The mission

By: Mariana Previously on Heroes; - A CLOSE UP on BUFFY. ANGEL “How’s Faith?” BUFFY “She’s dead.” - A TIGHT SHOT of Angel as he turns his back against Buffy and heads over to the window. ANGEL ”I sired her. I turned her into a monster.” BUFFY ”Angel…” ANGEL ”I turned Spike into a monster.” - We see BUFFY with her lips pressed against Spike’s as he struggles in her embrace. - A WIDE SHOT as Spike finally manages to break free. SPIKE ”Buffy… I can’t. I love her. Aerin…” BUFFY ”I…” SPIKE "It's over Buffy. Whatever there was between us, it's gone.” - ZOOMING IN on SPIKE’S eyes as they shift in colour to neon blue. ILLYRIA (v.o) “He’s ascending. Into a god.”


KIRSTEN (v.o) “Let us just say that the First is back in business.” - A CLOSE UP on Buffy and the weary look on her face. BUFFY "We never destroyed it. It can't be destroyed. All we did was beat it back for a while. We had to expect it would be back." - A SHOT of THE FIRST and SPIKE. THE FIRST ”It seems like you have been upgraded.” - FOCUS ON Spike as he knocks down THE FIRST. SPIKE ”Funny. Looks like you’re right.” - A CLOSE UP on Spike as it seems he’s about to say something. But before he could say anything, he suddenly falls to the floor. The vampire’s body is convulsing and he lets out moans and whimpering sounds that’s enough to send shivers through one’s spine. Then the seizures suddenly stops - very abruptly and he lies perfectly still. AERIN ”Spike!!”

- AERIN stands in front of BUFFY and the others. AERIN “Guys… I’m pregnant.” BUFFY “Could you repeat that?” AERIN “I’m pregnant. And I desperately want a peanut butter and jam sandwich.” - GILES and the others are assembled in the HYPERION LOBBY.

GILES “Illyria is saying that Spike is becoming human…? So that the god successfully can use his shell.” BUFFY “Spike’s becoming human? So that he can die.” - A SHOT of GILES and ANGEL. GILES “And the situation may be that we have to kill Spike.” - A SHOT of BUFFY, AERIN, DAWN, AERIN and THE FIRST looking like CALEB. BUFFY (v.o) “There are worse things out tonight than vampires.” DAWN “Like what?” THE FIRST “Like me.”

- We see BUFFY and ANGEL talking. BUFFY “I guess that the prophecy is about you after all.” ANGEL “You mean because Spike’s becoming a god? I guess so.” - A TIGHT SHOT of WILLOW. WILLOW “It seems that the First has allied himself with some hell god named Abigor. He commands over sixty legions of damned warriors.” - A CLOSE UP on GILES. GILES “I tried to have Spike killed. Buffy found out. And she… chose Spike.”

- A SHOT of BUFFY reaching out a hand and takes Spike’s limp hand in hers. BUFFY “I love you.” SPIKE (v.o) “No you don’t. But thanks for saying it.” - We see ANGEL in his office with THE FIRST looking like SPIKE. THE FIRST “I’ll tell you why you’re so afraid of me. And him. Cause every time you look at him you know you never really knew the real Spike.” ANGEL “And who is the real Spike?” - ZOOMING IN on THE FIRST looking like CORDELIA. THE FIRST “He’s the one who will win this in the end.” - A SHOT OF ANGEL’S SHOCKED EXPRESSION as GILES walks in to the office. GILES “We need to talk. Angel?” - We see AERIN sitting by SPIKE’S side. AERIN “Please come back to me.” - A TIGHT SHOT of a grimacing DAWN. DAWN “Just a headache, sis. Nothing to worry about.” - We see XANDER and BUFFY kneeling beside DAWN. XANDER ”Can you tell us what happened?” DAWN ”I think… I think I had a vision.”

- A CLOSE UP on DAWN. DAWN “I saw Faith. She’s coming.” - A SHOT of FAITH as she comes out from the shadows clapping her hands. FAITH “That was some show. I mean… Wait a sec. Spike?” SPIKE “’lo, Faith.” FAITH “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” SPIKE “Look who’s talking. Heard you died in Cleveland.” FAITH “I didn’t.” - We see AERIN and SPIKE. AERIN “Ow.” SPIKE “Ow… What?” AERIN “The baby moved.” - We have a TIGHT SHOT of DAWN. GILES “What did you see?” DAWN “I saw what’s to come…We need more slayers. A lot of slayers.” BLACK OUT-

The mission
INT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION - DAY SPOTLIGHT on SPIKE and AERIN lying cuddled together in their (?) bed. They’re laughing and seem to be in a rather good mood. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN as Spike runs a hand through her hair and pulls her close for a quick kiss. AERIN (pulling away) “Your feet are cold.” SPIKE (smirk) “Duh. Vampire.” A CLOSE UP on Aerin’s face as she turns her head and looks away. Suddenly she seems to be so sad. SPIKE “Aerin…luv…” (turning her face toward him) “What’s wrong?” AERIN “The world is going to end, Spike.” (beat) “And I couldn’t care less.” SPIKE “Ah, hon…” (closing his eyes for a brief moment) “Don’t say that.” AERIN “Why not? It’s the truth.” (eyes downcast) “The world means nothing to me if you’re not in it.” SPIKE “Baby…”

AERIN “I don’t know what to do.” (sniffling) “It’s not fair.” SPIKE “Life seldom is.” (kissing her gently) “For what it’s worth; I love you so much that it hurts.” AERIN “I love you too.” (blinking away some tears) “But you’re dying…” SPIKE "Then there's no place I'd rather die than by your side." (ragged breath) "I want you to be the last thing I see. I love you." AERIN "I love you." A MOMENT OF SILENCE. AERIN (hush tone) “Spike?” A TIGHT SHOT of Aerin’s face and the tormented expression. Her eyes holds so much pain and despair that it actually aches to watch it. SPIKE “Yeah?” ZOOMING OUT to a WIDE SHOT of the bedroom so that we can see both their forms as they lay huddled together. AERIN (trembling voice) “Don’t leave me.”


CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN BUS – SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE L.A – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the landscape as a bus comes driving along the abandoned road that leads to LOS ANGELES. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN CLOSER and soon we can see the inside of the bus. At the driver’s seat sits a man in his mid twenties. He looks rather polished and everything about him kind of screams WATCHER. The CAMERA CONTINUES MOVING DOWN the aisle of the bus and we see girls and more girls sitting in their sits babbling like girls can do. They must be the slayers that BUFFY and the others are expecting. SLAYER 1 “This is going to be so exciting!!” SLAYER 2 “Yes. I even heard that Angel and Spike would be there.” SLAYER 3 “Jade and Candy, could you two be more pathetic?” (scowling) “They are vampires. You know? We’re supposed to kill their kind.” SLAYER 1 “Shut up, Fiona. And those two vampires are on our side. They have souls.” FIONA (shaking her head) “And that’s supposed to convince me not to stake them at first sight?” SLAYER 1 “I sure hope so. Or Buffy will kill you.” FIONA “Really, Jade? Cause I thought that she didn’t kill humans.” CANDY “Will you two stop bickering?” (turning to Fiona) “There won’t be any killing of the souled vampires.” (turning to Jade) “And Buffy doesn’t kill humans.”

JADE (mumbling) “Unfortunately.” FIONA “Heard that!!” The CAMERA KEEPS MOVING. It stops on a seat where two young girls sit. They are both dressed in grey sweat suits and have long blonde hair pulled back in ponytails. When the CAMERA ZOOMS IN CLOSER on the two of them we can actually see that they are TWINS!! SLAYER TWIN 1 “I heard that this vampire Spike went in search for his soul. Do you think that’s true, Phoebe?” PHOEBE “I don’t know, Katie.” KATIE “If it’s true it’s rather amazing. Don’t ya think?” PHOEBE (looking out the window) “Yeah.” KATIE “What is it?” PHOEBE “I’m just concerned, that’ all.” KATIE “Why?” PHOEBE (looking over her shoulder) “Cause I don’t think she’s ready.” The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the bus to the seats in its back. We can see a figure sitting curled up on one of the seats, looking out the window. There’s a mass of tangled locks keeping her face hidden from us, but as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN CLOSER she turns her head in our direction and we recognize her. It’s DANA!! BLACK OUT-

INT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the lobby. Characters in play: 7. There’s BUFFY on the couch. She’s wearing jeans and a red blouse. Hair pulled back into a loose knot. Besides her sits DAWN. She’s wearing jeans and a black shirt. Her hair hangs loose and frames her face. At the table sits WILLOW (in black), XANDER (in black) and ANDREW – he’s dressed in a suit. Big shocker there. ANGEL (in black) and GILES (suit) stands behind the couch and seems to be discussing something. We head a sound coming from the stairs and soon enough AERIN shows up on the screen. She’s wearing black leather pants and a black tub top. Her long shiny hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she fires off a bright smile at the others. AERIN “Hey, did you guys know that Spike purrs in his sleep?” BUFFY (gritting her teeth) “No. But thanks for the info.” ANDREW (dreamingly) “Like a big sensual cat.” AERIN (weird look) “Right…” DAWN (grinning) “Didn’t you know? Andrew is Spike’s biggest fan.” AERIN “That’s just…” (beat) “…gross?” XANDER (nodding) “Couldn’t agree more.” (looking past Aerin) “Where’s the not-so-bleached-anymore wonder?”

AERIN (fond smile) “Napping. I kind of…” (ignoring Buffy’s glare) “…wore him out.” FAITH “Wicked.” FAITH’S coming down the stairs. The dark haired slayer is almost identical to Aerin in choice of clothing – with black leather pants. But she’s wearing a black T-shirt and her hair hangs loose. FAITH “I mean, that most have taken some serious efforts.” (sly smile) “I mean serious efforts.” AERIN (returning the smile) “Try seven times of efforts.” BUFFY (pouting) “Seven?” FAITH (impressed) “Way to go, girlfriend!” GILES (cleaning his glasses) “Although I am sure that this is a very interesting subject…” (beat) “…but can we please change it?” XANDER (furiously nodding) “Please do.” GILES “Besides…” (looking at Buffy) “I heard some rumours that there were some Farret demons lurking about downtown.”

AERIN “And you wanted us to go and…kill them?” GILES “Yes.” BUFFY “Far… Fart…?” AERIN “Farret.” BUFFY (muttering) “Stupid demon names.” We follow Buffy and Aerin with a STEAD CAM as they exit the lobby. Then the CAMERA SWIRLS AROUND to Faith whose still there. GILES (brow knit) “Faith?” FAITH “Alright. Alright. I guess I am going too.” (chuckling) “Besides… I wouldn’t want to miss out on them bickering over Spike.” Faith also leaves the hotel. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DUSK A WIDE SHOT of the lobby. Characters in play this time: 8. There’s still WILLOW, DAWN, XANDER, ANDREW, GILES and ANGEL. But now there’s also SPIKE and ILLYRIA. The two later is now occupying the couch while Dawn has moved over to the table and joined Willow, Xander and Andrew in a game of cards. ILLYRIA (scrutinizing Spike) “You look well.”

