Through the looking glass

By: Mariana INT. A GRAVEYARD - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - ESTIMATED 23.00 HOURS WE follow SPIKE and ILLYRIA with a STEAD CAM as they zigzagging between the gravestones. They share a quick look and turn around in unison. A WIDE SHOT of the scene, revealing the graveyard and ANGEL standing by a tomb. ANGEL “It’s just me.” AERIN (stepping out from the shadows of a tree) “And me.” (smiling briefly) “Man, you two are impossible to sneak on.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “I smelled you the second you entered this place.” (looking around) “Why are we here? The dead should be able to rest in peace.” ANGEL (frowning) “Like you did?” BEFORE Illyria could give Angel a reply, WE hear something in the BACKGROUND. A TINY NOISE and the FOCUS is on Illyria as she turns around to face a demon that, unnoticed, managed to sneak up on our team of heroes. And it looks kind of familiar… (A.N: It’s a POKI STINGER: The demon that stung Buffy in ‘Normal Again’. And I’m probably spelling it wrong.) SPIKE (yelling) “Look out, Leery!” ILLYRIA (blocking a punch) “I can manage without your advice.”

MAIN FOCUS is on Illyria as she and the demon fight each other. Illyria seems to get in a good blow to the demons side, but that doesn’t stop it and it launches itself at her with its claw thingy and actually manages to rip her armor and create a slash in her blue skin. Illyria looks down at the blood and then turns her face (oh man, she looks pissed) to the demon. Her hand snaps out and she holds the demon by its throat, squeezing it tightly. The demon dies soon after that and Illyria tosses its limp body to the ground. ILLYRIA (sneering) “Vile creature.” SPIKE (worried look) “Damn, Blue Eye’s, he made you bleed.” ILLYRIA (looking down at the scratch in her arm) “I wish that I had not let him die so easily. For this insult he would have deserved to be tortured and suffer a hundred deaths just to make me laugh at his pain.” AERIN (shrugging) “Ah, the good old days.” A CLOSE UP on Illyria as she suddenly grimace and press a hand to her wound. She looks really bad and lets out a small whimpering sound. We then see her FALL to the GROUND. SPIKE (rushing to her side) “Illyria…” (kneeling) “What happened?” ILLYRIA (waving away his hands) “Don’t touch me!” (whispering) “I am fine.” (trying to get up but fails miserably) “I…” (her head snaps back and she lets out a piercing scream)

WE ZOOM IN on Illyria as she closes her eye in pain (?). Then we see things from Illyria’s POV as she OPENS her EYES. WE see that the SURROUNDINGS are DIFFERENT. The graveyard is gone, and instead we see a beautiful FLOWER FIELD. (A.N: This would be like when Buffy thought she was at the psyche ward. But you have to admit that this seem to be a much nicer place.) A WIDE SHOT of the field, as Illyria slowly pulls herself up to a standing position. She looks around with a bewildered look on her face. FAMILIAR VOICE “Illyria…” ILLYRIA (snapping her head towards the sound) “Wesley?” PAN ACROSS the field to reveal WESLEY standing under a tree. He’s wearing a black turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans, and he looks pretty damn good. For a dead guy. The CAMERA follows Wesley as he leaves the shadows and advance on Illyria. WESLEY “Where have you been?” ILLYRIA (puzzled) “What are you talking about?” (looking around) “What is this place?” (looks sharply at him) “And where’s the dark-haired vampire and Spike?” WESLEY (coming to a stop right in front of her) “What are you talking about?” (knitted brow) “You know that Angel’s dead.” FADE OUT-

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INT. THE GRAVEYARD - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - ESTIMATED 01.00 HOURS The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on ILLYRIA as her eyes flutters open. Then PULL BACK to show us ANGEL, SPIKE and AERIN all looking down at her with worry written all over their faces. Aw, they do care about our little Smurfette! SPIKE (concerned) “You’ve been out for quite a while, pet. Is everything alright?” ILLYRIA (struggling to sit up) “I am fine. Your concern for me is useless.” SPIKE (somewhat offended) “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll just stop caring, okay.” ILLYRIA (standing up gracefully) “Shall we continue on our path for justice?” ANGEL (cutting in) “Are you sure that you’re okay? Cause it didn’t seem like it. And Spike was right; you were pretty much out of it for a long time.” WE follow Illyria with a STEAD CAM as she starts to walk away from the spot were she just moments ago had lain unconscious. Then we see AERIN appear at her side. AERIN “Hey, wait up!” (catching her breath) “They just worry about you, that’s all.” (beat) “Especially Spike.”

ILLYRIA (giving Aerin a furtive glance) “Are you implying that I should care about what the vampire thinks?” AERIN (holding up her hands) “Hey, just saying that it wouldn’t hurt you to think about what others might feel.” ILLYRIA (declaring) “I am above such petty emotions.” (looking in Spike’s (?) direction) “It would be preposterous to think otherwise.” AERIN “That’s just…” (shaking her head) “…sad.” ILLYRIA (bluntly) “Vampire.” AERIN (baffled) “What…Umf!” FOCUS ON Aerin as she’s attacked by a vampire. It’s a female and she tackles Aerin to the ground, landing upon the slayer and straddling her. Aerin quickly reaches for her stake and manages to plunge it into the demons chest. She then coughs when she’s covered by dust. (A.N: Aerin’s wearing all black, and her hair is tied back in a tight knot. In fact, everyone – except Illyria is wearing black. Very… stealthy.) AERIN (standing up) “Thanks for the warning.” ILLYRIA (calmly) “More… There are more.”

