Banking 3-6-3 Rule Accelerated Payments Accommodation Endorsement Accord and Satisfaction Account Aggregation Account Analysis Account Freeze

Accounts Receivable Conversion – ARC Accounts Receivable Financing Account Uncollectible

Accommodation Paper

Account hold

Acquirer Acquisition Loan

Add-On Interest Adjusted Balance Method

Advance Rate

Adversely Classified Assets Affinity Cards Affirmative Covenants African Development Bank Agent Bank Agreement Corporation Agricultural Credit Algorithmic Trading All Savers Certificate Alternative Mortgage Instruments American Banker's Association American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Amount Financed

Co-branded Credit Cards Negative Covenants

American Institute of Banking ASC X9 Truth in Lending Loans Act Page 1

Banking Anticipation Notes Article 9 Asian Currency Unit Asian Development Bank Asset Backed Credit Default Swaps (ABCDS) Asset Quality Rating Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) Asset backed Commercial Paper Money Market Fund Liquidity Facility (AMLF) Asset Conversion Loan Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) Assignment of Proceeds Associate Bank Similar to European Currency Unit which was a precursor to Euro Works in harmony with the World bank and IMF

At Sight Australian Bankers Association Authorized Investment

Automated Underwriting Automatic Savings Plan Available Balance Available Credit Available Funds Aval Average Daily Balance Average Daily Balance Method Average Daily Float Average Outstanding Balance Back to Back Letter of Credits Bad Check

Float Time

Average Collected Balance Accounting Method

Page 2

Banking Bad Debt Recovery Bad Debt Reserve Balloon Payments Bancassurance Bank Administration Institute Bank Bill Swap Bill Rate Bank Bank Bank Bank Card Association Card Draft Endorsement VISA and MasterCard Debit or ATM Card Loss Reserve

Bank for International Settlements Bank Giro Transfer Bank Identification Number Bank Insurance Bank marketing Association Bank Panic 1907 Bank Rate Bank Rate Monitor Index Bank Runs Bank Secrecy Act - BSA Bank Wire Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act Issuer Identification Number

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Fixed and Variable account expenses Periodic Statement provide by the bank to the firm Scan the Cheque and make the payment electronically Finance the assets by taking loan with AR as collateral Doubtful -> Uncollectible -> Bad Debt -> Write Off Bidder in an M&A transaction A Bank in case of a credit or debit card purchase. Here the Acquirer needs to be licensed with VISA or Mastercard Tata Loan for JLR acquisition Total Amount to be paid for the loan = Principal + Interest is calculated and the installment is then given by dividing the total amount by the number of installments. This has a negative impact on the borrower as even when the installment paid includes part of the principal, he has to pay interest on the total principal.

If a lender's advance rate is 85%, and a company has an asset of $1,000,000 that it could use as security on a loan, the lender would issue a loan of up to only $850,000.
Three Categories: 1. Substandard – Very Risky but can be improved 2. Doubtful – Highly improbable 3. Loss – No Chance of recollection Win-win-win for the Bank, Charitable Organizations and Customer A promise to do something Bank that acts on behalf of another bank. Bank Charted by the Federal Bank to engage in International Banking Activities Purchase shares in lots based on the algorithm so that the share price is not affected by the purchase and the buying price is optimal

Create Standards related to BFSI technology (eg: ATM Cards, Cheque Books, Accounting Standards, etc) Comparison in the costs for a loan across banks, Transparency in loan processing Page 4

Banking Used by Municipality to bridge the mismatch between the future revenues and current borrowing needs Article under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to prescribe the ownership of the loan, debtor's liability and use of collateral Basket of Asian Currency

Assessing the risk associated with a particular asset. 1 – Little Risk, 5 – Major Risks with the asset quality Financial Instrument used for Short Term liquidity needs by using the receivables as the underlying asset Instrument created for the US banks to raise money from the Mutual Funds to meet the maturity obligations