SPIKE “I feel well too.” ILLYRIA “You have been fornicating with the slayer.” DAWN (coughing) “Oh my god.” GILES (sighing) “Illyria, you can not blurt things out like that.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “Why not?” GILES “It is not appropriate.” UNFAMILIAR VOICE “Indeed it is not.” FOCUS ON the door. On the threshold stands the very same man from the bus. And behind him we can make out the group of slayers. ANGEL (staring) “You’re a…” SPIKE (calmly) ”Duck.” ANGEL ”Don't be ridicules, he's not a duck. He's a…” SPIKE (a stake is thrown in their direction) ”DUCK!” Spike throws himself at Angel and knocks the other vampire to the floor, and by so avoids the stake. Lying on the floor they both look up at the newly arrived.

YOUNG WATCHER “FIONA!!” FIONA (stepping forward) “I’m sorry, John. But they’re vampires.” JOHN “We’ve discussed this. They are on our side.” GILES “Indeed they are.” (moving over the floor) “And you have to put a leash on her, Keaton.” FOCUS ON Spike and Angel as they get up from the floor, dusting off their clothes and with agitated expressions. ANGEL ”We’re not evil anymore. But if you keep insisting on trying to stake us, then we just have no other choice then to fight back.” SPIKE ”You tell 'er, big guy.” JOHN “Fiona’s just a little bit edgy. Her parents were killed by vampires.” GILES (staring at the young woman) “I know her story.” JOHN “Besides, she’s sorry. Aren’t you, Fiona?” FIONA (muttering) “I am sorry.” SPIKE (winking) “No harm done.” (mega watt smile) “Can’t blame the bird.”

A CLOSE UP on FIONA as she looks up at the blonde vampire with huge eyes. We could almost see the growing admiration for him in their blue depths. FIONA (more genuine) “I am really sorry.” ANGEL (sighing) “Another one down.” GILES “Very well.” (as the girls enters) “Some of you will have to sleep here. But most of you will stay at our headquarters.” JOHN (nodding) “I see.” GILES “As soon as Buffy, Faith and Aerin come back from their patrolling we’ll make the arrangements.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET – DOWNTOWN L.A - DUSK FOCUS on BUFFY. She’s fighting a vampire. It appears to be male, probably around his twenties when he got turned and rather handsome with dark features and black wavy hair. The blonde slayer makes a rip-cord leap at an angle toward the vampire, jamming her heel into the side of its face. She zings backward, then leaps up again, executing a rather perfect one-eighty. The vampire’s tumbles back cut of guard and Buffy uses this by plunging a stake straight into his heart. The vampire shrieks before exploding into a shower of dust. CLOSE UP on Buffy’s smiling face. BUFFY “How’d I do?” (no answer) “Guys?”

A WIDE SHOT of the scene reveals FAITH and AERIN standing by the side. Obviously they have only been observers while Buffy took care of the vampire. AERIN (shrugging) “You did well.” BUFFY “Hey!!” (indignantly) “I think I rocked!! That was… Well that had to be like a new record for vampire slayage.” AERIN “I’ve seen better.” BUFFY “What?” (pouting) “Who?” AERIN “Once, Illyria killed twenty vampires in a matter of seconds.” BUFFY (muttering) “Skinny little bitch.” FAITH “Yo, B!! Don’t you think it’s time to get back to the Hyperion? We killed those Farret demons and I’m kind’a beat.” AERIN “Me too.” BUFFY (smugly) “Not in your best shape, eh?” FAITH “Still a bit singed from my adventure in Cleveland.” AERIN “Pregnant here.”

BUFFY (gritting her teeth) “Rubbing it.” AERIN “What?” BUFFY “Nothing. Let’s go!!” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the lobby as FAITH, BUFFY and AERIN enters from the outside. Others assembled at the scene are: GILES, JOHN KEATON, ANDREW and DAWN. GILES “Ah, good!! You’re back.” (nodding towards John) “Girls this is John Keaton. A fellow watcher.” (motioning towards Faith) “John, this is Faith Lehane.” JOHN (nodding) “Nice to meet you, Faith.” GILES (turning to Aerin) “Aerin Browder.” JOHN (smiling) “It is a rare pleasure indeed to meet you, Miss Browder.” AERIN “Aerin.” JOHN (wider smile) “Aerin.”

GILES (nodding towards Buffy) “And Buffy Summers.” JOHN “Ah.” (staring at her) “The notorious slayer, who has died twice, questioned and disobeyed the council and ‘befriended’ two vampires.” BUFFY (cheery smile) “That’s me!!” JOHN (turning to Giles) “About the accommodations?” GILES “Yes. Follow me.” The two watchers leaved the lobby. BUFFY (muttering) "Stupid council jerk. Why didn't he blow up, too?" FOCUS on Faith as she burst out in laugh.