AERIN (questioning) “What?” Aerin’s POV as she turns around and sees a gang of ten to maybe eleven vampires approaching them with their ‘game faces’ on. Then PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene so that we can see all of the characters in play. AERIN (smiling) “It’s playtime.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE GRAVEYARD - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - ESTIMATED 02.00 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of the scene: ANGEL is occupied with a rather large sized male vampire, SPIKE busy slamming together the heads of two vampires, AERIN sends one flying with a high kick and ILLYRIA is about to rip the head of a vampire. But just as she lays her hand around the vampire’s face, WE see her freeze at the spot. Next thing, the vampire breaks free and tackles her to the ground. SPIKE “Leery…!” (ripping the vampire off her) “What’s wrong?” ILLYRIA’S POV as she lifts her gaze to the concerned vampire. We see the question in Spike’s eyes and he leans forward with his hand outstretched. Then our view darkens as Illyria obviously closes her eyes. Then they snap open and WE’RE in a totally DIFFERENT place. But not the flower fields from before. This time we see a long-stretched CORRIDOR. WESLEY “Aren’t you listening, O supreme Highness?” ILLYRIA (facing him) “What is this place?” (tilting her head) “It looks like…my palace.”

WESLEY (courtly smiling) “Are you not feeling well, empress?” ILLYRIA (bluntly) “How did the dark-haired vampire die?” WESLEY (smiling briefly) “You don’t remember?” (starting to walk) “You awoke, raised your army and won.” ILLYRIA (shaking her head) “No…” (following him) “My army was long gone and the temple of Vahla Ha’nesh destroyed.” A CLOSE UP on WESLEY’S face, showing us his questioning smile and knitted brows. Then PULL BACK to show us the whole scene - revealing that they stand outside a massive door. WESLEY “You’re mistaken, most revered one.” (pause) “There were a small amount of rebels trying to stop you. Angel was one of them. He died a traitor’s death at you hands. So did his followers.” ILLYRIA (looking sharply at Wesley) “And you did nothing to intertwine?” WESLEY “My place was with you, Illyria. As your guide in this world.” (opening the door) “Knox asked me to make sure that you didn’t miss this meeting.” (gesturing her to step forward) “You’ll call on me if there’s something else that I can do?”

ILLYRIA “Knox? He died… You shot him…” (stepping in) “I…” ILLYRIA’S POV: We see KNOX approaching her with outstretched hands. KNOX “Where’s Spike?” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE GRAVEYARD - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - ESTIMATED 03.00 HOURS The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the graveyard to show us Spike leaning over ILLYRIA as she slowly awakens. He steadies her in his arms and we can actually see that Illyria leans her head against his shoulder. SPIKE (between clutched teeth) “There’s something wrong with you. Admit it, Bluebell.” ILLYRIA “I…” ANGEL (helpfully) “It started when she was stung… or whatever by that demon.” AERIN (kneeling besides Spike) “Can you tell us what’s wrong, Illyria?” ILLYRIA “I see things that are not true.” FOCUS ON Illyria as she struggles to her feet, still looking rather dizzy and disturbed. Spike’s at her side, holding her upright with a worried look on his face.

SPIKE “This is familiar…” (snapping his fingers) “’S’ right! Buffy was stung by some sort of demon a while back and she started having these visions. She thought that her whole life was a lie.” (beat) “She tried to kill Dawn, Xander and Willow.” AERIN (sighing) “That’s great. Now we have to deal with a powerful demon that could wig out and try to kill us. Great. Just great.” ILLYRIA (snorting) “I am not a weak slayer. Low creatures as that one don’t have any effect on me.” SPIKE “Sorry to break the news to you, luv. But you’re not as strong as you used to be.” AERIN (muttering) “Who do you call weak?” FOCUS ON Spike and ANGEL as they give each other the old look that a guy gives another guy when they hear women bicker over unimportant things. ANGEL “We should go home now.” (beat) “Illyria obviously needs to rest.” ILLYRIA (growling) “You’re not in position to come with assumptions regarding my physical state.” AERIN “Damn, you are way touchy!” A TIGHT SHOT of Illyria as she gives the slayer an annoyed look. Then she closes her eyes, shudders and gasp for air. OUR view blackens once more and NEXT THING we’re exposed to

a different scenery again. This time it’s a wide and white marble room. We see the room from ILLYRIA’S POV. Her gaze fixates on the huge BED in the centre of the room. In the BACKGROUND we see white, transparent curtains billowing in the soft breeze coming in from the balcony. The room is also covered with flowers and other plants. FAMILIAR VOICE “What’s wrong my love?” ILLYRIA’S POV as she quickly turns around. We see a figure emerging behind the curtains. It’s SPIKE!!!


INT. THE HYPERION - THE LOBBY - ESTIMATED 04.00 HOURS SPOTLIGHT ON: ANGEL and AERIN sitting on the couch, talking intensely. They seem to be the only two in the room. ANGEL “I hope that Spike got her to rest.” AERIN (raising an eyebrow) “Wanna bet on that? Do you even know if she rests?” ANGEL (puzzled brow) “Actually… I don’t know.” AERIN (leaning forward) “So… did you call Buffy?” FOCUS ON Angel and his reluctant expression. What’s up with our dark hero? Did the conversation with Buffy (A.N: Occurred at the end of episode 1.02 ‘Flawless ’) not turn out they way he hoped it would be? And aren’t we just dying to know what was said during it? ANGEL (clearing his throat) “Er…well…there might’ve been some conversation.” (coughing) “I hung up when she started screaming at me and threatening to use Mr. Pointy.”

