Death by dragon fire

Previously on Angel; - We see a FLASH BACK at ANGEL dropping the medallion SPIKE wore in ‘Chosen’. Spike emerges and everyone looks stunned. Angel has a tormented look in his face as he gaze upon the screaming, blonde vampire. ANGEL “Spike.” - We see WESLEY and FRED kiss each other. - We see GUNN signing a release form. - We see Fred inhaling the dust from a sarcophagus. Then we see her falling down the stairs and Wes’s anguished face. - We see Fred in Wes arms, coughing and with batted breath. WES (v. o) “It’s called Illyria. A great monarch and warrior of the demon age.” FRED “Please, Wesley, why can’t I stay?” - We then see Illyria rise from the floor, extending her hand. ILLYRIA “This will do.” - We see Angel and the others in his office, looking grim and distrustful. ANGEL “I’ve seen the faces of evil. I know who the real powers of the apocalypse are.” (v.o) “I’m talking of killing every single member of the Black Thorne. You decide for yourselves if it’s worth dying for.” - We see Illyria sit by a wounded Wes, holding his head in her lap.

ILLYRIA “Would you like me to lie to you now?” - We see Illyria as Fred caressing Wesley’s cheek. WES “I, I love you…” ILLYRIA/FRED (crying) “I love you. My love. Oh, my love.” - We see Angel, Spike, Illyria and Gunn in a dark alley. Gunn’s badly wounded. ILLYRIA “You’re fading. You last ten minutes at best.” GUNN “Then let’s make them memorable.” - Angel raising his sword, as a dragon flies past. ANGEL (v. o) “Personally I want to slay the dragon.” ANGEL “Let’s go to work.” - And the sword fell.


Death by dragon fire
By: Mariana

INT. A WHITE UNKNOWN ROOM - DATE UNKNOWN The camera’s zooming in on ANGEL lying seemingly unconscious on a white marble floor. His eyes flicker and a moan slips his bruised lips. We see his head pop up and the vampire looks mighty confused. ANGEL (somewhat blurry) “What…?” CUT TO Illyria waking up next to Angel, looking rather agitated. She quickly gets up on her feet, offering a helping hand to the dizzy vampire. He takes it and is soon on his feet as well. They both look around, seeing nothing else than white walls. WIDE ANGLE on the room - revealing two still unconscious body’s on the floor; Spike’s and Gunn’s. Gunn is clearly badly wounded. ILLYRIA (coolly) “Charles is dying.” ANGEL “Don’t you think I know that?” (looking around) “We must find a way out of here.” VOICE UNKNOWN “There’s none.” PANNING ACROSS the room to show an elderly man in white clothes. He looks like an old oracle. Or some magical entity. His hair touches his shoulders and is white as snow. Clear blue eyes meet their suspicious glances. ANGEL (tensing) Who the hell are you?”

STRANGER “You can call me Enkil.” ILLYRIA “What kind of creature are you?” TIGHT SHOT of the man as he smiles, wrinkling up his weather-beaten face. Then PULL BACK to show the others. ENKIL “I am all and yet nothing. I exist in this place merely to maintain the balance between right and wrong.” ANGEL “Why have you brought us here?” (gesturing towards Illyria and the two still forms of Spike and Gunn on the floor.) “And why are they not waking up?” ENKIL (looking down at the bodies) “Charles Gunn is dying from his wounds. If he were to wake up he would be dead in an instant. William on the other hand is a completely different matter.” (eying the blonde vampire with a strange expression on his face) ILLYRIA (seemingly bored with it all) “I could crush you were you stand.” ANGEL “Illyria…” ENKIL “She’s right.” (smiling broadly at them) “But then you would never be able to leave this place.” ILLYRIA “I traveled the dimensions as I pleased. This pitiful excuse of a dimension is not impressive.” CLOSE UP on Angel, looking like he doesn’t know what to think. Then we see his eyes flicker, and his body tensing - as if he suddenly realizing something.

ANGEL “Tell us what you want so that we can get it over with.” ENKIL “Always straight to business. That’s the thing I like about you, Angel.” (turning around to look at Illyria) “Your powers are diminished Old One. You have yet to learn that things aren’t as they once used to be. But rest assures: the powers will return to you.” (noticing her pleasant expression) “You just have to have some patience.” ILLYRIA “I’m a god king. Patience is not something we master, worm. You tell me that my powers will return, but yet I can feel them at this moment.” ANGEL (wanting to get down to the business) “Why are we here?” TIGHT SHOT of Enkil. ENKIL “You’re all here because you’re dead.”