INT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of an unknown bedroom. There are three beds in it and three girls. They are PHOEBE, KATIE and DANA. Phoebe sits on one of the beds while Katie and Dana are busy going through their bags. PHOEBE (smiling) “That went well, didn’t it?” KATIE “I guess.” DANA (staring at her hands) “His hands…” PHOEBE “Who’s hands?” DANA (whispering) “I cut them. They shouldn’t be there.” PHOEBE (getting up) “Dana. Who’s hands?” DANA “The blonde one. The vampire. I cut them off.” KATIE (shaking her head) “That’s impossible, Dana. You couldn’t have done that. We all saw his hands.” PHOEBE (sighing) “And what lovely hands they were.” KATIE “I think he’s spoken for.”

PHOEBE “Bummer.” DANA “Cut of the head…” PHOEBE (looking away) “That’s fine, Dana.” A TIGHT SHOT of Dana as she stares out into nothing, a glazed shimmer over her dark eyes. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of a bedroom, revealing CANDY, FIONA and JADE in it. They seem to be deep in argument, each one of them positioned in opposite corners of the tiny room. CANDY (aghast) “I can’t believe you did that, Fiona. You threw a stake at them!!” FIONA (sighing) “I’ll admit that it wasn’t the brightest idea. I guess it was pure instinct.” JADE (annoyed gaze) Screw your instinct, Fiona!! You really messed up this time.” CANDY (nodding) “Yes. Mr. Giles did not seem pleased at all.” FIONA “Pfft.” (rolling her eyes) “Of course not. I actually tried to kill his precious slayer’s ex boyfriends.”

CANDY “And what a waste that would have been! They’re gorgeous!!” JADE “And off limits, Candy.” FIONA (crossing her arms) “Gorgeous or not, I still don’t trust them.” CANDY “I guess we have to. After all, we’re going patrolling with them tonight.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – NIGHT A SWEEPING SHOT over the lobby. BUFFY and FAITH stands before a large group of young slayers. Buffy’s dressed in jeans and a white shirt, hair pulled back in a knot. Faith is also wearing jeans but instead of a white shirt she’s dressed in a black T-shirt and has her hair loose. GILES, XANDER, WILLOW and DAWN stands at the side. They are all dressed in black. BUFFY (eying the slayers) “Evil never sleeps. Neither do we.” FAITH “And it sure shows. You’re looking kind’a puffy around the eyes.” BUFFY (indignantly) “Hey!” GILES (cutting in) “Before we go out… Any questions?” CANDY (raising a hand) “Is it true that Spike himself wanted a soul?”

GILES (nodding) “It is true. And it’s rather remarkable for a demon to act like he did.” KATIE “Is he a good fighter?” GILES ”Yes, quite. He’s known as William the Bloody as well as Spike, and Slayers of slayers. He got turned by Drusilla…” BUFFY (muffled) ”Ho bag.” GILES ”…and…what?” BUFFY (innocent look) “What?” GILES (cleaning his glasses) “Er… Where was I? Oh, what’s most important is that he and Angel are fighting on our side. Remember that.” CANDY (mumbling) “I wouldn’t mind a piece of that blonde sexbomb. I bet you can bounce coins of that ass!!” GILES “Excuse me?!!” AERIN “You heard her, Giles.” THE CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us AERIN coming down the stairs. A huge smile plastered on her face. AERIN “Beside she’s right.” (grinning) ”You can bounce coins off his ass.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. A GRAVEYARD – SOMEWHERE IN L.A – NIGHT ZOOMING IN on XANDER lying on his back, straddled by a female vampire. He manages to throw her off him, but only for a few seconds. Soon enough she’s over him again, fangs flashing and with a feral growl. XANDER “Some help?!!” XANDER’S POV as he tries to keep her from biting down on his neck. Suddenly the vampire explodes in a cloud of dust over him. He looks up at BUFFY who’s standing over him with a stake in her hand. BUFFY (smiling) “Thank you, Xander. You really are a demon magnet!!” FAITH “Smart plan, B. To lure the nasties out with him as bait.” XANDER (staring) ”You used me as bait?” BUFFY (helping him up) ”Get over it.” XANDER ”I will.” (beat) ”YOU USED ME AS BAIT.” FAITH “Hey, guys. Look over there.” The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the graveyard as XANDER, BUFFY, FAITH and the young slayers turn around in unison to look over at SPIKE and AERIN who seems to be under attack from a group of vampires. XANDER “Where did those guys come from?”

FOCUS on Spike as he lunges forward, a loud growl escaping his lips as his fists made their first connection. He spends no time on the first vampire he encountered, punching it in its face before quickly screwing off its head, moving onto the next before he'd missed a beat. Besides him Aerin makes a leap up on the roof of a mausoleum to take on a large sized vampire. BUFFY (yelling) “Do you guys need any help?” SPIKE “Nah.” BUFFY “Then we just stand back and enjoy the show.” (pause) “Take notes, kiddies.” FOCUS on Aerin. The large male vampire has got a grip on her and he manages to get her off balance, making her fall. The dark-haired slayer flips in the air after being tossed from the roof of the mausoleum. She lands on her feet; a knee bent, and stands up with her head lowered. She blows the hair out of her face and throws her head back, glaring up at the laughing vampire. AERIN That was just rude. The vampire lunges off from the roof and tackles Aerin to the ground. She kicks him off of her and rolls to her feet in a backwards summersault. She reaches to her belt and retrieves a wooden stake. The vampire growls at her baring his teeth before leaping towards her. Aerin stands and spins around all in one move with the stake raised. The vampire is a few feet above her when she throws up the wrist with the stake and slashes the creature from the heart down. He instantly explodes into ashes, which drift down onto the grass. Aerin pulls her hands down, spins the stake between her fingers and puts the weapon back in her belt. AERIN That was fun. The CAMERA SPINS AROUND to reveal Spike fighting two vampires at a time. He manages to throw one of them a few feet away and uses this fact to turn to the one who’s left and simply twist its head of. The vampire that he had thrown away a few moments before comes running with a grim expression on his face.

