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Corruption can be defeated if man would be provided with new directions

In my works while showing universalism of display of the same natural laws in different spheres of the human activity and even in the natural processes beyond human control, I was suggesting that human ignorance of the natural laws does not relieve society from responsibility to comply with such laws. While violation of the above mentioned laws brings society into crisis state, in other words society ends up being prosecuted and punished by the nature. All above said is directly related to such phenomenon as corruption. We have to stipulate that we have created such governmental system of management where stealing, fraud and even robbery are more profitable, and whats even worse, more secure with the help and protection of such system. Heretofore under the traditional (natural) logic of thinking all Ostaps Bender (every society contains certain percentage of people who prefer to live violating all existing legislative and moral norms) of our country have become to penetrate the state managerial structures and even establish their own clans inside such entities. Knowing perfectly well mechanism of the management system theyve come to a conclusion that their illegal activity would go on unpunished. Take for example the law enforcement agency officer, who having service identity paper may ignore traffic rules and be allowed to go without any reprimand by traffic police. Of course he will be let go not by the law of state, but under rules of behavior immanent to criminal society. But any other citizen however respected member of society he may be would have been detected, punished by fine, or whats even worse, in 95% of cases allowed to go having paid large bribe to the traffic officer. Due to inadequate resistance to the described phenomenon on the part of society, corruption acquired such proportions that we event cannot differentiate between normal order of things and corruption. So it would be silly and funny to hope that the officials by whose efforts the corruption system has been created and established would suddenly start living according to the ten commandments. In addition we may confidently stress that not a single bureaucracy of the world have so far managed to reform itself to become law abiding society. External impact is absolutely necessary. But how situation may be changed? And is such change possible in principle? Its well known fact that corruption is not purely Russian phenomenon. We do not know a lot of countries that may state that theyve done with corruption. There are even people maintaining that corruption is inalienable part of the contemporary society, and that it would be useless to try to defeat it. All we can do is to develop acceptable form of coexistence with the corruption. So what can and should we do? My point is that we may look for the answer looking attentively into the natural laws. Physical science says that in order to diminish tension or change direction of the electric current we should introduce some kind of obstacle (in other words resistance) into the electric chain. So in case of situation in the society: let us put some kind of legislative obstacle before the person entering the governmental service. It has to be done in order to let such person know: if he or she would violate the law in the form of fraud or other illegal action, his punishment would be harder that punishment for similar actions purported by the person other than the governmental official. The logic is that if at the moment of commitment of his crime the person 1

was representing the state and he or she purported his or her crime on behalf of the state therefore the punishment by the state should be much more severe. In order to avoid violation of the human personal rights and not to suppress the whole society the person entering the governmental service should voluntarily constrain him or herself with certain limitations, just like the persons entering military service do. So in case the official would neglect his service duties he should be punished under special legislation effective in relation to the governmental officials only. In such course of action the process of democratization of society would be not suppressed, while the vertical structure of the governmental management would be made stricter, which is necessary to let the structure to comply with the natural laws immanent to such structure, according to which the power structure has its own limit of managerial rigidity. If such limit would be lower that relatively allowable level that corruption, bribery and stealing of the budgetary funds would destroy the system itself. But if the limit of rigidity would exceed such allowable level, that would lead to repressions and dictatorship and finally bring society to the lower level of development, throwing the whole country backwards into history, like it happened at certain period of the Stalinist rule in USSR. Actually we may say that instead of moving into socialism declared supreme goal of social development we have been thrown back into the age of serfdom where the passports had been withdrawn, liberty of movement was limited and the personality have been barbarously suppressed. Given the proposed conditions all modern Ostaps Bender having applied intuitive logic to their new situation will very soon realize that to steal and to fraud with the help of the governmental machine has become much more dangerous than it would be under traditional conditions of the civil society, and therefore they would consider to be more beneficial for them to leave governmental service. And their exodus from the governmental structures would in turn bring more trust of society to the authorities, and consecutively to deeper purification of the governmental structures in the eyes of society. As soon as the trust of the society would return to the governmental structures the authorities would become more capable to suppress more effectively all displays of criminal activity in the country. In practice it all may look differently and happen not as soon as we would wish, but what is perfectly clear, as I may say: it is not necessary to fight natural needs of a person, what we need to do is to change a system itself, we should create conditions for self-liquidation of corruption, but not try to fight it by some artificial measures of doubtful efficiency. Further on we should remember that it is necessary to fight corruption not only within governmental structures, but within civil societys structures as well. And here not only law enforcement by the state structures is necessary, but what is more important, we need to arrange struggle in the field of ideology against basics of corruption: i.e. we should fight corrupt thinking. Not only corrupt governmental official is a bearer of such thinking, but any other person who has not as yet purported any illegal act, but who is in constant search of way and means to purport illegal act and get away not cached and unpunished. Therefore we should fight not only for clean acts by the members of society but for their clean thoughts first of all. As a matter of fact just at this stage we may apply some provisions of the theory recently developed by us. Of course we are not able to provide the theory in detail within framework of this brief article. So I would address the willing readers to my book The theory of the trinity uniformity of the world structure, published by the State Moscow Technical University named after N. Bauman in 2001. Such kind of fighting corruption is transitional from social structures of the society into the structures thinking of the man. It is only too clear that the illness cannot be defeated by simple statements that illness is a bad thing. Here we also need an external impact in the form of system of views that would irreversibly make impossible for a man not only to purport criminal and illegal acts, but to act in violation of the moral norms as a matter of principle. 2

The corrupt thinking is just one of many components of the spiritual crisis of the human being. And in the process of struggling against this much more voluminous evil the great role should be played by formation of basic foundations of the thinking, establishment of the integral world-view explaining the arrangement, structure and natural laws of surrounding world, in other words creation of a renewed religion as a source of the external impact upon formation of basic foundations of the human thinking. Religion is a sort of thee-dimensional map of the world order explaining to us origins, composition and objective laws of the surrounding world as well as demonstrating place and role of human being in this world, explaining to us goals and means of their achievement. Modern renovated rational religion should be based upon combination and synthesis of the contemporary scientific knowledge and should comply not only with emotional-perceptive, but also with ever growing intellectual needs of the mankind. Without existence of publicly available map of the surrounding world order one cannot define neither ones own place, nor agreed goals which one should seek; and that would only mean absence of necessary conditions for establishment of the common ideology for the whole society. And if we define politics as a means of practicing ideology that we may depict the situation as follows: Policy without Ideology is nothing more than wandering without aims and directions, while Ideology without Religion is but the imaginary route without reliable map of the area. Policy, Ideology and Religion is a trinity, i.e. interrelated system and separate development of any component of such trinity would only lead the mankind into the dead end. Conclusions of our works also contain definition that Religion, Philosophy and Science are also a trinity and separation of any component from such trinity would only lead into the dead end. If we try to provide picturesque description of the process it would look like that: Sciences provide studies of the different parts of the world order, Religion provide integral world-view, while Philosophy is a permanently active process of formation of the integral world vision out of the different details of the world order studied by Science. So Science is analysis while Religion is a synthesis. But if the synthesis of the common knowledge of the society would not comply with analysis it will only mean senility of the society as a whole similarly to situation when a man loses compliance of his religious beliefs with his scientific knowledge we may define such person as if not insane, a very ill one. The society urgently needs the soonest arrangement and organization of its activities towards purposeful, detailed and comprehensive study of such interconnections and introduction of such understanding into the public conscience. Only such activity may eventually lead to creation of highly spiritually motivated personality of the Homo Sapience. And only such person would be not compatible with any form of corruption, terrorism or any other social sins.