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INT. THE WHITE ROOM - DATE STILL UNKNOWN Angel’s pacing the white room, casting dark eyes on the elderly man. Illyria stands in the background, seemingly more or less bored with it all. But if one would look closely it’s clear that she’s uncomfortable. ANGEL “Let me see if I get this right; we died in the battle?” ENKIL “Well… You were dying anyway. I pulled you out of there just before the moment of death.” (pointing a finger at the still unconscious Gunn) “Charles Gunn was the first one to die. He fought bravely but his wounds were too severe.” (turning to Angel) “You, Angel, was soon to follow. I’m sorry to say that the dragon got the best of you. The best parts anyway.” (looking down at Spike’s still form) “This one kept on fighting for quite some time after that. But he finally succumbed when he took a blow that was meant for Illyria.” We see the shocked expression on Illyria’s face, which ’til this moment had been blank. It’s clear to us that she is somewhat touched by the blonde vampire’s sacrifice for her sake. To her right, Angel has stopped pacing and is now looking down at Spike with knitted brows. ANGEL “What about Illyria?” ENKIL “I pulled her out of the fight without knowing her true fate.” ANGEL “So, you say that she might not have died?” ILLYRIA (still looking down at Spike) “I would have died as well. Even with my power I could not have conquered over that

amount of enemies. I would have joined my predecessors; and what greater way to rejoin them to fall in battle?” ANGEL “Yeah… We were outnumbered to say the least.” ILLYRIA “If I had the full capacity of my powers I could have banished them to hell dimensions the likes of you can only dream of.” ANGEL (giving her a weary look) “Will you ever listen? Lay off that all-powerful-god-king attitude. It’s so last season.” ILLYRIA (finally letting her eyes off Spike and giving Angel a grim look) "I do not concern myself with the things you tell me. You are a vampire. I’m superior to you." ENKIL “ENOUGH!!!” CLOSE UP on an enraged Enkil. His eyes are half shut and his lips thin and white. Then PULL BACK to show the surprised expression on Angel’s face and the chilly look from Illyria. ANGEL “What…?” ENKIL (brow knitted) “I brought you all here for a reason.” (stepping forward) “It is time for you to make a choice. So listen carefully and make the right one. Because the fate of mankind may lie on your shoulders.” ANGEL (sardonically) “Tell me something new.” ENKIL “I have the means to send you back so you can keep up with the fight against the dark forces of evil. But there are some terms that you have to agree on before I can make this happen.”

(pacing back and forth) “First of all I want you to promise me that you do everything in your power to obtain the balance between right and wrong. Second, I need to know that Illyria will stay by your side and that she doesn’t have any attentions regarding world domination - of any sort.” (giving the irritated god king a quick glance.) “Good luck with that. And third…” ANGEL (chagrined) “And third?” ENKIL “You have to bring Spike back.” TIGHT SHOT of Angel. ANGEL (gritting his teeth) “Bring Spike back from where?” ENKIL “His in another dimension right now. That’s why he’s still unconscious; although his body is here, his spirit is not. And it’s rather important that he’ll be a part of your team.” ANGEL (looking over at Spike) “Why?” ENKIL “It wasn’t Spike’s time yet to die in that battle. Let us just say that it was a slight error in the plan we have for him.” ILLYRIA “We?” ENKIL “We have seen into the future and if Spike is not brought back there’s reason to believe that the fate of mankind is doomed to suffering and death. Earth itself might even cease to exist.” ANGEL “So, you want me to go to this… dimension (?), and bring Spike with me from there?” (pensive expression)

“I’ll do it.” (giving Enkil a crocked smile) “From what dimension will I bring him back from?” ENKIL “The dimension in which Spike exist for the moment goes by many names. It has been called Valhalla, Alfardaws, Assama, Falak al Aslak, Elysium, Elysian fields, Arcadia, Tien, Olympus, Zion, Utopia, Paradise...“ ANGLE ON Angel and Illyria. We see that they know what to come and they are not happy about it. Not happy at all. In fact… It’s looking like Illyria is ready to rip someone’s head off. Let us guess it is Enkil’s. ENKIL ”… and a name more familiar to you, Angel, and known all over the world as - Heaven.”

FADE OUT CUT TO Angel. ANGEL (shaking his head) “No.” ENKIL “No? I don’t understand.” ANGEL “I won’t do it. Did you actually believe that I would be willing to rip someone out from heaven? Heaven. It’s just too cruel. I know how much Buffy suffered when her friends brought her back. How much she longed for to return to the place were she had found peace and serenity. She was complete and then she wasn’t. I would imagine that it would be the same for Spike. (swallowing) “I won’t do it.” ILLYRIA “Angel…”

ANGEL (turning to Illyria and meeting her pensive eyes) “No, Illyria. If Spike truly has deserved his place in heaven…” (cringing) “…then he should rest in peace.” ILLYRIA “But do you really understand the consequences of not bringing him back? The earth will cease to exist; billions of innocent people will die. Spike wouldn’t want that. Remember that he sacrificed his life to save the world…” ILLYRIA’S POV; we see Angel approaching her with a pained expression in his scarred face. He stops just inches away and reach up a hand to stroke her cheek. She’s obviously leaning her head against his palm as our view of the scene’s tilting to the right. ANGEL “Okay. I’ll do it.” (smiling sadly) “I must admit that I am a bit jealous of that idiot. At least he ended up in heaven.” ENKIL “He earned his place there for his sacrifice when he saved Illyria’s life. But that was just one of many reasons to his redemption. For one his actions before regaining his soul…” ANGEL (bitterly) “Spike was always good at controlling his demon. I never could.” (glancing towards Illyria) “Hell, it’s not Spike’s fault. He was right about our souls. He fought for his. Earned it. So, I guess that he was meant for heaven. And I am not.” ENKIL (gesturing with his right hand) “It is time.” PANNING ACROSS the room to the far end of one the white walls. We see some sort of whirling portal open. Angel begins to advance in that direction, but is stopped by Illyria’s voice. LONG SHOT of Illyria at the other end of the room. She’s standing next to Enkil.

