Alice in Wonderland


 Alice: Sharon Medina Mora  Gryphon: Rubí de La Cruz Puch  King of hearts: Antonio Canul Ortiz  Queen of Hearts: Yocelyn Galván Cortés  Knave of hearts: Rubí Yesenia Oy Mis  White Rabbit (WR): Delia Chan Correa  Jury: Blanca Noh Un  Hatter and Dormouse : Romeo Arjona Quintal  March Hare: Cindy Bacab Dzul  Cheshire Cat: Mayra Adriana Góngora Xool  Narrator: Miguel Villegas Pacheco  Duchess’s cook. Julia Canul Uh  Alice’s sister: Blanca Noh Un Part 1: NARRATOR: This is the story of Alice in Wonderland, a girl by following a white rabbit lost a wonderful and fantastic world. (Entra Alice Con cara de preocupación) ALICE: All this day is very rare; today has not been normal. But I want to be in the garden so beautiful that I saw few minutes ago. (Se aparece sonriendo the cat en un árbol) CAT: Hi! Alice. ALICE: Hi! , who are you? CAT: I´m the Cheshire Cat. ALICE: Oh! You are the Duchess´s cat. CAT: Yes, I am. What are you doing? ALICE: I‟m looking a garden so beautiful. CAT: You have two ways. It may be on this side or at another side. If you walk long enough in any of the two ways you can find something. But if you want, you can follow the way that is in front of you. (El gato desaparece) ALICE: What did the cat say? I didn‟t understand it. (Se abre la puerta que esta frente a ella en el árbol y aparece el jardín) ALICE: Wow! The garden! I have to go there. Part 2: Narrator: Alice walked into that place. She met the Queen of Hearts and her royal court, the gryphon, and Mock Turtle. After a while he found another situation, a trial! The gryphon and Alice went to see the trial. The King and Queen of Hearts were seated on their throne when they arrived, with a great crowd assembled about them—all sorts of little birds and beasts, as well as the whole pack of cards: the Knave was standing before them, in chains, with a soldier on each side to guard him, and near the King was the White Rabbit,

read the accusation!‟ ( On this the White Rabbit blew three blasts on the trumpet. and a scroll of parchment in the other. that it made Alice quite hungry to look at them.) he did not look at all comfortable. by the way. However. being rather proud of it: for she thought. and she was quite pleased to find that she knew the name of nearly everything there. „There‟s a great deal to come before that!‟ THE KING: Call the first witness WHITE RABBIT: „First witness!‟ he is the hatter!! . Alice could not stand. and she went round the court and got behind him. as it left no mark on the slate) THE KING: „Herald. CARD: Majesty.) ALICE THOUGH: „A nice muddle their slates‟ll be in before the trial‟s over!‟ (One of the jurors had a pencil that squeaked. he was obliged to write with one finger for the rest of the day. was the King. This of course. and read as follows) WHITE RABBIT: „The Queen of Hearts. and very soon found an opportunity of taking it away. after hunting all about for it. In the very middle of the court was a table. WHITE RABBIT: „Not yet. Alice could see.with a trumpet in one hand. the knave of hearts! ALICE: -„I wish they‟d get the trial done. how do you write stupid things? JUROR 1: I don‟t know WHITE RABBIT: „Silence in the court!‟ (and the King put on his spectacles and looked anxiously round. before the trial‟s begun. and hand round the refreshments!‟ NARRADOR: Alice had never been in a court of justice before.„and those twelve creatures.‟ and that he had to ask his neighbour to tell him.‟ (She said this last word two or three times over to herself. The twelve jurors were all writing very busily on slates. to make out who was talking. he stole those tarts. but she had read about them in books. All on a summer day: The Knave of Hearts. (look at the frontispiece if you want to see how he did it. that very few little girls of her age knew the meaning of it at all. and as he wore his crown over the wig. „jury-men‟ would have done just as well. the Lizard) could not make out at all what had become of it. she made some tarts. „I suppose they are the jurors.) ALICE: „What are they doing?‟ GRYPHON: „They can‟t have anything to put down yet. and she could even make out that one of them didn‟t know how to spell „stupid.‟ she said to herself.‟ ( The judge. that all the jurors were writing down „stupid things!‟ on their slates. They‟re putting down their names. She did it so quickly that the poor little juror (it was Bill. and it was certainly not becoming) ALICE: „And that‟s the jury-box. ALICE: „That‟s the judge. here is the accused. as well as if she were looking over their shoulders. and rightly too. and this was of very little use. and then unrolled the parchment scroll. „because of his great wig. with a large dish of tarts upon it: they looked so good. And took them quite away!‟ THE KING: Consider your verdict. so.‟ „for fear they should forget them before the end of the trial. not yet!‟ the Rabbit hastily interrupted.‟ ALICE: Stupid things! JUROR 2: Stupid things! JUROR 1: Stupid things! JUROR 2: Bill.

