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Event: Interview of Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx

Date: 04/23/2004

Special Access Issues: none

Prepared by: Quinn John Tamm, Jr. and Dietrich Snell

Team Number: 1A

Non-Commission participants: Counsel for Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Charles G. La Bella

and George C. loannides, FBI representative, Special Agent| |

The interview was conducted in the law offices of La Bella and McNamara, 401
West A Street, Suite 1150, San Diego, CA. The interview began at 2:30 pm Pacific time.
| [arrived at the law offices at 3:30 pm.

Xxxxxxocxxx Xxxxxx, PhD., was introduced to Commission Staffers Dietrich

Snell and Quinri John Tamm, Jr. It was explained to Dr< Xxxxxx that this interview
concerned his contact with Nawaf al-Hazmi (al-Hazmi) and Khalid al-Mihdhar (al-
Mihdhar), and other related issues. Dr. Xxxxxx provided the following information:

Dr. Xxxxxx stated that his is a native of India,, having been born in Rajasthan
Province. He became a United States citizen in 1976/ Dr. Xxxxxx isf | He
became active in the Muslim community of San Diego in the early IwOs and was a
| jlslamic Center of San Diego (ICSD). Dr. Xxxxxx explained that
/ the core group of members for the ICSD began meeting fpr prayer at a warehouse in San
Diego owned by one of. the members of the ICSD. .The initial gathering occurred during
Ramadan. Later the ICSD bought a house on Curry Street in San Diego, to use as a
mosque. After a fund raising campaign the present mosque was built on Balboa Avenue
in San Diego.|

Dr. Xxxxxx has two sonsj |who Is! I and! I

who is 1 1
1 Eft |are fiafiz, wnicjj.mearis that thev have memorized
thefLoran. Both sons, traveled to India to Study arid memorize the Koran. 1
'; I because of his accomplishment.

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Dr. Xxxxxx was asked about his relationship with the ICSD in January 2000. Dr.
Xxxxxx stated that in January 2000 his only relationship with the ICSD was as an
attendee of Friday prayers. He was not on the board of trustees of the mosque, and held
no other position with the ICSD. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that between 600 and 700 people
routinely attend the Friday prayer service at the ICSD. After the service there is
generally some socialization in the common areas and parking lot of the mosque.

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked how he met Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. In
April 2000, Dr. Xxxxxx explained that he had placed an announcement on the bulletin
board of the ICSD adjacent to the administrative offices of the mosque. The notice was in
English, and stated that Dr. Xxxxxx was interested in renting rooms in his house in
| Ito "practicing" or observant Muslims. The notice only provided Dr.
/Xxxxxx's telephone number for contact. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that he was standing in the
•hallway adjacent to the administrative offices at the ICSD when the mosque's secretary,
,; I ~|pointed him (Xxxxxx) out to al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar, Al-Hazmi spoke to
/Dr. Xxxxxx with al-Mihdhar present. Al-Hazmi told Dr. Xxxxxx that he and al-Mihdhar
; needed at place to stay, "very badly." Dr. Xxxxxx said that the conversation was
I conducted in English. Dr. Xxxxxx explained that al-Hazmi had limited English skills,
"but go his message across." Al-Mihdhar spoke no English, and conversed with al-
Hazmi in Arabic. Al-Hazmi stated that he and al-Mihdhar were living in an apartment
complex near the ICSD, but would have to vacate the apartment because "the person"
they were living with was "leaving for Saudi Arabia." Dr. Xxxxxx recalled that the
apartment building was on Mt. Aida Avenue in San Diego. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that it was
his recollection that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar came to his house inl Ion
05/10/2000. Dr. Xxxxxx bases this on the fact that al-Hazmi left his house on
12/10/2000 and did not owe him any additional rent. Dr. Xxxxxx said that al-Hazmi
gave him notice of his departure several days earlier and then selected 12/10/2000, stating
that would complete a full month's rent. Consequently, Dr. Xxxxxx presently believes
that he first met al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar on the .Friday before 05/10/2000, or

It was noted to Dr. Xxxxxx by Commission staffers that al-Mihdhar changed the
mailing address on his bank account at the Bank of America from the Mt. Aida Avenue
address to Dr. Xxxxxx's address on 04/19/2000. Dr. Xxxxxx did not have an explanation
for this contradiction, other than he recalled that al-Mihdhar lived with him for
approximately six weeks and he believed that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar moved into his
house on 05/10/200Q. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that he did assist al-Hazmi in opening a
checking account, at the Bank of America branch.inl |CA, sometime after
al-Hazmi moved into his house. It is Dr. Xxxxxx's recollection that al-Hazmi opened the
account with a $3,000.00 cash deppsit, in $100 bills, which Dr. Xxxxxx handed to the
bank teller or employee. Dr..Xxxxxx did not know that al-Mihdhar had a bank account,
and denied suggesting in a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report that al-Mihdhar
"handled the .money."