ILLYRIA “Good luck, half-breed.” And Angel steps into the portal. It closes behind him and Illyria is left alone with Enkil.


INT. A WHITE BEACH - PRESUMABLY SOMEWHERE IN HEAVEN - DATE UNKNOWN TIGHT SHOT OF Angel as he blinks as if he can’t believe his eyes. THEN PULL BACK to show a white beach - like the ones you imagine paradise would look like. Soft, turquoise waves licking the sandy shore and a clear blue sky, with a sun which rays doesn’t seem to have any effect on Angel whatsoever. CIRCULAR SHOT of the surroundings, revealing palm trees shielding the rest of Angel’s view. ANGEL (somewhat confused) “What the hell?” (scratching his head) “Is this heaven?” WE hear a sound behind Angel and when he turns around, to our surprise, we see JOYCE SUMMERS walking towards him over the smooth sand with a smile on her lips. Joyce’s hair moves gracefully in the soft breeze and she’s wearing a white dress. She looks… radiant. ANGEL (aghast) “Joyce…?” JOYCE “Hello, Angel.” ANGEL “How… How is this possible?” (a shuddering breath) “I am sorry… Of course you’re in heaven. But… Why are you here?” JOYCE “I am only were I’m suppose to be.” (smiling tenderly) “You came looking for Spike, right?” ANGEL “Er… Yeah… How did you…?”

JOYCE (pointing towards a still form lying in the shade of a palm tree) “He’s there.” (yelling) “Spike! You have a visitor.” TREETOP POV of Spike lying half naked in the sand, opening his eyes and blinking dazedly. We see him slowly sitting up, bringing his arms up to stretch his muscles as he yawns sleepily. Then we follow him with a STEAD CAM as he get up on his feet and start to walk. PANNING ACROSS the beach to Angel and Joyce. They exchange looks. SPIKE (surprised tone) “Angel?” ANGEL (waving awkwardly) “Hi, Spike.” SPIKE “Are you dead too?” ANGEL “Not in the same way as you.” SPIKE “If you’re not dead - why are you here?” ANGEL “We need to talk about that.” (squinting) “Is that a tan?” PULL BACK to reveal Spike’s tanned body. (For the girls; Yummy) He’s looking fit and very healthy. Content. SPIKE “Yup.” ANGEL (brooding) “Exactly how long have you been here?”

SPIKE (rubbing his stomach) “I don’t know, man. How long has it been for you?” ANGEL “Er… I don’t know either. Maybe a day - or two…” SPIKE “It’s been longer than that for me. Months, maybe even years. Time here is quite relative. All I know is that I have been here for quite some time.” ANGEL “And you‘re…” (swallowing hard) “…happy?” TIGHT SHOT of Spike’s smile. Then PULL BACK to show Spike laying a hand on Angel’s shoulder and by doing so suggesting that they sit down in the sand. The three of them sit down and looks out over the ocean. SPIKE ”I can’t explain it really.” (gesturing towards the ocean and the beach) ”It’s beautiful, Angel. I feel like I belong here.” (eyes downcast) ”When Buffy was brought back from heaven, she said that she was happy. At peace. That she knew that everyone that she cared about was alright. She had felt warm and loved.” (a shuddering breath) ”And she was finished.” (gazing at Angel) ”I feel like that. Like I’m finished - ya known.” ANGEL (clearing his throat) ”About that… Hmm… You’re not. You know; finished.” We see Spike’s head snap in Angel’s direction and the shocked expression in his face. It’s clear that the blonde vampire fear what to come next. SPIKE ”What the bloody hell are you talking about?”

ANGEL ”I was sent here to bring you back.” SPIKE ”Bloody hell you weren’t!” (getting up to his feet and casting an evil eye at the other vampire) ”You soddin’ poofter…” JOYCE ”Spike. Please listen to him.” ANGEL (also standing up) ”I was sent here by a guy named Enkil. He’s some sort of guardian of the balance between right and wrong. He said that it wasn’t your time to die yet and that if you didn’t return the world would end.” JOYCE ”You can’t let that happen.” (rising and touching Spike’s stiff shoulder with a trembling hand) ”The world needs you, Spike.” (wiping a tear away) ”I’ll miss you. But I’ll know that I will see you again one day.” ANGEL ”So, what’s your answer?” SPIKE’S POV; He looks out over the ocean and we see storm clouds gather at the horizon. Guessing here that it is somehow a reaction to the turmoil going on inside of Spike. The waves, once soft, are now whipping the shore. Then ANGLE ON Spike’s face as he bit hard at his lip, making it bleed. SPIKE ”Okay. I’ll do it.” FADE OUTCUT TO Spike, walking alongside the shore with Joyce by his side. We now see that the ocean is still once again and the sky’s blue.

