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Mechanical Engineering

ME 2305 — APPLIED HYDRAULICS AND PNEUMATICS (Regulation 2008) Time : Three hours Answer ALL questions PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 Marks) 1.

Why are hydraulic systems preferred for heavy work than the pneumatic systems? What is neutralization number of hydraulic fluid? Give its significance. Why are double acting cylinders known as differential cylinders? Draw the ANSI symbols for (a) (b)

2. 3. 4.

a pilot-operated check valve, and a shuttle valve.

5. 6. 7.

Mention few applications where piston motors are employed. What are the functions of accumulators? What do you mean by bleed- off circuit control? Distinguish between meter-in and meter-out circuits with respect to speed control circuits. What is a bistable flip-flop? If an air cylinder produces erratic cylinder action, identify the probable causes and also give remedies for them.


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Maximum : 100 Marks

Fifth Semester


(6) (b) (i) (ii) What is the purpose of cushioning cylinder? 4 2 21 Or 12.5Lps (i. (a) (i) Compare and contrast between hydraulic.7mm diameter pistons arranged on a 130mm diameter piston circle. The discharge through the pipe is 7. The specific gravity of the fluid is 0.. overall efficiency.PART B — (5 × 16 = 80 Marks) 11. The section 1 is 3m above datum and section 2 is 1. (8) Write Pascal’s law. The pump has nine 12. find : (1) (2) (3) (4) volumetric efficiency.25 Lps at 2000 rpm. If the actual flow rate consumed by the motor is 5 Lps and the actual torque delivered by the motor is 185 N-m. (4) 21 (4) 53207 . liters per second). mechanical efficiency. The volumetric efficiency is 94%.9. pneumatic and electromechanical power systems. and kW power delivered by the motor. find the pressure section 2. (10) 4 A hydraulic motor has a displacement of 150 cm3 and operates with a pressure of 85 bars and a speed of 1800 rpm. Explain any one applications of Pascal’s law with neat diagram. (8) (ii) (ii) Find the offset angle for an axial piston pump that delivers 1. (8) Or (b) (i) Fluid is flowing through a tapering pipe having diameters 50mm and 25mm at sections 1 and 2 respectively. Also write the advantages and disadvantages. (8) (ii) List out the applications of fluid power employed in different industries/fields. If the pressure at section 1 is 200 kPa. (a) (i) Enumerate the working principle of balanced vane pump with neat sketch.25 m above datum.e. (8) 4 21 (iii) Define the terms used to evaluate the performance of hydraulic motor.

Draw the graphical symbol of the valve. (a) (b) (i) Explain with neat sketch the working of semi-automatic control of a double acting pneumatic cylinder. (a) (i) (ii) What is the purpose of pressure compensated flow control valve? (4) Or (b) (i) Take the density of oil is 1000N/m3. Its friction maybe taken as 5 percent. (8) 4 4 3 ——————————— 21 Or Develop an electro pneumatic circuit by cascade method for the following sequence: A+ B+ B– A– where A and B stand for cylinders. Draw and explain a basic hydraulic circuit employing an intensifier for using in a punching press. when 0. The ram has a diameter of 300mm and stroke of 6m. (8) Draw and explain the construction and operation of proportional pressure relief valve. (+ ) indicates extension and (-) indicates retraction for cylinders. (16) 21 (8) How 4/3 direction control valve is working in hydraulic power circuits? Explain the construction detail with neat sketch. while the accumulator descends with the stated velocity. (12) 53207 .13. It takes two minutes to fall through its full stroke.0075m3/s of liquid is being delivered by a pump. (10) Explain the working of a hydraulic circuit used in drilling machine (6) What are electro hydraulic servo systems? Write the advantages of the electro hydraulic servo systems over hydro mechanical servo system. (8) Or (ii) 15. (8) (ii) List out any five types of faults that can be found in compressors. Find the total work supplied and power delivered to hydraulic appliances by the accumulator. (8) 14. Also write the remedial actions for the faults. (ii) 4 An accumulator is loaded with 400KN weight. (a) (i) (ii) (b) (i) 21 Draw the block diagram of a PLC and explain the working of major elements.