AERIN “And that’s it?” ANGEL “No… She redialed…”

AERIN (smiling) “And what happened then?” ANGEL (shrugging) “We talked a while. Let stuff out in the open.” AERIN “What kind of stuff?” (noticing his guilty expression) “You didn’t tell her about Spike.” ANGEL (looking away) “No…No, I didn’t.” AERIN “Why?” ANGEL (looking back) “Cause… What if…” (beat) “I couldn’t handle it if she says that she loves Spike more than me…” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - SPIKE’S BEDROOM - ESTIMATED 04.30 HOURS DOOR POV of the room; it’s dark and quiet. We see a figure slumping on Spike’s bed and another one sitting in the chair. Then the CAMERA PAN ACROSS the room to the bed and WE get a CLOSE UP on ILLYRIA lying in it! That means that Spike has to be the one sitting in the chair, right? And yes, when the CAMERA leaves the figure on the bed and gives us a TIGHT SHOT of the figure in the chair we see that it is SPIKE. He really looks worried. ILLYRIA (weakly) “I… I can not separate truth from fantasy anymore.”

SPIKE (quietly) “You’re here, Leery. With me.” ILLYRIA “And is this truth…or imaginary?” SPIKE (carefully) “It’s the truth, Blue.” (standing up and walking over to her) “See. I‘m right here.” ILLYRIA “You’re there to.” (closing her eyes) “In that other place.” We see Spike hesitantly sit down beside her and lay a hand over hers. We can also see her hand tremble in response to his touch. Then her eyes snaps open and their gazes meet. They look at each other as if they are alone in the universe. SPIKE (tenderly) “Ah, there you are.” ILLYRIA (smiling briefly) “I’m here. As I have been.” SPIKE “Would you like to tell me about it?” ILLYRIA “What?” SPIKE “About the other place.”

ILLYRIA (looking away) “You’re there.” (closing her eyes) “Everything is different there.” (longing) “Different… And better…” SPIKE (knitted brow) “But you do know that it’s not true?” ILLYRIA (calmly) “Of course.” NEXT THING we see her close her eyes and when she opens them WE are back in her palace and the white marble room. We have a WIDE SHOT of the room and see ILLYRIA and SPIKE lying on the huge bed in its centre. They look real CUDDLY. SPIKE (kissing her) “You look troubled, my love.” ILLYRIA (leaning her head to his shoulder) “I’ve been having these flashes… Events playing before my eyes.” (meeting his piercing stare) “I do not know what is true or false, anymore.” SPIKE “This other place… Is it not to your liking?” ILLYRIA (admitting) “You’re there to.” (sighing) “But you’re not my consort.”

SPIKE (pensive) “It sounds dreadful. Are you happy there?” ILLYRIA (thoughtfully) “I am not unhappy.” (quietly) “But I have lost many of my powers and my kingdom is no more.” (looking up at him) “Yet, I do not think much of it. Cause I have a purpose. To watch over…you.” A CLOSE UP on SPIKE as he lean down a places a tender kiss on her slightly parted lips. Then he pulls back and so does the CAMERA so that we get a clear view of the two of them. SPIKE “I’m yours.” (beat) “As you’re mine.” ILLYRIA (stroking his cheek) “Insolent creature. Is should banish you for such arrogance.” (crestfallen) “Yet I can not.” SPIKE “You’re distracted by these visions of yours. How will you manage to rule over your subjects when your attention is elsewhere?” ILLYRIA (sitting up) “I’ll end it.”


CUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - THE LOBBY - ESTIMATED 05.00 HOURS The CAMERA’S DIRECTED at the COUCH and the two people sitting there; ANGEL and AERIN. We see that they’re deep in conversation, but can’t quite hear anything, but as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN on them, we start to hear what they’re saying. AERIN “I can only tell you what I know about Buffy and Spike’s final moments before the Hellmouth collapsed.” ANGEL (between clenched teeth) “I want to know.” (beat) “I need to know.” AERIN (shuddering breath) “Okay. Here it goes…” (calmly) “I, myself, knew of course who Buffy was before I met her. I’ve heard the stories about the heroic Slayer who had brought down the First Evil and closed the Sunnydale Hellmouth. But when I met her she had no resembles of that girl. And the things I heard… People, slayers and watchers were talking about her behind her back. They didn’t like that she had been involved with two vampires. It didn’t matter that both of them… You and Spike had souls. She was guilty anyway.” (pause) ”If anyone ever spoke of Spike at all, his selflessness in the Hellmouth was never recognised. I only heard of it from Willow. It was she who gave me the whole story.” (glancing at Angel) ”How Spike came to Sunnydale to kill himself his third slayer, but instead fell in love with her. How he fought by her side, letting himself be tormented by a hell god and then how he got his soul back just to give Buffy ’what she deserves’. And how he in the end sacrificed himself so that they all could live. So that Buffy could live.” ANGEL (swallowing) “And…did Willow mention what exactly had happened between Spike and Buffy?”

AERIN (nodding) “Willow said that she saw Spike standing in a pillar of light, lit by the very thing that slowly killed him. And she told me that he looked… radiant. Effulgent. She saw Buffy running towards him and that they spoke. Whatever was said between them… That she didn’t know. But she saw them holding hands” (beat) “The rest is loose fragments told by all of them. Giles, Xander, Willow, Dawn and Faith. They say that Buffy’s hand still tingle from where she and Spike had been joined by fire.” ANGEL (whispering) “And the part where she said that she loved him?” AERIN “That’s true. But you don’t know what his answer where. (beat) “’No, you don’t but thanks for saying it.’” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - SPIKE’S BEDROOM - ESTIMATED 05.30 HOURS FOCUS ON the two figures on the bed; SPIKE and ILLYRIA, as Illyria slowly open her eyes and give Spike a mysterious look. What goes on in her sweet little head? She sits up and pushes the blonde vampire away. He seems hurt by her treatment and returns to the chair. SPIKE (stating) “You were gone again.” ILLYRIA (blankly) “I was.” SPIKE (shifting in his seat) “Are you alright?”

ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “I will be.” SPIKE (shaking his head) “Great. You’re one piece of hardware, ya know that?” ANGLE ON Illyria as she turns her gaze towards the vampire in the chair. And we see Spike slumping recklessly, looking like nothing bothers him. ILLYRIA (sighing wistfully) “You are so insolent.” (frustrated) “No one has ever treated me so irreverently before.” SPIKE (smiling brightly) “Yeah?” (leaning forward) “Really?” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “Why do you seek to annoy me?” SPIKE (teasingly) “Why do you rise to the occasion?” ILLYRIA (vicious glare) “You’re not as amusing as you think you are, half-breed.” SPIKE (raising an eyebrow) “I thought we where done calling me a half-breed?”

ILLYRIA (shaking her head) “I feel tired.” ILLYRIA sounds oddly quiet. And human. (A.N: I’ve taken the opportunity to portrait Illyria a little bit more humanlike. During her interactions with the rest of our heroes, she has grown an awareness of what they feel comfortable to be around or not.) SPIKE “Oh? Well, you’re in my bed…” ILLYRIA (sneering) “Be quiet!” SPIKE (holding up his hands) “Okay, okay! I’ll go and let you get some rest, luv.” FOCUS ON SPIKE as he leaves the room with his coat billowing around him. Then, when the door closes behind him, the CAMERA PAN ACROSS the room to ILLYRIA. We see that she has a rather odd expression in her face. It something aching to…a hidden grin, as if the vampire just played her right in her hands. What is our little Bluebell up to?? FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – 06.15 HOURS AN OVER ALL SHOT of the HYPERION LOBBY. ANGEL sits on the couch, flipping the pages of a huge book and looks rather intrigued by its contents. AERIN is busy buttoning her suede jacket – is she going out? She looks up as SPIKE walks past her and reach out a hand to stop the blonde vampire. He does so and looks down at her questioningly. AERIN “I’m impressed.” (beat) “With the way you are around Illyria. She can be proud to have a friend like you.”

SPIKE “Thanks.” AWKWARD MOMENT. AERIN (Cont’d) “So…” SPIKE “Yeah…” AERIN jerks her thumb over her shoulder.

AERIN “I’ll just go then.” SPIKE “Yeah.” SPIKE goes towards the couch as Aerin heads for the door. We FOCUS on SPIKE as he looks back over his shoulder at AERIN as she steps over the thresholds and disappear from our view. The blonde vampire turns around and faces Angel who has a smile on his face. ANGEL “Stalker.” SPIKE “What are you on about?” ANGEL “The glances. Those “innocent” glances. Yeah, I saw you. You’re so into her.” SPIKE “Oh, sod off!!” ZOOMING IN on the blissful expression in the older vampire’s face. FADE OUT-

INT. UNKNOWN ROOM - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - ESTIMATED 15.00 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of a room; it looks rather cozy and neat. To our right, against a white wall is a cerise couch and above it hangs a painting of a river landscape. To our left, we see a desk and behind it a window. The floor is covered with a rug in some geometric pattern. Straight ahead is a closed door, but as we FOCUS ON it, it opens and we see GILES entering the room. Behind him follows AERIN. GILES (casting her a glance over his shoulder) “It’s nice to see you again, Ms Browder.” (noticing her glare) “Ahem. Aerin.” AERIN (smiling) “Way better.” (sitting down on the couch) “We need to talk.” GILES (taking place behind the desk) “We do?” (clearing his throat) “We do. I guess it’s about Angel?” AERIN (wincing) “Not so much about Angel as about someone else…” GILES “Oh?” (cleaning his glasses) “Then about whom?” AERIN (flashing him a bright smile) “Spike.”

GILES (flabbergasted) “Spike?!” (reluctant) “Spike.” A CLOSE UP on Aerin as she adjusts herself on the sofa. She looks rather concentrated on this special task, and it takes a while before she lifts her head and look over at Giles. The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT again, revealing Giles inpatient stare. AERIN “Yeah, he’s alive. And with Angel.” GILES (muttering) “Come the final apocalypse, all that’ll be left…cockroaches… and Spike.” FAMILIAR VOICE “Did I hear someone mention Spike?” PAN ACROSS the room towards the open door, only to show us BUFFY standing in the doorway. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. GILES OFFICE - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - ESTIMATED 15.30 HOURS BUFFY POV as she looks from Giles to the dark-haired slayer sitting on the sofa. We see the caught looks in their faces and especially Aerin seem uncomfortable. BUFFY “Why did you two talk about Spike?” PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT. GILES (rubbing his nose) ”Well... Buffy…” (eyes flickering) “Remember how you told us about Spike being a pile of dust in the Hellmouth?”

BUFFY (sniffling slightly) “And your point is?” AERIN (whispering) “He's looking better now.” A CLOSE UP on Buffy as she stares at Aerin, seemingly unable to take it all in. GILES “Uh, Buffy... did you hear her?” AERIN (waving her hands wildly in front of Buffy’s face) “Hello... Buffy, are you in there? 'Cause...” BUFFY (shaking her head) “Aerin, would you mind repeating what you just said? And say it very slowly, 'cause I'm sure I heard you wrong.” AERIN ”I said, Spike's looking less... you know... ashy now. He’s alive.” (beat) ”Well, he’s still undead… But he’s back.” A TIGHT SHOT of Buffy as she looks from Giles to Aerin, perhaps in an attempt to see if they’re playing some kind of sick joke on her. Then the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a wide shot. BUFFY “Alive…?” (shaking her head) “No, he can’t be. He died… I know - I was there.” GILES (nodding) “I know you were.” (coughing) “But it’s true. He’s back.”