JOYCE “It will be lonely here when you’re gone.” SPIKE “Joyce…” JOYCE “I miss my daughter. And I have never been as sad as the day she was ripped out from heaven. That Willow…” SPIKE (coming to a halt) “You’ll see her some day, Joyce. You know you will. And Dawn. All those whom you have loved. That’s what heaven is all about.” A CLOSE UP at Joyce as tears is running down her cheeks. Then a sad smile. JOYCE “I know. Like I one day will see you again.” SPIKE “Joyce…” JOYCE (silencing him with a finger to his lips) “I know. I love you, Spike. And I know that Buffy would have been proud over you.” (caressing his cheek) “I know that you died in the Hellmouth so that she could have a chance at a normal life. But my daughters life will never be normal, Spike. So, I want you to promise me something; That you’ll give her a chance when you get back. She might surprise you.” SPIKE “I’ll think about it.” (yelling over his shoulder) “I’m ready!” PULL BACK to show Angel coming up behind them. ANGEL “Then let’s go.”

SPIKE POV: Suddenly a portal is opened right in front of our eyes and the camera’s zooming in on it as our heroes’ walks thru it. THEN PULL BACK to show Joyce standing alone on the beach. She’s crying with her arms wrapped around herself.


INT. THE WHITE ROOM - DATE STILL UNKNOWN We see Spike and Angel stumbling out of a portal and then PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the WHITE ROOM, revealing Enkil, Illyria and the still unconscious bodies of Charles Gunn and Spike. A TIGHT SHOT of Spike as he notices his own body on the floor. SPIKE “What the hell…?” ENKIL (approaching the two vampires) “I see that you have succeeded.” SPIKE’S POV; Turning his attention from his body on the floor and focusing on the white haired, white clothed man. Then we follow his gaze as it shifts over to Angel as the other vampire answers. ANGEL “Yeah. Hurray to me.” (frowning) “So, what happens now?” ENKIL (glancing at Spike) “Let’s start with correcting your condition.” (snapping his fingers) A SHOT DOWN FROM THE CEILING as Spike’s body on the floor stirs and his eyes snaps open. THEN PAN DOWN and PANNING ACROSS the room to show that the spot beside Angel were Spike stood a moment ago is empty. Then PANNING ACROSS the room again to Spike as he rises from the floor, looking chagrined. SPIKE “How about some warning next time you do something like that, mate?” (looking around the room.) “What’s this place?”

ENKIL “It’s not important. What is is that you have returned and balance can be restored.” SPIKE “Great.” (beat) “How?” ENKIL “Well, that’s up to Illyria.” ANGEL (astonished) “Illyria?” (reluctant) “Illyria.” ENKIL “I have brought you so far. The rest is up to you.” SPIKE “Again; How?” ENKIL “Only she can create the portal that will bring you back to L.A.” SPIKE “Great. Our hope lies in the little smurf wannabe‘s hands.” (receiving a dead cold glare from Illyria) “So… When’s the next bus back to heaven?” ANGLE SHOT of Enkil as he gives Spike a quick smile. Then the CAMERA’S focusing on ILLYRIA, as she slowly lifts her hand and with one swift motion opens a portal. A SNAP SHOT on Angel, whose mouth is open - making him look like a fish on dry land. ANGEL (stunned) “That’s… Just unnerving.” ENKIL “It’s time for you to leave this realm. Good luck to you all.”

ANGEL “Will someone grab Gunn?” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE ALLEY BEHIND HYPERION - CLOSE TO DAWN - DATE UNKNOWN We see a PORTAL opening in the middle of nowhere and three figures stumbling out from it, one of them carrying a forth figure in his arms. It’s ANGEL, SPIKE, ILLYRIA, and GUNN. And it’s Spike that holds the unconscious Gunn in his arms. A WIDE SHOT of them all as they search the scene with their eyes after any enemies (?). We see that the alley is empty but there’s evidence of a great battle. ANGEL “We need to get away from the sun. This way.” (gesturing towards Hyperion) SPIKE “Wait just a minute.” ANGEL (sighing) “What?” SPIKE “Just listen!” ILLYRIA “You hear it to, half-breed?” ANGEL (irritated) “Hear what?!” SPIKE “It’s quiet.” (beat) “Where are all the sounds of the cars, sirens and people in general?” (turning to face Angel) “There’s nothing…”

A CLOSE UP on Angel, as we see realization hit him like a sledgehammer. ANGEL “You’re right…” ANGLE ON Spike as he bends down to pick up a newspaper lying in a puddle of water. After a quick glance at the front page, his head snaps up and he shakes the paper vigorously. SPIKE “It’s dated five months after the battle!” ANGEL (sharp inhale) “It’s impossible. We’ve only been in Enkil’s realm for a day or so…” (questioning) “Right?” ILLYRIA “Time in his realm is not measured the same way as here, half-breed. This would most certainly explain why there are no sounds as to those you just described. The battle must have continued after our supposed demise. And the hordes of demons could reign destruction as they pleased.” SPIKE (looking around) “The city is in ruins.” ANGEL “We have to get out of the sun.” The CAMERA is following our band of heroes as they make their way down the alley and slowly up the stairs to the Hyperion. Inside they are met by dust and darkness. It looks terrible, but this doesn’t seem to bother any of them noticeably. On the other hand - Gunn is still unconscious, so he can’t voice his opinion. SPIKE’S POV as he rather carefully places Gunn’s body on a sunken couch. He steps back and then let his eyes sweep over the trashed room. SPIKE (sighing) “Home sweet home.”

