Tic Tac Toe Questions

I Am a Child of God Page 2
1. How many versus are in I Am a Child of God? (page 2) a. 4 2. I am a child of God and he has sent me? a. Here 3. Lead Me Guide Me a. Walk Beside me 4. Rich blessings are a. in store 5. Tell me the first verse of I am a Child of God. 6. Tell me the second verse of I am a Child of God. 7. Tell me the third verse of I am a child of God. 8. Tell me the fourth verse of I am a Child of God. 9. Who are you? a. A Child of God 10. What song asks us to teach us what we must do? a. I Am a Child of God 11. His promises are? a. Sure

A Child’s Prayer Page 12
1. Heavenly Father are you…

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

a. Really there What does Heavenly Father hear and answer? a. Every Child’s prayer Is Heaven close or far when we pray? a. Close around me What did Jesus tell disciples? a. Suffer the children to come to me Pray… a. He is there Speak… a. He is listening Does Heavenly Father love the children? a. Yes Tell me one reason why we pray. How do you begin a prayer? a. Dear Heavenly Father

The Church of Jesus Christ Page 77

1. I belong to what? a. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 2. What do you know? a. I know who I am … I know God’s Plan 3. What do we believe in? a. The Savior, Jesus Christ 4. What will we honor? a. His name 5. What will we do?

a. What is right 6. What will we follow? a. His Light 7. What will we proclaim? a. Truth

Book of Mormon stories vs. 1,2,4,8 Page 118

1. What does our teachers tell to me? a. Book of Mormon stories 2. Where did our fathers come from? a. Far across the sea 3. Lamanites met others who were seeking a. Liberty 4. What did the land welcome? a. All who wanted to be free 5. Should we fight with our brothers? Or what does the Book of Mormon say? a. We must brothers be 6. Don’t forget about who? a. Abinadi 7. Who did he stand before? a. The King 8. What did he bring? a. The gospel 9. What would he need to do to be set free? a. Deny the gospel 10. After Christ was crucified… a. And died for you and me

11. What did he come to do? a. Teach the truth to all who would be free 12. He blessed who? a. Each child 13. And they lived in the land how? a. Righteously.

Families Can Be Together Forever Page 188

1. I have a family where? a. Here on Earth 2. True or false… They are so bad to me a. False… They are so good to me 3. What do you want to share with them through eternity? a. My life 4. Who’s plan makes it possible for us to be a family forever? a. Through Heavenly Fathers Plan 5. True or False… While I am in my Early years I will prepare most carefully. a. True 6. What are we preparing for? a. To marry in God’s temple 7. How long are you married for when you get married in the temple? a. For eternity

My Heavenly Father Loves Me Page 228
1. Whenever I hear a. The song of a bird 2. What do we feel on our face?

3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

a. Rain What do we walk by? a. A Lilac tree I’m glad that… a. I live in this beautiful world. Heavenly Father created for me. Who did Heavenly Father create the World for? a. Me! He gave me what? a. My eyes that I might see the color of butterfly wings b. My ears that I might hear the magical sound of things c. He gave me my life, my mind, my heart How do we thank him? a. Reverently What do we thank him for? a. All his creations of which I’m a part What do we know? a. That Heavenly Father loves me!

If the Savior Stood Beside Me

1. In the first verse it says… “If the Savior Stood beside me…” a. Would I do the things I do? 2. What would we think of? a. His commandments 3. What would I follow? a. His example 4. Tell me the first verse of If the Savior Stood Beside Me 5. Would I do…

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

a. The things I do Would I say… a. The things I say Would my words be a. True and kind if he were never far away What would we try to share? a. The gospel He is always a. Near me Do we see him there? a. No And because he loves me dearly a. I am in his watchful care What kind of person are we going to be? a. So I’ll be the kind of person that I know I’d like to be if I could see the Savior Standing nigh watching over me

We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet Page 19
1. We Thank Thee, O God for who? a. A Prophet 2. Who’s our prophet today? a. President Monson 3. Why are we given a prophet? a. To guide us in these latter days 4. Why do we thank thee for sending the gospel? a. To lighten our minds with its rays 5. ….. Bestowed by thy bounteous hand

a. We thank thee for every blessing 6. What do we feel it a pleasure to do? a. Serve thee 7. What do we love to do? a. Obey thy command

Praise to the Man Page 27
1. Hail to the prophet… a. Ascended to Heaven 2. Traitors and tyrants do what? a. Fight him in Vain 3. Who do we mingle with? a. Gods 4. Death cannot conquer who? a. The Hero again

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