BUFFY “How... I don't understa... how? When?” AERIN (getting up from the couch) “Hey, Buffy. I know this might come as a chock to you. But it’s true.” (laying a hand on the other woman’s shoulder) “Spike’s alive. And he’s here. In L.A.” (beat) “With Angel.” BUFFY (shrieking) ”ANGEL??? Angel knew Spike was back? And he didn't call me? Nobody called me??? I'll kill them both. Again!” GILES (begging) “Now, now Buffy... calm down... please... You're looking feverish!” BUFFY (sneering) “I'll be feverish if I want to.” AERIN (forced cheerfulness) “Of course you can!” A CLOSE UP on Buffy as she walks over to the couch and sits down on it with a strange look on her face. It can’t really be described as happiness. Or chock. A CLOSER LOOK may give us a hint that she is in fact FURIOUS. BUFFY “That bastard. He lied to me.” (gritting her teeth) “He didn’t die. Didn’t sacrifice himself for the greater good. He left me.” AERIN “You’re wrong. He did die. But he was brought back.” (pause) “Twice.”

BUFFY (snapping her head in Aerin’s direction.) “What do you mean…Twice?” AERIN “Well, after being brought back the first time, Spike joined Angel’s team here in L.A and helped them fight against Wolfram and Hart. He died in the battle.” (beat) “Then Spike was brought back from heaven.” GILES “Oh, dear heavens…” BUFFY (shouting) “Say what?” (beat) “How do you know all this?” AERIN (meeting Buffy’s gaze) “Cause I met him. Them. Him and Angel.” BUFFY “Angel… He didn’t tell me this when we spoke.” (deadly grin) “He’s so gonna wish that he’s dead.” (beat) “Deader…” GILES (again cleaning his glasses) “Now, Buffy, we can’t blame this on Angel.” (shaking his head) “Although I’m a bit curious why he didn’t mention it when he called…” AERIN “When he wanted your help with something. And you hang up on him.” (noticing Buffy’s stunned expression) “That’s right. Your precious Watcher refused to help Angel and because of that one of Angel’s people died. Winifred Burkle.”

BUFFY (thoughtfully) “Winifred…Fred?” AERIN “She’s no longer Fred.” (pause) “She’s a smurf.” ANGLE ON Buffy as she lifts a puzzled brow. BUFFY “’S’cuse me? A…smurf??” AERIN “She’s a blue and very bitchy demon king.” (bitterly) “Illyria.” GILES (standing up) “Illyria?!” (pacing behind the desk) “Oh, dear… We’re all doomed.” BUFFY “Great. We are doomed. Again.” (beat) “Can we get back to the subject of Spike?” GILES (incoherently) “She will awaken her armies and kill everyone in her way…” BUFFY “Hello…! Spike.” GILES (babbling) “There will be no mercy shown…”

AERIN (chipping in) “We don’t have to worry about Illyria. She’s been tamed.” GILES “What? By whom?” AERIN “By Spike.”


CUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - SPIKE’S BEDROOM - ESTIMATED 17.00 HOURS The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on SPIKE as he awakens in the chair. He’s obviously been sleeping and now he looks around dazedly. We follow our favorite blonde vampire as he slowly gets up and strode over to the bed, where Illyria lies perfectly still with her eyes open. It’s rather difficult to say if she awake or asleep. SPIKE (quietly) “Bluebird?” ILLYRIA “I am not a bird of any sort, Spike.” SPIKE (smiling) “’S’ just a saying. Don’t you like it?” ILLYRIA (raising her head) “You’re insolent, arrogant and a half-breed. But yet you have found favor by me.” A CLOSE UP on ILLYRIA’S face as she turns her head away and stare into nothing. What’s she thinking about?

ILLYRIA “But there are another you.” (turning to Spike) “And I don’t know who of you is real.” (whispering) “I fear that I am slipping away into the void that is not true.” SPIKE “Leery…” ILLYRIA (closing her eyes) “There’s another you…”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. ILLYRIA’S CHAMBER - ILLYRIA’S PALACE - DATE AND TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE ANGLE ON the room, revealing ILLYRIA walking out on the balcony. We follow her with a STEAD CAM as she approaches the balustrade and then the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene so that we can see that SPIKE is also there, waiting for her with a fond smile on his lips. SPIKE “You’re looking better, pet.” ILLYRIA (reaching out her hand to him) “I feel better too.” SPIKE (accepting her hand) “You’re not experiencing anymore of those visions are you?” (stroking her cheek) “You know that they are not true, right?” ILLYRIA (thoughtfully) “They are not true…”

SPIKE “This seems to be a concern yet for you, my love.” (eagerly) “They must end once and for all.” ILLYRIA (meeting his gaze) “How?” A TIGHT SHOT of SPIKE as he smiles and caresses her hair. SPIKE (calmly) “You have to kill them. Those who try to convince you that the other place is were you belong. Kill your demons.”


CUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - THE LOBBY - ESTIMATED 19.00 HOURS A CLOSE UP on ILLYRIA as she descends from the stairs, graceful as ever. Her face is blank, free of any emotions and we get a feeling that she’s up to no good. The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the Hyperion Lobby and we see that SPIKE stands in the centre of the room, with his back against the approaching Illyria. SPIKE ”I never expected to last this long. Always thought that I would go down fighting… At least that is what I’ve told folks.” (pause) ”And I have gone down, many times. First when I was sired. Then thrown down from a tower. Battling for my soul. And even after I had given up the fight to save the bloody world, they’d brought me back to do it all over again. To face down that horde of demons had to be the definition of unbelievable odds. But I did. And got my redemption.” (beat) ”Only to be brought back again. I was finished… But I had to get back up again. Battered, bloodied, and bruised, but still in one piece.”

