By: Mariana INT. DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 15.00 HOURS The CAMERA follows a black SUV as it pulls over to the side curve. The vehicle looks rather ordinary, and when the doors open, nothing changes that impression. WE see a slim and somewhat gorgeous young woman (A.N: Long black hair, dark eyes and dark clothing) gracefully step out from the driver’s seat. The CAMERA’S ZOOMING IN on the young woman as she picks up a bag of some sorts looks like a training bag, and then it follows her as she starts walking down the street. She doesn’t get very far - because now we see at least two demons are approaching her. To our surprise the woman doesn’t seem very afraid - in fact, as the CAMERA PULLS CLOSER we see a SMILE on her lips! WOMAN (waving a hand) ”Bring it on, freaks. I’m dying for a good rough and tumble.” We have a WIDE SHOT of the SCENE as the woman charges at the two demons. One of them looks like a combination between Chewbacca and Gizmo. The other one is quite similar to a rat. A very big rat. Our mysterious woman avoids the first demons blow to her stomach rather impressively and with a smooth motion snaps his neck as if it were a toothpick. It takes a little bit longer for her to finish off the next demon. He manages to stay out of her range and ducks when she strikes at him with incredible force - who is this girl??? WOMAN ”You little weasel…” (dodging a blow from it) ”Or should I call you Mr Rat?” WOMAN’S POV; The ugly rat looking demon charges at her, with red eyes glistening with… madness? Blood thirst? Something like that. We see her hands snatch forward and finally get a grip around the nasty demon’s thin neck. As his companion, he dies from a broken neck, and we see from the woman’s POV as he drops dead to the pavement. THEN PULL FORWARD AND AROUND to show the triumphant smile on the woman’s lips. She is really quite lovely.

WOMAN ”It gets easier every time.” (beat) ”Quite boring really.” We follow the woman with a STEAD CAM as she bends down to pick up the bag that she’d dropped when she was attacked by the two demons. Then she starts walking down the street again, a definite purpose in her stride. She stops outside a building and stares at the black door - that looks like it have seen better days. We see her walk up the few stair steps and then ring on the doorbell. Not very long after that the door opens and we see RUPERT GILES!!! A CLOSE UP on his face as he gives our mysterious woman a smile. GILES ”Ah, finally, miss Browder.” (stepping inside) ”Please come in. We’ve been expecting you since yesterday.” MISS BROWDER ”A slight delay from my part.” (smiling) ”I took a detour to the beach.” GILES (cleaning his glasses) ”Well, that’s understandable… I guess.” (looking thoughtful) ”Eric told me that you are somewhat…strong willed.” A TIGHT SHOT of Miss Browder as she smiles broadly at him. She puts down the bag and we suddenly get a good look on what are inside; a crossbow and several stakes! MISS BROWDER ”Yeah. I’m one tuff chick. And you can call me Aerin, okay? None of that miss Browder.” GILES (humming) ”Aerin.” (extending his hand in a greeting) ”Welcome to L.A.”

AERIN (jokingly) ”A slayers last outpost.”


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INT. THE HYPERION - SPIKE’S BEDROOM - 22.00 HOURS We have a WIDE SHOT of the room, revealing Spike sitting on his bed with his back against the wall and a whiskey glass in his hands. We also see that Illyria’s in the room, standing by the window. SPIKE (humming a tune) ”I get knocked down but I get up again…” (pausing) ”…they never gonna keep me down…” The CAMERA’S ZOOMING IN on Illyria as she sniffs the air curiously and her nose scrunches up in distaste as if she smells some foul odour. ILLYRIA “You are imbibing poison.” (cocking her head to one side curiously) “Wesley did much the same. Why?” PANNING ACROSS the room to Spike. We see that his jaw muscle tick and he takes another long drag. SPIKE (retorting sarcastically) “Must be the delightful pleasure of your company, Blue.” Another SHOT of Illyria just looks at him blankly, blinking slowly. Spike sighs. (A.N: The blonde vampire is wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Around his neck we can see a gold necklace. He looks good as usual.) SPIKE (elaborating) “Makes the pain go away.” (beat) ”For a while.”


(sceptically) “Ingesting toxins reduces your pain?” (tilting her head) “How?” SPIKE “It just does!” ILLYRIA (walking away from the window) ”This pain… Is it because of the one they call the Slayer?” (sitting down in the chair) ”You speak of her name in your sleep.” SPIKE (looking away) ”Bloody eavesdropper.” (putting the glass down on the bed table) ”Can’t a bloke get some privacy?” ILLYRIA ”We will have intercourse.” SPIKE (coughing) ”Quit calling it that!” ILLYRIA (seriously) ”You do not wish to have intercourse with me?” A TIGHT SHOT of Illyria shows us that she’s actually playing with Spike. It seems that our blue heroine has acquired a sense of humour. (A.N: I love seeing how Illyria develops during her time with our two vampires.) SPIKE ”Give it a rest, Smurfette.” ILLYRIA ”This Slayer…You cared for her a great deal, true?” SPIKE

(resigned) ”I loved her.” (whispering) ”Still do I guess.” ILLYRIA ”Why aren’t you with her then?” SPIKE ”Me and Buffy… It’s complicated.” ANGEL ”Things always are around you, Spike.” The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the room to reveal Angel in the doorframe. He lets his eyes dart around the room, first focusing on Illyria that looks rather disturbed by his presence and then continuing to Spike, who casually gets up from the bed. SPIKE ”Peaches.” ANGEL (brow knit) ”Quit calling me that.” (beat) ”It’s disturbing.” SPIKE (yawning) ”Got something to say have you?” ANGEL (looking from Spike to Illyria) ”I’m going out on patrol.” SPIKE (mockingly) ”Wow. Call the newspapers.”


