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Motor Vehicle Accident & Loss Assessment Vehicle Air conditioning Practice in Vehicle Air Conditioning Tractor and Farm Equipments Practice in Tractor and Farm Equipments Automotive Pollution Control Engineering Practice in Automotive Pollution Control Engineering Professional Practice-III Project

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Subject Code : 360201 Subject Name: MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT & LOSS

Sr. No. 1 Subject Content 1.0 INTRODUCTION TO INSURANCE. 1.1 Purpose and need of Insurance. 1.2 How insurance work. 1.3 As a special security tool and Pooling the risk. 1.4 Role in economic development of the country. 1.5 Insurance legislation and IRDA act. 1.6 Market Structure. 1.7 GIC Reinsurance company/ Tariff Advisory Committee. 2 2.0 PRINCIPLE OF GENERAL INSURANCE. 2.1 Origin, history and development of insurance. 2.2 Utmost good faith. 2.3 Insurance interest. 2.4 Indemnity. 2.5 Subrogation and contribution. 2.6 Approximate and Remote cause. 3 3.0 MOTOR INSURANCE. 3.1 Motor vehicle act. 3.2 Types of vehicles. (i) Private cars (ii) Commercial vehicles (iii) Two wheelers (iv) Three wheelers (v) Miscellaneous type of vehicle. 4 4.0 TYPES OF INSURANCE COVERED AND RATING. 4.1 Act liability only 4.2 Third party only. 4.3 Comprehensive policy. 5 5 4 Hrs. 3

7.8 Important aspects of survey 8. 6. 7.2 Site visit.4 Empanelment of surveyor.10 Preparation of survey reports and submission.2 Impact from any one side 6. 6. 8.3 Garage visit.7 Checking of documents (Paper pertaining to vehicle) 8.0 CONDUCTING SURVEY. 5.0 INSURANCE SURVEY.0 IMPACT ANALYSIS. 7.2 Three wheelers 5.2 Connected to Packet Policy.4 Policy term and condition. 8.9 Various types of loss assessment. 8.0 INVESTINGATION OF CLAIMS.MACT TOTAL 3 42 .5 Imported vehicles 4 6 6. 8.1 The reasons for accidents.5 Estimate and claim form 8.0 ANOTOMY OF VEHICLES.5 4.5 Failure of vehicle. 8.4 Multi wheelers 5.4 Vehicle toppel. 9. 8.1 Two wheelers 5. 7.3 Head on collision. 5 8 8.4 Photography.3 Four wheelers 5.1 Fraud claims 9. 6. 5 7 7.6 Passing of estimate (i) Cost of parts (ii) Cost of repairing (iii) Labour 8. 5. 6.1 Intimation.3 Role of surveyor and loss adjustor.2 Licensing authority and controller of insurance. 8 9 9.1 Surveyor.

Visit to garage and visit report 7. Heavy earth mover 6. Two wheelers 2. Laboratory Experiences: To prepare survey reports on: 1.Insurance institute of India.M.NOTE:Following are the minimum experiences required. 2. Motor vehicle acts and rules India motor tariff – General Insurance – : Financial Services -: . . Four wheelers (Commercial) 5. 3. Four wheelers (Private) 4. Reference Books: 1.Khan Tata Mc Graw hill. but the college can do more experiences if possible. 4.Y. . Three wheelers 3. Procedure for obtaining survey license.

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER. 2 2. 1. 9 Hrs.3 Field installed air-conditioners. (i) Automatic temperature control (ii)Operating modes (iii) Different parts of auto controlled air conditioner 2. 2. (i) Working of different automotive heaters.1 Fundamental principles (i) Heat and heat transfer (ii) Latent heat (iii) Refrigerant (iv) Air circulation and Humidity (v) Cooling the air (vi) Drying and cleaning the air 1.2 Automatically controlled air-conditioner heater systems.2 Air-conditioner principles (i) Schematic layout of a refrigeration system (ii) Compressor (iii)The crank action (iv) Compressor action 1.VI Subject Code : 360202 Subject Name: VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING Sr. No. 15 . 1 Subject Content 1.3 Basic Air-conditioning systems and operation of basic components (i) Magnetic clutch (ii) Types of compressors (iii) Condensers (iv) Cycling clutch air –conditioning systems (v) Different types of expansion valves and suction valves (vi) Automotive air-conditioning controls 1.0 VEHICLE AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEMS. (i) Different types of air-conditioner heater systems (ii) Working and its operating modes 2.4 Automotive Heaters.1 Manually controlled air-conditioner heater systems.0 VEHICLE AIR-CONDITIONING FUNDAMENTALS.