ANGEL “It’s all we got. For the moment.” ILLYRIA “This shell has memories of this place.” SPIKE “Not now, Smurfette.” (turning to Angel) “I really think that we need to get Gunn to a hospital.” ANGEL “I don’t think there’s any help to get there, Spike.” SPIKE (sarcastically) “I know that, peaches. But there might be some supplies left - so that we could tend to his wounds.” GUNN “Hey… Guys…” The camera is PANNING ACROSS the room to show that Gunn has awakened and that he blinks rapidly as he tries to sit up. He fails to do that and Illyria hurries to his side to aid him in this matter. We can clearly see that she actually cares for him. ANGEL “Gunn!” GUNN (coughing) “Hi there, fearless leader.” (looking around the room) “Did we win?” (beat) “Scratch that. We couldn’t have if we have to be here. Right?” SPIKE “Nah, we didn’t win. Yet.” (smiling) “Great to have you back.”

GUNN (gazing up at Illyria) “Hey, it seems that I lasted more than ten minutes.” ILLYRIA “It would appear so.” GUNN (coughing blood) “Did I make them count?” A TIGHT SHOT of Angel as he sees the blood trailing down from Gunn’s mouth. Then the camera’s SHIFTING to Spike as he bits on his lips, making them bleed. ILLYRIA “You made them count, Charles.” (sounding strangely hoarse) GUNN “Man, that was intense. Let’s not do that for a while, ok?” ANGEL “You just get some rest. You need it.” GUNN “I’m not that tired. I…” (snoozing like a baby) ANGEL (walking to the couch) “I’ll sit with him.” (looking up at the other two) “Maybe… How about searching for that hospital?” SPIKE “We’ll get right on it.” WIDE ANGLE on the room as both SPIKE and ILLYRIA leave it. Then PAN ACROSS to show the pensive expression on Angel’s face as he watches them go out the door. Then he turns his attention to Gunn, who lies unconscious on the couch - looking way worse than before.

ANGEL “I’m so sorry, Gunn.” (inward smile) “I’m sorry for everything. Everyone… Doyle, Cordelia, Fred, Wes…” (shuddered breath) “They died because of me.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. MEDICAL FACILITY - MEDICINE SUPPLY ROOM - 01.00 HOUR DOOR POV of the supply room. The CAMERA then gives us a WIDE ANGLE of the room as SPIKE and ILLYRIA enters it with caution. SPIKE (searching eyes) “It looks like most of it has already been used.” (between breaths) “Poor sods. They had no warning.” ILLYRIA (curiously studying a heart in a jar) “This is a human heart? The shells memories tell me so.” (turning towards Spike) “Do you wish to consume it, half-breed?” SPIKE (looking disgusted) “No!” (beat) “But if you see a bag of blood…” ILLYRIA “Your kind is disgusting.” SPIKE (giving her a smirk) “Well, thank you.” We follow ILLYRIA with a STEAD CAM as she approaches a medicine cupboard that seems to have been opened with force. Inside there’s a mess, but she seem to find some unbroken

pill jars and bandages. She carefully takes them out and turns around to Spike that’s just come up behind her. ILLYRIA “I found these. Will they make Charles better?” SPIKE “No. But they will help.” ILLYRIA “I fear that nothing can help him.” (perturbed) “His wounds are mortal.” The CAMERA’S ZOOMING in on Spike as he gives her sideway glance. SPIKE (carefully) “You worry about him, don’t you?” A TIGHT SHOT of Illyria as she meets his gaze. Then we see her tilt her head to the right. (And does that not remind you of Spike a little bit?) ILLYRIA (sullen) “It disturbs me that I’ve been made to feel emotions.” SPIKE “Yeah. Tell me about it, pet.” ILLYRIA "You call me pet, when it is you that will do as I please." SPIKE (raising an eyebrow) "Heh, I don't think so, luv. Done being slapped around by the likes of you." ILLYRIA “Yet, you and the others need me to fight by your side?”

SPIKE “Bugger this.” (sighing) “You can’t leave, remember?” ILLYRIA (chilly) “I leave if it suits me.” SPIKE “Whatever.” We get a feeling that Spike’s bored tone has a negative effect on Illyria, as she gives him a cold glare. ILLYRIA ”If I leave… Will you still fight the assassins of the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart?” SPIKE (chuckling) ”I guess so.” ILLYRIA (abruptly) “You don’t think you’ll survive this.” SPIKE (silent) “No. No, I don’t. But I gotta try.” ILLYRIA “Why?” SPIKE “Because... Angel... he believes in something. And damn, if he don’t have me believin’ in it too.” ILLYRIA “Believing in what?”