FOCUS ON Spike as he turns to Illyria, who has stopped only meters away from him, still with that blank expression on her face. SPIKE ”Question is… Will I survive you?” (locking his gaze in hers) ”Have you come to kill me now, Illy?” ILLYRIA (emotionlessly) ”You’re not real.” SPIKE (sighing) ”That’s…” ANGLE ON Illyria as she charges at the blonde vampire. Spike manages to instinctively duck downwards and by so also take advantage of his position to throw Illyria over his shoulder, making her hit the wall before crumpling to the ground. WE see Illyria quickly rise and advance on the vampire, who is now in his ’game face’. The two of them circle around each other, probably sizing the other one up. (A.N: Although Illyria is mighty powerful, we can’t forget that Spike’s one amazing fighter that could, at times, measure up to the standards of both Faith and Buffy. Not to mention that he has killed two slayers. Therefore the outcome of this fight could go either way.) The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on our two fighters as Illyria manages to get in a rather good blow to Spike’s side, making him take a few steps back to get his bearings straight. Then we hear him growl and lunge himself at Illyria, arms locking her shoulders in place as he head bangs her. We see Illyria stumble away with a hand to her forehead, vicious look in her eyes. (Yeah, she looks ready to poop his head off.) ILLYRIA (sneering) ”Vile creature.” SPIKE (shaking his head) ”Now, now, Leery. No need to get personal.” FOCUS ON Spike as he tilts his head to one side and fires of a huge grin. Then SUDDENLY he’s a blur of movement, incredibly fast, leaping and somersaulting high into the air as he attacks the stricken Illyria (she do look rather baffled) with terrifying ferocity.

SPIKE (between breaths) ”This was what I am, Blue. A warrior.” (dancing away from a blow directed at him) ”This is what I’m made for. To fight. To maim.” (beat) ”To kill.” ANGLE ON Spike as he once again charges at Illyria. But his time Illyria easily avoids his advancement and no matter how he comes at her, he can’t get in even the smallest blow. It is almost as if she’s playing with him, dancing around and using every trick to avoid getting hit by the now furious vampire. SUDDENLY Illyria lifts Spike up and tosses him away. The blonde vampire propels across the room. And he hits the wall. Hard. (Yeah, there’s a mark) WE see Illyria walk over to him, bend down and lift him up in the air as if he weighed nothing. Then she tosses him away again, making him hit another wall, also leaving a mark on that one. (As if the Hyperion wasn’t in bad shape before.) FOCUS ON Spike as Illyria’s foot comes down on his head, pinning him in place before he could get up. Her hands clenches into fists. ILLYRIA (coldly) “I should crush you where you lie, half-breed.” A CLOSE UP on Spike as his eyes met Illyria’s. The vampire looks suddenly exhausted, as if all the life has been drained out of him. All of the energy. As if he has been pushing himself to the brink of exhaustion, and now suddenly, completely, lost the ability to continue on for one minute longer. WE had never really seen him like this, not even after Glory had beaten him to a bloody mess (A.N: Occurred during season 5 of Buffy in the episode ’Intervention’). Spike has always seemed so alive. So full of power and… Grace. But now, at this moment as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN CLOSER, he seems different. Lifeless. Empty. SPIKE (whispering) “Do it. Just bloody well do it.” TIGHT SHOT of Illyria as she looks down at the beaten vampire. We can see that she has an odd expression in her face. It kind of looks like she’s uncertain of her actions. As if she suddenly doubts that what she’s about to do is the right thing. Could this might be a reaction to Spike’s acceptance that she’ll kill him? The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT so that we can see the both of them.

ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “You are giving up?” (closing her eyes) “This is not how…” OUR VIEW BLACKENS as we see things from ILLYRIA’S POV. Then the SCENERY has CHANGES as her eyes flutters open and WE discover that we’re back in Illyria’s chamber. We have a WIDE SHOT of the room, revealing both Illyria and SPIKE. The later one is approaching Illyria, who sits on the bed in the centre of the room. He sits down by her side and strokes her hair in a gentle movement. SPIKE “There you are, my love.” ILLYRIA (looking at him over her shoulder) “I am here. As I have been.” SPIKE (leaning in to plant a kiss on her cheek) “You’ve seem so distant lately.” (pause) “You have done it, then? You’ve killed them? The other me?” ILLYRIA “What if this isn’t real?” (bending down her head) “I fear that this is not real.” A TIGHT SHOT of Spike. He looks disturbed by her words. And he proves this fact by laying a hand under her chin and turns her head against his. SPIKE “That’s what they want you to think, pet.” (tilting his head) “But they are wrong. He’s wrong.” ILLYRIA “He has not suggested that I should kill you.” (thoughtful) “Why is that?”

SPIKE (hesitant smile) “He doesn’t know any better, luv.” (pressing his lips against hers) “Can’t you see that this is real?” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on them kissing, and Illyria seems to be putting all of her emotions into this kiss because it’s powerful, beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. (Damn, that’s one hot kiss!!!) But it does seem kind of final…? And it seems that Spike picks up on this, because he pulls away and looks at her questioning. The FOCUS is on Illyria as she turns around and we see a sharp WOODEN STAKE in her hands! ILLYRIA “I release you from what is not true.” (driving the stake through Spike’s chest) A CLOSE UP on Spike as he looks at her with shock written all over his features. Then we see how he’s slowly withering away in a cloud of dust. The CAMERA RETURNS to Illyria as she stares at the spot where the blonde vampire just sat. If we look CLOSELY we can even see one, single tear trailing down her cheek. Its color is a darker shade of blue. ILLYRIA “I’m sorry.”