(sighing) ”I was thinking that you two could get out and look for a blood bank or something like that.” SPIKE ”Sure thing… Peaches.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. A DARK ALLEY - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - ESTIMATED 24.00 HOURS The CAMERA follows ANGEL as he walks down a dark alley, presumably somewhere in downtown L.A. Suddenly WE hear sounds of a brawl, and the CAMERA PANS ACROSS the alley to show us how a man - possible human, is attacked by two vampires. We hear the sound of someone running, and soon ANGEL appears in our view. He grabs the vampire closest to him and twists the demon’s head off cleanly. The CAMERA shows us a CLOSE UP as the thing turns to dust. Then he grabs the one to his right and start pounding his head against the brick wall. WE know that it won’t kill the vampire, but we also seem to get this idea that Angel finds some sick joy out of watching the demon’s head become a bloody mess. But then he finally finishes the vampire off with a stake to its chest. And we see yet another of Angel’s kind turns to dust. (Bye, bye, vampire.) THE CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Angel as he turns his head from side to side - as if he feels the presence of something - or someone else. Then we hear a CLAPPING sound. As the CAMERA follows Angel when he turns around to the direction of the sound, we see AERIN! She’s appearing from the dark shadows, clothed all in black; black army boots, black leather pants and a black T-shirt. Her long black hair is pulled back tight in a ponytail. AERIN ”Impressive.” ANGEL (starring) ”Who are you?” AERIN ”You’re audience. You fight well.” (beat) ”For a vampire.” ANGEL

(frowning) ”You shouldn’t be out here.” AERIN ”Oh, don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself.” ANGEL (brow knitted) ”Is that right?” AERIN (smiling) ”Yeah. That’s right.” (pointing over his shoulder) ”Looks like I get to prove that also.” The CAMERA shows us a WIDE SHOT of the scene, so that we now see more vampires coming out from the shadows, as if they were called there by the sound of the fight earlier. AERIN ”They don’t know what’s coming.” The CAMERA FOCUS MAINLY on Aerin as she charges one of the approaching vampires. As from out of nowhere, a stake appears in her hand and she plunges it skilfully in the vampire’s chest. Then she stakes two more in a whirl of motion. After some hesitation - we did notice Angel’s stunned expression at the sight of the STAKE, we see Angel grab the last remaining vampire and make the story short by simply break his neck, watching yet another one of his kind turn to dust. And then there was just the two of them in the flickering light, with dust and ashes on their faces and clothes. It’s a mighty impressive sight. ANGEL ”You’re a slayer.” AERIN ”And you must be a rocket scientist.” (noticing his grim expression) ”Chill man.” (shaking her head) ”You really are uptight.” ANGEL

”You sound like you know me.” AERIN ”Know and know. Let’s just say that I have some inside info.” (pause) ”Angel.” ANGEL ”Who?” ANGLE ON Aerin as she starts walking away from the alley. After a moment we hear the sounds of Angel running after her, and yes, he appears shortly thereafter at her side, giving her a sideway glance as they continue to walk. AERIN (looking in his direction) ”My name is Aerin.” ANGEL ”Aerin?” (pensive) ”Who told you about me?” AERIN ”You would like me to tell you that it was Buffy, right?” (shaking her head) ”It wasn’t. Giles told me.” (beat) ”They think you’re dead, you know.” A TIGHT SHOT at Angel as he comes to a dead stop, turning his head in a swift move and stare at her with wide eyes. ANGEL (flabbergasted) ”They think what?!” AERIN ”It’s believed that you died in the battle against the demon horde.” ANGEL

”Who exactly are they?” AERIN ”Well, Giles for one. Then Xander, Willow, Dawn and… Buffy.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN FOOD STORE - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 02.00 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of a room. A food store. ENTER; SPIKE and ILLYRIA. We then see them from a DOOR POV as they enter the store side by side. SPIKE ”At least they didn’t raid this store.” (looking around) ”Let’s see if we find something for your taste.” ILLYRIA ”My taste is none of your concern, vampire.” SPIKE (holding up his hands) ”Okay. Touchy aren’t we? Would you maybe like a slurpee?!” ILLYRIA "There was a time when all knew my needs, all would cower and bow before me to offer such things at my feet.” (beat) “You are lucky I do not require such things now." THE CAMERA stays with our two heroes as they start walking down the food aisles. Spike stops by the cigarettes and looks at them with a longing expression in his face. Then we see Illyria appear at his side and she doesn’t look very pleased. ILLYRIA (firmly) ”You will not continue putting those smelly sticks in your mouth.” SPIKE

”I know, I know…” (smiling) ”They would kill me, right?” ILLYRIA (sighing) ”You’re most annoying, half-breed.” SPIKE (chagrined) ”Will you stop that!” (beat) ”Name’s Spike.” A CLOSE UP of Illyria. She looks rather baffled by his outburst. But then she straightens herself and gives him a steely look. ILLYRIA ”You’re not in a position to tell me what to do or not to do.” (longingly) ”In my days, if one would dare speak to me like that…” SPIKE (interrupting) ”Yeah, yeah, I get it. You’ll rip out my spine, decorate the walls with my intestines, use my lungs for bagpipes, drink from my skull…and have yourself a party.” ILLYRIA “You dare…” SPIKE “Look, Leery…” (turning to face her) “Will you be so kind to call me Spike from here and after?” ANGLE ON Illyria as she starts walking down the aisle. We also see Spike giving the cigarettes a sad look, before he starts to follow our little Smurfette. (Yeah she has him whipped.)


