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Sex and Relationships in Psychic Vampirism along Hinduism

by Hagur, Grand Hierophant

Skull Press Publication

February 2013 Hagur, Grand Hierophant Ghent, Belgium

Sex and Relationships in Psychic Vampirism

"Her lap is a sacrificial altar; her hairs, the sacrificial grass; her skin, the somapress. The two labia*(lips) of the vulva are the fire in the middle." (Brhad-ranyaka Upanisad, 6.4.3) "This man (ama) am I; that woman (s), thou! That woman, thou; this man am I! I am the Sman; thou, the Rig! 2

I am the heaven; thou, the earth! Come, let us two together clasp! Together let us semen mix, A male, a son for to procure!" (Brhad-ranyaka Upanisad, 6.4.20) These verses clearly indicate how sexual act can be utilized for achieving enlightment. Enlightment is a state, when all egos vanish. As in a sexual act, the couple leaves behind their ego and unites with each other and achieves sexual ecstasy. This very thing can be utilized to achieve spiritual ecstasy. Kamashastra It is the study of "Sixty Four" arts like, singing, playing on musical instruments, dancing, union of dancing, singing, and playing instrumental music, writing and drawing, tattooing, etc., "Kamasutra" or the "art of lovemaking" is only a part of this Shastra. Is Hinduism pornography and Tantra a sex manual? The straight answer is a simple no. It is Victorian mentality which condemns any depiction of sex. Hinduism recognizes the role of sexual desires in human lives. The sexual depictions in some of the temples were mean to not only educate the people, but also to help those who were involved in sexual sadhanas for enlightment. There is a difference between nudity and expression of beauty and pornography. What appears in Hindu Puranas and Itihasas are the expressions of genuine beauty and not pornography. "Tantra" is a much maligned word. "Tantra" actually refers to vast body of literatures called "Agamas" which are practical manuals for meditation. There are many Shaiva, Shaktha, Pancharatra Agamas. Using sex for meditation is prescribed in only few of the so many different paths described in Agamas. So, it is very wrong in equating Tantra with Sex. Some Social Issues Sex Education: Sex education had always been present in Hindu history. Vatsayana says, both men and women should learn Kamashastra. Pre-Marital Sex and Love Marriages In Hindu society sex was always considered to be individual choices. There are many instances in our history and scriptures depicting pre-marital sex and love marriages. So, crying out against them as being anti-Hindu is not quite proper. 3

Manusmrithi recognizes eight kinds of marriages of which "Gandharva Marriage" is one of them. It is the voluntary union of a maiden and her lover, which arises from desire and sexual intercourse for its purpose. The same can be said about extra marital affairs. As they are personal affairs, we should let individuals to decide about it. Hindu society has always given this much freedom to its people. Conclusion In Hindu society sex is neither a taboo nor pornography. Sex is sacred. Sex is recognized as human desire which should be satisfied and which can be used to attain the ultimate goal of enlightment.

Goddess Kali, Mistress of Vampires

Goddess Kali is one of the most important and powerful Goddesses of Hindu Tantra, and several Tantric sexual positions are named after her. The position illustrated here is known as Kalis Revenge, because in it the Goddess is in complete control over her submissive male partner. The man is made to lie on his back with his knees drawn up to his chest and his feet in the air. The female partner then straddles him and rides his penis for her uninhibited sexual gratification. We incorporate Sex into our Vampiric Activities because Goddess Kali is a very sexual Goddess, she loves sex, and she is very seductive as Lilith is. Goddess Kali is the power which makes the conception of a New Life, todays life and habits possible. Which is why many peoples devotion is drawn towards the Deity Kali to give them children? Kali is beautiful when it comes to sex, we worship Goddess Kali by having sex in her name, by conducting Rituals of Sexual Sacrifice , as a symbolic gesture to show our dedication to the Goddess Kali, and we incorporate bondage and domination as a way of performing the Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali, Mistress of the Vampires. Sex is not considered evil or shameful in any way in the Communities of Vampires, in fact sex is honourable, and having sex in the company of friends is a beautiful thing, so we invite our closest friends to share our sexual experiences with us, we perform live sex at our private ceremonies in honour of Goddess Kali, we also have orgies in the honour of Goddess Kali. We have sex with people who are our Lifeforce victims, others who we know might be lonely just to show we care for them, and honour the Goddess Kali. Masturbation is also an accepted practice and it is not shameful either, masturbation during rituals to the Goddess Kali is a very good thing; just make 5

