A COLLECTION OF BS CIVIL ENGINEERING THESIS OF FEATI UNIVERSITY (1997-2007) TITLE 1: Utilization of Thermoplastic as a substitute to fine aggregate to concrete

cement for row house wall paneL (CE Entry in Science and Technology Expo 2007) RESEARCHERS: Rochelle Erfe, Jesus. Tonga and Michael Vincent Valite ADVISER: Dr. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr. YEAR: 2007 TITLE 2: Coco Coir Polyprophylene (CCP) as thermal INSULATOR (CE Entry in Science and Technology Expo 2007) RESEARCHERS: Laurence. Estillore, Maricar Francisco and Moniel Santos ADVISER: Engr. Alex H. Balaan YEAR: 2007 TITLE 3: Recycled broken glass as substitute for COURSE aggregate towards designing a concrete MIXTURE (1st Place, Science and Technology Research Competition-Conceptual 2007) RESEARCHERS: Melborne Boston, Felix Cerda and Richard Usi ADVISER: Prof. Gerard V. Paguibitan YEAR: 2007 TITLE 4: Rice Husk Mix in Concrete as partial substitute to fine aggregate for wall panel (2nd Place, Science and Technology Research Competition-Conceptual 2007) RESEARCHERS: Rodulfo Grino, Loli Ann Bertolano and Vanessa Tapuz ADVISER: Dr. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2007 TITLE 5: Coconut shell: A substitute for aggregates in mix proportioning of cement (2nd Place, Science and Technology Exposition 2006) RESEARCHERS: Roy Carola, Rogel Maypa and Laurence Sarmiento ADVISER: Engr. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2006 TITLE 6: Constructing a high-rise building near the active fault RESEARCHERS: Claudine Roca and Erdilyn B. Aploro ADVISER: Engr. Juanito V. Eje YEAR: 2006 TITLE 7: The effect of different water sOLVENT temperature in concrete making (First Place, Science and Technology Exposition 2005) RESEARCHERS: Roseller S. Rubio, Brian Bailey K. Arquero, Marvin N. Salum, Glen F. Calatrava, Merlito L. De Luna and Ma. Milagrosa Tarrayo ADVISER: Engr Elizabeth R. Rivera YEAR: 2005 TITLE 8: Composite roofing material RESEARCHERS: Remegio Laberon, Ricky Mendoza, Alex Satuna and James Rabano

Rivera YEAR: 2005 TITLE 10: A study of the strength of concrete made with varying solvent densities (Second Place. Carlo Logrono. Michael Mondejar and Arnel Notada ADVISER: Engr. Elizabeth R. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2004 TITLE 15: Perception on the effectivity of flood control pump station in lagusnilad underpass in LAWTON (CE Entry in Science and Technology Exposition 2004) RESEARCHERS: Rhodney Basilan. Elizabeth R. Elstone Ocastro and Joseph Prado ADVISER: Engr. Science and Technology Exposition 2005) RESEARCHERS: Allen Antonio. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2004 TITLE 16: Steel bars coated with fiberglass RESEARCHERS: Tiburcio Magtoto. Rowena Mallari and Shirwen Tacanloy ADVISER: Engr. Rivera YEAR: 2005 TITLE 11: Human hair as additive in asphalt cement mix RESEARCHERS: Leymhan Lanzuela. Elizabeth R. Tomas U. Elizabeth R. John Albert Sapitola and Erdilyn Aploro . Reynante Delos Reyes.ADVISER: Engr. Elizabeth R. Rivera YEAR: 2005 TITLE 12: Pleko ceiling board: A potential heat insulator and sound proofing material for ceilings RESEARCHERS: Cherrie Lyn Valino. Gary Penados. Rivera YEAR: 2005 TITLE 9: POSSIBILITY OF USING SAWDUST-CEMENT GRAVEL MIXES FOR RESIDENTIAL FLOOR SLABS (Third Place. Tomas U. Paguibitan ADVISER: Engr. Balaan YEAR: 2004 TITLE 14: A study on traffic management along EDSA and Quezon avenue (CE Entry in Science and Technology Exposition 2004) RESEARCHERS: Madison Santos. Alex H. Rey Baldeo and Belen Bonifacio ADVISER: Engr. Rivera YEAR: 2005 TITLE 13: A study of foundation works SM City Dasmarinas CAVITE (CE Entry in Science and Technology Exposition 2004) RESEARCHERS: Vincent Wendell Cierva. Lorna Agasang and Andrei Enriquez ADVISER: Engr. Science and Technology Exposition 2005) RESEARCHERS: Jonah Maltu and Christopher De Luna ADVISER: Engr. Dante Jove and Gerard.