SPIKE (looking at her out of the corner of his eye) “Making an impact.” ILLYRIA ”And you think that you can do that, half breed?” SPIKE ”I sure will try.” ILLYRIA (extending a hand and laying it over his) ”Then I will fight by your side, white haired knight.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - 04.00 HOURS ROOFTOP SHOT looking down at SPIKE and ILLYRIA as they make their way up the stairs and enter the silent building. The CAMERA’S following them as they walk over the floor, avoiding the rumble, and approaching Angel and Gunn at the couch. SPIKE (dropping the bag of supplies) “Honey, we’re home.” ANGEL (barley looking up) “You took you’re time.” SPIKE (imitating Angel’s voice in a silly tone) “Thank you, Spike.” (sarcastically) “Well, you‘re welcome. Poofter.” ANGEL “I don’t have time for this. Illyria, can you give me that bag?” (long silence) “Are you even listening, Blue?” (barking)

We see the god king swing around and glare viciously at the vampire. ILLYRIA “You dare call me by that name?” OK… WE know that Angel’s no coward (quite the opposite) but when facing Illyria one would be wise to watch his or hers mouth. And Angel suddenly seems to realize that he’s crossed an invisible line. ANGEL (muttering) “Spike calls you that all the time.”

ILLYRIA (informing him coldly) “The blonde one has been given this favour by my own choice.” (crabbily) “I recall no such thing at your part, half breed. Cease it immediately.” SPIKE (giving Angel the bag with a huge grin) “Always get them, don’t I?” A CLOSE UP on Angel’s frown. Then PAN DOWN to show that Gunn has awakened and is now studying the three of them with dimly eyes. We hear his ragged cough. GUNN “It warms my heart to hear you bicker like an old married couple.” (pointing at the bag) “Is that for me?” ILLYRIA “The half-breed and I acquired it for you, Charles.” (studying him intensely) “Your condition is worsening.” (turning to Angel) “Charles is dying.”

ANGEL (digging through the bag) “Not yet.” ANGLE ON Angel as he gives Gunn a shot of penicillin. Then TIGHT SHOT of Gunn’s face as he relaxes. He seems better now - no pain in his expression as he looks up at Angel. But then we see that the expression is blank and that his eyes have fogged up. We recognize the signs of death. ANGEL “Gunn?” (shaking the limp body) “Gunn!” (screaming) “Gunn!”


INT. THE HYPERION - 19.00 HOURS WIDE ANGLE on the lobby, showing the couch - now empty, and three quiet figures standing just looking at each other. It’s ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA. ANGEL (bitterly) “I can’t believe that he’s gone…” SPIKE (ruefully) “It was a brave boy.” ANGEL “I can’t seem to keep those who I care about alive. I must be cursed.” (noticing Spike’s look) “Not that curse!” SPIKE (chuckling) “Each to his own, mate.” (more seriously) “He was a good fighter tough. Gotta admit that.” ILLYRIA (puzzled) “I grieve for him as I grieve for Wesley.” SPIKE (a furtive glance at her) “Do you wish to do more violence?” A CLOSE UP of Illyria, showing the determent expression. ILLYRIA “Yes.” FADE OUT-

CUT TO INT. A DARK ALLEY - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - 24.00 HOURS ROOFTOP SHOT of our three heroes as they are engaged in a battle against a group of rather ugly looking demons and a couple of vampires as well. Then PAN DOWN to a CLOSER SHOT of them as Illyria swiftly and effortlessly snaps the neck of a demon - a Fyarl demon to be exactly. SPIKE (singing) “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” ANGEL (delivering a blow) “Will you ever shut up?” (huffing) “You’re so annoying.” SPIKE (happily grinning as he snaps a vampire’s neck) “It’s my mission in life. Besides…” (giving Illyria a quick glance) “Bluebird likes it.” ANGEL “Yeah, right!” (hesitating) “Right?” ILLYRIA “My pet amuses me.” ANGEL (rolling his eyes) “Give me a break.” SPIKE “I could use a break.” (facing a demon that looks like a giant lizard) “Give me your best shot, snaky eye.”

The CAMERA’S ZOOMING in on Spike as the demon charges at him. But before the blonde vampire can do anything, two pair of hands grabs him from the behind. We see that they belong to two vampires. SPIKE “What the…?” (huffing as the lizard demon hits him hard in the stomach) “Hey!” Then we see that before the lizard demon could act, Spike jumps up, brings both legs into the air and wrapping them around the demons neck. With a quick jerk of his legs, WE hear the bones snap. As Spike’s arms are released, we see the other two demons/vampires back up in shock. SPIKE ”That’s what happens when you mess with the ’Big bad’.” The CAMERA stays with Spike as he brings his arms over his head to catch himself before his head hit the ground. Then tucking himself into a roll as he hits the ground, Spike stands up. The two vampires come running towards him screaming a battle cry. The smallest of them reaches him first, his knife in hand over his head. Grabbing the vampire’s hand, Spike spins around with his back to the attacker. He jerks the arm down and let the momentum take the knife into his attacker’s stomach. WE see how he lets the body tumble to the ground. The other vampire is on him before he could catch his breath. His arm is around Spike's throat, and we see how he instantly began to tighten his grip. THE CAMERA shows US a CLOSE UP as Spike - using his own body, flips the vampire over his shoulder, automatically causing his throat to be released. Then by digging his knee into his opponent’s stomach, Spike grabs its head and with a quick twist, we hear the snap once again. SPIKE (standing back) "I did warn them." THE CAMERA leaves Spike and PAN ACROSS the dark alley to ANGEL, as he delivers a final blow to a vampire that turns to dust before our eyes. SPIKE “It’s the end of the world…”

