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Dr Amit Nagpal
Social Media & Personal Branding Coach

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We used to write stories on walls in caves, now we write stories on walls in clouds. Your impact and ability to influence has never been more easily amplified. That is both good news and potentially dangerous. You want to be able to ensure that every image, word choice, icon supports your long view. You wouldn't go a road trip without fueling up, having a map and ensuring you had adequate air in your tires. Dr Amit Nagpal is a resource that will inspire you, provide direction, and support your aligned progress. We know what we "like" and what we choose to "RT (Re Tweet)." However, many are unaware that each "like" and "RT" becomes autobiographical. You are a reflection of the images you surround yourself and the people and things you endorse. Dr. Amit Nagpal wants to support your long view and trajectory so is going to provide you with a framework for your aspiration self. It is vital to him that each choice you make allows for even more choices in the future.

Dr. Amit Nagpal has built his voice in a multicultural platform and has relationships in over thirty countries. He understands culture, he understand social, he understands psychology. There is no better guide. Just like a pebble splash a in a pond, your impact creates ripples and impacts the entire ecosystem. I am looking forward to seeing what you learn from this resource and the way you intend to use your wake. Onward. , , Jennifer President, Agility 3r, New York www.agility3r.com

A ‘Picture’ does say a thousand words, and one with the quote, says a million
What is the purpose behind this e-book? Simple, to practically demonstrate that a picture does say a thousand words and one with the quote, says a million, and sends a powerful message. In fact I wanted this e-book to be a sort of coffee table e-book. (and do let me know if I succeeded to some extent.) I started using pictures for my personal branding more than 2 years ago and many of them have gone decently viral. Sometimes the message has been extremely simple say, “Great leaders are also good followers, good followers end up as great leaders.” It’s a quotable quote, catchy and yet there is no complexity around it. May be we have forgotten simplicity in the complex world in which we live and yet it is simple messages which we remember forever. Katy Goshtasbi, founder of Puris Image, USA says, “The human eye lands and stays on objects and people that are neutral, high energy and generally appealing to look at. In other words, we like to look at and interact with those who are easy on the eye…literally. Creating an aesthetically appealing personal brand is about art and proportionality as well as the proper use of color, pattern, texture and design.”

In fact a picture can say a whole story and so can a quote. When I started out, some people told me,

and I replied in a Facebook note, "Einstein himself said that Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." "Sometimes our society may try to drill inferiority complex in us. We have to safeguard ourselves BECAUSE EVERYONE IS A GENIUS and if you have a self-doubt, you will find a million people to confirm your doubt." So bring out your inner genius, unleash your creativity, get the quote out (wrapped up in a beautiful picture). And lo and behold, you

“You are no Einstein. Why do you put your own quotes?”

are here, there and everywhere!!!

Social Media & Personal Branding Coach New Delhi www.dramitnagpal.com

Dr Amit Nagpal

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

Every joy is a moment of bliss and every sorrow has significance for our learning and growth. With this attitude, life seems so beautiful.

He asked me,

“What do you want in life?” I said “I want LIFE in my life and if i get that rest will take care of itself.”

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

sad people attract sad people, lonely people attract lonely people, emotional people attract emotional peole,

happy people attract all people.

The funny thing about life is that everyone wants to be different. But when you actually become successful and different’

you have become indifferent to the idea of being different”

Knowledge is easy to gain,

wisdom is difficult. guru is difficult.

Teacher is easy to get, Learning is easy to do,

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

unlearning is difficult.
Job is easy to find,

mission is difficult.
Existence is easier,

living is difficult

I think it’s important to if you want to be liked and respected by others. That’s the best way of creating a magic in your personality,

like and respect yourself

a charisma...

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

every day and soon your own

Surprise one person

life will be full of surprises.

Instead of filling

your emotional and ego tanks,
fill the tanks of others.

Life is a game,

which some play with only a killer instinct,
some are wise to add

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

the sportsman spirit.

are also good followers. end up as great leaders.

Great leaders

Good followers

Sometimes God gives us physical pain, to make us mentally strong, Sometimes she gives us mental pain (stress), to make us emotionally strong, Sometimes she gives us emotional pain (suffering) to make us spiritually strong and compassionate. When you become strong in every area, lessons are over and you begin to see her blessings.

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

True greatness exists in seeing yet being humble about self.

greatness everywhere,

It is surprising that physical waste is thrown out by our body every day but we carry emotional waste (baggage) for years.

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve





Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

A small negative thought inside us,
Is like a small rat in the silk godown.

We need to constantly mind the gap between what &

we are

what we aspire to be & then take action to fill the gap.

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

Talk passionately about others and humbly about self.

Enlarge, Excel and Evolve.

“If there is a will, you

will, if there is half-will, you never will.”