Marvin Aguirre. Elizabeth R. Ganiron Jr. Marvin Brigancia. YEAR: 2003 TITLE 24: RAINFALL IN ZONE 1 THAT CAN GENERATE ELECTRICITY FOR A TWO STOREY BUILDING (Best Student Project Entry. Science and Technology Exposition. Science and Technology Exposition 2004) RESEARCHERS: Alfredo Abejero and Edgardo Zuniga . Ángel Yap and Ryan Flores ADVISER: Engr. Balaan YEAR: 2003 TITLE 22: Trends and developments in evaluating a concrete rectangular beam through short messaging systems (Best Department Project Entry. Elizabeth R. Alex H. Rivera YEAR: 2003 TITLE 20: The gravitational sub-pumping station along riverside road intramuros manila RESEARCHERS: Francis Aserios. YEAR: 2003 TITLE 19: Efficiency of wastewater treatment of the pandacan oil depots RESEARCHERS: Crisanta Ronco and Nelson Lucenada II ADVISER: Engr. Rivera YEAR: 2004 TITLE 18: Technical guidelines in the design and construction of subdivision in up-land area in antipolo rizal RESEARCHERS: Lothar Estiller. Rivera YEAR: 2003 TITLE 23: Benefits and effectiveness of costruction of bicycle lane along lawton to roxas boulevard in manila RESEARCHERS: Danilo García. Ganiron Jr. Elizabeth R. Wilmer Leynes. Maximiano Trugillo. Mark Levy Paredes. Elizabeth R. 2004) RESEARCHERS: Ian Belencio. Tomas U.ADVISER: Engr. Ryan Bunag and Rubin Gallardo ADVISER: Engr. Marcelo Coderes and Ángelo Yap YEAR: 2003 TITLE 21: An assessment study on the present operational status of the LRTA line 1 (monumento to baclaran) for the increasing volume of commuters as an ease of accessibility to the transporation RESEARCHER: Democratus. Nicolas ADVISER: Engr. Rivera YEAR: 2004 TITLE 17: An assessment of the effect of roadway signal of public and private utility drivers as part of traffic management in some part of manila area RESEARCHERS: Paolo Valdez and Peter Dascil ADVISER: Engr. Tomas U. and Allan Villanueva ADVISER: Engr.

Eje YEAR: 2002 TITLE 27: The traffic congestion problem RESEARCHER: Jeremy Gemparo ADVISER: Engr. Juanito V. Ronald Papio and Anthony John Hernandez ADVISER: Engr. Elizabeth R. laguna RESEARCHERS: Chona Bantillan. Mark Joseph Cruto and Luís Aquino ADVISER: Engr. Victor Opena. Julius Tenorio and Ma. Giovanni Chan. Juanito V. Alex H. Rivera YEAR: 2002 TITLE 26: An assessment in construction of bored pile foundation RESEARCHERS: Francisco Joson. Juanito V. Eje YEAR: 2002 . Cristina Tafalla ADVISER: Engr. Eje YEAR: 2002 TITLE 29: The evaluation of the communal irrigation project in san miguel magalang pampanga RESEARCHERS: Argie Gustillo. Allan Sarol. Eje YEAR: 2002 TITLE 28: An assessment on the stability of villa Milagros town homes in san pedro. Rhudy Roldan and Arian Sales ADVISER: Engr. Demetrio Pilar and Edwin Silang ADVISER: Engr. Freddie Castor. Eje YEAR: 2002 TITLE 32 An Assessment study of san mateo land Life RESEARCHERS: Charmaine Ordones. Richard Nival and Maricor Conopio ADVISER: Engr. Balaan YEAR: 2003 TITLE 25: Rehabilitation of the drainage system and the construction of pumping station that will serve as flood control in feati university for the next decades. Juanito V. Elizabeth R. Benjamín Pabalan and Chona Castillejos ADVISER: Engr. Juanito V. and effectiveness RESEARCHERS: Oliver Ryan García. RESEARCHERS: Charlie Guanzon.ADVISER: Engr. Rivera YEAR: 2002 TITLE 31: Comparison and analysis of prefabricated building components in terms of efficiency. Michael Lachica. Juanito V. Eje YEAR: 2002 TITLE 30: A predictor of taguig megadike effectiveness as perceived by residents of taguig RESEARCHERS: Warren Gatchalian. Catrina Délos Reyes.

