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Sunflowers in Watercolor – Course  #09CBI336

Instructor: Constance Sayas, 720-941-5774

Note: A $5.00 accessory materials fee will be requested at first class.

DRAWING PENCILS: Leads HB, 2H, and B; sharpener; kneaded eraser

TRACING PAPER & SKETCHING PAPER: ~11" x 14" or similar


PAPER TOWELS: (VIVA brand is good for absorption.)

PALETTE: watercolor palette of choice

WATERCOLOR PAPER: 140# HOTPRESS (or 300# hotpress if you prefer). You will need: three to
five (9 x 12" or similar) pieces for painting exercises and one or two larger pieces for final class painting.
Arches, Fabriano, Twin Rocker and Lanaquarelle Brands are all professional watercolor papers.

PAINT BRUSHES: Watercolor brushes "round"; sizes #2 & #6 or similar; preferably Kolinsky sable.
Here are some good options:
1. Raphael Series #8404 round; (I recommend sizes #2, #4 for this one.) Excellent brush that I use!
(Order at Italian Art Store, below. Or, some sizes available locally at KOZO.)
2. Escoola Series #1212, round. (at Guiry's)
3. Winsor & Newton Series #7, round. (at Guiry's & Meininger's)
4. Robert Simmons, Sapphire #S85, round. Less expensive substitute for Kolinsky sable
(at Guiry's & Meininger's)

In addition, bring a couple of inexpensive brushes for mixing paint.

FLORAL OASIS FOAM BLOCK: Get the type capable of holding water,
plus a container/vase to support cut sunflowers.

WATER COLOR PAINT LIST: Select ONE of the four following brands of paint.
1. Michael Wilcox Watercolors: (at, 919-774-8723 in a 12 set box)
cadmium red light, quinacridone violet,
cadmium yellow light, hansa yellow light (lemon yellow),
ultramarine blue, cerulean blue,
phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green,
burnt sienna, yellow ochre, raw sienna
titanium white

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2. Daniel Smith Extra-Fine Water Color:
cadmium red medium (OR Pyrrol Scarlet 085), quinacridone red,
cadmium yellow medium, hansa yellow light,
ultramarine blue, cerulean blue ,
phthalo blue, phthalo green (blue shade),
burnt sienna, yellow ochre ,
chinese white

3. Winsor & Newton Artists’ (NOT Cotman) Water Colours:

scarlet lake 603 (OR cadmium red 094),
permanent rose 502, cadmium yellow pale 118,
Winsor lemon 722, French ultramarine 263,
cerulean blue 137, Winsor blue 709(red shade),
viridian 692, burnt sienna 074, yellow ochre 744,
titanium white

4. Da Vinci Permanent Artists' Watercolors:

cadmium red medium, red rose deep,
cadmium yellow medium, hansa yellow light,
ultramarine, cerulean blue,
phthalo blue, phthalo green,
burnt sienna, yellow ochre,
titanium white


Kozo Fine Art materials (10 E. Ellsworth Ave, Denver) has a 20% discount for Botanical Illustration
Program participants with proof of registration. Bring your registration confirmation letter from the
Botanic Gardens. Call ahead to see which supplies they carry. 303-733-2730
Meininger’s (499 Broadway, Denver) 303-698-3838
Guiry’s (several metro locations)
Jerry's Artarama (3473 S. Broadway, Englewood) 303-789-2781


Michael Wilcox 1-919-774-8723
Italian Art Store 1-800-643-6440
Daniel Smith 1-800-426-6740
Cheap Joes Art Stuff 1-800-227-2788

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