“Hey, Blue, wait up!” ILLYRIA (stopping by the slurpee section) “Yes… Spike?” SPIKE (somewhat surprised) “Wow. Thank you.” ILLYRIA “After some consideration I have come to the conclusion that you can no longer be described as a simple half-breed. Your actions in the battlefield have proven your value. Therefore, you have earned the privilege to be called by your name.” SPIKE “So many words just to say ‘you’re welcome’.” (pause) “You’re improving, Bluebird.” ILLYRIA (reluctant smile) “This is the slurpee you were talking about, true?” WE see Spike eying the machine with little interest. He seems rather fixated at Illyria. SPIKE (tearing his eyes away from Illyria) “Yeah. Delicious slurpees.” A CLOSE SHOT of Illyria as she studies the machine. What could possible go on in her mind? ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “I would like to try one.” SPIKE “Great.” (nodding) “May I suggest the cherry flavoured one?” ILLYRIA

“You will make no further ‘suggestions’.” (beat) “I’ll try the cherry.”


INT. A DARK ALLEY - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 03.00 HOURS WE follow ANGEL and AERIN with the CAMERA as they walk side by side down the dark alley. We see that Angel from time to time cast sideway glances at the dark slayer. It appears that he have something on his mind - but what? ANGEL (hesitant) “So… Have you met her? Buffy?” (beat) “She who gave you all that power?” AERIN (nodding) “Yeah.” (a strange look in her face) ANGEL (noticing the look) “I hope that she was easy on you. Buffy can be a little bit…” (thoughtful) “…bossy.” AERIN “As a matter of a fact; I was easy on her.” ANGEL (baffled) “What do you mean?” Before she can answer his question they’re attacked by a gang of vampires. The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene so that we can follow the fight easier. We see ANGEL charge one vampire and quickly turn him to dust by plunging a stake guessing he got it from AERIN at one point, through its chest. In the BACKGROUND we see a huge ghora demon lurking in the shadows. It attacks Aerin just as she finishes of a vampire. Although she’s caught off guard, Aerin manages to instinctively duck and avoid the demons attack. Then she whirls around, ever so graceful and

with a high kick breaks its jaw. As the demon screams in agony, Aerin places her hand on either sides of its head and snaps its neck without any effort. (A.N: She does seem stronger than your average slayer, right?) THE CAMERA’S FOCUSING on Angel’s stunned face. ANGEL “You killed it just like that? A ghora demon?” AERIN (looking at her nails) “Yeah? Was that impressive?” (dodging an attack from a vampire) “I got tons of that stuff to show you.” (plunging a stake to the vampire’s heart) “If you’re ready for it.” ANGEL (sending a vampire flying backwards to the brick wall) “I get the whole slayer strength and all that. But you seem…” (beat) “…stronger somehow.” (shaking his head) “Stronger than Buffy.” AERIN (twisting the last vampire’s neck) “I am.” A CLOSE UP on Aerin’s face as she turns to Angel. Her hair has fallen down from the tail and her clothes is somewhat dishevelled. But that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s one good looking babe. (A.N: By now we have an inkling to that Angel finds Aerin rather intriguing and that he might even think of her in a romantic kind’a way.) ANGEL “So… What are you? Exactly?” AERIN “I am not like your average slayer.”


CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 04.00 HOURS We follow SPIKE and ILLYRIA with a STEAD CAM as they walk down the street. They appear to be bickering over something. (Big surprise there.) SPIKE “You just had to go and scare that poor drunk.” (pause) “He was probably homeless too.” ILLYRIA (informing him) “Humans are such fragile creatures.” (unimpressed) “So weak and easy to control.” SPIKE (agreeing) “Tasty, too.” We have a WIDE SHOT of the scene and see Illyria’s glistening eyes. We get a feeling that she’s up to something. ILLYRIA (punching him in the arm) “You’re disgusting.” SPIKE (growling) “Stop hitting me!” ILLYRIA (another punch) “You are a half-breed. I do not concern myself with what you have to say.” SPIKE (blocking a punch) “Listen here Blue…”

ILLYRIA (unconcerned) “I enjoy hitting you. It pleases me.” SPIKE (gritting his teeth) “Does it?” ILLYRIA “Yes.” (punch) SPIKE “Bloody hell!” The CAMERA FOCUS MAINLY on Spike as he throws himself on Illyria, tackling her. And maybe, because she’s caught off guard, he manages to send her to the ground. A CLOSE UP on Illyria as she stares up at Spike with anger written all over her face. Then we see how she swings out one leg, making Spike fall. Then we hear an ’umpf’ sound from Illyria as he lands upon her. SPIKE ”Well, if I had known that you were in that kind of mood…” The CAMERA FOLLOWS Spike as he’s thrown off Illyria with incredible force. He flies backwards, hits a wall and falls to the ground once more. Then PANNING ACROSS the street to show Illyria rise with a worried look on her face. She walks over to the slumping Spike with definite purpose in her stride. ILLYRIA ”I apologize if I inflicted pain to you, Spike.” (helping him up) SPIKE (coughing blood) ”That’s okay.” (knees weakening) “Or not…” ILLYRIA (suddenly concerned) “You’re bleeding.”