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When al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar moved into.Dr. Xxxxxx's house m|
,-•-' • -^*..-ri1S«\ „' •-><;-,•• "Vf*'i*f ^MMHHMMMH!

J-Hazmi owned an automobile'. As previously noted, al-Hazmi could speak

limited English and al-Mihdhar spoke no English at all. Al-Hazmi told Dr. Xxxxxx that
he and al-Mihdhar came to the United States to lea^n English. Dr. Xxxxxx said that they
told him the name of a language school in San Diego, which Dr. Xxxxxx no longer
recalls. Dr. Xxxxxx noted that the school was "legitimate," When Dr. Xxxxxx would
find al-Hazrni and al-Mihdhar at his house during the middle of the day, and not at the
language school, he would ask them about their "studies." Al-Hazmi told him that the
language school was "no good," and they had stopped attending. Dr. Xxxxxx mentioned
that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar seemed "secretive/' on occasion. Dr. Xxxxxx thought that
this behavior came from a personal disagreement between the two.

Both al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar stated thirt they were from Saudi Arabia,
specifically the Jeddah region. Dr. Xxxxxx suspected that al-Mihdhar was from Yemen,
because he had the ethnic characteristics of a Yemeni. Al-Mihdhar told Dr. Xxxxxx that
he was a fisherman and al-Hazmi stated that he had worked in his father's grocery store.
Neither al-Hazmi nor al-Mihdhar provided an explanation why they came to San Diego
to study English, as opposed to some other American city. They also did not tell Dr.
Xxxxxx the history of their friendship (al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar) which was customary
among Arabs. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that a previous FBI report where he (Xxxxxx)
described al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar as "cousins," was incorrect. Also incorrect was
another FBI report that stated that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar were introduced to him by
Modhar Abdula. Dr. Xxxxxx reiterated that he met al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar at the ICSD
on the casual introduction of| |

When ai-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar moved in with Dr. Xxxxxx they had limited
personal possessions. Al-Hazmi had his clothes and a personal stereo system or "boom
box" and al-Mihdhar only had his clothes. Dr. Xxxxxx allowed them to use his computer
to access the internet. Al-Hazmi was a frequent user of the computer and the internet.
Dr. Xxxxxx did notice that neither al-Hazmi nor al-Mihdhar ever made telephone calls
from his (Xxxxxx's) telephone. When he asked both of them if they ever called home,
they said that they did but that they used pay telephones. Al-Hazmi stated, "We go
outside to use the telephone." Dr. Xxxxxx noted that they would have to drive from the
neighborhood to use a pay telephone. Dr. Xxxxxx described al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar as
"Bedouins." He further stated that they were very patient and ate their meals in the
Bedouin style by sitting on the floor of the kitchen.

Dr. Xxxxxx described al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar as very pious. Dr. Xxxxxx
remarked that on one occasion that al-Mihdhar asked Dr. Xxxxxx to turn off the
television set because scantly clad cheerleaders were performing during a basketball
game. Al-Hazmi was especially interested in the news when it related to Chechnya. Dr.
Xxxxxx stated that al-Hazmi would be come visibly upset when there was news of
Russian victories in Chechnya. The three of them prayed the pre-dawn salah or prayer
together most days. Dr. Xxxxxx could only recall al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar missing the
pre-dawn salah on one occasion, and that is when al-Mihdhar went to Los Angeles, CA
to fly back to Yemen. Al-Mihdhar told Dr. Xxxxxx that he was going to visit his wife
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who had recently had a daughter: Al-Mihdhar had a photograph of his wife and daughter
which he showed to Dr. Xxxxxx. This confirmed Dr. Xxxxxx's suspicion that al-Mihdhar
was a Yemeni. No one else lived in Dr. Xxxxxx's house after al-Mihdhar left in June
2000, and before al-Hazmi left in December 2000.