5 Checking the refrigeration system. 3.4 Trouble shooting the Air-conditioner heater system.3 Causes of Air-conditioner failure 3.diagnosis chart 3.1 Air-conditioner maintenance and service. 3.3 Removing and replacing components.) TOTAL 9 42 .rings (ii) Hose clamps (iii) Compressor drive belts (iv) Removing and replacing the compressor (v) Removing and replacing other components 4.4 Automatic climate control. 4. (i) Checking out a trouble (ii) Air-conditioner trouble .1 Safety in the shop.4 Servicing Air-conditioner compressors. (i) Periodic maintenance (ii) Vacuum pump service (iii) Discharging the system (iv) Adding oil (v) Evacuating the system (vi) Recharging the system with charging station (vii) Adding a partial charge 4.2 Different types air-conditioner service. V-type etc. (i) Servicing different types compressors (R-4. (i) Checking system with sight glass (ii) Using the Leak detector (iii) Checking pressures with the gauge set 9 4 4. 4. R-6.3 2. trouble diagnosis chart 3. (i) O . (i) Fire prevention (ii) Shop safety rules (iii) Air-conditioner service safety rules 3.2 Servicing heating system (i) Car heater system.0 SERVICING OF VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING HEATER SYSTEMS.0 HEATER AND AIR-CONDITIONER TROUBLE SHOOTING.

. Carouse &Donald L. Automotive Air-conditioning 4.Anil Chhikara . Automotive Air-conditioning 3.Clifford L.William H.Reference Books: 1. . Anglin . Automobile Engineering (Volume – VI) 2.Steven Daly .Samuels Prentice Hall Int. Automotive Air-conditioning & Climate control system.

Trouble shooting the Air-conditioner system.VI Subject Code : 360203 Subject Name: PRACTICE IN VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING NOTE:Following are the minimum experiences required. Servicing Air-conditioner. 3 5 4 5 4 3 4 28 . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Subject Content Testing of refrigerant leaks in the systems. Evacuating the Air-conditioner system. but the college can do more experiences if possible. TOTAL Hrs. No.GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER. Recharging the Air-conditioner system. Servicing Air-conditioner compressors. Sr. Servicing Heating systems.

4. second and third gear of tractor of any make. 1. 3.1 Recall the transmission gear box.2 With respect to running gear. 1. 2 2 2 Hrs. 3.6 Installation of power take off and precautions.4 With respect to traction.0 TRACTOR TRANSMISSION 3.0 CLASSIFICATION OF TRACTOR 1.1 With respect to power. No. 1 Subject Content 1. 1. 3 3. 2. 4.2 Power take off.5 Construction and working of power take off. 3.6 With respect to application. 1. 1.3 Chief use of high gear. 3.1 Disc clutch 2.0 FINAL DRIVE 4.3 Steering turning brakes.7 With respect to position of engine.0 TRACTOR CLUTCHES 2.VI Subject Code : 360204 Subject Name: TRACTOR AND FARM EQUIPMENT Sr.GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER. 1. 2 2.2 Gears used for farming.1 With respect to degree of velocity reduction.3 With respect to duty.8 With respect to lifting mounted implements. 2 .3 Final drive lubrication.5 With respect to farming. 1.2 With respect to kind of gearing. 4 4.4 Gear ratio in first. 3.