sure you will not be disturbed during your Ritual Masturbation to the Goddess Kali. Sometimes masturbation is performed in front of a Goddess of your choice to show your sincere devotion to her; sometimes a Goddess will masturbate her slaves and submissive women to show her love for them. Intercourse is not always necessary in a Sexual Ritual to the Goddess Kali, because it is the PASSION which is offered to the Goddess performing the Ritual, or witnessing the Ritual that is also offered to the Goddess Kali as a form of Worship to the Goddess Kali. Sex among Vampires does not have all the hang-ups that it had with the Christian Religions, women try to understand the sexual needs of men, and men respect what women do for them, and they show it. So in this Vampiric Philosophy it is common for a woman who is just a friend of a man to give him sex or fulfil one of his sexual fantasies just as a way of showing that she is a real friend, and she understands how he feels, and she wants to care for him out of compassion for his feelings. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT that both people in a "friend" type situation, talk about and define their relationship with each other often, because when you are having sex with someone, it is very easy for one person or the other to quickly develop a "LOVE" for the other person, and then if the relationship is not quickly redefined, one or the other of these people could have certain unspoken expectations of the relationship which in many cases would wind up hurting one or the other emotionally. We need to guard and prepare against these types of problems, because we do not want to create an environment for ourselves which will only lead to heartbreak in the end. So if you decide to engage in sex with "friends" without any real emotional attachment, then you must make it very clear to them that there is no possibility of emotional attachment, otherwise they might think actions speak louder than words, and when you have sex with 6

someone they might get the idea that you could love them. If this is not true, you need to say it, many times before and after sex. Tell them "this is not love, this is worship for me understand?" That might help them to put them in the right frame of mind, and prevent broken hearts and misunderstandings. Vampire women in the Sinister Pathway Triangle Order may have sex with many men, and it is not shameful in anyway. Women in our philosophy may keep many men as slaves for her to work for her and provide for her if she wishes, and she fulfils each one of their fantasies to motivate them to work hard for her. This is honourable, and is encouraged in this Vampiric Philosophy to do so. However, at no time should this kind of lifestyle be forced on a woman, either through pimps or organized crime. That is not the way of Goddess Kali. A woman must be willing and give or share herself of her own freewill, otherwise it is wrong and unjust for anyone to force anyone else to do anything against their will. And if you as a woman truly fall in love with a man, then you should respect that man's emotions towards you, if he decides the terms of your relationship are exclusive relations with just you and him, then you must be willing to accept the terms of that relationship, otherwise you cannot really say you love him if you are not willing to accept the terms of his love. Very few people can love unconditionally, we should all strive to love unconditionally, but we are emotional beings, and these emotions create "conditions" which we must meet to satisfy these emotions. If these conditions are not met, then the emotions will cease to exist. The Trick here is to communicate with each other, to really figure out what each person really needs to be happy, then ask yourself "can I DO this?" If the Answer is "NO" then you must break off the relationship clean, and move on. Some People have certain physical expectations in a relationship such as some people really feel they need to be chained down and whipped during sex, this is a real physical need of some people, and if in such a case the person involved in a relationship with such a person does not want to perform these kinds of things for this person, then the relationship should be dissolved or re- defined, because you cannot call it "LOVE" if you do not LOVE what the other person NEEDS. If you cannot LOVE an individual for Who they really are, then you are only fooling yourself thinking things will work out or if you think things will be alright. A man may also live with more than one Goddess if they are willing to live with him, there are no restrictions Sexually with this Vampiric philosophy. The only restrictions you have is to ensure that you care for the emotions of the people around you, because YOU are responsible for the hearts you might break. And in the long run they will scare you deeply. One more thing if you really fall in 7