Soon after al-Mihdhar left, al-Hazmi introduced Dr. Xxxxxx to Omar

Bakarbashat. Bakarbashat was an individual that al-Hazmi met at the ICSD, and he
brought him to Dr. Xxxxxx's house to repair Dr. Xxxxxx's computer. Dr. Xxxxxx noted
that Omar al-Bayoumi also visited al-Hazmi at his house. Dr. Xxxxxx knew al-Bayoumi
as a Saudi national who Dr. Xxxxxx met at the ICSD. Al-Bayoumi stated to Dr. Xxxxxx
when he visited, that "I referred them (al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar) to you." Dr. Xxxxxx
restated that this was not the case and that he met the two in the hallway of the ICSD
after the Friday prayer service.

Al-Hazmi did not like al-Bayoumi and told Dr. Xxxxxx that al-Bayoumi was an
"an agent for the Saudis." Al-Hazmi complained to Dr. Xxxxxx that al-Bayoumi video
taped people associated with the ICSD constantly. Dr. Xxxxxx noted that was his
experience when he attended events at the ICSD. Dr. Xxxxxx said that al-Bayoumi
always had his videotape recorder and sought comment to the open mike on the videotape
recorder. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that," I have heard that al-Bayoumi is an agent (of the

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked if he knew an individual by the name of Yazeed al-Salmi.
Dr. Xxxxxx stated that al-Salmi had visited his home, and was an apparent friend of al-
Hazmi. Dr. Xxxxxx said that he did not participate in a financial transaction with al-
Hazmi and al-Salmi. Dr. Xxxxxx restated that his only financial transaction with al-
Hazmi was assisting him in opening an account at the Bank of America. Dr. Xxxxxx was
also asked again about his certainty on the date that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar moved into
his house. It was noted that al-Mihdhar changed his address on his Bank of America
account from the Parkwood Apartments (the Mt. Aida Avenue address) to Dr. Xxxxxx's
house on 04/19/2000. Dr. Xxxxxx said that he went to the Parkwood Apartments, near
the ICSD to help al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar move from there to his house, and still
believed that they moved in on 05/10/2000. Dr. Xxxxxx was asked if either al-Hazmi or
al-Mihdhar ever received any mail at Dr. Xxxxxx's house. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that the
only mail received for the two were Bank of America bank statements. Dr. Xxxxxx does
not recall ever receiving any other mail. Dr. Xxxxxx said that that al-Hazmi and al-
Mihdhar could go to the curbside mail box and retrieve their mail, without Dr. Xxxxxx
knowing that they had received mail.

During the period of time when al-Mihdhar was still living with Dr. Xxxxxx, al-
Hazmi asked Dr. Xxxxxx to help him find a "Mexican wife." Dr. Xxxxxx explained that
mid-eastern men prefer Mexican women, because these women "blend" more easily into
mid-eastern societies. Al-Hazmi was using an internet webpage with the address,
"" to locate a wife. Al-Hazmi received only one response, from an
Egyptian woman who E-mailed him. To Dr. Xxxxxx's knowledge, al-Hazmi did not
respond to the E-mail. Al-Hazmi also asked Dr. Xxxxxx to help him find an American
Commission Sensitive

husband for his sister in Saudi Arabia., One of the issues that Dr. Xxxxxx finds
( , >ft \• r .„•'.. -•-• ,-, . .

perplexing is that al-Hazmi seem to "like America." Al-Hazmi was interested in finding
an American husband for his sister, and was willing to marry a non-Muslim American or
Mexican woman, with the hope of remaining in America.