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve

Collaboration can never happen

Me, Mine’ mode. It can only happen by shifting to, ‘You, We, Us’ mode.

in the ‘I,

Enlarge Excel Evolve- The Story
When I talk of the necessity for personal growth, to be successful on social media, my audience often gives me a puzzled look. Then I give a smile and begin the explanation of my approach and philosophy, “Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand.” February 2011. As an upcoming personal branding professional, I was creating and curating content from fields as diverse as storytelling, personal development, and social media and online branding on my social networks. Jennifer Sertl, my personal development coach nudged me during a Skype chat and asked me about my focus and context. It set me thinking and I thought hard. Was there a connection? I found personal branding professionals across the world try to differentiate themselves from image management professionals, as they talk about personal development as a part of personal branding (unlike image management). Then I came across Time magazine’s article on personal branding, which defined personal branding as “Part life coaching, part management consulting, personal branding applies the language, philosophies and strategies of Madison Avenue to the brand that is you.” I was getting clearer and now I needed a framework which could put the pieces together. And then the phrase ‘Enlarge Excel Evolve’ flashed in my mind (representing a holistic approach to personal branding, where personal development is the starting point of the journey.) Enlarge or personal development is a very broad concept though, hence I have chosen the focus as wisdom on social media. (Personal Growth, Wisdom & Social Media Success) Then I did the detailing and the diagrammatic representation of 3 E.

Enlarge . E xcel. E vo l v e

I wanted to help professionals develop as global brands with a global mindset, hence the globe was kept in the centre and the 3 E’s formed a cycle around it. The green colour of 3Es represented sustainability and the cycle represented the fact that the ‘Enlarge Excel Evolve’ was a cyclical and continuous process. Detailed Description http://www.dramitnagpal.com/3e-approach/ Step 1-ENLARGE as a Human Being Personal growth should be the starting point and it continues through the journey of life. The more you promote yourself, the more you are seen as a navel gazer and a person trying to prove himself/herself. Keep looking for areas of improvement, keep looking inside for things gone wrong and keep looking at the positive side of people. Instead of filling your emotional and ego tanks, fill the tanks of others. Enlarge and nurture your network too and you will end up getting enlarged yourself. I once posted on Facebook, "People believe it, when someone else is appreciating you & God comes to your rescue, when someone else is praying for you." Step 2-EXCEL as a Social Media Being Social media is a glasshouse in terms of transparency and hence it can be very difficult to hide your true personality for long. Unfriend and remove connection options are easy to use. Social media is primarily for sharing and not selling. We should not forget social media is media too and we need not cause permanent damage to our reputation because we are temporarily upset. As you start growing as a person, the results are visible sooner or a little later. Your network starts respecting you for your traits; be it wisdom, knowledge, caring attitude and so on. Step 3-EVOLVE as a Personal Brand(ed) Being. You have already created a personal brand to a certain degree. Now the brand needs to evolve and grow and the time has come to communicate and refine the brand. Once you have become what you aspired for, you need to communicate what you are. Ask your connections and friends to give feedback for your ideas and business concepts. Take charge of your life and your story. Keep enlarging, excelling and evolving and remember, “The Show must go on.” (I express my deep gratitude to my coach Jennifer Sertl who inspired me to refine my philosophy and helped me connect, enlarge, excel and evolve. Like an elder sister she has held my hand from the beginning of my social media journey in 2008. To know more about Jennifer Sertl's 3R (Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection) philosophy, click here:-Agility 3R)

Dr Amit Nagpal is one of the pioneers of personal branding in India. He is also an Author, Coach and Speaker. An MBA, PhD, he has also done Advanced Program in Digital Marketing from NIIT/Gutsgo and has more than 15 years of work experience in academics & consulting, and corporates in varied industries including publishing, media and digital marketing/personal branding. He has a unique approach to personal branding (Enlarge, Excel and Evolve) which can be summed up as, “Enlarge as a human being, Excel as a social media being and Evolve as a Personal Brand.” His blog, "Global Personal Branding 3E" is internationally popular and is listed on Alltop.com. He has contributed to an international e-book on Personal Branding which includes 30 personal branding thought leaders from different parts of the world. His personal branding clientele includes entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, leadership / life coaches, doctors and other professionals in India, Spain, Sweden, and South Africa. He is a much sought after mentor/speaker in B-schools, other professional institutions and associations. His name also features among 100 Most Influential Indians online. He has also featured in several TV, newspaper and online interviews. He has received international appreciation for his e-books and blogs and has been talked about on empowerradio and mentioned in best of the best resources on Linkedin (Career Management/Personal Branding). His article on discovering our deepest passion has been featured on Forbes.com. His book “The 7 Joys of Life” focuses on how discovering our deepest passion helps us in living joyfully. His article on collaboration and inspiring trust through social media has been recently included in an upcoming e-book by well known Canadian Author & Professional Services Marketing coach Larry Easto. He is based in New Delhi, India. To know more go to http://www.dramitnagpal.com You are welcome to write to him at amit@dramitnagpal.com.

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