VAMPIRE ”You son of a bitch!” SPIKE (turning around) ”Yeah?” SPIKE’S POV: a fist is quickly approaching his face. FADE OUTINT. THE GRAVEYARD – SOMEWHERE IN L.A – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the scene. Most of the young slayers are engaged in a battle against a group of demons and vampires, while BUFFY and FAITH stand by the side looking on. The CAMERA FOCUSES on a black clothed figure in the midst of the struggle and we see that it is ANGEL!! He grabs the vampire closest to him and twists the demon’s head off cleanly, turning it to dust. One of the young slayers grabs a vampire to her right and starts pounding his head against a tombstone. When it appears dizzy enough to not be able to protect it self she pulls him back and finishes him off with a stake to his chest. More vampires come out from the shadows, probably called to the scene by the sound of the fight. The CAMERA SPINS AROUND and PANS ACROSS the graveyard, passing Buffy and Faith and ZOOMS IN on SPIKE who’s pressed up against a tree by a female vampire. They’re kissing!!! (Eh???) Suddenly AERIN appears into view and she rips the woman from Spike with a menacing growl. AERIN “Back off my man, bitch.” The female vampire, and she’s quite lovely, with long red hair and slim body, flashes her fangs and lunges herself at the slayer. BIG MISTAKE. She’s dust in a matter of seconds and left standing is Aerin with a grim expression on her face as she stares at Spike. SPIKE (holding up his hands) “I didn’t willingly kiss her.” AERIN “Sure.” SPIKE “She was like fifteen years old. At least when she got turned. That’s just wrong!”

AERIN “Hey, hey! Guys are into some kinky stuff. You never know nowadays.” BUFFY “How are you guys doing?” Buffy appears into view and as the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT we see that she’s followed by the others. AERIN “Fine. If Spike here could just stop making out with every woman he meets.” BUFFY (lifted eyebrow) “Er…?” FAITH (grinning) “Way to go!!” ANGEL (grim look) “Spike…” SPIKE “She came on to me!!” AERIN “If you say so.” FAITH (giving him a look over) “I can understand why.” BUFFY ”Everyone just shut up, okay?” SPIKE ”That’s right! Ya tell them, missy…” BUFFY ”Spike? 'Shut up' includes you.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET – DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT A LONG SHOT of a street and the group of slayers and the two vampires that are approaching. Suddenly they all stop. SPIKE “Did you hear that?” The CAMERA MOVES FORWARD and ZOOMS IN on the group as they all turn to look at SPIKE. The blonde vampire is busy looking up at the roof of the building next them. AERIN (knitted brow) “Hear what?” They don’t get any answer from Spike. Instead his body tenses for a brief moment before he suddenly makes a stunning leap upwards. Gasps are heard from almost everyone as the blonde vampire lands on the rooftop. BUFFY “Cool.” (turning to Angel) “Your turn.” ANGEL (crestfallen) “What?! No, I don’t think I can do that.” BUFFY “Why not? You should at least try. Spike did it.” ANGEL (muttering) “Well, Spike’s crazy.” BUFFY (grinning) “C’mon. Take some chances.” ANGEL “No, I…”

BUFFY (turning to the group of girls) “First lesson: Angel equals boring.” ANGEL “Hey!!” FAITH “We can’t wait here for bat boy to return. Shall we go back to the Hyperion?” AERIN (still focused on the roof) “Okay.” We follow the large group with a STEAD CAM as they slowly moves down the street. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE ROOFTOP – DOWNTOWN L.A – DAWN AIR SHOT of the roof. We see SPIKE walk across the roof towards a figure standing in the middle of it. The blonde vampire stops only a few meters away from… whoever it is. SPIKE “What do you want?” ENKIL “It is time.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the two of them, revealing that the figure is ENKIL!! SPIKE (tilting his head) “Time for what?” ENKIL “For you to evolve.” A CLOSE UP as Enkil reaches out to touch Spike’s chest. Suddenly a white glow appears on that spot and we have a TIGHT SHOT of Spike as his head falls back and he lets out a howling scream. FADE OUT-

INT. PHOEBE, KATIE AND DANA’S BEDROOM -THE HYPERION – DAY ZOOMING IN on DANA lying on her bed. She seems to be asleep. KATIE (hush tone) “She’s seems so peaceful when she sleeps.” A WIDE SHOT of the room shows us that KATIE sits on her bed and that PHOEBE stands by the window. PHOEBE (looking over at Dana) “Yeah.” KATIE “Wasn’t it fun tonight?” (dreamingly) “Who would have guessed that we actually got to meet the famous Buffy Summers!!?” PHOEBE “Yeah.” KATIE “You seem distracted?” PHOEBE “Wasn’t it weird? How that Spike could make that jump?” KATIE (nodding) “It was weird!” DANA “I cut off his hands…” FOCUS ON Dana. She’s awake and stares right in front of her with huge eyes. PHOEBE (knitted brow) “Dana…?”