ANGEL “Will you stop doing that?” ILLYRIA (ducking to avoid a blow to her head) “You’re both annoying.” (snapping her opponents neck) “Cease it immediately.” SPIKE “And yet you hang around.” ILLYRIA ”I am left alone in this world where everything smells wrong and you two half-breeds are my only guides.” (pointing at Angel) ”You’re not even fit to be a leader.” (ignoring Angel’s heated protest and turning to Spike.) ”He’s defiant. And he’s is sarcastic.” (frustrated look about her) “What have I done to merit such a fate?” THE CAMERA’S FOCUSING MAINLY at Spike and Illyria as they begin to bicker. We do see Angel in the background - looking more and more bored with it all. ILLYRIA (frustrated) "What I am ... I am Illyria, god king of the primordium, shaper of things!" SPIKE (yawning) “Bored now.” ANGLE ON ANGEL as he’s being charged with a demon from the behind. We see that he, without looking away from Spike and Illyria bring up his arms and slap the demon in the face - making it fly backwards and hit the wall before falling to the ground. He remains lying there in a puddle of water. Then the FOCUS is on Spike and Illyria again. ILLYRIA (steaming) “You dare to mock me?”

(spitting out angrily) “You are nothing but a pathetic, feeble half-breed.” SPIKE ”Look, High and Mighty - I don’t give a damn about…” (pausing for a moment as he’s attacked by a vampire) “…what you…” (snapping the vampire’s neck) “…think. Ok?” ILLYRIA “I could easily destroy you right here and now, vile half-breed.“ (turning the curves of her lips in a parody of a smile) “And you wouldn’t be able to stop me.” (cold glare) “I choose not to.” THE CAMERA’S staying with Spike and Illyria as Spike turns his back on her in an attempt to end their bickering. Then we see Illyria’s hand snatch forward and spin him around to her. ILLYRIA “You dare to ignore me? Such insult…” SPIKE “Would have been punished with death in your days. Yatayata.” (receiving a steely glare) ILLYRIA “If I were as I once was,” (longing) “any creature who dared insult me so would’ve ended in agony, fear and then I would made him bleed for such ignorance. Slowly, one drop per day and by the last he would be begging me to slit his throat, if he had but breath to speak.” SPIKE (not impressed) “Wow…” ANGEL “How could I ever end up with you two?” (looking at them bickering)

“I’m cursed.” (sighing) “I must be cursed.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - UNSPECIFIED BEDROOM - 06.00 HOURS We follow the CAMERA as it sweeps around a dim lit room, revealing a single bed with dark sheets that has seen more glorious days, a bedside table with a broken lamp that sends out a flickering light and a small window cowered with a dark blanket. The CAMERA ZOOMS in on the bed and we see Spike, obviously deep asleep. The camera RAPIDLY PAN ACROSS the room to show Illyria sitting in a raggedly chair. Her eyes are fixated on Spike, but then she turns her head to look in the direction of the window. (Did she hear something, or what?) And then Spike stirs, mutters a little, and her gaze is instantly drawn back to him as his body convulses and his hands twist into the sheets. He mutters words that are barely discernible, but agonising in tone. SPIKE (moaning) "Don't...Gotta do it...NO!" TIGHT SHOT of Spike in the bed. Suddenly, he stirs again and his eyes flickers open. ILLYRIA (as a matter of fact) “You’ve been sleeping for quite some time, half-breed.” PULL BACK to show that her eyes are steadily locked on Spike as he sits up, shaking his head as to clear it. The sheets fall of him and reveal that - yeah, Spike sleeps in the nude. ILLYRIA (stating) “You do not make the sounds Wesley did during his sleeping cycle.” SPIKE (running his fingers through his tousled hair) “Yeah? Well, unlike Wesley, I don’t need to breathe.”

ILLYRIA “Yet you do.” (beat) “Breathe.” (curious look) “Why do you do that? The dark-haired one does not.” SPIKE (sighing) “I don’t know. I guess I breathe because I've just never gotten out of the habit of doing so." ILLYRIA ”Yet you do not need oxygen to survive.” (tilting her head) ”And the other sounds?” SPIKE (blinking) ”What sounds?” ILLYRIA ”You…moaned and screamed.” FOCUS on Spike’s face. SPIKE ”Oh.” (deep inhale) ”A nightmare, pet.” ILLYRIA "You get them often?" SPIKE (blinking) "Huh?" ILLYRIA "Nightmares." SPIKE “Been awhile since the last one.”

