above referenced) G3  History  and  Literature  Block  : Stories of the Bible (CUR3) Native American Tales (CUR3/VINT) American History (CUR3) Legends of the Bible (CUR3) G3  English  and  Grammar  Block: Grammar - Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, etc... (CUR3) Narrative Writing (CUR3) Daily Recitation (CUR3) Reading (CUR3/VINT)

Spelling (CUR3) Plays from Main Lessons (CUR3) G3  Math  Block: Double Digit Multiplication (CUR3) Long Division (CUR3) Measuring Concepts - Current (CUR3) Measuring Concepts - Historical (CUR3) Time (CUR3) Money (CUR3) Volume & Space (CUR3) G3  Science  &  Geography  Block: House-building/Human Shelters (HOUSE) Making Clothing (KNIT/CUR3) Clothing and Fibers (CUR3) G3  Permaculture  and  Farming  Block: (includes all of the below) Permaculture Designs Houses, Water and Waste Management Healthy Soil Seed Saving & Nurseries Home & Community Gardens Farming Forests, Tree Crops and Bamboo Pest Management Animal Systems Appropriate Technology Aquaculture Cooperatives G3  Art:   Symmetry & Mirror Forms (FDB/FD3) Balance (FDB/FD3) Advanced Wet-on-wet Painting (WG3) Expressive Drawings (CUR3) Modeling Clay (CUR3) Beeswax Animals (BEES) G3  Handwork:   Spinning Wool (SPINVID) Dyeing Wool/Weaving with Wool (CUR3) Knitting Clothing and Toys (UNI/KNIT) Knitting Useful Items (KNIT/CUR3) G3  Music: Soprano Recorder & Sheet Music (SOP) Rounds (CUR3) Musical Heritage (SHEET) Listening Skills (CUR3/SHEET/SOP)

G8  Math  Block:   Practical Applications Algebra Graphing Binary system and computers Biographies of Mathematicians G8  Music  Block:   Elizabethan American G8  Handwork  Block:   Machine sewing and darning Soapstone carving Carpentry G8  English  Block:   Grammar Review Short Stories Shakespeare Editing G8  Painting  Block:   Highlights and Shadows Portraits and Landscapes

  Kids  Can  Heal  Classes  
Non-members can purchase these classes individually at: Herb'n Kids. These classes are included in the Earthschooling Lifetime Membership Herbs for Kids Reflexology for Kids Iridology for Kids Temperament for Kids Lifetime  Members  Only:   non-members may purchase these from www.HerbnKids.com The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship: Video from Waldorf in the Home, 2010 Woodworking for Kids: 90 Min. Video Woodcarving for Kids: 90 Min. Video Prairie Flower Children's Center: Early

G3  Foreign  Language: Oral Practice, Complex Phrases and Vocabulary, sentences, conversational work

Grade  Four  
Fourth Grade Planner Supply List for Fourth Grade Watercolor Verses for the Year MP3s for Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Language Extra Human and Animal Science Block Animal Signs Human and Animal Relationship Art with Animals The Human Body Blocks:     G4  Grammar  Block:   Reading, Writing, & Spelling Personal Letters & Business Letters Poetry Speeches Drama & Creative Writing Grammar: Tense, Syntax, Punctuation Oral and Written Book Reports   G4  Geography  Block:     Local Geography Four Directions & Compass Points Orienteering Map Making G4 Literature Block: Norse Mythology - Introduction The Heroes of Asgard Head Start on 5th Grade How to Create a Time-line G4  Art/Handiwork  Block:     Cross Stitch Native American Crafts Knotted Form Drawings with Nordic, Celtic & Native American Motifs Animal Forms in Clay Geometric Shapes in Clay Watercolor on Dry Paper

Childhood Mini-training Video Helle Heckmann- Protecting Childhood 90 min. Lecture Video Storytelling Methods - 90 min. Video Herbs for Kids - 90 min. Video Waldorf B-day Parties - 90 min. Video A Journey Through Waldorf Watercolor w/ Rick Tan - 30 min. vid. Chalk Drawing: Mini Tutorial Video Felted Mermaids: Mini Tutorial Video How to Spin Wool: Mini Tutorial Video Spool Knitting: Mini Tutorial Video Make Your Own Knitting Patterns: Mini Tutorial Video How to Knit a Unicorn: 90-minute Video Yoga Storytelling: Mini Tutorial Video Pentatonic Music Program Extra E-books Woodworking for Kids Herbs for Kids: Part One Herbs for Kids: Part Two Storytelling & Theater Cooking with Kids Natural Gifts Kids Can Make Knitting and Weaving for Kids Unicorn Patterns The Arabic Alphabet - Waldorf Style All  Member  Access:   Any curriculum, year or lifetime member has access to all these via the Member Basics for All page... Full  Length  Videos:   What is Earthschooling? Rhythms and Stages in Waldorf Education Organization and the Temperaments 15-­‐30  Minute  Video  Tutorial:   Making Felted Bendy Dolls Chinese Form Drawing How to Make Block Crayons Make Modeling Beeswax How to Make Watercolor Paper Making Pita Bread How to Knit & Knit a Bunny Making Fairy Wings Storytelling Gardens Felt Mice

G4  Math  Block:   Fractions Through Cooking Factoring Long Division Weights and Measures Reduction & Expansion of Fractions G4  Native  American  History  Block: The First Tennesseans Native American Local Native American History Early Settlers & Human Deeds

Fondue for Kids Herbal Identification Re-String Your Kinder-lyre Peek  in  Our  Classroom  Videos: Free Play Fun Circle Time Nature Walk Reference  &  Organization  E-­‐books: My Waldorf Year Guide Natural Dyeing Guide Waldorf Basics Form Drawing Basics Watercolor Basics Extras for Everyone Yoga Cards for the Year/Movement Lessons 9-months of Sheet Music Collections for the Year Preschool - G8 Holiday  Guides: Mayfair Planning Guide Ten Days of Spring Lessons Candlemas Eve Sheet Music All Purpose Holiday Guide Knitted Snowflakes Other  Member  Webpages:   The following are accessible to Lifetime Members Only Earthschooling International Pages French Enrichment German Enrichment Spanish Enrichment Arabic & Islamic Enrichment Buddhist Enrichment G5 Hindu Enrichment G5 Pagan Enrichment G5 India Enrichment Vintage Books G3, G4, G5, G6