Dr. Xxxxxx said that al-Mihdhar only lived with him, "for about six weeks." Dr.
Xxxxxx recalls that al-Hazmi accompanied al-Mihdhar to Los Angeles, CA, when al-
Mihdhar left to return to Yemen. Dr. Xxxxxx never saw al-Mihdhar after that time. Dr.
Xxxxxx does not know if Mohdar Abdula went to Los Angeles, CA with al-Mihdhar and
al-Hazmi. Dr. Xxxxxx had a negative opinion of Abdula. He stated that Abdula came to
his home used his bathroom and left a mess. When Abdula asked Dr. Xxxxxx if people
could stay with Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx would refuse, because these individuals were associated
with Abdula. Dr. Xxxxxx described Abdula as frequently belligerent and loud. Dr.
Xxxxxx first met Abdula at the ICSD, and does not associate Abdula with any other San
Diego area mosque. Dr. Xxxxxx was asked specifically if he recalled seeing Abdula at
the El Cajon, or Medina Mosque. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that he has never seen Abdula at the
Medina Mosque. Dr. Xxxxxx was asked if he had any contact with Abdul Rahman
Barzanji. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that he knew Imam Barzanji, and that Barzanji had asked
Xxxxxx's assistance. Dr. Xxxxxx went on to explain that Barzanji wanted to become a
United States citizen. Dr. Xxxxxx first met Imam Barzanji at the El Cajon mosque. Dr.
Xxxxxx said that this first meeting would have occurred before al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar
arrived at Dr. Xxxxxx's home as roomers. Imam Barzanji was the guest preacher at the
El Cajon mosque and thereafter the guest of honor at a dinner in El Cajon.

At some point after al-Mihdhar left for Yemen, Dr. Xxxxxx became aware that
Mohdar Abdula helped al-Hazmi get a job at the Texaco gasoline station in La Mesa, CA.
Dr. Xxxxxx was disturbed by this employment because he knew that al-Hazmi did not
have a work permit. Dr. Xxxxxx was concerned that the Immigration and Naturalization
Service (INS) would find out about the employment and that it would reflect negatively
upon Dr. Xxxxxx. Dr. Xxxxxx warned al-Hazmi that he could be deported if the INS
determined that he was working without a work permit. Al-Hazmi did not appear to be
concerned about this because Abdula was already employed at the gas station with other
illegal workers. Dr. Xxxxxx told al-Hazmi not to discuss his employment at the gas
station with him. Dr. Xxxxxx had previously asked al-Hazmi how he supported himself.
Al-Hazmi replied that his father sent him money from Saudi Arabia. Dr. Xxxxxx stated
again that Khalid al-Mihdhar did not control al-Hazmi's money.

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked if he knew or had met Eyad Kreiwish. Dr. Xxxxxx stated
that he did not know this individual. Neither did Dr. Xxxxxx know Osama Mustafa. Dr.
Xxxxxx did know Osama Owadallah. Dr. Xxxxxx first met Owadallah at the el Rabat
Mosque, after 09/11/2001. This mosque is also known as the Saranac Street Mosque.

Dr. Xxxxxx was also very familiar with the imam of the Saranac Street Mosque,
Anwar Aulaqi. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that Imam Aulaqi spoke excellent English, having
lived in the United States for many years. Dr. Xxxxxx said that al-Hazmi respected
Aulaqi, and told Dr. Xxxxxx that he (al-Hazmi) spoke with Aulaqi on a regular basis. Dr.
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Xxxxxx knew that Aulaqi's parents were from Yemen, but Aulaqi was an American
citizen. Aulaqi's father was a major government official, the Minister of Agriculture, and
the father encouraged Aulaqi to remain in the United States. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that
Aulaqi eventually left the el Rabat Mosque and took a new assignment at a mosque in
Dr. Xxxxxx understood that Aulaqi left after a dispute with the president of the board of
trustees of the el Rabat Mosque. The president of the board's last name is Hbshi. After
Aulaqi left, Xxxxxx had no more contact with him.

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked if he knew the imam of the King Fahad Mosque in Culver
City, CA. Dr. Xxxxxx advised that he did know Fahad al-Thuraairy, the former imam.
Dr. Xxxxxx related that he first met al-Thumairy at the opening of the Somali mosque
near San Diego State University at 50th Street. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that al-Thumairy was
scheduled to preach at the first prayer service at the mosque but was late and only
attended the dinner after the service. The dinner was held at the Aswan Restaurant and a
lamb was slaughtered as part of the festivities. Dr. Xxxxxx said that it was not the
holiday of Bid, where lambs are traditionally slaughtered. Because al-Thumairy was from
Saudi Arabia, most of the participants at the dinner hoped for a substantial contribution
from al-Thumairy. Al-Thumairy did not speak or preach at the dinner.