DANA (sitting up) “Heart and head.” (closing her eyes) “Stop the heart. Cut off the head.” (looking at Phoebe) “It’s the only way to be sure.” (shuddering) “Keep cutting ‘til you see dust.” KATIE (getting up from the bed) “What’s wrong with her?” PHOEBE (sighing) “What isn’t wrong with her?” ZOOMING IN on Dana as she gets up from the bed and heads towards the door. She’s dressed in black shorts and a grey T-shirt. PHOEBE (tensing) “Where are you going?” DANA (whispering) “I have somewhere I have to be.” Dana disappears from our view and the CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us Phoebe and Katie’s baffled expressions. KATIE (looking at Phoebe) “Should we follow her?” PHOEBE (shaking her head) “No I don’t think so.” (slowly) “I think Dana knows where she’s going.”


CUT TOINT. THE TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the room shows us SPIKE. The blonde vampire is busy pummeling on a sandbag. He’s looking smoking hot in black leather pants and a black T-shirt. DANA “William the Bloody.” FOCUS ON Spike as he quickly turns around. DANA stands on the doorstep. SPIKE (tilting his head) “Dana?” DANA “Heart and head.” (approaching the vampire) “Stop the heart. Cut off the head. It’s the only way to be sure. Keep cutting ‘til you see dust.” SPIKE “Uhm…” DANA (stopping in front of him) “It doesn’t hurt if you hold still.” ZOOMING IN on Dana as she closes her eyes briefly before looking up again, eyes focused on the confused vampire. SPIKE (concerned) “Are you alright?” DANA (eyes downcast) “I cut off your hands.” FOCUS ON Spike as he looks down at his hands. (And what lovely hands!!) He seems lost in thought for a moment, but then he lifts his head to look at the young slayer. She on the either hand has not let her gaze leave him even for a second.

SPIKE (shuddering) “Yes you did.” (looking away) “Either way – I got over it.” (meeting her gaze) “You should too.” DANA “Didn’t mean to hurt you. It was the voices in my head that told me to do that. Kill those humans. Hurt you.” (closing her eyes briefly) “I am better now. Mr. Giles and the others helped me. Explained things to me. Taught me things. Told me that I was chosen.” SPIKE (faltering smile) “They did, did they?” DANA “I have memories. Of the slayers that you have killed.” (blinking) “But I have also memories of lying in your arms. Feeling safe. Loved. Memories of holding your hand while it caught on fire.” (meeting his gaze) “You told her that she didn’t love you…” (looking away) “But she did.” SPIKE (silently) “I know.” DANA (tilting her head) “But you love Aerin now?” SPIKE “I do.” DANA (shaking her head) “She won’t understand.”

SPIKE “Understand…?” DANA “What you will become.” (reaching out a hand to his cheek) “They won’t be able to see it.” SPIKE (tensing) “What are you talking about?” DANA (ragged smile) “It doesn’t hurt if you hold still.” In a swift – and unexpected motion, Dana raises a knife and we see the terrified look in Spike’s eyes. But instead of attacking the blonde vampire as one might think that she would, the slayer makes a shallow cut on her wrists. A CLOSE UP on the two of them as Dana holds out a hand towards Spike who just looks baffled. DANA “Slow it down. Contain the monster.” A TIGHT SHOT of Spike as he stares at Dana with a bewildered expression in his face. Then, very slowly, he bends down his head with his gaze looked with hers. We see a hint of fangs before his mouth covers the open wound. As the vampire closes his eyes the CAMERA PULLS BACK to reveal the blissful expression on Dana’s face. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. AERIN’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the bedroom. AERIN sits on the bed with her hand pressed against her stomach and an affectionate expression on her face. She’s wearing loose fitting grey pants and a white T-shirt. Her long, dark hair is pulled to one side and shines in the light from the lamp. AERIN (contemplating) “Wonder when daddy comes back.”

SPIKE “I am back.” SPIKE shows up into view and he walks toward the bed to join his lover there. She makes room for the vampire and he lies down with his head in her lap. AERIN “Where have you been?” SPIKE (frowning) “What do you mean?” AERIN “You just disappeared.” SPIKE “I did?” AERIN (turning his head upwards) “You jumped up on a roof and disappeared.” (beat) “Don’t you remember?” SPIKE “No.” AERIN “I have a bad felling about this.” (looking away) “Something must have happened to you.” (no answer) “Spike?” ZOOMING IN on the two lovers. Spike’s head is in Aerin’s lap, his eyes shut as he seems to be asleep. Aerin runs her fingers through his tangled blond curls. (Aww, isn’t Spike adorable when he sleeps?) The vampire frowns and growls a little. Aerin rolls her eyes at his, but the expression on her face is full of endearment. The slayer strokes his hair and the vampire relaxes again, now with a content smile on his lips. AERIN “You big puppy.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. ANGEL’S OFFICE – THE HYPERION – DUSK DOOR POV: ANGEL sits behind his desk as ILLYRIA walks into view with her back against the CAMERA. The dark-haired vampire looks up and sighs. ANGEL (bluntly) “Is there a reason for you being here?” ILLYRIA “Everyone else is occupied. The blonde slayer you call Buffy and her followers are out on patrol. Spike and Aerin is upstairs.” (frowning) “They’re mating.” ANGEL (rolling his eyes) “Really, Illyria. I can make do without that kind of information.” ILLYRIA “Very well.” (tilting her head) “I wish to do violence.” ANGEL (raising an eyebrow) “You know what? I do to.” A TIGHT SHOT of the creepy (?) little smile that appears on Illyria’s lips. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET – DOWNTOWN L.A – DUSK A CLOSE UP on DAWN. She’s leaning against a wall and seems to be panting quite a bit. DAWN ”What if the creature's waiting?” The CAMERA PULLS BACK to show us BUFFY standing beside her younger sister.