A short-term loan that is typically repaid by converting an asset, usually inventory or receivables, into cash
A committee that monitors the risk management practices in the bank or credit institution. Transfer of part or all of the proceeds by the beneficiary of a letter of credit to a third party bank affiliated through membership with another bank or a clearing house, electronic payment network, etc

An at sight payment will require the party receiving the good or service to pay a certain sum immediately upon being presented with the bill of exchange.
A list of investments that a trust or an institution can make based on the risk profile and returns expected

Automated underwriting engines can provide nearinstantaneous loan approval or denial decisions based on algorithms and predefined logic
Difference between the sanctioned credit and the used credit Available Balance + Unused lines of Credit for Funds A Guarantee by a third party (bank) against a loan/liability of the borrower

A finance/accounting method where costs (and interest) are based on the amount(s) owing at the end of each day
Average Amount outstanding due to cheques deposited The average balance on a loan portfolio or a credit card account

With the original LC from the buyer's bank in place, the seller goes to his own bank and has Consumers can also create a backstop account that is automatically debited if the primary c
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Banking An account set aside by the company to account for or offset the loss occuring from the default of a future loan. Substantial payments at the end of the loan period to be made if the oan amount is not ammortized during the period of the loan Insurance sold by the bank's existing distribution network Non Profit Organization responsible for creating standards in bank operations and risk management Benchmark Interest Rate set by the Reuters on which the Interest Rate Swaps are decided and contracts formed Organization Owned by Financial institutions that license bank credit card programs. They also help in operations activities of the card

A debt from a loan, credit line or accounts receivable that is recovered either in whole or in p

A type of check where the payment is guaranteed to be available by issuing bank An endorsement by a bank for a negotiable instrument, such as a banker's acceptance or tim
Central Bank for Central Bank with Bank of Canada, European Central Bank and Federal Reserve Bank as members Direct Transfer from one account to another without the use of checks. Primarily used in European countries for overseas payments The prefix (4-6 digits) of the credit card number signifying the issuer/bank of the card Guarantee on the amount in the bank if the bank goes bankrupt/insolvent Association and a lobbying body that promotes the marketing and publishing activities in the bank Panic set among public leading to bank runs due to the conflict between the banking institutions and public trusts resulting in the setting up of the Federal Reserve The rate at which central bank lends funds to the national banks Index to measure the money market interest rates on deposits at 100 US banks. Compiled on a weekly basis

A situation in which numerous bank customers try to withdraw their bank deposits simultane
Electronic Message System that allows the banks to communicate various actions of the clients

requiring banks and other financial institution to provide documentation (such as currency tr

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his own bank and has a second LC issued, with the subcontractor as beneficiary ebited if the primary checking account is too low to pay a specific check.
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d either in whole or in part after it has been written off or classified as a bad debt

ssuing bank ker's acceptance or time draft, that assures the counterparty that the bank will stand behind the oblig

ank deposits simultaneously and the bank's reserves are not sufficient to cover the withdrawals

on (such as currency transaction reports) whenever clients deal with transactions that involve substan

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Page 10


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k will stand behind the obligations of the creator of the instrument.

over the withdrawals

actions that involve substantial sums of money ($10,000 or more)

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MidCaps IVRCL Infra Ruchi infra Market Down 333 points (2.3%) Next Support is at 310, current price 260 If current level of 19 is breached the next support is at 28 140 is the next support level, current price is 68. not a purely infra company Could not Find Decent Bet Good Bet Good Bet

SREI Infra Ansal Properties and Infra KEC Infra GVK Power and Infra Reliance industries and Infra GTL Infra 4% down Lanco Infratech Next Support at 380, downside is large Maytas Infra Shristi Infra Developers IRB Infrastructure and Developers Next Support at 165 Gammon infra Upper Circuit Era infra Gaining during slumping market Housing Development and Infrastructure PBA Infrastructure Unity Infraprojects Gremach Infrastructure and Equipments down 4% J Kumar Infrastructure OM Metals infraprojects BSEL Infra Horizon Infra

Risky Bet

Decent Bet

Sober bet

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