After that time Dr. Xxxxxx has attended the Culver City mosque three to four
times when al-Thumairy was the preacher. Dr. Xxxxxx never heard al-Thumairy preach
an anti-American sermon, nor has Dr. Xxxxxx been told by others of anti-American
sermons. Nawaf al-Hazmi never told Dr. Xxxxxx that he knew or had met al-Thumairy.
Dr. Xxxxxx does not know Mohammed al-Muhanna, the other imam at the Culver City
mosque. Dr. Xxxxxx does know another individual by the same name. Dr. Xxxxxx has
also met the director of the Islamic Foundation of Los Angeles, the owner of the King
Fahad or Culver City mosque. Dr. Xxxxxx described this individual as a Nigerian with
the last name of Swab. Dr. Xxxxxx was asked where he stayed when he visited the
Culver City mosque. Dr. Xxxxxx said that when he did remain in Los Angeles over-
night he would stay in "downtown" Los Angeles. No one from the Culver City mosque
ever recommended any hotel to him. Dr. Xxxxxx said that he has never been to the Saudi
consulate in Los Angeles. When he applied for a visa to visit Saudi Arabia he did so by
the U.S. Mail. Dr. Xxxxxx was last in Saudi Arabia seven to eight years ago.

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked if he knew Khalil al-Khalil. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that he
knows of al-Khalil; remarking that al-Khalil is married to an Italian woman. Al-Khalil is
a friend of a closefriendof Xxxxxx's| | Dr. Xxxxxx did not meet al-Khalil
when he visited San Diego. Omar al-Bayoumi also spught the assistance of| I Dr.
Xxxxxx knows that al-Bayoumi askedj |to help him obtain a "Green Card."
Dr. Xxxxxx cautioned j lagainst helping al-Bayoumi because Xxxxxx believed that
he (al-Bayoumi) was an intelligence agent. |;

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked what other roomers or boarders he had at his home during
2000. Dr. Xxxxxx said that after al-Haimi left, Ran|ez Noamain, Yazeed al-Salmi and
Omar Bakarbashat lived in his house for varying lerigths of time. Dr. Xxxxxx stated that

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no one lived at the house when al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi were there; including the time
<"V-i ; - i-jl »K»*.••!, •'* "\

that al-Hazmi was there by himself. '

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked to describe the sequence of events when al-Hazmi left his
house in December 2000. Dr. Xxxxxx said that several days before al-Hazmi left, he
came to Dr. Xxxxxx and said that he was going to San Jose, CA. Al-Hazmi told Dr.
Xxxxxx that he was going to take pilot training. He told Dr. Xxxxxx that he would need
new tires for the automobile al-Hazmi owned. Dr. Xxxxxx had four new tires and gave
them to al-Hazmi. Dr. Xxxxxx also bought al-Hazmi a leather jacket at Costco, as a
going away gift. Al-Hazmi asked for the receipt, returned the jacket and took the money
instead. Dr. Xxxxxx then helped al-Hazmi clean out his room. Al-Hazmi told Dr.
Xxxxxx that he would leave on December 10,2000, because that would be the end of a
full month's rental period. Dr. Xxxxxx said that on the morning of December 10th, a
male individual by the name of "Hani" came to his house. Dr. Xxxxxx does not know
how Hani got to the house. Dr. Xxxxxx said that al-Hazmi told him Hani's name. Hani
did not speak directly to Dr. Xxxxxx. Dr. Xxxxxx looked Hani over and decided that
Hani was of mixed Arab ethnic background, maybe one half Yemeni. Dr. Xxxxxx was
shown a visa photograph for Hani Hanjour and said that this was not the same individual.
He stated that the male who came to his house had more hair, which was kinky, and a
fairer complexion. This male had no moustache, and was approximately 5-7 in height.
Hani and al-Hazmi left in al-Hazmi's automobile. Al-Hazmi stated to Dr. Xxxxxx, "Dr.
Xxxxxx, I'm coming back, I'll see you." Several weeks after he left, al-Hazmi called Dr.
Xxxxxx by telephone and told him that he (al-Hazmi) was in Arizona taking flight
lessons. Al-Hazmi did not specifically say where he was in Arizona. Yazeed al-Salmi
had visited al-Hazmi prior to him leaving but was not at the house when al-Hazmi left.

Dr. Xxxxxx next had contact with al-Hazmi when he sent Xxxxxx an E-mail, Al-
Hazmi signed the E-mail "Samir," but Xxxxxx knew that the E-mail came from al-Hazmi
because of the electronic address. Dr. Xxxxxx sent a reply to al-Hazmi, stating in part,
"say hello to Hani."