Jorlyn Dela Masa. Rivera YEAR: 2002 TITLE 34: An assessment of drainage system in metro manila specially espana boulevard RESEARCHERS: Paul Castro and John Paul Toledo ADVISER: Engr. Tomas U. Arvin Gregg Garcia. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2001 TITLE 38: Efficiency of direct fixation of rail track structure in light rail transit line 2 RESEARCHERS: Arnold Duran. Tomas U. Elizabeth R. Marlon Lim and Allan Tumale ADVISER: Engr.) to commuters & passenger RESEARCHERS: Arcangel Barria. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2001 TITLE 41: Efficiency of Rubber Gate in Bustos. Neliza Cayanan. Freddie Raper and Bobby Salvador ADVISER: Engr. Rivera YEAR: 2002 TITLE 35: DEVELOPING A TRAINING COURSE FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS IN CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT RESEARCHERS: San Bernardino Delos Santos. ADVISER: Engr. Elizabeth R. Adonis Gopo and Christian Máximo ADVISER: Engr. Nelson Hernandez. Eje YEAR: 2002 TITLE 36: A STUDY OF EDSA QUEZON AVENUE INTERCHANGE RESEARCHERS: Catherine Chiong and Ferdinand Donoga ADVISER: Engr. Danny Tabun and Alvin Parena. & a bonifacio st. Juanito V. Tomas U. Elizabeth R. Sarah. Bulacan RESEARCHERS: Melodie Pillas. Rivera YEAR: 2002 TITLE 37: An Impact of traffic congestion along ortigas ave from meralco ave to cainta (felix ave. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2001 TITLE 40: The effectiveness of road asphalting in occidental mindoro towards transporation development RESEARCHERS: Noraida Anna Delgado and Antonio Tan Jr ADVISER: Engr. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2001 TITLE 39: A study of subway tunnel along katipunan avenue and aurora boulevard RESEARCHERS: Mark Anthony Monsanto. Alton John Reyes and Angelo .TITLE 33: Double steel pay parking a modernize type of parking facility (university of santo tomas) RESEARCHERS: James Marcelo. Edel Garga. Frivaldo and Dolores Ramos ADVISER: Engr.

Fernando T. Francis Samson and Elison Torres ADVISER: Prof. Giovanni Quiambao and Marcial Reyes ADVISER: Engr. Tomas U. James Menes and Rene Delos Reyes ADVISER: Engr. Tomas U. Canlas YEAR: 2000 TITLE 47: A study of inefficient traffic system along taft avenue from vito cruz to libertad street RESEARCHERS: Geronima Torres. Roberto Gadingan. Fernando Magos. Tomas U. Bert Reyes. Marianne Delos Reyes. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 200O TITLE 46: A study in the effectiveness of the built – operate – transfer project RESEARCHERS: Enrico Lachica. Emrie Rafallo and Jet Randall Robles ADVISER: Engr. Rita Ayeng and Rommel Mariano ADVISER: Engr. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2001 TITLE42: Adaptability and Acceptability of Boulevard 2000 as reclamation areA RESEARCHERS: Auro Aurora. Emmanuel Layco and Melinda Melaur ADVISER: Engr. Jonathan Rodillo and Michael Caraan ADVISER: Engr. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2000 TITLE 45: An investigation of restoration of manila cathedral church intramuros manila RESEARCHERS: Mark Jason Faderon. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2001 Title 44: Predicting the impact of flyover along the ortigas avenue corner rosario on the mode behavior of the motorist for work trips RESEARCHERS: Gideon Paolo Espejo. Sol Jr YEAR: 2000 TITLE 48: Efficiency of Sosrobahu mechanism for the construction of elevated roadways with single PIER (CE Entry in Science and Technology Exposition 2004) RESEARCHERS: Maria Isabel Laman. Arnel Climacosa. Rommel Pestano. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 2001 TITLE 43: An assessment of flood control in metro manila (espana) RESEARCHERS: Christopher Carreon. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 200O . Nenchelle Cortes. Ria Liza C. Tomas U. Tomas U.Caporal ADVISER: Engr.