„I‟ve none of my own. and reduced the answer to shillings and pence. „for bringing these in: but I hadn‟t quite finished my tea when I was sent for. your Majesty. ‟„I can hardly breathe. and I hadn‟t begun my tea—not above a week or so—and what with the bread-and-butter getting so thin—and the twinkling of the tea—‟ THE KING: „The twinkling of the what? THE HATTER: „It began with the tea. just as the Dormouse crossed the court. who turned pale and fidgeted) THE KING: „Give your evidence. DORMOUSE: „I wish you wouldn‟t squeeze so. „I‟m growing.‟„or I‟ll have you executed. DORMOUSE: „You‟ve no right to grow here.‟ ( Here the Queen put on her spectacles.) THE HATTER: „I beg pardon. who had followed him into the court. and began staring at the Hatter.‟ NARRADOR: Alice felt a very curious sensation.‟ the Hatter added as an explanation. I think it was. and. whether you‟re nervous or not. He came in with a teacup in one hand and a piece of bread-and-butter in the other.‟ (: And he got up very sulkily and crossed over to the other side of the court.‟ ALICE: „I can‟t help it. arm-in-arm with the Dormouse.‟ said Alice more boldly: „you know you‟re growing too. she said to one of the officers of the court) THE QUEEN: „Bring me the list of the singers in the last concert!‟ THE KING: „Give your evidence.‟ said the Dormouse: „not in that ridiculous fashion.‟ HATTER: „It isn‟t mine. ‟ MARCH HARE:Fifteenth DORMOUSE:Sixteenth THE KING: write that down(Señalando al jurado) JUROR: Fourteenth.) THE HATTER: „Fourteenth of March.) THE KING: „Take off your hat. and she thought at first she would get up and leave the court. and don‟t be nervous.‟ DORMOUSE: „Yes. All this time the Queen had never left off staring at the Hatter. but I grow at a reasonable pace. your Majesty.( The first witness was the Hatter. ALICE: „Don‟t talk nonsense. . Fifteenth. Sixteenth!! ( the jury eagerly wrote down all three dates on their slates.‟ THE HATTER: „I‟m a poor man. or I‟ll have you executed on the spot. and then added them up. I‟m a hatter. but on second thoughts she decided to remain where she was as long as there was room for her. which puzzled her a good deal until she made out what it was: she was beginning to grow larger again. THE KING: „Stolen!‟ JUROR: Stolen! Stolen! Stolen! THE HATTER: „I keep them to sell.‟ THE KING: you ought to have finished. THE KING: „Of course twinkling begins with a T! THE HATTER: „I‟d rather finish my tea THE KING: you may go. when did you begin? ( The Hatter looked at the March Hare.‟ he began.

COOK: „Pepper.‟ THE KING: „It‟s the oldest rule in the book ALICE: „Then it ought to be Number One. at any rate. written by the prisoner to—to somebody. THE KING: „Consider your verdict. It quite makes my forehead ache!‟ ALICE´S EVIDENCE WHITE RABBIT: the next witness is Alice! ALICE: „Here!‟ „Oh. I shan‟t go. I beg your pardon!‟ ( she exclaimed in a tone of great dismay. „What are tarts made of? D.‟ WHITE RABBIT: There‟s more evidence to come yet. and she had a vague sort of idea that they must be collected at once and put back into the jury-box. please your Majesty. my dear. for the accident of the goldfish kept running in her head.THE QUEEN: —and just take his head off outside WHITE RABBIT: next witness! The next witness is the Duchess‟s cook. you must cross-examine the next witness. besides. being quite unable to move. THE KING: That‟s very important WHITE RABBIT: „Unimportant. in her haste. THE KING: „It must have been that. you know. „Rule Forty-two.‟ THE KING: well. mostly DORMOUSE: Molasses THE QUEEN: „Collar that Dormouse. and the poor little thing was waving its tail about in a melancholy way. or they would die) THE KING: „The trial cannot proceed „until all the jurymen are back in their proper places—all. of course „THE KING: „Unimportant. nearly two miles high‟ ALICE: Well.but it seems to be a letter. this paper has just been picked up. She soon got it out again.‟ THE KING: „What do you know about this business? ALICE: „Nothing THE KING: „Nothing whatever?‟ persisted the King. ALICE:„Nothing whatever. All persons on more than a mile high to leave the court.’ ALICE: ‘I’m not a mile high THE QUEEN: „You are. that‟s not a regular rule: you invented it just now. of course.) ALICE SAID TO HERSELF: „I should think it would be quite as much use in the trial one way up as the other. if I must. your Majesty means.. she had put the Lizard in head downwards. I meant ALICE: „but it doesn‟t matter a bit THE KING: „Silence!‟ and read out from his book.‟ . THE KING: give your evidence DUCHESS´S COOK: „Shan‟t WHITE RABBIT: „Your Majesty must cross-examine this witness.‟Behead that Dormouse! Turn that Dormouse out of court! Suppress him! Pinch him! Off with his whiskers!‟ THE KING: „Call the next witness.‟ THEQUEEN: „What‟s in it? WHITE RABBIT: „I haven‟t opened it yet.I must. and saw that. unless it was written to nobody.. and put it right.‟ THE QUEEN: „Really. which isn‟t usual. ( Alice looked at the jury-box. and began picking them up again as quickly as she could.

