Examination & Interview upaya

Upaya to be done for the preparations of the examinations : [ 1 ] Before the examinations , for 7 Thursdays regularly , immerse in a river 7 haldi ganth + 4 besan laddoos tied in a yellow cloth. [ 2 ] Use a pen / ball pen with a red body and a golden cap. You could use any ink. Upaya for concentration in studies both for the examinations and interviews: [ 1 ] Wear a small square piece of copper in a silver chain for concentration in studies for examination or for an interview. Upaya to be done on the day of the examination or an interview [ a ] Before leaving the house, eat some thing sweet and drink a little water. [ b] On the way offer a little milk at any temple. [ c ] You may recite the following chaupai from Ram Charit Manas before moving out of the house on the day of interview, right leg out of the house first, breath should be flowing naturally from the right nostril and see that you do not move out in rahu kalam. " Prabasi nagar keejey sab kaaja, Hrdya raakhi Kaushalpur Raja " ------ { ram charit manas } Think of Images of Lord Rama and Hanumanji, and move ahead.

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