Romana ADVICER: Engr Jacinto P. Maricar Abayon. Marietta Lucenada. Tomas U. Jim Paet and Gadioso Quiben ADVISER: Engr. Juan Boboyo and Rhoda Dizon ADVISER: Engr. Ramos YEAR: 1999 TITLE 56: A study of hydroelectric dam as a solution to the energy crisis in angat bulacan . Ganiron Jr YEAR: 1999 TITLE 55: A formulation of gas pressure welded steel bar as an efficient and economical substitute for lap splicing in column main bars RESEARCHERS: Noel Raymond Ballesteros. Judennis Sam and Kent Yuipco ADVISER: Engr. lacson street in sampaloc manila RESEARCHERS: Marvin Bautista. Fernando T. Jaison Piquero and Edgard Russel Leyran ADVISER: Engr. Napoleon C. Sheila Marie Quiacos and Eric Sta. Alona Castro. Floredo Seville and Renante Joson ADVISER: Prof. Napoleon C. Allan Dilag. Leo Moreno. to pasay road RESEARCHERS: Sergil Banzuela. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 200O TITLE 54: A study on the developmental impact of the proposed interchange to minimize the worsening congestion along the zapote aguinaldo highway intersection RESEARCHERS: Vivianne Flores.TITLE: 49: Deep Foundation Excavation (Cohesionless Soil) RESEARCHERS: Rommel Saed. Richard Uaje. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 200O TITLE 51: An assessment in construction of under ground railways along edsa corner ayala ave. Walter Dequino. Joseph Ave. Dela Cruz YEAR: 200O TITLE 53: A study on accessibility of a road network development of bf home Paranaque and along sucat road RESEARCHERS: Murice Velante. Marlon Baybay and Rex Sison ADVISER: Engr. Dela Cruz YEAR: 200O TITLE 50: A study on the development of skyway systems (phase 2: nichols toll plaza to bicutan) its trends and impact to the commuters RESEARCHERS: Jemma Aparato. Tomas U. Sol Jr YEAR: 2000 TITLE 52: A study on the impact of a proposed flyover on the intersection of espana street ALONG.

Juanito V. Sol Jr YEAR: 1998 TITLE 60: The role of cloud seeding to the el nino phenomenon in the Philippines RESEARCHERS: Rudith Elena Campos. Hilario Tomagos. Robert Vergara and Joel Condeza ADVISER: Engr. Elizabeth R. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 1998 TITLE 63: METRO MANILA SKYWAY: IT’S EFFECT ON ENVIRONMENT. TRAFFIC AND POPULATION RESEARCHERS: Siddique Amjid. Rommel Asunción. Balaan YEAR: 1998 TITLE 59: A study on structural foundation improvement using bored piles RESEARCHERS: Joel Tenorio. Virgilio Vilonia. Sol Jr YEAR: 1999 TITLE 58: Formulation of Precast High Strength Concrete as a solution to fast track projects RESEARCHERS: Crisente Abaya. Rivera YEAR: 1998 TITLE 61: Construction Project Management for low cost housing RESEARCHERS: Francisco Reyes. Fernando T. Michael Henson and Wasif Bashir Chaundry ADVISER: Engr. Tomas U. Fernando Polanco. Joseph Estrella. Reginald Dayrit. Joselito Andan. Felix Amolong and Leonard Joseph Geronimo ADVISER: Engr. Andy Chico and Nestle Sapitola ADVISER: Prof. Fernando T. Wency John Renia and Edward Pizarro ADVISER: Engr. Christopher Imbien. Julius Keng. Tomas U. Jomo De Vera. Michael Potolin and Romeo Balmadres . Ganiron Jr YEAR: 1999 TITLE 57: Bamboo species as substitute for the stability and serviceability at 30 meters high RESEARCHERS: Henry Doroy. Alex H. Rizalito De Castro Randillo Bantolo and Mohammad Munir ADVISER: Engr. Nick Palada and Sancho Benoza: ADVISER: Engr.RESEARCHERS: Richard Sison. Ganiron Jr YEAR: 1997 TITLE 64: REINFORCED CONCRETE PIPE CULVERT RESEARCHERS: Edwin De Castro. Eje YEAR: 1998 TITLE 62: EDSA MRT RESEARCHERS: Archibal Latoja. Herson Hernaez. Erwin Magtuba and Rodel Reyes ADVISER: Prof.

Ganiron Jr YEAR: 1997 TITLE 65: FIBER REINFORCED CONCRETE AS PREVENTION OF PAVEMENT CRACKING RESEARCHERS: Jimmy Carcillar.html http://picefeati1. CAVITE RESEARCHERS: Edward Estavillo.com/2007/05/feati-university-civil-engineering_7904. Balaan YEAR: 1997 TITLE 66: WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM ON SUBDIVISION OF SOUTHVILLE.html . Mohammanid Asif Mumtaz ADVISER: Engr. Alberto Lloren Jr. Alex H. MOLINO BACOOR.blogspot. Tomas U. Juanito V.blogspot. Arthur Laguatan. Eje YEAR: 1997 http://featicivil19942007. Wilhelmina Somejo and Cecilia Sean Sualog ADVISER: Engr.ADVISER: Engr. Julius Gempis.com/2007/05/feati-university-civilengineering.

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