2 Wheels 5.7 Hydraulic control adjustment. 6 .8 Condition of transport position.3 Tyres 5. 6. 2 7 7.5 Sequence or events in position control. 8. brake pedal. 9. 9. starter switch ignition and listing switch. 9. 9.0 TRACTOR FRONT AXLE AND STEERING GEAR 6.1 Axle front and rear.5 5. 9. 5.9 Front wheel entry in a depression.4 Brakes 5.2 Purpose of rear wheel differential brake.6 Hydraulic unit replacement.2 Recall the mechanical control like throttle control.2 Steering gear of four wheel tractor.2 Constant draft control 9. 5 6 6.3 Necessity of satisfactory operation of brakes. 5. 7.5 Over hauling of final drive assembly. clutch pedal.6 Interchanging or rear wheels.10 Variation in soil texture.0 INSTRUMENTS AND MECHANICAL CONTROL 8.7 Procedure of changing rear wheel tread. gear shift lever. 8.1 Recall the instruments like ammeter.3 Implements.4 Right and left brake. 9.8 Removal and installation of tractor tyres.4 Brake adjustments.1 Brakes.0 TRACTOR REAR AXLE AND STEERING GEAR 7. 7. 2 9 9.0 TRACTOR HYDRAULIC CONTROL 9. oil pressure gauge tachometer. gauge.3 Power take off lever.0 TRACTOR RUNNING GEAR 5.1 Steering gear of three wheel tractor. 2 8 8. 9. 9.4 Transport position. regulator.1 Ram cylinder.9 Tyre inflation of rear wheel. temp. 5. 8. 7. 5. 5.

1 Mounting plough on tractor. lifting transporting. 11 11. 12. throttle level. harrow. disc gang. coulter.3 Vertical adjustment. 10. 11.3 Plough foot. 12 12.0 OPERATING INSTRUCTION OF TRACK TRACTOR. automatic depth control. stopping operating in mud. plow head. parking brake lock. dump rakes. 12.2 Adjustment of width cut. disc plough. 13.12 Removal and installation of lift cover assembly. coulter depth adjustment. clutch operating level.3 Driving instructions : starting. 10. 12. alignment of plough.4 Most common hitches.0 IMPLEMENTS HOOK UPS 12. weeder mulcher.5 Plough lubrication. mould board. Shares. steering.0 IMPLEMENTS 11. level of lough out of ground. daily attention of tractor cold weather operation. 10. 12. rotary plough silage harvester. avoidance of prolonged idling.2 Kinds of hitch adjustment. 13.4 Sharping or steel shares. C. rear wheel.3. plough share. plough. mulch. 10.3 Condition of hill side work. lubrication. Gauge. adjustment for penetration rear level. 11.5 Hiting of obstruction. middle buster. gear shifting. thresher. 10 10. starter pedal. 9. oil pr. 12.0 HITCHES 10. hour meter.1 Hitches physico construction. 13 13.2 Instruments : Engine temp. direction or rear wheel.1 Controls : Like engine shut off. air heater push button. steering control.2 Define draft. 10. gear shifting level. ammeter. 2 2 5 5 . air heater pump. cultivator. harrow plough. coulter and jointer djustment.I.1 Define combine. gauge.6 Avoidancer accidents.6 Operating instructions and adjustment or hitch control.9. plow share.11 Hydraulic unit replacement.

B.3 Use of maintenance chart and lubrication chart. 14. Graham.0 TRACTOR LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE 14.14 14. yearly service.120 hour service.2 Periodic lubrication service.F. TOTAL 3 42 Reference Books: 1. like 10hr.D.1 Purpose of lubrication. Toraporwala & Sons . 14. D. Truck and tractor guide -: . 60 hour.