INT. GILES’S OFFICE - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 15.00 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of the room, reveals that it is broad daylight and the clock on the wall show that the time is a few minutes past three o’clock in the afternoon. We also see that there are quite a few people in the room. Among the faces we recognize: GILES sitting behind his desk, AERIN sitting on the sofa with DAWN and WILLOW, BUFFY standing by the window and ANDREW just by the door. BUFFY (astonished - and jealously) “You’re saying that Illyria managed to tell the difference between the real world and the false one and that she cured herself?” AERIN (nodding) “Yup.” (bright smile) “Man, she’s one tuff smurf.” WILLOW (shaking her head) “I still can’t believe that Fred’s gone…” (tears in her eyes) “…and Illyria’s using her body.” BUFFY (still pretty much single-minded) “And Spike’s alright?” AERIN (chuckling) “He’s dandy. Maybe a little bit bruised - but Illyria’s busy patching him up.” BUFFY (looking disturbed - and jealous) “Why does she get the chance to patch him up?” (gritting her teeth) “It should be me.”

GILES “Ahem… That’s fine, Buffy. But this is not the time to…” (noticing Buffy’s stare) “Er, I think Spike’s just fine.”

ANGLE ON Buffy as she pouts her lips and look from face to face. Then FOCUS on DAWN as she leans forward with an eager look on her face. (A.N: Dawn has developed into quite a lovely young woman. Her hair is shorter, almost shoulder length and slightly curly. She’s wearing a delicate tub top in a bright pink color and low-cut jeans. Her only accessorize is a necklace with an ornamented cross.) DAWN “I wish that I could meet him, right at once.” (silently) “I’ve missed him.” FOCUS ON Willow as she turns to the sullen Buffy. (A.N: Willow looks rather well. Her hair is loose and seems to be a bit longer than it used to be. She’s lovely in green top and black trousers.) WILLOW “It sounds as if he and Illyria is rather close?” (turning to Aerin) “Isn’t that the impression you said you got from being around them?” The CAMERA TURNS to Aerin. (A.N: Aerin is wearing her usual black outfit. Black shirt, black leather pants and black boots. Her hair is loose and shines in the rays coming in from the window.) She gives Buffy a furtive glance. AERIN (nodding) “Yeah.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Buffy by the window. (A.N: Buffy wears a red halter neck and low-cut blue jeans with an ornamented belt. Her only accessorize, like Dawn, is a necklace with a simple cross. Her golden hair is up in a tight ponytail.) BUFFY (remaining single-minded) “I saw him first.”

GILES (cleaning his glasses) “About Illyria…” (fixating on Aerin) “Does she seem to be threat?” AERIN (shaking her head) “I mean… She is powerful. But I really believe that she wants to fight the good fight.” ANDREW (chipping in) “But what if she’s just playing you all?” GILES “I hate to admit this…” (beat) “But what if Andrew’s right?” FOCUS ON Andrew as he flashes them all a proud smile. He’s wearing a suit, much like Giles and we assume that it is his idea for a fitting watcher outfit. (A.N: By now our young Andrew has been upgraded to full watcher status. The council must be desperate…) ANDREW “It is worth a thought, my friends.” WILLOW “I so hope not that it’s the case.” (gulping) “After what Giles told us, we would be no match for her.” BUFFY (snorting) “Have you all forgotten that I already beat one hell god?” GILES (shaking his head) “This is not as it was with Glory, Buffy.” (pause) “Illyria… She a whole different league.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - SPIKE’S BEDROOM - ESTIMATED 17.00 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of the room, revealing that Illyria’s once again lying in Spike’s bed. But this time, Spike is not sitting in the chair. He sits on the edge of the bed and stares out into nothing has he hums a tune. SPIKE (softly singing) “No one knows what it’s like; to be the bad man, to be the sad man behind blue eyes. And no one knows what it’s like to be hated, to be faded to telling only lies.” (turning his head down to Illyria) “But my dreams they aren’t as empty as my conscious seems to be. I have hours, only lonely… My love is vengeance that’s never free.” (pause) “No one knows what it’s like…to be the bad man, to be the sad man behind blue eyes…” ILLYRIA “I like it…” (beat) “…when you sing to me.” (giving him a weak smile) “It calms me down.” A TIGHT SHOT of the two of them as Spike leans forward and caress her cheek. And we see that Illyria accepts his touch be leaning her head to his palm. They make a lovely picture. Then Spike draw back his hand, rise from the bed and walk over to the chair - where he takes place with a tired sigh. Guessing here that he’s pretty bruised after Illyria beating him up. ILLYRIA (concerned) “You’re weakened.” SPIKE (giving her a assuring smile) “I’ll heal. It’s just a matter of time, Bluebell.” (adjusting himself in the chair) “Besides, you’re pretty out of shape to.”

ILLYRIA “I am adjusting myself to the altered states of time.” SPIKE “About that…” (pause) “How did you manage it? To tell what was real and what was not?” (meeting her gaze) “Buffy almost killed her friends, but you didn’t kill me.” ILLYRIA (lifting her head from the pillow) “I’ve already told you that I’m not a weak slayer.” (laying her head down again) “Truth is that I knew that the other world was untrue the moment the Spike there urged me to kill you and everyone else here.” SPIKE (curiously) “Really?” A CLOSE SHOT of Spike as he studies Illyria through half-closed eyelids. SPIKE “In this fake reality… How was it like?” ILLYRIA (longing) “I had awakened my armies and conquered the world.” (silently) “Wesley was there. So was Knox. But the dark-haired vampire, Angel, had died long time ago. You…” (whispering) “You where there also.” SPIKE (curious at her tone of voice) “And what meaning had I in your little piece of paradise?” FOCUS ON Illyria as she closes her eyes and lets out a shuddering breath. We can barely hear her whisper, and question is if Spike did.