ILLYRIA (repeating words she have spoken to Wesley) “In my time, nightmares walked among us, walked and danced, skewering victims in plain sight, laying their fears and worst desires out for everyone to see. This to make us laugh.” SPIKE (raising an eyebrow) “Laugh, huh?” ILLYRIA “Yes. Laugh.” SPIKE (noticing her longing look) “You haven’t found much to laugh at these days, have you, luv?” The CAMERA PULLS BACK TO A WIDE SHOT of the room. Illyria arises from the chair and walk over to the bed, her gaze never leaving Spike’s face - whose expression grows even more and more uncomfortable. SPIKE “What?” (meeting her gaze) “What are you looking at?” ILLYRIA “You’re in need of blood.” SPIKE (sarcastically) ”Well, yeah. Vampire, hello.” ILLYRIA (ignoring his sarcasm) “The assassins of the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart will not stop looking for us. We challenged them and now they’ll hunt us down like dogs.” SPIKE (adjusting the sheets around him, making Illyria focus on him) ”Then we should be prepared, shouldn’t we, pet?”

ILLYRIA (distracted) ”Yet I get this feeling that your leader rather chose to flee, than to fight.” SPIKE (sighing) “Ever heard the expression ‘live to fight another day’?” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “No.” SPIKE “We’re not done fighting, don’t you worry, pet.” ILLYRIA “Your leader…” CLOSE UP on Spike’s frown. He sighs and gives Illyria an annoyed look. SPIKE (huffing) “I told you. Angel isn’t my leader.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) ”What is he to you then?” SPIKE ”He’s… (beat) ”…family.” ANGLE ON Illyria as she turns her back against him and return to the chair. She sits down and looks back at Spike. We get a feeling that she’s boiling to ask the blonde vampire about something of importance - but what is it? (And must Spike look so damn cute? A.N: Spike’s hair is messed up in the same way as it was when we saw him in the Buffy episode 7.01 ’Lessons’.)

ILLYRIA ”In the alley… a few hours ago…” (confused look about her) ”…it almost seemed as if you froze for a moment when you were attacked.” (unpleased) ”You would’ve died if I did not save you.” SPIKE (awkward smile) ”’S’ nothing, pet.” ILLYRIA (questioning) “Why did you stop fighting then?” THE CAMERA PANS ACROSS the room and shows us Spike again. It’s ZOOMING IN on his face, revealing a strange look on his face, which we haven’t seen on Spike that often. SPIKE (resigned whisper) “I’ll never stop fighting.” THE CAMERA PULLS BACK and we get a nice shot of the both of them, as they sits on opposites of the room, looking steadily at each other. We hear the soft sound of RAIN and realize that it has been a change in the weather during the time we have followed the interaction between our two heroes. They sit in silence for several minutes, and then Illyria speaks. ILLYRIA (pensive expression) “And that’s the plan? To... fight again another day?” SPIKE “That’s the plan, Blue.”



A WIDE SHOT of the lobby lets us see our three heroes as they stand in a position as a triangle, looking from one to another. They seem ready to head out in battle; Angel with a sword in his hand, Spike with a crossbow and Illyria… well, she carries nothing - bet then again… she doesn’t have to, right? ANGEL (looking from Spike to Illyria) “It’s time that we’ll make an impact.” ILLYRIA “They will tremble before our feet as the insignificant worms they are.” SPIKE “That’s the spirit, Blue Meanie!” ANGEL (knitted brow) “Blue Meanie?” SPIKE (smirk) “’S’ a new nickname I got for her.” THE CAMERA FOCUS on Illyria as she gives Spike a quick glance. We see that she, strangely enough, doesn’t seem to take offence to the blonde vampires teasing. ILLYRIA “In my days the pets were not even as half as annoying and insolent as you are. And if they were, they would soon scream in pain and agony as I tore their flesh of them as they still were alive.” SPIKE “Great.” (beat) “Well, if I’ll die…”

ILLYRIA (blankly) “I have not desired your death for days now.” SPIKE (noticing her curved lips) “Mighty thoughtful of you, Highness” ANGLE ON Angel as he sighs and shakes his head at the two of them. But if we look closer we see the reluctant smile on his lips. ANGEL “Okay, you two…” (silencing as the stillness is disturbed by a high-pitched cry) “What the fuck was that?” SPIKE (casting an eye out the door) “That’s your bloody dragon, Peaches.”

ANGEL “Are we sure that it’s the same one?” (pausing) “It could be a different one, ya know.” ILLYRIA (as a matter of fact) “No, it’s the same one.” CAMERA’S ZOOMING IN on Spike. He lifts an eyebrow and tilts his head. (Yup - he and Illyria master that move to perfection.) SPIKE “Well, I guess that we’ll rest when we’re dead.” (beat) “Er… deader…?” The CAMERA PULLS BACK so that we can see all three of our heroes as they walk out the door and stand at the top of the stairs. They look up at the sky and we see the dragon fly past, wings flapping as it lets out another roam.

SPIKE (resigned) “I live for this shit…” ILLYRIA (a furtive glance at the blonde vampire) “You sound as if there was no other option.” SPIKE “Is there?” (turning to Angel) “So… What’s the plan?” A CLOSE UP on Angel. ANGEL (smiling) “Personally… I want to slay the dragon.” BLACK OUT