BUFFY ”Then piss it off.” DAWN (blinking) ”How?” BUFFY ”Pretend it's me.” DAWN “Ha ha. Funny.” BUFFY “Wasn’t trying to be.” XANDER “The creature had friends, Buffy.” The CAMERA PULLS BACK EVEN MORE to reveal XANDER standing behind the slayer. XANDER “You can’t expect Dawn to put herself at risk by being caught spying on them?” BUFFY “I just want her to take a quick peek, that’s all. She’s the experienced spy.” DAWN (indignant) “I am not!!” BUFFY “So I just imagined it when I saw you sneak a peek at Spike and Aerin making out?” DAWN (pouting) “Bugger.” FOCUS ON Dawn as she peeks around a corner and we see things from her POV: There’s a large group of REALLY ugly looking demons a few meters away. As Dawn is to draw back, one of them suddenly looks up and obviously spots her. A scream echoes through the still night.

XANDER “We are so screwed…” (shaking his head) “We’re not going to make it!” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as XANDER, BUFFY and DAWN steps out to meet the approaching demons. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET – DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the scene. BUFFY, XANDER and DAWN stands looking down at the dead demons at their feet. Counting it to twelve ugly looking demons. XANDER (sighing) “Okay. That was over rather fast.” BUFFY ”Excuse me, I distinctly remember someone saying "We're not gonna make it!" I think we made it.” XANDER (holding up his hands) ”I'm sorry, I overreacted. At the time, it looked very much like we weren't going to make it.” BUFFY (rolling her eyes) ”Yeah, well, maybe next time, you'll just wait and see.” XANDER (grinning) ”And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?” DAWN (yawning) “I am tired. Can’t we go home?” The three of them turn around and disappears out of view. FADE OUT-

INT. ANGEL’S OFFICE – THE HYPERION - NIGHT SPOTLIGHT ON ANGEL sitting behind his desk. He seems busy scribbling down something of a sheet of paper. SPIKE ”Whatta you’re doing?” The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT as SPIKE enters the office. ANGEL ”I’m writing a letter to the Council.” (giving Spike a look) “Would you mind listening to it?” SPIKE (contemplating) ”How many pages?” ANGEL (shuffling the papers) ”Seven.” SPIKE ”Seven!! “ (pause) “Are you writing a letter or a book?” ANGEL (agitated) ”I’ve got a lot to say!” SPIKE ”No kidding!” ANGEL (agitated) ”What’s that supposed to mean?” SPIKE It’s…er…it’s a little long-winded.” ANGEL

(highly insulted) ”You’re lucky you’re a decent fighter, because you obviously don’t know anything about writing a letter!” SPIKE (agitated) ”I’m not the only one!” FOCUS ON Angel as he throws the papers to the side and gets up from his chair. Oh man, he really looks agitated. ANGEL (growling) “Why should I listen to you anyway? You’re so whipped that you lost your sense of what’s good or not.” SPIKE “Huh?” ANGEL “Aerin is all that you see these days.” (sneering) ”You’re the puppet and she’s pulling your strings.” SPIKE ”So what if I'm a puppet? Once upon a time... you were too.” ANGEL “That’s it!!” Angel lunges himself at Spike and presses the other vampire against the wall. Spike only smiles, which makes Angel seem even more agitated. ANGEL (scowling) “Will you stop grinning like an idiot?” SPIKE (titling his head) "Why should I, you big poncey git?!!"


(exploding) "For the last time," (shaking Spike) "I. Am. Very. Heterosexual!" BUFFY ”Men should grow up.” The CAMERA MOVES to the side to reveal BUFFY and FAITH standing by the door and looking at the two vampires with raised eyebrows. FAITH (smiling) ”Yeah. And dogs should stop licking themselves. It's not gonna happen.” A CLOSE UP on Angel and Spike as Angel lets go of Spike and backs away. Spike brushes of his T-shirt and fires of a mega watt smile towards the ladies. SPIKE “We were just having a heated discussion.” BUFFY (rolling her eyes) “Right.” ANGEL (taking seat in his chair) “Did you two want something?” FAITH “Just telling dead boy junior that Aerin’s looking for him.” SPIKE (heading out the door) “Ta daa!!” ANGEL (shaking his head) “Idiot.” (meeting Buffy and Faith’s glares) “He is so whipped.” FADE OUTCUT TO-

INT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN SPOTLIGHT on SPIKE and AERIN standing in the middle of the lobby. They seem to be having a heated discussion. AERIN “I woke up and you weren’t there!!” SPIKE “I couldn’t sleep.” AERIN (evil glare) “You could have waked me up instead of sneaking out!” SPIKE “I didn’t sneak out.” AERIN “I thought that you…” (swallowing) “I thought that something had happened to you.” SPIKE “Nothing happened. I am fine.” AERIN “You have to understand that I’m worried for you.” SPIKE (looking away) “There’s no need, Aerin.” AERIN “Are you kidding me?!!” (slapping him in the face) “You really are a jerk!!” A WIDE SHOT of the room as FAITH and BUFFY comes out from ANGEL’S OFFICE. FAITH ”Trouble in paradise. 2 o'clock.” BUFFY