love with someone, you should respect their emotions and in many cases that would mean you would not love anyone else except them, if that is what they expect of you. When you commit to love, you must accept the terms of that love, otherwise you cannot really call it love now can you? Although there may be laws against marrying more than one person, among Psychic Vampires, there is no such thing as marriage because marriage is first of all a Christian concept, and is unfair to everyone involved, if love cannot keep two people together, then neither will a piece of paper or a bunch of Legal problems that come with marriage. Many of us instinctively DESIRE a long term relationship, but most of us really do not know how to find the "right one" to make it all come together the way we want it to. So most of us go from one relationship to the next almost blindly falling in and out of Love without focusing on the things about a relationship we know we need to be happy. What do I mean? Some guys really think they NEED a woman with big breasts, and if they do not get a woman with big breasts, they will constantly fantasize about being with a woman with big breasts until finally they realize they will never be happy without the girl of their dreams and they break up with the one they are with. Some Women really feel they NEED a sensitive understanding man, and when they find themselves in a relationship with a man who is emotionally detached, or business minded, they feel unloved, ignored, until finally they make a move to break it off, or they argue and bitch about it until it drives the man away. Some men have certain sexual fantasies that they absolutely must have performed in their relationships, and if they find themselves in a relationship with a woman who cannot or will not perform these sexual fantasies for the man, he begins to feel unloved, because the things he feels are important, she just does not care about, so he goes off to find a prostitute to fulfil his fantasies, or he might look for another woman all together because the one he is with just 8

cannot or will not satisfy him. Now, my point is, instead of this trial and error approach to love and relationships, why don't we sit down for a minute and write down all the qualities we feel are most important for us to be happy in relationship, and then go out looking for the person who fits the bill, or can fulfil the needs? There are many Computer Dating Companies now who can help us match up what we feel is most important for our relationship with the right person to fulfil those needs. We can use Astrology, the Tarot or Pendulum to help us narrow down certain compatibilities which might enhance the relationship on one aspect or another. However, there is something very important I have learned about Occultism in general and using personality profiles to find the right person, and that is, each person has their own set of negative elements in their personality, each person has their own set of hang-ups, and flaws, and no matter how you try to find a flawless individual, in most cases you only find a person with a whole new set of problems and challenges. What I have learned from Occultism is that there really are many different kinds of people in this world, and each one has something to teach us, for example if you classify the negative behaviour patterns for each Astrological Sign, you will find that many people have no control over how they act, and the things they like and dislike, it is as if their personality is pre-programmed into them, and there is nothing they can do to change it. So other people will judge them on how they act and decide to like or dislike them based on what they learn about the person's behaviour. But, if you try to understand that from the perspective of Astrology, that we cannot really change who we are, then that leaves only one option left, we must ACCEPT EVERYONE FOR WHO THEY ARE! It sounds crazy, but we have no choice, we must accept the fact that certain people will be prone to stealing, cheating, lying, and obnoxious behaviour, because in their minds they do not think it is all that bad, in their minds everyone else is just being too hypercritical of them. So I starting thinking why are things this way, because to me, everything for the most part happens for a reason, so why is the natural order of the world designed with people who are pre- programmed by outworn religious dogmatic rules against what they consider obnoxious behaviour, next to other things really condemning such as stealing and lying, harming others, murder, etc? And the Answer I believe Goddess Kali gave me was because one of the most important lessons we are here to learn is compassion and understanding, and the only way to truly exercise and strengthen our compassion and understanding, is to USE IT, the only way to use it, is if you have situations which challenge you to be compassionate and understanding. The only way that these situations can occur is if you have a whole bunch of people thrown together with completely different pre-programmed values, which will create chaos and disorder all for the purpose of challenging our compassion and understanding. Because what happens when we make the choice to feel compassion and understanding instead 9