A TIGHT SHOT of Spike as he looks down at the torn shirt. We see a huge gap in it and also that he’s bleeding. Spike frowns and starts to walk down the street, with Illyria in a tow. ILLYRIA “You’re going to attract all kind of demons if you smell like blood.” ANGLE ON Spike as he obviously ignores her, only giving her a quick look from the corner of his eyes as she appears at his side. And WE see that Illyria casts him a sideways glance as they walk side-by-side. ILLYRIA (stopping him with one hand) “We need to see to your wounds.” SPIKE (sighing) “Bluebell, I don’t think…” ILLYRIA “Take off your shirt.” SPIKE (rising an eyebrow) “Now, I don’t think we have the time for…” ILLYRIA (frustrated) “Another attempt at humour. You‘re most annoying. Now take off you shirt.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Spike and Illyria as he, surprisingly enough, gives in and takes off his shirt - revealing his toned stomach. (A.N: Spike’s sooo hot!) And we see that Illyria seems rather distracted - before she studies the wound that already seems to be healing. SPIKE “See. No need for worries, luv.”


CUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - THE LOBBY - ESTIMATED 05.00 HOURS A WIDE ANGLE on the room as ANGEL and AERIN enters it from the outside. Angel closes the door behind him and studies Aerin as she checks the place out. ANGEL “Welcome to Angel Investigations.” (beat) “What’s left off it.” AERIN “Er…nice place?” (shaking her head) “What happened here?” ANGEL “An explosion.” AERIN (widened eyes) “Really?” (pause) “Cool.” ANGEL “I guess that’s one way to describe it.” We follow Angel with a STEAD CAM as he walks over to a couch and sits down on it - not waiting for her to sit down first. Where are his manners? The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the room to reveal the amused look on Aerin’s face. Then WE follow her as she approached the couch, gracefully as a predator. ANGEL (following her every move) “Are you ready to tell me about who you really are?” AERIN (sitting down next to him) “I told you that I am not like your average slayer.”

ANGEL (impatiently) “Yeah.” (calming down) “So… What’s the story about you?” AERIN “I’m genetically enhanced.” A CLOSE UP on Angel’s baffled expression. Can you blame him? The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the two of them. ANGEL (bluntly) “Say what now?” AERIN “It’s like this; it’s been known since my birth that I would someday be chosen. That I was a potential. I think it has to with some prophecy or something like that.” (beat) “And because of this, they took me from my family and started doing experiments on me.” (noticing Angel’s shocked expression) “It didn’t hurt. Not really.” (distant look) “A watcher named Eric Cross sort off adopted me and I grew up under his care.” (silent) “And all the while I was growing up… They messed with my genetic code and made me stronger. Faster.” A TIGHT SHOT of Aerin as she turns her head in Angel’s direction. We see the look in her face. Although her voice made it clear to us that she wasn’t in any way okay with how she had been treated - her face reveals nothing. It’s almost blank. AERIN “A more lethal killer.”


INT. THE HYPERION - SPIKE’S BEDROOM - ESTIMATED 07.00 HOURS The CAMERA SWEEPS AROUND Spike’s room, revealing that it’s empty. The bed is untouched and the night lamp is still sending out a flickering light, playing over the walls. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the door opening and WE see ILLYRIA step in from the hallway. Her eyes sweep around the room as she closes the door behind her. SPIKE (sarcastically greeting her) “So nice of you to knock.” PULL BACK to show us a half naked Spike appear in the doorway to the bathroom. He has clearly taken a shower, just coming out from it and wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist - his skin and hair still damp from the water. WE FOCUS on Illyria yet again as a small smile twitch appears at the corners of her lips as she turns her attention to him. ILLYRIA (informing him imperiously) “I do not knock.” SPIKE “My life is a bleeding circus.” (sitting down on the bed) “Come for a free show, have you then?” ILLYRIA (studying him intensely) “Your smell is different.” (wrinkling her nose) “You smell like…herbs.” CAMERA ANGLE ON Spike as he sniffs the air and then gives her a glance through halfclosed eyelids. SPIKE “Yeah, that happens when you take a shower.”

ILLYRIA ”A shower?” SPIKE (informing) ”It involves water. And soap.” ILLYRIA “I have memory of that, the shell…” (noticing Spike’s sad expression and quickly changed course) “Fred liked taking showers.” TIGHT SHOT of Spike as he sighs and reach for the bottle of whiskey that stands on the bed table. He uncorks it and pore some of it into a glass. Then he drinks it in one sweep and pore up another glass. ILLYRIA (disliking) “You’re imbibing that poison again.” (tilting her head) “Why?” SPIKE “Dunno, luv.” (a sad look in his eyes) “I guess that I miss heaven.” ILLYRIA (taking place in the chair) “This place… This dimension, called Heaven.” (beat) “What was it like?” SPIKE “’S’ hard to explain really.” (pause) “When Buffy got back from heaven… When her friends tore her out of there… She said that she was happy. At peace. I guess that I felt like that. All I know is that I belonged there. That I had done everything that I could have for the ones I loved. And I knew that. As well as I knew that I was loved.” (longing) “That I was finished. Complete.”