“Wait, your 2 o'clock or my 2 o'clock?” FAITH (gesturing) ”Over there!” FOCUS ON Spike and Aerin again. AERIN (sniffling) “I am sorry… I didn’t mean…” SPIKE (sad smile) “Yes you did.” AERIN “Is just that…” (eyes downcast) “It feels that I’m losing you already.” SPIKE (caressing her cheek) “Aerin…” AERIN (quickly looking up) “Oh my god. It’s true, isn’t it?” SPIKE “I’m sorry, pet.” AERIN (whispering) ”So you're just going to give up and die, is that it?” SILENCE. AERIN ”So it is…” We follow Aerin with a STEAD CAM as she turns her back on him and walks away. FADE OUTCUT TO-

INT. THE ATRIUM – THE HYPERION – NIGHT ALL LIGHT on SPIKE sitting on a marble bench. BUFFY “Hi.” The CAMERA ZOOMS OUT to show us BUFFY slowly approaching the blonde vampire. She comes to a halt a few steps away from where he sits. SPIKE (looking up) “Hi.” Buffy seems to hesitate before shaking her head and taking a seat next to the brooding vampire. A MOMENT OF SILENCE. FOCUS ON Buffy as she casts a furtive glance at the vampire. He on the either hand just stared right in front of him, seemingly deep in thought. MORE SILENCE. BUFFY ”This is the best conversation we've had in weeks.” FOCUS ON Spike as he turns his head to look at Buffy. Slowly a smile appears on those full lips of his. SPIKE “I’m sorry, pet.” (shaking his head) “I have been really daft, haven’t I?” BUFFY (nodding) “Kind’a.” SPIKE (brimming eyes) “Buffy…” BUFFY

(babbling) "I should have told you sooner. Days sooner. Weeks. I was so stupid!!” (shaking her head) “I knew I was in love with you. But I was afraid. And there was so much ... so much on me right then. Faith, Giles and the potentials. I was afraid that if we started, if I ... if I got close to you again, I wouldn't be able to fulfil my responsibilities because I'd just want to hold you all the time. To be loved. So I waited, and then ... when I did tell you, it was too late." SPIKE “Ah, about that…” BUFFY “You died, Spike.” SPIKE (nodding) “I did. I burnt up and dusted proper. It was over, Buffy. And I was glad. I was…ready. To rest. To have some peace.” (sighing) “Then the amulet had to spit me back out. In the middle of Angel’s office of all places!!” BUFFY “And you were a ghost…?” SPIKE (shaking his head) “Not really a ghost. Fred said that I was something else. She just couldn’t find out exactly what.” BUFFY “And then you became solid.” SPIKE “U’huh.” BUFFY “And you never even thought that I would like to know?!” SPIKE “At first you were all I could think of.” (looking away) “But then I realized something.” BUFFY

“What?” SPIKE “I had to find my own place in the world, Buffy. So I decided that I wasn’t going to go and look after you.” BUFFY (bottom lip trembling) “Why? You…” (swallowing) “You always come back.” FOCUS ON Spike as he gets up from the bench and starts pacing in front of Buffy. SPIKE “I’m sorry.” BUFFY (bitter laugh) “You’re sorry?!!” (wrapping her arms around herself) “That’s rich, Spike!!” (shaking her head) “I mourned you, got damn it!! I thought that the man I fell in love with, a man who said that he loved me so much that he went and got himself a soul, was dead.” SPIKE (coming to a halt) “Buffy…” BUFFY “But you were here all the time. In L.A. With Angel.” SPIKE “I thought it was for the best, Buffy.” BUFFY “You had no right to make that choice for me. Neither did Angel.” (looking away) “In a way you’re just like him. Leaving me…” SPIKE “You can’t compare me to him!!” Spike stares down at her with a grim look on his beautiful face. (A.N: Ah, finally some real

interaction between Spike and Buffy!! Anyone more than me who has missed that? I am sorry that it took so long, but my characters do seem to live their own lives and I have been rather busy focusing on Spike’s love affair with Aerin. Hopefully there will be more interaction between Spike and Buffy from now and on. We will just have to wait and see…) SPIKE “I didn’t walk away because it got to hard. Cause I couldn’t handle it. I was dead.” BUFFY (sternly) “But then you came back!!” SPIKE “And you had moved on!! You had a nice new life. Do you get it? You bloody deserved to move the bloody hell on.” BUFFY (gritting her teeth) “Right. Like that was why.” SPIKE “Now don’t get cranky…” BUFFY (getting up) “Cranky?!” (yelling) “Cranky?!!” A CLOSE UP on Buffy’s face. She seems really agitated. Should we fear for Spike’s safety? BUFFY (poking him in the chest) “I haven’t even started, mister!!” (meeting his gaze) “In the Hellmouth… I could see your soul, Spike. And it was so beautiful. At that moment I knew you. I realized who you were and what you could have been. And I knew that you were the last piece that I needed to be complete.” (blinking) “And ever since that day I haven’t been whole.”


(hoarse) “Buffy…” ALL LIGHT on the two of them as they lean in closer, as if they are about to kiss each other!! They’re only inches from each other when we hear a snickering laughter. The CAMERA SPINS AROUND to reveal… SPIKE standing a few feet away with a smirk plastered on his face. (Of course it is not Spike – but THE FIRST!!) THE FIRST “Well, well, well…” (rubbing his hands) “Finally it seems as I have the two lovebirds for myself.” (tilting his head) “Oh, how I have longed for this moment.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Buffy’s shocked expression.