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greenurbanscapeasia. we are pleased to launch ISGC 2013.Welcome Message After the success of the inaugural International Skyrise Greenery Conference (ISGC) in 2010. . I look forward to welcoming you to Singapore in November.com. Increased design aspirations. Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects. We hope that ISGC 2013 will serve as a platform for the holistic exchange of ideas in urban greenery innovations. or for more information. International Skyrise Greenery Conference Committee President. and raise awareness of their brands to serious trade buyers from around the world. It will also allow regional landscape and environmental design professionals to exchange ideas and stay abreast of market trends. Damian Tang Chairman. This year’s Conference is a partnership between Singapore’s National Parks Board. GreenUrbanScape Asia will be a dynamic marketplace for industry players to showcase their innovative urban greenery solutions and landscape products. The creation of skyrise greenery is becoming ever more complex. By engaging speakers from diverse backgrounds. entitled “Density & Greenery: Evolving Into Collaborative Cities”. The Conference is held alongside GreenUrbanScape Asia and the International Landscape Industry Association Summit. To become an exhibitor or sponsor. visit www. By bringing together stakeholders from the various sectors of the landscape community. and fulfill its potential of transforming our cityscapes and people’s lives. ISGC 2013 also includes a technical tour component which showcases Singapore as Asia’s skyrise greenery hub acting as a model for other metropolises around the world. space constraints and development densities are posing challenges which require close working partnerships and knowledge exchange between the various skyrise greenery stakeholders. Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects Against a backdrop of increasing urbanisation and the need for sustainable cities. The Summit aims to raise the productivity of the landscape workforce and the value that the international landscape industry contributes to the global economy. the Summit will be a platform for landscape practitioners from across Asia Pacific and beyond to share experiences and perspectives in design and implementation as well as discuss productivity initiatives. On behalf of the committee. we aim to create a multi-disciplinary and collaborative knowledgesharing platform revolving around skyrise greenery. Landscape Industries Association of Singapore. Incorporating technical tours. and Singex. the Conference will elevate the benchmark of professional knowledge and enhance the know-how of creating an environment suitable for successful skyrise greenery projects.

International Skyrise Greenery Conference Committee & President. Chief Executive Officer. Urban Redevelopment Authority. Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects Speech by Guest-of-Honour Presentation of Skyrise Greenery Awards Morning Keynote Presentation 1 by Kathryn Gustafson (USA) Plenary Session 1 Singapore – What it Means to be Green Dr Cheong Koon Hean. 7 November 2013 Opening Ceremony Opening Address by Damian Tang. Chief Executive Officer. Singapore Keynote Presentation 2 by Dr Liu Thai-Ker (Singapore) Parallel Session 1 Afternoon Green is the New Black Kelvin Kan (Singapore) Tai Lee Siang (Singapore) What’s Next in Research & Development Wolfgang Ansel (Germany) John Rayner (Australia) Michael Behm (USA) Growing Value – The Developers’ Perspective Speakers to be confirmed Evening Networking Dinner Day 2 – Friday. Singapore Ng Lang. Policies and People Dorthe Rømø (Denmark) Kathy Ng (Hong Kong) Michael Berkshire (USA) Andres Ibañez (Colombia) What Lies Beneath – Installations & Techniques Alan Tan (Singapore) David Tan (Singapore) Morning Keynote Presentation 3 by Stefano Boeri (Italy) Keynote Presentation 4 by Wong Mun Summ (Singapore) Plenary Session 2 Greening Cities – The Big Picture Professor Wang Xiangrong (China) Professor Manfred Kohler (Germany) Henry Steed (Singapore) Plenary Session 3 International Projects Highlights Atelier Dreiseitl (Germany) Gary Grant (UK) Charu Kokate (Singapore) Programme is correct at time of print (June 2013).Programme Day 1 – Thursday. Afternoon . Chairman. National Parks Board. 8 November 2013 Parallel Session 2 From Grey to Green – The Ecological Approach Nathalie Baumann (Switzerland) Veera Sekaran (Singapore) Dusty Gedge (UK) Matthew Dillon (Australia) The 3P’s – Planning. Housing & Development Board. Singapore Poon Hong Yuen. Chief Executive Officer. Please check website for updates.

