International Conference on Biotechnology for Innovative Applications Innovative discoveries in biotechnology will be the focus of AMRITA BIO QUEST

20 13, hosted by the Amrita School of Biotechnology. London, United Kingdom, August 07, 2013 -- An impressive list of speakers from a round the world will discuss emerging multidisciplinary research related to ways in which biotechnology is addressing pertinent societal needs. The conference w ill focus on how translational medicine, nanotechnology, neuroscience, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and bioengineering contribute to alleviating human s uffering and improving quality of life. Invited speakers from the UK, Netherland s, Italy, Norway, Germany and their counterparts from the USA, Australia and Ind ia will join together to explore issues of mutual interest. A significant feature of Amrita Bio Quest 2013 is a live webcast interaction wit h Prof. Leland Hartwell, (2001 Nobel Laureate for Physiology and Medicine for hi s discovery of protein molecules that control cell division). Prof. Hartwell wil l focus on the theme, â The Role of Science and Technology in Creating a Sustainable World.â Presentations will be made in the following seven tracks: 1. Genomics and Translational Medicine 2. Biomedical Engineering 3. Neurobiology and Computational Neuroscience 4. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 5. Bioprospecting and Bioengineering 6. Bioanalytical Techniques 7. Biotechnology in India from a Global Perspective Additionally, Ten Talks, a Ph.D. symposium featuring ten selected papers among p eer-reviewed submissions from current PhD students, will allow the students to h ighlight their research. They will present their work and get feedback on their topic and approach from leading scientists in the field and from fellow students . Pitchfest, a contest for entrepreneurial startups with innovative ideas in Biote chnology, will offer a platform for new business ideas with the potential for us eful applications to be presented to a panel of experts in the field. An online networking forum will be launched during the conference. www.bioview.i n is designed for distribution of Bio Quest lectures as well as presentations fe atured during other biotechnology conferences and college-level lectures in an e ffort to promote networking in this burgeinnovative applicationsoning field betw een researchers and students. With over 300 poster presentations in the seven conference tracks, Amrita Bio Qu est 2013 will provide an ideal forum to discuss and deliberate on established as well as emerging platforms and strategies. Bipin Nair, Ph.D. Program Chair â Amrita Bio Quest 2013 International Conference on Biotechnology for Innovative Applications Notes for the editors: A current press release of the conference including picture of Nobel Laureate Le e Hartwell will be provided August 12 Interviews with Prof. Bipin Nair are possible by mail. Please contact the Europ ean Press office: Julia Lewis, M: 07748 113538 Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), the founder of Amrita University, will visit Europe in October and November.

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