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The Official Publication of Drive-In Ministries

Volume 29/ No. 3

July/Aug/Sept 2013

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Directors Cut by Mike Jones

The Big Picture
When I explain to people what our Mobile Units look like and do, I often get a surprised, impressed response to the 10,12, 14, and 16 screens. The MUs display a Big Picture high above the vehicles to get the biggest and best picture we can to reach the largest audience we can. Im also always looking at how we can get even bigger. We want to serve the Lord in the best way we possibly can. But, the Big Picture also means other things. Sometimes you may hear someone living like this world is our home. However, if we daily keep heaven in view, our priorities and objectives will stay in place. In Phil. 3:20 Paul reminds us that our citizenship is in heaven, and we eagerly await a Savior from there. In 2 Cor. 11:2 he refers to the church as an espoused and chaste virgin to be presented to Christ. Throughout the New Testament the church is portrayed as the Bride of Christ. Right now we are in the engagement period until Christ returns and takes us to be with Him forever. During Bible days, in the Jewish culture, the engagement was as binding as the marriage itself. The bride did not know when the groom would come for her so she waited and watched for him daily, keeping herself prepared and working on that which would honor and please him when he came. All who knew her would easily say, Lets stop for a minute and look at the Big Picture. This is seeing the whole of something, not just the individual parts. For the Christian, the Big Picture is Jesus return and eternity in heaven with Him. Our recognize the focus of her

Directors Cut
- The Big Picture

Ministry Newsreel
- U.S. Reports
- Florida Property - Alabama Property - Joe McDonald Ministry - Allen Nye

- General Fund Update - International Reports

- Nigeria (WATS) - Jim2Romania - Peru

Ministry Spotlight
- New Ministry Partners

- Richard Ehnis

love and lifeher Big Picture. We too have the same responsibility of waiting, working, and watching. Lets live in a way that shows we are preparing ourselves for Him and serving Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and body, and watching for Him daily. Make sure those around you know and see your Big Picture. May the Lord encourage you through this FOCUS.
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daily Christian life involves many parts and aspects of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional responsibilities and opportunities. As we seek to learn and live for Christ in a fallen world, it can become easy to loose focus on the Big Picture and begin

Ministry Newsreel
U.S. Reports
Florida Property

The Official Publication of Drive-In Ministries

EXCITING NEWS!!! On July 2nd a contract was signed to sell the property. There is a 45 day period allowed between the contract and the closing date (Aug. 16). The closing will then complete the sale, and another milestone in the grand history of Drive-In will be marked. Many of you have faithfully prayed with us for this and I am grateful. Please continue to pray for Gods guidance and favor until the closing takes place. We praise the Lord for this special answer to prayer!

Alabama Property
The sale of the Florida property will provide more than 80% of the funds needed to build the first phase of the new facility. The first phase will include the main building shell (incomplete on the inside), parking lot, landscaping, water, sewer, etc. needed for limited use. We will use volunteer help to construct the office areas and meeting rooms. When the first phase is complete we will be able to move into the offices and have make-shift movie nights outside. It will also put us on track to do many other volunteer projects, while raising funds for the next phase (gym completion). We are asking the Lord to provide so that construction can begin sometime this year.

a Gospel presentation. I also had the Drive-In Ministries movie equipment with me and we showed a movie after a little patriotic musical celebration. The movie The Ride has a powerful message and the kids were able to discuss it the next day with the counsellors. This week I will be in the Stiles Unit near Beaumont, TX. Ill provide a program for the childrens caregivers, and end the day in the prison with the fathers and their kids. As of now we have events planned for August, in Tennessee and North Carolina. Also, tickets were purchased for a two week trip to Honduras the first of September. Please pray as the Lord works in the hearts of those we minister to in these area!

Allen Nye
We will be traveling in July and August. We will spend a week at an annual convention of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians in Nashville, TN. Marj will take classes on Balloon Art and Face Painting, and I will learn more ways to use Gospel magic. After a week in Nashville, we will move on to a week of teen camp near Barbourville, Ky. We will show movies every night, and present Gospel magic during the day. This will be our tenth year at this camp. We will then go to Newtown, CT. We were there last year with just one mobile movie meeting, but hope to have several this year.

Joe McDonald Ministry

We had a grand 4th of July at Grace Camp near Baton Rouge, LA! There were 31 young people there and 22 camp counsellors. I got to do a fun-filled program for over an hour and concluded with

General Fund Update

Because of the good response to the 2013 Club and the 20/50 Club, we are close to having enough commitments to provide for the rest of this summer and fall seasons. With just a few more we will reach our goal. The 2013 Club is for business owners and individuals who can give a one-time gift of $1300.00 for this year. The 20/50 Club is those who would give $50.00 per month or $600.00 for the year. If you are not already in the Club, please consider helping reach this needed goal.

International Reports
NIGERIA (West Africa Theological Seminary)
by Olufemi Emmanuel I am pleased to send you an update of our recent outing with Gospel Faith Mission International on Sunday June 23, 2013. Bro George was the organizer and the preacher of the day. The turn out was glorious and lives were greatly blessed. The attendance was about seven hundred and forty-two people. Also we had twenty-four people giving their lives

to the Lord, Glory be to God. l am still planning for another one this year before the one outside Lagos.

by Jim Morgan

God is working in our busy summer ministry! We have a full schedule of film ministry right through September 15. We minister six nights a week, then the next week four nights, and rotate that way all summer. At this writing we have seven Americans with us. God is providing ministry funds! It takes about $250 a week to buy fuel and provide our helpers with a sandwich each evening we are out. A number of folks interested in our work here in Romania have provided funds for a week of operation. We minister in 2-4 villages a week, planting the Gospel seed in many hearts. If you would

be willing to help in this way, it can be sent to the DriveIn address on this FOCUS and marked Romania Ministry Funds. God bless you as you consider us!

A 6th grade English class in Craiova

by Don Rich I was able to get the Mobile Unit out while we had a small group here last week. We delivered over 600 Bibles and the same in New Testaments to the coast. We set up one night and showed a video in a town where two churches are fairly close to each other. We had at least 50 in attendance. The pastors told me that they were encouraged by the ministry. It allowed them to reach some young people in the area and a young couple.

After returning from the coastal trip, I took one of the visitors with me. We loaded the van with over 2000 Bibles and delivered them to a river port to ship them up river to pastors of different churches in the Amazon river area. I was able to lead two people to the Lord including the captain of the ship. In all, we delivered Bibles to at least 29 pastors for 39 different works. We are planning a second trip back into the jungle for several other pastors who need Bibles in their churches.

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Ministry Spotlight
New Ministry Partners
In the previous FOCUS, we announced a new U.S. partner, Gary Haga, a missionary in Michigan. This summer Gary and his team are using a Mobile Unit for beach evangelism, church ministry, etc. throughout Michigan and into Ohio. There are opportunities for you and/or your church to get involved also! If your church or ministy would be interested in partnering with Drive-In Ministries or in a Mobile Movie being shown in your area, please email Mike at: or call the office at 334-361-1660. We look forward to partnering with you, and would love to see more areas being reached with the Gospel!

In Loving Memory
One of our Drive-In Board Members, Mr. Richard Ehnis, passed away last month at the age of 76. He was a dear friend who loved his Lord and Savior, and served with us at Drive-In for many years. Even in the last several years after a kidney transplant and dialysis treatments, he remained faithful to the ministry. He is at home with the Lord now, but missed here. Please keep his wife Sally, and their family in your prayers during this difficult time.

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