of just hating or disliking the person for the way they are? What happens? We begin to LEARN, we LEARN new things we never knew about the person before, and it opens other doors about humanity as a whole, because as I said before each individual has something to teach us about Life, each person is a walking lesson of life, so to disregard someone, Or imprison them or put them to death for the way they are, will only make us encounter the same problems again and again in society until we decide to take the responsibility for learning about these individuals to find out what it is we are suppose to learn from them. And this learning will only come from compassion and understanding, not hatred and contempt. Another thing we can do to improve our relationships is if we can use the negative personality traits we learn about ourselves through Occultism as Astrology, although it may be almost impossible to actually change those negative personality traits, but by identifying which ones we most strongly possess, we can start to monitor our behaviour moment to moment, and many times we can catch ourselves acting out our negative behaviour patterns as soon as they start, so rather than letting ourselves just continue to act out negatively, we can stop or catch ourselves if we just think about it all the time. We should align our mind correctly with each situation before we actually act or speak or think. The greatest tool I ever found for identifying my negative traits was when I intentionally developed a sexual relationship with a moman of the same exact Star Sign as myself, because everyday was like looking in the mirror, everything that annoyed me about him I had to stop and think " Do I do that?" and most of the time to my astonishment I realized I acted just like he did. This allowed me to curb my negative behaviour patterns, and actually modify my personality for the better, but it only happened because I had a sincere desire to identify my negative parts of my personality, then work on each one until I could control it a little better. So applying this to our relationships and our problems with our relationships we find that there is a range of choices we can make, we can choose to just have it our way or move on, or we can learn what the other person values, try to figure out what the lesson is they are carrying, or we can meet somewhere in between, understanding to a point, then making a decision from there, but keep in mind when ever you make a choice to stop learning and start hating, you have stopped using compassion and understanding. One way that many Buddhists help to put themselves in the right State of Compassion, is they think about the possibility that the reason they are experiencing a negative person or an obnoxious person in their lives, is because in their PAST Life, THEY THEMSELVES were the offender, and so in THIS life they become the victim so they may learn to understand how wrong behaving badly really is. Another example is that you do not want to hate anyone, because if you hate anyone for ANY REASON, then you will become them in your next life so you 10

may learn to understand their point of view. The Fence Swings Both Ways Folks. So Be Cool. Then, as if that is not enough, there is one more dimension to relationships that I am aware of through the Blessings of Goddess Kali, the Mistress of Vampires, this is each person when communicating sends and receives information, and 11

believe it or not DIFFERENTLY!







In other words the way that one person talks and listens is completely different then everyone else, and to some people the way you talk can create different emotional responses inside each person. To some people what you say, and the way you say it, may create positive loving emotions, while if you say the exact same thing to another person you could wind up in a fight, or maybe make the person cry. So through this we can see that people can be matched up according to what types of communications stimulate them the most. Many types in natural selection we will find people of similar backgrounds are attracted to each other because they tend to think and communicate in ways that stimulate each other. For example: Someone from Brussels or Ghent has a certain kind of accent many times there are people who would not date someone with a Brussels or Ghent Dutch Accent, simply because they find it annoying instead of stimulating. Many people from Belgium might think the way the people talk in the Turkish part of Ghent sounds like they are cave people, and would have nothing to do with them simply because of the way they talk, and do not want to learn native language. Some people are annoyed at people who use cuss words every other word in a sentence, and are completely disgusted at them simply because of the way they talk. While many people think that someone with a French accent, or an Australian accent sounds sexy, and as soon as they hear them speak they start thinking about having sex with them. Other people get turned on by Spanish accents, I happen to get turned on by Hindi accents, so here we can see this dimension is important in our relationship compatibility issues. And in most cases this is something the person is not likely to change if you happen to find yourself in a relationship with someone who has an annoying voice, it is just best to break it off and look for another, maybe in the future we might figure out a way to speed learn a new language and accents and then at that time we might be able to fix these kinds of problems with relationships, but for now, all we can do is realize that these things do play a factor in evaluating a potential mate, and can help us to find someone who has the qualities we like, while identifying things that annoy us so we can do whatever is necessary to help better our world around us. We in our Psychic Vampirism try to enhance our sexual experiences as much as possible, so we read sex books, look for sex on Internet and TV, and teach each other sexual techniques, and share our fantasies with each other to get ideas from each other, to enhance our experiences and sexual rituals to the Goddess Kali. Where most other married couples might only have sex once in a while, we in this Vampiric philosophy try to make sure our sexual experiences occur as often as possible, and they are as intense as possible, in fact each person is 12

nurtured to experience more and more intense sexual experiences each time they participate in Sexual Rituals to the Goddess Kali.