the partnership has won a large number of local awards.000 people. Marseille. Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri. Trieste. Ms Gustafson’s design work has been predominantly civic. and corporate. the Chrysler Design Award. etc. Gustafson Porter in London and Gustafson Guthrie Nichol in Seattle. Gustafson Porter UK Ms Gustafson was born in Washington. he is committed to the research and practice of contemporary architecture and urbanism nationally and internationally. Two partner offices. A travelling exhibition devoted exclusively to their works opened at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum. Among his awards are the Public Administration Medal (Gold) 1976. His projects have been published in various magazines and exhibited both in Italy and abroad. Italy. and nature. In 1993. Speakers Wolfgang Ansel (Germany) Director. Centre for Liveable Cities. Rome. 1998-2008) and Stefano Boeri Architetti (since 2008 and from 2011 with Michele Brunello). Since then. Brunner Memorial Prize for Architecture 2012. He was conferred Doctor of Science honoris causa by the University of New South Wales in 1995. Marina di Carrara. Her award-winning work includes widely known series projects in France. Beijing. Sao Paulo. 1 – have already been published. a consultant firm of over 1.). East Carolina University. Mr Wong formed WOHA as a partnership with Richard Hassell in 1994. and recently acclaimed projects throughout Europe. he has been Director of RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd. an internationally-acclaimed architectural practice based in Singapore. With his studio based in Milan. Germany. Design and Fashion. Dr Liu Thai-Ker (Singapore) Director. Naples. the Meritorious Service Medal 1985. Gianandrea Barreca. Since 1992. Projects have ranged in scale from a tenth of an acre to 150 acres. and planning advisor to over 20 cities in China. Bolzen.) and city interventions (Milan. the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the Ecole National Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles where she received her diploma in 1979. etc. and an unprecedented amount of international awards. Illinois Chapter. He has thus undertaken and carried through a series of projects regarding the transformation and re-use of several waterfronts (Genoa. Astana. Furthermore. as well as the prestigious 2011 Lubetkin Prize from the RIBA. La Maddalena.Keynote Speakers Stefano Boeri (Italy) Kathryn Gustafson (USA) Director. and the Middle East. France in 2001. including parks. and two substantial monographs – WOHA: The Architecture of WOHA and WOHA: Selected Projects Vol. International Green Roof Association Nathalie Baumann (Switzerland) Research Associate. mass-transit stations. and has from then held academic positions at National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.. Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal and the Medal of the City of Paris. He has predominantly focused on the design of buildings and open spaces for European urban areas requiring regeneration or redevelopment. they were the only practice to win two categories at the World Architecture Festival in 2009. Occupational Safety. USA Michael Berkshire (USA) Member. and community spaces. Qingdao. Doha. Milan Municipality. United States Green Building Council (USGBC) . Salonicco. and they collected two awards each at the 2011 and 2010 RIBA International Awards. Executive Councilor. Venice. in December 2011. Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) Michael Behm (USA) Associate Professor. Ms Gustafson is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architecture and a medalist of the French Academy of Architecture. Italy Mr Boeri (1956) is an architect based in Milan. Singapore Dr Liu is an architect-planner. WOHA Mr Wong is the joint founding director of WOHA. apartment towers. Ms Gustafson brings over 30 years of distinguished practice to Gustafson Porter. USA. She is the recipient of the ASLA Design Medal. culture. WOHA won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2007. he was bestowed the 2nd Asean Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Architecture. Singapore Founding Chairman. Wong Mun Summ (Singapore) Joint Founding Director. Moscow. and large-scale public buildings. Culture. RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd. Dr Liu is also a member of several governmental bodies in Singapore. WOHA’s projects are located throughout Asia. continue to evolve the design approach of Ms Gustafson’s work into new contexts of time. institutional. North America. Board of Directors. gardens. Mytilene. with 11 overseas offices and projects in 17 countries. Giovanni La Varra. and educated at the University of Washington in Seattle. and range from private houses to luxury resorts. London’s Jane Drew Prize and the Arnold W. he has served as Chief Executive Officer of Singapore’s Housing & Development Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority in the decades of his career.