Dr. Xxxxxx then related a situation that occurred when al-Hazmi was still livin;
at his house. Dr. Xxxxxx was storing a 1991 Nissan for a friend of hisj|
who had traveled to the United Kingdom. | [ran a printing company that went out of
business. Oneof^^_[s printers was printing twenty dollar bills, unknown to| |
Conseauentlv.l KJecided to return to the United Kingdom. /

Dr. Xxxxxx said that .al-Hazmi brought to the house a teacher from Saudi Arabia.
Accompanying the teacher were his parents, and brother. Al-Hazim told Dr. Xxxxxx that
the teacher was visiting the United ^States for three weeks, and wished to borrow the
Nissan that was left with Xxxxxx, The teacher said that ne had an International driver's
license. Dr. Xxxxxx agreed to let the teacher use the car jf the teapher purchased
insurance to cover the period of time that heytould be using the vehicle. The teacher
used the Nissan and returned it to Dr. Xxxxxx. After the vehicle >Vas returned, Dr.
Xxxxxx was asked by Mohdar Abdula if he, that is Abdula could use the Nissan. Dr.
Xxxxxx made the same requirement that insurance te purchased for the vehicle. Abdula

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said that the teacher had flever purchased the insurance. Dr. Xxxxxx thereafter
considered the teacher to be a "cott artist." Dr. Xxxxxx said that the teacher's brother
worked full-time ia the United States and was married.

Dr. Xxxxxx was shown a series of phonographs. He identified two photographs of

al-Hazmi and one photograph of al-Mihdhar. Dr, Xxxxxx also identified Yazeed al-
Salmi, and Anwaf Aulatji. Dr. Xxxxxx said that ^photograph of Qualid Benomrane
was "familiar." > >

Dr. Xxxxxx only knows oil H>y being-questioned about him by the
FBI. He heard through the questioning thaty . Imay be a friend of a^Hazmi's.
I Es not a muj^deen, although Dr. Xxxxxx has never met[

Dr. Xxxxxx knows of I Ithrough al-Hazmi who describe'

as a rich man.; who may give'unonev to the, mosques:. Since. Dr. Xxxxxx W
I |he ma,4e & request oil . I for ^contribution, hut never received any
money. Dr. Xxxxxxisaid that I Iwasa Yemeni, and he sawfll-Hazmi and I
together at the ICSDi Dr> Xxxxxx \yas askedifhe thoughiT fmay have supported
al-Hazmi financially.: Dtf. Xxipixx seated, that this Syas "possible." Dr. Xxxxxx was asked
about! il Dr!J\x said thkt he has borrowed money fronil "^ but has
now paid the money; bac^ Dr. Xipockx stated thathernet| jatthe Orange County
mosque. Dr. M. Sideiqi i s^anothet! financial contact of Xxxxxx ' s. Dr, Xxxxxx has asked
for financial support ifrom|l \r a program for ; iyid'ftws and divorcees that Dr.
Xxxxxx has an interst in' s th \

Dr. Xxxxxx mentioned that the name of Atiqulla al- Mahdi was mentioned at the
ICSD during the Friday prayer service. Dr. Xxxjtxx said that Mahdi had been recently
released from prison after serving a te^rm for illegal arms sales. Several other people Dr.
Xxxxxx knows from the mosque include/ \

Individuals whb staved with Dr. Xxxxxx for shprt periods of tinie included a
person by the name ofl iwho al-Hazmi met at the ICSD and stayed for one week.
Also staying with Xxxxxx for a short period of time was! I] |was a
Moroccan who later left and went to Ufah| ""jwould have "overlapped" with al-
Hazmi in November and December 2000.

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked about a financial transaction that involvedl I al-
Hazmi and himself. Dr. Xxxxxx said that! 1 wanted to purchase a cashier's check
and to save the seven dollar fee at his bank (Union Bank of California) asked Xxxxxx and
al-Hazmi if the cashier's check could be purchased at the Bank of America where there is
no fee. Dr. Xxxxxx and al-Hazmi agreed to this arrangement and converted fs cash
to the cashiers' check.
Commission Sensitive

Dr. Xxxxxx was asked if he told FBI Special Agent| [about al-Hazmi
and al-Mihdhar. He stated that h"e told j jth'at he had two Saudte living in his
house. Dr. Xxxxxx also toldl fthat al-Mihdhar had returned to Yemen. Dr.
Xxxxxx does not have a specific memory of any of the conversations, 0r when the
conversations occurred with| [ \1 Law Enforcement