ILLYRIA “And why would one want to leave such a place?” SPIKE (sighing) “How could I not? Angel gave me no option to say no, did he?” (sadly) “All I know is that I was in heaven - and now I am not.” AERIN “Are you sure? Cause you sure look like an angel to me.” The CAMERA QUICKLY PAN ACROSS the room to reveal AERIN in the doorway, with ANGEL closely behind her. We see the dark haired vampire peek over her shoulder and hear him sigh at the sight of the half naked Spike. SPIKE (knitted brow) “Who the hell are you?” AERIN (clicking her tongue) “Such manners. I take back the whole angel thing.” SPIKE “Oh, yeah? Good thing you did. Cause we already have one Angel and that’s bloody well enough.” ANGLE ON Aerin as she fights back what appears to be a smile at Spike’s cocky attitude. Then she’s pushed aside as Angel enters the room with a grim look on his face. ANGEL “Spike, can you please behave for once?” (gesturing towards Aerin) “This is Aerin.” (beat) “She’s a slayer.” ILLYRIA (turning her attention away from Spike to Aerin) “A slayer?”

WE get a feeling that Illyria for some reason does not find this information especially encouraging. Could it be that she fears the competition from another female? (A.N: Illyria still has some growing to do when it comes to being around other people.) AERIN (smiling) “Yeah, that’s right. The one and… I guess not so only.” SPIKE (checking Aerin over) “Must be tuff on you.” (turning to Angel) “Where did you find her?” AERIN (insulted) “I am standing right here.” SPIKE “Oh, I’m sorry.” (coolish) “Did I speak to you?” WE FOCUS on Aerin as she’s about to charge at the irritating blonde vampire - but she’s stopped by Angel, who sighs and looks from her to Spike with a PUZZLED BROW. ANGEL “You have to get used to him.” (beat) “If it’s even possible.” SPIKE “Yeah, I’m an acquired taste.” (turning to Illyria) “Isn’t that right, Bluebird?” A CLOSE UP on Illyria as she curves her lips in something similar to a smile. (A.N: Don’t know if I should think that it makes her cute or simply scarier than she already is.) Then PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the room, so that WE can see EVERYONE in it. That would of course be; Angel, Aerin, Spike and Illyria.

ILLYRIA (content) “I would say so, Spike.” (looking towards Aerin) “Very acquired.” ANGEL (stunned) “You call him Spike now?” (sheepishly) “And what do you call me?” ILLYRIA “Nothing, half-breed.” AERIN (curiously) “What is she?” ANGLE ON Angel as he turns his head towards the slayer. ANGEL “She’s an ‘old one’. An ancient demon king.” (beat) “Her name is Illyria.” (sighing) “And the insolent blonde is Spike.” AERIN (casting her eye at the blonde vampire) “I have heard of him.” SPIKE “Then you have the upper hand. Cause I have certainly not heard of you.” (pause) “And would you all mind?” (gesturing towards the towel) “I would like to get dressed now.” (noticing Illyria’s stare) “In private.”

The CAMERA FOLLOWS Angel, Aerin and Illyria - the later one very hesitant, as they leave the room and close the door behind them.

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - THE LOBBY - ESTIMATED 09.00 HOURS WIDE SHOT of the Hyperion Lobby, revealing three figures in different parts of the room. ANGEL stands by the counter, tapping his fingers on the wood and starring out into nothing, AERIN sitting on the couch and looking bored, and ILLYRIA standing by the window and looking out. Then WE hear footsteps coming from the direction of the STAIRS and the FOCUS is turned to SPIKE coming down, fully clothed in his usual outfit. That would be black all the way. ANGEL (sneering) “You took your time.” SPIKE (raising a eyebrow) “I’m sorry. Did you wait for me?” AERIN “We did. And you could really use some manners.” SPIKE (smirk) “And who would be my teacher? You?” (beat) “And if I don’t behave… Would you spank me?” A CLOSE UP on Aerin as she tries for the second (?) time to stop a smile. (A.N: I find it peculiar that the interaction between these two characters seem to mirror the interaction between Buffy and Spike at their finest moments of bickering.)

SPIKE (encouraged by the tiny smile) “Would I have to bring you apples?” (smooth voice) “And would you have one of those tiny outfits just to tease me?” AERIN (breaking out in a laugh) “You’re impossible!” (huge smile) “And got damn it; you’re cute!” ILLYRIA (crabbily (?)) “Cute?” (snorting) “You find the half-breed…”’ (noticing Spike’s glare) “…Spike…cute?” FOCUS MAINLY on Aerin as she nods very sincere. We notice Illyria’s SULLEN attitude in the background. And if WE look CLOSELY at ANGEL you can see that he’s really buggered out by the whole scenario. AERIN (admiringly) “Cute. Gorgeous. Mouth-watering. Take a pick. He’s it.” SPIKE (soaking it up) “You’re one amazing bird.” (beat) “So…have you meet her?” (pause) “Buffy?” AERIN “Man, you two are really single-minded.” (nodding) “Yeah, I met her. Yeah, she’s just fine.” (giving Spike a quick look)

“And totally unaware that you’re alive.” (beat) “And what’s up with that??? I heard that you died in the Hellmouth….” SPIKE (rubbing his neck) “Oh, that… Well, I came back.” (blinking) “Obviously.” AERIN (puzzled) “That’s cool, I guess.” TIGHT SHOT of Aerin. She’s staring at SPIKE with knitted brows. AERIN “Uhm, how?” SPIKE “What?” AERIN “How did you come back? Cause I heard that you met a very dusty end.” (beat) “Ya know, a pillar of light, handholding and Buffy saying that she loves you?” PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the room, ANGLE ON Angel. ANGEL (flabbergasted) “She said what?!” SPIKE (turning to Angel) “You heard right.” (looking at Aerin) “It was the amulet.” AERIN “The amulet?”