No. process sheets. 1 2 Subject Content Demonstration layout and operation of hydraulic system in tractor. 4 workshop system layout and log book. unit for its serviceability before use. Fitting and adjustment of implements like disc harrow grass cutter and loan mover. Demonstration of implements like plough cultivator and power take off unit.VI Subject Code : Subject Name : 360205 PRACTICE IN TRACTOR AND FARM EQUIPMENT NOTE:Following are the minimum experiences required. TOTAL 5 10 28 . Overhauling of power filler transmission system including main clutch. Hrs. steering clutch and brake mechanism. Fitting and adjustment of implements like plough.u. Laboratory Experiences: Sr.t. Overhauling of hydraulic system. but the college can do more experiences if possible. Preparation of trouble shooting chart in tractor driving and testing of the performance of tractor with and without implements. pump control valve and remote cylinder. cultivator and p. Demonstration of implements like disc harrow grass cutter and lawn mover. Testing of wheel and hub for field operation with and without implements.GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER. 2 3 3 3 4 2 5 2 6 2 7 2 8 3 9 Observation of service equipment study of job cards.

5 Catalytic converters.5 Driving conditions and exhaust gases. 2.6 Necessity and operation of High Altitude Compensation (HAC) system.4 Oxides of Nitrogen (NO2). 2.4 Necessity and operation of Throttle Positioner (TP) system.1 Emission control components layout and drawing. 3.GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER. 3. 1 Subject Content 1.2 Carbon monoxide (CO) gas. 3.3 Hydro Carbon (HC) gas. 2.12 Necessity and operation of Choke Breaker (CB) system. 2. 3. 2 2. 3. 3.1 Theoretical air-fuel ratio.0 EXHAUST GASES. 3. 3. 3.2 Air pollutants.8 Spark timing emission control systems.9 Exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) system. 3.2 Necessity and operation of Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PVC) system.0 PRINCIPLE OF PRODUCTON OF EXHAUST GASES.1 The atmosphere 1.VI Subject Code : 360206 Subject Name: AUTOMOTIVE POLLUTION CONTROL ENGINEERING Sr.10 Air Suction (AS) systems and Air Injection (AI) system.11 Necessity and operation of choke opener system. 24 5 Hrs.3 Pollutants produced by automobiles. 3. 1.7 Necessity and operation of Hot Idea Compensation (HIC) system.0 EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEMS. 1. 3. 2 . 3 3. 2.3 Necessity and operation of fuel evaporative emission control (EVAP) system. No.

6. Automotive Emission Control -: .0 COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG) CONVERSION.13 Necessity and operation of decelerations fuel cut off system.T. . 4.3.1 Noise and sound pressure. 4.Anil Chhikara .1 Merits of CNG’s. 5. 6.0 PRINCIPLE METHODS OF EXHAUST GAS ANALYSIS.1 Measuring CO and CO2 concentrations.0 AUTOMOBILE NOISE AND ITS CONTROL. A Seminar on Environmental Pollution -: .16 Necessity and operation of Dash Pot (DP) system.3 Causes of automobile noise and its reduction. 5. 6. Carouse &Donald L.William H. Automobile Engineering (Volume – I) -: 2. 3.Pollution Control Board.3 CNG kit installation.I.2 Measurement of noise.15 Necessity and operation of Cold Mixture Heater (MH) system.2 CNG conversion kit. 6 5.2 Measuring HC concentrations.Madras 7. 4. Gandhinagar. TOTAL 42 3 4 4 Reference Books: 1. 5 4.By Automobiles M. A Seminar on Environmental Pollution -: . 4 3.14 Necessity and operation of Mixture Control (MC) system.Glen E. Air Pollution Control Technology -: . 4. 5. 5. Bethea 6.4 Maintenance of CNG kit components. Ireland 5.William H.3 Measuring NOx concentrations. 3. 5. Anglin 3. Carouse &Donald L.Robert M. Automotive Fuel. Automotive Tune up -: . Ignition and Emission Control Systems-: .5 Characteristics of CNG vis-à-vis petrol. Anglin 4.4 Automotive emission control in India. 3.