Germany (FLL) Vice Dean. China Green Building Council (Hong Kong Chapter) Secretary. (Columbia) Veera Sekaran (Singapore) Founder. Department Landscape Architecture. Manfred Koehler (Germany) Director. University College London Biologist Head of Project. . International Council for Research & Innovation. RECIVE (Columbian Network of Vegetated Infrastructure) Founding Member. Urban Horticulture. Singapore Green Building Council Alan Tan (Singapore) Professor Dr. Development Bureau. Copenhagen Board Member. Uniseal Creative Solutions Pte Ltd Founder. National Parks Board Kathy Ng (Hong Kong) Principal Assistant Secretary.Speakers Dr Cheong Koon Hean (Singapore) Chief Executive Officer. Gloucester (UK) 1970 Member. Shanghai. Safdie Architects President. China More speakers will be announced. All Party Parliamentary Committee on Biodiversity Thesis Supervisor. University of Applied Sciences Founder & Managing Director. Commission Urban Green. Neubrandenburg Co-founder & President.Andrés Ibáñez G. World Green Infrastructure Network Dorthe Rømø (Denmark) R. Please check website for updates. Surveying. Bonar Xero Flor Germany Poon Hong Yuen (Singapore) Chief Executive Officer. Karen Liu (Germany) Director. Housing & Development Board Deputy Secretary (Special Duties). Ministry of National Development Ng Lang (Singapore) Chief Executive Officer. Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Professor Wang Xianrong (China) President. Geoinformatics & Civil Engineering. Latin American Association of Vegetated Infrastructure Founding Member. Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. Green Roofs Australasia (GRA) Board Member. Federal Landscape Architecture Organisation (BDLA) Member. Department of Environmental Science & Engineering. Research & Development. University of Melbourne. University of Applied Sciences. World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) Technical Advisory Panel.-Ing. Public Administration. Academy of Urbanism Member. Greenology Pte Ltd Henry Steed (Singapore) Kelvin Kan (Singapore) Chartered Architect. UK (RIBA) & Singapore (MSIA) Chartered Landscape Architect (UK) Member. Centre for Urban Eco-Planning & Design. Netatech Pte Ltd David Tan (Singapore) Dr. Urban Ecological Commission of Ecological Society of China Director & Professor. Biotectonica Founding Member & Chairman. Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects Tai Lee Siang (Singapore) Charu Kokate (Singapore) Associate Principal. The University of Hong Kong Managing Director/Principal Consultant. National Working Group. Urban Development Authority Matthew Dillon (Australia) President. World Green Infrastructure Network Member. Australia John Rayner (Australia) Gary Grant (United Kingdom) Chartered Environmentalist Fellow. Shanghai Ecological Society Deputy Chairman. Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management Member. Fudan University. World Green Ambassador. City of Sydney Senior Lecturer. Landscape Institute (UK) 1972 Diploma in Landscape Architecture. Green Roof Research Center. Green Roof Guidelines.

recreational. Find out why buildings owners are investing in Skyrise Greenery. North Eastern Riverine Loop At over 150 years old. amongst many other tangible benefits.Ang Mo Kio (Mr Brice Lee). educational. Please check website for updates. this is an island-wide network of linear open spaces around residential areas that links up parks and nature sites. bringing people closer to green spaces and enhancing recreational opportunities. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Route B Skyrise Greenery: Beyond Commercial Value Skyrise Greenery can bring about economic benefits.Technical Tours . turning an unsightly space into a lush green column for the building occupants. A “cathedral of green” is formed by seamlessly integrating architecture. Being the largest collection of green walls at a single development in the world. Nanyang Polytechnic The vertical garden by Dr Patrick Blanc creates a new facelift of greenery within an indoor space which users of the main lobby can enjoy.9 November 2013 Route A Skyrise Greenery: Social Spaces in the Sky Skyrise Greenery can create social interaction spaces. interior space and greenery. the seven green walls bring greenery closer to the staff and students. and ITE College Central . 6 Battery Road Being the largest collection of green walls at a single development in the world. Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park An urban park that has been rejuvenated to include a large concrete canal that has been naturalized into a meandering river teeming with wildlife for visitors to interact with. Part of the Park Connector Network. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. except Bishan . the seven green walls bring greenery closer to the staff and students. ITE College Central The “hotel-in-a-garden” design reflects and enhances Singapore’s garden-city reputation. research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. Programme is correct at time of print (June 2013). the garden is a world-class botanical institution for research. ITE College Central Punggol New Town A rooftop garden with recreational amenities allows residents to enjoy and interact with their neighbours in a stunning greenery setting. Parkroyal on Pickering The rooftop gardens create a therapeutic space for patients to help them recover faster as well as a conducive space for discussion and respite for the visitors and staff. 158 Cecil Street The previously unused rooftop space is converted into a pleasant environment for students and staff to share ideas and learn. Route C The Formula Behind Our “City in a Garden” Participants can find out how our parks and gardens contribute towards Singapore’s vision of a City in a Garden. one can learn more about how these spaces are designed for the occupants and users of the building. Parkroyal on Pickering. providing an oasis for their guests in downtown Singapore. conservation and education. Singapore Botanic Gardens HortPark A one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related. On this route. All images courtesy of National Parks Board Singapore.