ANGEL “Yeah, we got it in the mail.” (muttering) “Why did I open that envelope?” (sighing) “Next thing Spike appeared in some sort of a cloud…Er…something like that.” SPIKE “Something like that.” ANGEL (perturbed) “Buffy said that she loved you?” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - THEY LOBBY - ESTIMATED 12.00 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of the LOBBY. WE see SPIKE and AERIN sit on the couch, talking silently to each other. ANGEL lurks not far from them and looks rather touchy. ILLYRIA remains by the window. Haven’t she moved at all? The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Spike and Aerin and we hear their conversation. AERIN “Let’s see if I get this right? You don’t want Buffy to know that you’re alive?” (beat) “Why?” SPIKE “At the Hellmouth… When I died… I did it so that Buffy could get a shot at a normal life.” (tilting his head) “Besides…She would probably kick my butt if she found out that I’ve been alive for this long and didn’t tell her.” AERIN “Yeah… I would probably do that myself.” SPIKE (questioning) “So, what’s your story then?”

AERIN “Oh, the usual. Ya know; being born, ripped from your parents and raised by a watcher that messed with your genetics to make you the ultimate killing machine. Nothing out of the ordinary…” SPIKE “Oh.” A CLOSE UP of Aerin as she gets a mysterious look in her eyes, and she leans in even closer. What’s she up to? AERIN (looking him in the eyes) “You know… I have heard tons of stuff about you.” SPIKE (leaning in) “What kind of stuff?” AERIN “They say that you’re the fastest, the stealthiest of all vampires.” (pause) “That you’ve killed two slayers.” SPIKE (uncomfortable) “That’s history. And I really don’t want to talk about it.” AERIN (noticing his expression) “Okay. Then we won’t.” ILLYRIA (approaching them) “Have you ended your intercourse now?” AERIN (coughing) “We have what now?”

SPIKE (smiling) “That’s just Leery’s way of asking if we have ended our talk.” AERIN (still coughing) “Oh. Okay.” (looking at Illyria) “I guess so.” WE follow ANGEL with a STEAD CAM as he approaches them. ANGEL “It’s best that we get some rest before nightfall.” (looking from face to face) “Then we’ll all patrol.”


INT. UNKNOWN ALLEY - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 24.00 HOURS A CLOSE UP on SPIKE as he twists the neck of a vampire, making it dust. Then we see him turn around, coat billowing and send another vampire flying backwards with a round kick. AERIN “Not bad. For an old man.” PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene, revealing ANGEL, SPIKE, ILLYRIA and AERIN fighting a gang of vampires in a dark alley. FOCUS on ANGEL as he decapitates a vampire with a sword. In the BACKGROUND we see ILLYRIA plunge a fist through a vampire’s chest. The poor (?) sod meets a dusty ending. ANGLE on AERIN as she ducks a blow aimed at her. She straightens up and drives a STAKE to her attacker’s heart. She’s soon covered by dust. AERIN (wiping her clothes) “I swear the dry-cleaning bills I get…” (wiggling her eyebrows at Spike) “Maybe I should just fight in the nude?” SPIKE “Well, I second that.” ANGEL (blocking a blow) “I beat you do.” (decapitating another vampire) “How about using your head for once?” SPIKE (teasingly) “Now, where’s the fun in that?” ROOFTOP SHOT looking down at our heroes as they fight. We see two vampires being thrown off Illyria with incredible force, Aerin who’s involved in a battle against one big vampire, and Spike assisting Angel when the dark-haired vampire is ambushed. Then PAN DOWN and FOCUS on Illyria as she picks up one vampire and breaks its back over her

outstretched leg. The demon howls in pain. Then we see Illyria take its head in her hands and effortlessly tear its head of the body. And another bites the dust… ANGLE on SPIKE as he turns to Illyria and gives her an admiring glare. SPIKE “Way to go, Blue Meanie!” AERIN “Yeah. That was…” (beat) “…wow.” A WIDE SHOT of the ALLEY shows us that there aren’t any more vampires left. But as our heroes turn to leave, WE hear a NOISE coming from BEHIND them. Our heroes POV as they turn around, and see: a bunch of very ugly looking demons approach them. SPIKE “Yup, that’s gotta be the encore.” ANGEL (sulking) “Damn. There are a lot of them.” ILLYRIA (sneering) “If they seek a battle I’ll oblige them.” The CAMERA FOCUS on ILLYRIA as she charges, alone, against the demons. In the BACKGROUND we notice the BAFFLED expression on the others faces. Illyria reaches the first demon (there are six of them) that looks like a lizard, and twists its head off effortlessly. She then turns to the next one and plunge her fist right through its chest. A CLOSE UP on the demons back; Illyria’s fist sticks out, holding the demons still beating heart. Then WE see it retract and the demons falls to the ground. Illyria squeezes the heart ’til it pulverizes. ANGLE ON Illyria as she quickly moves on to the third demon, that looks to be a Fyarl demon. She sweeps him up in the air and then swings him down on her leg, breaking its back. We see a FOURTH demon jump on her back, but she shakes it off easily and then makes the story short by simply ripping his spines out. The fifth and sixth demons meet their destiny in her hands as she rips their throats open in one swift move. The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the alley to reveal Angel’s horrified expression. Neither SPIKE nor AERIN seem especially alright as well.