. If I or she should chance to be Involved in this affair. And mentioned me to him: She gave me a good character. KING: If there‟s no meaning in it. can you? KNAVE: Do I look like it? KING: All right. kept from all the rest. you don‟t even know what they‟re about!‟ THE KING: „Read them. „I didn‟t write it. what a long sleep you‟ve had!‟ ALICIA: Oh. And yet I don‟t know.‟ He unfolded the paper as he spoke. verdict afterwards. I don‟t believe there‟s an atom of meaning in it. my dear.” KING: Why. Exactly as we were. “—said I could not swim— ” you can‟t swim. I‟ve had such a curious dream! NARRATOR: told her sister.JURYMEN: „Who is it directed to? WHITE RABBIT: „It isn‟t directed at all. no! Sentence first.‟ said the Knave. Then again—”Before she had this fit—” you never had fits. you know‟ ALICE: But. and ourselves. of course— “I gave her one. „Why.‟ THE KNAVE: „Please your Majesty. that must be what he did with the tarts. I‟ll give him sixpence. Alice dear!‟ „Why. My notion was that you had been (Before she had this fit) An obstacle that came between Him. they gave him two—” why. You gave us three or more. as well as she could remember them. all these strange Adventures of hers that you have just been reading about. „“We know it to be true—” that‟s the jury. that saves a world of trouble. there‟s nothing written on the outside. they gave him two. I think?‟ (he said to the Queen) QUEEN: Never! (Le arroja un tintero a la lagartija) KING: Let the jury consider their verdict QUEEN: fact. But said I could not swim. JUROR: (writing) she doesn‟t believe there‟s an atom of meaning in it. and added „It isn‟t a letter. I seem to see some meaning in them. Though they were mine before. so far. after all: it‟s a set of verses. you know. They all returned from him to you. se cierra el telón) Parte 3: Alicia se despierta muy asustada junto a su hermana ALICE’S SISTER: Wake up.‟ JURYMEN: „Are they in the prisoner‟s handwriting?‟ THE KING: „He must have imitated somebody else‟s hand. ALICE: Stuff and nonsense!‟ The idea of having the sentence first! QUEEN: Hold your tongue!‟ ALICE: I won‟t!‟ QUEEN: Off with her head!‟ ALICE: Who cares for you?‟ You‟re nothing but a pack of cards!‟ (Todos se lanzan contra ella.‟ THE QUEEN: „That proves his guilt ALICE: „It proves nothing of the sort!. and it. it goes on “They all returned from him to you. What would become of you? I gave her one. there they are! Nothing can be clearer tan that. and they can‟t prove I did: there‟s no name signed at the end. WR: „They told me you had been to her.‟ KING: That‟s the most important piece of evidence we‟ve heard yet! … so now let the jury… ALICE: If any one of them can explain it. one. He trusts to you to set them free. Don‟t let him know she liked them best. after all. Between yourself and me. as we needn‟t try to find any. For this must ever be A secret. He sent them word I had not gone (We know it to be true): If she should push the matter on.

it‟s getting late NARRATOR: So Alice got up and ran off. what a wonderful dream it had been. thinking while she ran.ALICE’S SISTER: It was a curious dream. as well she might. The end. . certainly: but now run in to your tea. dear.

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