location (if possible). • Language of abstracts must be in English. Abstract Submission • Abstracts of original. 300 words. green roofs and vertical Collaborative Cities”. unpublished works are encouraged. • Abstracts must address the background. All decisions of the committee will be final.Call For Abstracts The Scientific Committee invites participants to submit their abstracts for poster presentation at ISGC 2013. at least one of the authors must be registered to present at the poster presentation. a Co-Author can take his/her place. A letter change is requested and must be received by the whether the submitted work has been presented in • All Presenters will be required to register for the by 11 October 2013. • The committee reserve the right to reject for presentation any abstract that does not meet content or presentation expectations.e. Technology and Development • Ecology and Biodiversity • Climate Change Policies and Sustainability conference participants. methodology. Conference and pay the full two-day registration fee • If there is more than one author for the accepted abstract. • Final placement in a poster presentation is subject to the Chairperson’s discretion. on topics such as: • Design greenery) and “Density & Greenery: Evolving into • Case studies • Completeness of the required information submitted Poster Presentation • Authors of accepted abstracts are to submit their work as a poster presentation that promotes direct exchange of ideas between presenter and dedicated area at the Conference venue. accepted abstracts upon notification. IMPORTANT DATES Abstract submission deadline 23 August 2013 Notification of acceptance 23 September 2013 Notification of presentation schedule 15 October 2013 . results • Length of abstract should not be more than • Authors are to address both themes and select one of the topics. Selection Criteria • Relevance • Technical Merit Themes & Topics Submitted papers should relate to both the themes. all submissions will be assessed by the Scientific Committee for technical merit and suitability of content. • Abstracts must be submitted electronically through the web-based submission portal. by the committee and awarded the Best Poster Award. • Submitted abstracts cannot be withdrawn. and conclusion(s) of the study. Best Poster Award Best posters from each of the topics will be identified Poster presentations will be assessed based on the following criteria: • Content • Layout • Completeness of the required information submitted. Posters will be set up in a • Poster specifications will be released to authors of • If the Presenting Author is unable to present the from the Presenting Author informing about the Conference organiser by 1 October 2013. abstract. Do not e-mail or mail hardcopies of the abstract. • Research. aim. Participants are required to declare part or other formats at other conferences. Selection Procedure • To ensure a high-quality Conference. “Skyrise Greenery” (i.

goh@singex.com. please visit www. please visit www.com. Singapore has truly proven her ability to balance economic growth with environmental sustainability.sg Jane Siow (Ms) Tel : (65) 6403 2534 Email : jane. please contact Singex Exhibitions Pte Ltd: Gwendolyn Goh (Ms) Tel : (65) 6403 2176 Email : gwendolyn.About the Host City Singapore is well regarded internationally for our clean and green living environment. Organised By 150 295 500 (Till 31 August 2013) Early Bird 700 (From 1 September 2013) Regular 850 650 per pax 650 350 800 per pax To register. For more information about Singapore.com.sg Information correct at time of print (June 2013). with a dense network of green corridors. vertical and high-rise greenery. An additional 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be levied. park connectors. Supporting Organisations Supported By . as the city remains committed to the vision of making Singapore a City in a Garden.internationalskyrisegreeneryconference. Registration Fees Fee (SGD) Conference & Networking Dinner – 7 & 8 November 2013 CATEGORY Individual Group (minimum 5 pax) Supporting Organisation Student Conference Only – 7 & 8 November 2013 Student Day Rate Technical Tour – 9 November 2013 Rate *All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars. new and innovative programmes are being implemented to further extend greenery in our urban landscape. nature reserves. parks. Given Singapore’s limited land space.yoursingapore. Printed on Enviro Wove paper.com To find out more. This is the result of five decades of conscientious planning and commitment at greening the city-state. These initiatives aimed to create a Singapore that will remain lush and pervasive in greenery even as demands of development grow.siow@singex.