ANGEL “What the hell…?” SPIKE “That’s something you don’t see everyday.” AERIN “Thankfully.” ILLYRIA “They were weak and simpleminded” (longingly) “In my days… We kept them as pets.” ANGEL (looking at the bloodbath) “Is that how you treat your pets?” (turning to Spike) “Be glad that she has upgraded you.” ILLYRIA “You’re displeased. Are the demons not all dead?” ANGEL (sighing) “No, they’re still dead. Very, very dead.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “Yet I sense your disapproval. You wanted them dead, right? I assisted you in destroying them. This is what you have referred to as ‘being a part of the team’, is it not?” ANGEL “I guess. But you don’t have to like it so much as you certainly do.” (beat) “I mean… You have a tendency to get quite…creative with it.” (looking down at the bodies) “Very creative.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN GYMNASIUM - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 02.00 HOURS DOOR POV of a GYMNASIUM. Then PULL FORWARD and SPIN AROUND to reveal our four heroes as they enter the FACILITY. SPIKE “It looks like a good place to workout some moves.” (turning to Illyria) “How about it?” ILLYRIA “How about what?” SPIKE “A spot of violence.” (smiling) “Blue, are you up for a little rough and tumble?” ILLYRIA “I…” AERIN (stepping closely to Spike) “I’m up for some rough and tumble, Blondie.” ANGLE ON Illyria as she gives Aerin, what seems to be, a dead cold glare. Oh oh, our little Smurfette didn’t like that! SPIKE (forgetting all about Illyria) “Then let’s have a go, sweet thing. Show me what you got.” AERIN (temptingly) “Oh, I’ll show you.” ANGEL (sighing) “Is this really necessary?”

The CAMERA’S FOCUSING on Spike and Aerin, who obviously is oblivious to everything around them for the time being. They CIRCLE AROUND each other, eyes locked and bodies tensing for the upcoming fight. SPIKE ”Ready?” AERIN (wavering her fingers) ”Bring it on.” WE see Spike charge forward and getting in a good blow to Aerin’s side. She’s lets out her breath and nods approvingly. AERIN ”You’re pretty damn good, Blondie.” AERIN launches herself against Spike, with her fist aimed at his stomach. Her move is easily blocked with a smooth manoeuvre that WE recognise from Spike's broad repertoire; underhand brawling tricks that he sometimes used on Buffy back in the days when they were fighting. SPIKE grabs AERIN’S leg and yanks it sideways. Then he lets her go, shoving her away with a spurning push. Damn, that vampire can fight!!! WE see Aerin stumble as she tries to regain her balance. (A.N; the two of them is rather equal in the art of fighting. Just like Spike and Buffy once were - and maybe still are.) SPIKE (laying a hand on her shoulder) “Are you alright, luv?” AERIN (huffing) “Yeah. Peachy.” NEXT THING Spike’s on his back. The slayer managed to pull his feet under him when he least expected it. SPIKE (admiringly) “Man, you can fight, woman.” AERIN “Tell me something I don’t know.”

ILLYRIA (approaching them) “I wish to fight now.” SPIKE “I’m rather beat, Leery. Maybe another time.” AERIN “I can spar with you.” (noticing Illyria’s cold stare) “If you don’t mind.” SPIKE (oblivious) “Nah, she doesn’t. Isn’t that right, Bluebell?” ILLYRIA (gritting her teeth) “Very well.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE GYMNASIUM - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 03.30 HOURS The CAMERA FOCUS on ANGEL and SPIKE as Angel sits down next to the blonde vampire - who’s fiddling with his lighter. And why a lighter if he doesn’t smoke anymore? Hmmm… Spike’s eyes are fixated on Aerin sparring with Illyria… Or, more accurately, fixated on watching Illyria toss the slayer around. ANGEL “How’s she doing?” SPIKE “Not bad at all. As in she’s looks like she’s been hit by a truck and don’t have a bloody idea what hit her.” A QUICK SHOT of Illyria picking Aerin up and throwing her into a wall, leaving a mark. Then PAN ACROSS the room to Angel and Spike again.

ANGEL (wincing) “Don’t break her, Illyria. We need her.” PANNING ACROSS the room to show US Illyria, who looks rather disappointed at Angel’s interference, but she does let go of the relieved (?) slayer - that quickly stumbles to the nearest seat. SPIKE “She’s tuff, I give her that.” ILLYRIA “She’s still inadequate.” (coldly) “I would not have her as a pet.” (tilting her head towards Spike who ignores her) ANGEL (getting up) “That’s it, kids. Time to go home.” AERIN “I’ll go with you.” ANGEL (questioning) “You don’t have to check in with Giles?” AERIN “Nah.” (smiling) “I’m a big girl.” FOCUS ON Spike as he gives her an initiative smile. Yeah, we know what goes on in his mind! Probably something dirty. SPIKE (slyly) “I beat you are.”