1 2 Subject Content Vacuum Control Diagnosis Measure CO.VI Subject Code : 360207 Subject Name: PRACTICE IN AUTOMOTIVE POLLUTION CONTROL ENGINEERING NOTE:Following are the minimum experiences required. Spark timing control system tests. testing and setting. General converter service Catalytic converter service CNG kit inspection. No. Air Injection system service. but the college can do more experiences if possible. HC emission from petrol engines on exhaust gas analysis Measure diesel exhaust smoke of diesel engine on diesel smoke meter Positive Crankcase ventilation system service. 2 3 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 3 4 4 4 28 . TOTAL Hrs. Sr.GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER.

Study of Volvo bus. Study of hydraulic and pneumatic system of earth moving vehicles. Laboratory Experiences: Sr. 3 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 3 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 56 . Also it is indented to get the students prepared for competitive exams and job interviews. Study of tyres and safety system of earth moving vehicles.III Abstract:.VI Subject Code : 360208 Subject Name: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE . No. Study of racing as mechanisme system Study of Mit GO/ AND BOSCH MOTOTRONICS M3 TOTAL Hrs.The purpose of this course is to provide opportunities to undergo activities which will enable them to develop confidence and skills for frequently occurring operations and maintenance of Automobile Engineering. Study of CNG and LPG vehicles Study of modern two wheelers Study of Electric vehicles. but the college can do more experiences if possible. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Subject Content Study of power plant and transmission system of earth moving vehicles. NOTE:Following are the minimum experiences required.GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER. Study of modern petrol and diesel vehicle Study of hydrogen powered vehicle Study of on board diagnostic ( OBD ) system. Study of Global positioning system. Study of Hybrid vehicles. Study of multi axle vehicles Study of various safety features in modern vehicles.

Automotive Mechanics -: 6.N.Reference Books: 1. Hand book of heavy construction -: 11.Tom Denton . Heitner . C. Crouse . Mud .R. Motor vehicle technology I. Automobile Electrical And Electronic System -: .W. Automobile Engineering -: 4. Art of earth moving -: 10. Automobile Mechanics -: 2. Crouse . Bromberg . Automotive Electrical equipment -: 9. Automobile Technology -: 5. III. Road making machinery -: 12. Gupta . H. II.W. B. STUBBS.James D Halderman & Chase D Mitchell .J.Jagman Singh .W. Audels auto guide -: 3. Automotive Engines -: 14. IV -: 8.Audels . H. Grouse . H. . service manual of various Vehicle manufacturers -: 13.Frank W.K Giri .K. Abrosimov .S. Transmission and power train -: 7.

Faculty members are instructed to guide the students in selection of projects such as: Fabrication Type. Thus by studying this course abilities like creativity. graphs conclusion & future work. RATIONALE This course enable the students to exercise some of the knowledge and/or skills developed during the programme to new situation or problem for which there are number of Engineering solutions. (13) Assembly . (10) Problem encountering in Materials and processes. etc. activities carried out. Cutting tools. cutting parameters and its applications. holding tools. (16) Costing. Research & development. Survey. forming tools. Simulation & computer programming type. The report contains the description of literature review. Suggested stages of Project: 1) Literature/Market survey (2) Selection of project (3) Justification of selection (4) Selection of materials (5) Selection of Manufacturing processes.. Study & analysis type. 2. the maintenance of a log book and the preparation of a report. Analytical. (7) Design and /or production drawing preparation. performance qualities are developed in students. This course includes a planning of the programme which is to be completed within the time allocated. (6) Process planning for all the components.VI Subject Code : 360209 Subject Name: PROJECT Hrs84 1. . initiative. (14) Try-out. Inspection tools. (9) Execution of the Project.results. (11) Strategies used for finding solution of problem. machine tools. (12) Manufacture components parts etc.(computer may be used here) (8) Activity planning and work distribution with Time Schedule using Gantt chart and CPM. (15) Modification if necessary.GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING SEMESTER.

Reference Books: (1) Use of Library & Internet (2) Reference books (3) Hand books (4) Encyclopedia (5) Magazines (6) Periodicals (7) Journals (8) Visits of (i) Industry (ii) Organizations Related (iii) Institutions etc. . as per the requirement.

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