ILLYRIA “You had much meaning… Spike.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. GILES’S OFFICE - DOWNTOWN L.A - ESTIMATED 18.00 HOURS A WIDE SHOT of the room, revealing that it’s almost vacant, except for two people. AERIN and BUFFY. Aerin sits on the couch while Buffy paces the room like a tiger in a cage. BUFFY “You wanted to talk to me in private?” AERIN (clearing her throat) “Well, yeah.” (following Buffy with her eyes) “It’s about Spike.” BUFFY (coming to a halt) “What about him?” AERIN “Well, you know how much time he spends with Illyria…” (looking eager) “Does it bother you that he does?” (beat) “I mean… Are you jealous?” FOCUS ON Buffy as she frowns and turn around so that she faces the window. Her face is lit with the rays from a descending sun. BUFFY (hesitantly) “I don’t know. I shouldn’t be.” (beginning to pace again) “After all, I have no right to feel like that.” (whispering) “Besides… I am sooo over him.”

AERIN (eagerly) “Are you sure?” BUFFY (oblivious) “Yeah… Yeah, I am sure.” A CLOSE UP on the satisfied look on Aerin’s face as she relaxes on the sofa. (A.N: Believing that was Aerin’s way of finding out if the coast is clear to make a move on Spike. That poor sod (?) has no idea what‘s waiting him.) The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the room again. BUFFY (still pacing) “How… How does he look? I mean; is he still…hot?” AERIN (nodding) “He’s one fine piece of man.” (noticing Buffy’s begging expression) “His hair is slightly curly and golden brown with bleached ends. His eyes are piercing blue and he usually wears jeans and a black shirt. And he looks damn sexy in his suede jacket.” (dreamily) “And that accent…” BUFFY “He seems different when you describe him.” AERIN “I guess dying three times does that to a man.” BUFFY (shaking her head) “I still can’t believe that Spike was in heaven.” ANGLE ON Aerin as she’s about to say something. But before she can get the words out, the room’s filled with the ringing signals from the phone. FOCUS ON Buffy as she walks over to Giles’s desk to answer.

BUFFY “Hello?” (beat) “Angel?” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HYPERION - THE LOBBY - ESTIMATED 18.30 HOURS ALL LIGHT ON ANGEL as he stands by his desk with the phone pressed to his ear. He seems deep in conversation with whoever’s on the other side of the line. The expression on his face is somewhat difficult to get a read on. ANGEL “I think we should meet.” A QUICK SHOT of BUFFY on the other line, standing by Giles’s desk. Buffy (knitted brow) “When? And where?” BACK TO Angel as his eyes dart around the rather dark room that he’s in. ANGEL “Soon. But not here. On neutral ground.” BACK TO a SHOT of Buffy as she sighs and plays with a paperclip on the desk. BUFFY “Fine. Can we meet up here?” (looking at Aerin) “Aerin can show you the way.” RETURNING to our dark and brooding vampire. ANGEL “That’s fine. See you soon, Buffy.”

A CLOSE UP on Angel as he hangs up and start walking towards the stairs. We follow him with a STEAD CAM as he makes his way down a dusky corridor and then he stops outside a closed door. It looks like he’s about to knock on it, and a moment later he does. WE hear a muffled answer from inside the door and Angel opens it, to reveal SPIKE’S BEDROOM! ANGEL “How are you?” PANNING ACROSS the room to show Spike sitting in the chair. He straightens himself and flashes off a brief smile. SPIKE “Just swell, mate.” ANGEL (stepping inside) “And Illyria?” FOCUS ON ILLYRIA lying on Spike’s bed with her eyes fully open. But is she awake or is she sleeping? It is so hard to tell with our little Smurfette. ILLYRIA (calmly) “I am fine.” (sitting up) “Your concern is useless, vampire.” ANGEL (ignoring her) “I just talked to Buffy.” SPIKE (tensing) “Oh?” (managing to sound totally cool) “About what?” ANGEL “I suggested that we should meet soon. You know - to join forces.”

SPIKE “Always good to have backup.” ILLYRIA (insulted) “Are you saying that I can’t protect us from the assassins sent by Wolfram and Hart?” (sneering) “That a weak slayer could do better?” ANGEL (shaking his head) “That’s not it, Illyria. Just saying it would be nice to know that they would have our backs if things got rough. That’s all.” CLOSE UP on Spike as he gets up from the chair and walk over to Illyria. He sits down besides her and lays a hand to her cheek. She accepts his touch and even lean her head against his palm. SPIKE (silently) “You’re the most powerful weapon we got, Bluebell.” ANGEL “Don’t wanna break up this tender moment you have. So I best be leaving then.” We REMAIN FOCUSED on the two by the bed a while, revealing that they seem almost oblivious to Angel’s presence. (A.N: Is something going on between Spike and Illyria? Or is there a blossoming romance between Spike and Aerin? And what about Buffy? This could prove to be a rather interesting plotline… hehehe… Guess that I should train a little bit more on my evil laugh.) A TIGHT SHOT of Angel as he turns his back against the room and walk out the door. We STAY WITH him as he makes his way down the corridor and stops outside another door. He enters the, to us, UNKNOWN room and we see it’s a BEDROOM. Angel’s perhaps? The CAMERA FOCUS on the dark-haired vampire as he starts to strip himself out of his clothes. TURNING to a DOOR POV, so that we see his naked back as he slips under the covers. Angel adjusts himself under the sheets and sighs. We ZOOM IN on his face, and see the expression that’s aching to SORROW. Over what???