ANGEL (sighing) “I’m cursed.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DAWN ALL LIGHT on two figures sitting on the opposite side of the couch. It’s ANGEL and AERIN. The dark-haired slayer seems rather occupied by glancing at the front door, as if expecting someone to enter it at any moment. ANGEL (questioning) ”Are you looking for something? Or someone?” AERIN ”Spike. After his last joke on me I’ve gotten really agitated with him.” ANGEL ”That’s just how he effects everyone he meets.” Aerin gives him a snide look and Angel grins. The door opens and Aerin sits up as ILLYRIA enters the lobby. FOCUSING on Aerin as she slouches back into her seat and her hopeful expression falls. ILLYRIA (as a matter of fact) ”Your eager expression indicates the hope for the return of someone other than me.” AERIN (pouting) ”I was waiting for someone else.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) ”Who?”

AERIN ”Spike.” ANGEL (raising a eyebrow) “So you like him now or something?” Aerin rolls her eyes and slouches even more. AERIN (blowing out breath) ”I do not like him! Jeez!” ANGEL ”Okay, fine then. I’ll stop teasing you.” Aerin looks hopeful. ANGEL (Cont’d) ”Do you want to bear his children?” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - SPIKE’S BEDROOM - ESTIMATED 05.00 HOURS A CLOSE UP on SPIKE as he sits on his bed with his back against the wall, holding a whiskey glass in his right hand. SPIKE (humming a tune) “I am not a perfect person…There’s many things I which I didn’t do. But I continue learning. I never meant to do those things to you…” (sweeping down the last whiskey) “…and so I have to say before I go; that I just want you to know… I found a reason for me, to change who I used to be. A reason to start over new.” (pouring up more whiskey) “And the reason is you…”

AERIN “You have a nice singing voice.” PANNING ACROSS the room to reveal the slayer standing in the doorframe with a hesitant smile on her lips. She’s wearing a grey t-shirt that follows her every curve and low-cut grey pajamas pants. Her long and shiny dark hair is down and frames her delicate features. SPIKE “Doesn’t anyone knock these days?” AERIN “Who else doesn’t knock?” (stepping in) “Oh…” PANNING ACROSS the room AGAIN to show that ILLYRIA stands by the window. She turns around and looks coldly at the slayer. AERIN “I didn’t know that you had company…?” SPIKE “What? Her? Nah…” (giving Illyria a quick smile) “She’s always here.” AERIN (backing) “Should I leave you alone then?” SPIKE (waving slowly) “No need.” (straightening himself up) “Did you want something?” AERIN (almost at the door) “Er…Just to ask you if you knew where Angel keeps the food? I’m feeling a bit hungry.” (stepping outside) “I just go and find it myself. Goodnight.”

ANGLE ON Spike as he gives Illyria a furtive glance. SPIKE “I think you scared her away, Blue.” ILLYRIA (walking over to the chair) “Or perhaps she found the smell of that poison you’re yet again imbibing appalling.” SPIKE “Nah.” (beat) “It’s your delightful company.” ILLYRIA “Impudent…” SPIKE (singing) “That’s amore…” ILLYRIA “Vile…” (shaking her head) “…annoying half-breed.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - THE LOBBY - ESTIMATED 05.30 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of the LOBBY, revealing ANGEL sitting on the couch and staring out into nothing. Then WE HEAR footsteps and FOCUS ON AERIN as she comes down the stairs. She notices Angel and stops for a short while, before continuing down. ANGEL “I thought that everyone was asleep.” AERIN “Then you would be wrong.” (approaching him)

“I just left Spike’s room, and he was awake. So was Illyria.” (reading his expression) “She was with him.” ANGEL “That doesn’t surprise me. She’s been hanging around him ever since Wesley…” (swallowing) “Since Wesley died.” AERIN “Why not you? Why Spike?” ANGEL (sighing) “He always had good hand with the ladies.” (pause) “I guess even with Buffy…” ZOOMING IN on the couch as Aerin takes her seat next to the brooding vampire. (A.N: Although Angel still has his dark hero attitude about him, he seems more and more tortured by his past. Don’t know yet if I have any plans to change this later on. For the moment all of the characters just seem to have their own lives.) AERIN “Hey, you…” (giving him a smile) “No need to mope… She still talks about you, ya know.” ANGEL (hopefully) “Really?” (beat) “And what does she say?” AERIN “Oh, the usual. She gives us the whole ‘Angel was a hero’ speech, sprinkled with stories of your heroic actions.” (touching his shoulder) “You should give her a call. She’s here in L.A, ya know.”

ANGEL (snapping his head) “What? She is?” AERIN (nodding) “And I have a sneaky suspicion that she would want to know that you’re alive.” (beat) “That you both are.” ANGEL (mumbling) “Did she really say to Spike that she loved him?” AERIN “Yeah. But that was then. Who knows what her feelings are now?” (getting up) “Well, I’m beat. Goodnight.” We follow Aerin with a STEAD CAM as she leaves the room. Then the CAMERA SWEEPS ACROSS the room to Angel as he gets up from the couch and picks up a cell phone from his pocket. Where the hell did that came from? A TIGHT SHOT of Angel as he picks up the phone and taps in a number. Which one we can’t really see. We hear signals going through and then a muffled voice answering. ANGEL “Buffy?”