We in Psychic Vampirism approach sex with the understanding that sex IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in the world in the eyes of Goddess Kali, all things in life begin with sex, so sex is considered a Sacred Act, and because it is so Sacred, we put all of our focus on attaining the Ultimate Sexual Experience, we believe that we fuse with the Goddess Kali through sex, therefore we put all of our attention on making sure we pull out all of the sexual fantasies out of our followers, and share them with each other. Sexual fantasies are cherished by all of us, we not only enjoy reading each others sexual fantasies, but we enjoy witnessing the ritual performance of our sexual fantasies being fulfilled. Each fantasy is nurtured as much as possible to pull as much out of each person as possible, it is recorded, on audio and video, and performed live in front of other worshippers so we all can enjoy it. That is how important Sex is among Psychic Vampires. Age limits for sexual activities are solely based on the individual's personal desire for such activities; this allows for a healthy natural development, which positively re-enforces that sex is something beautiful, not something shameful. However no child or teen should ever be forced or cohered into viewing or participating in any Sexual Activity EVER! The only thing we as Parents should do is TEACH the Children when they become interested, and do not approach nudity as something shameful, because this will confuse the child especially during adolescence when their mental growth and development is depending so 13

much on their sexual and social environment. We should nurture them with compassion and understanding, while allowing them the freedom to explore what they wish to explore armed with the knowledge of what is important. Such as compatibility issues regarding age differences, but a teen should not be damned for having sex between teens. In any circumstance, beware of paedophilias, they should be captured and put into prison. Remember Roman Catholic ecclesiastics involved in paedophilia yesterday, today and in the future as long as they are not changing their stupid dogmas as forced celibacy. Do you want your child go that way through corrupted men and women as they are or come to be through their sexual frustrations? Of course, you do not want that for your most beloved children. So, beware of Catholic clergy, scouts and other groups, protect your children from them. This is a warning for very actual facts today. If there is any doubt, parents should spend a little time sit down with their children and have a little education session and then let them make their own decisions about their own bodies. But we should not have LAWS which contradict scientific facts, and the FACT is, teens begin menstruation and mating and puberty at or around twelve years old. It is a fact that children become curious about sex around age three to seven. To deny them access to pornography is absurd. Pictures are not going to hurt them, especially if they are willing and want to view them! This is not the opinion of everybody, but one cannot overlook nude and sex on publicity boards in the streets, nude and sex on TV and Internet. On Belgian television TV JIM is for young people, and very young boys and girls watch the programs seeing nude, sexual approaches, violence, etc., while and between mainly music clips If we act as if sex is something evil, if we treat nude pictures as something evil or taboo, if you hold your teenage son or daughter in contempt for having sex, dressing sexy, or wanting to have sex, all of this will negatively affect the childs mental and emotional growth and development, and in some severe cases could lead to the child growing up mentally disabled, or sexually confused, and even engaging in raping and killing as a result of the mental frustrations and confusion, they experience during their adolescent period of growth and development. Therefore, according to what we know from scientific facts, there should be no Laws Governing or Restricting the use and sale of pornography, and everyone should be guaranteed the freedom of choice in important matters such as these. (By the way, Roman Catholic Churches and art museums in Europe are full of nude paintings from our greatest artists ever.) From our parents should be the ones who decide what is best for their children to an extent, but as far as the LAWS go, no one should be damned or imprisoned, or publicly humiliated because they admire the naked human body, or because they loved another willing person. Again it would be wrong to force anyone to do 14

anything, and it would be just as wrong to force people to behave any differently than they believe is right. And to condemn them for loving someone or admiring the beauty of the naked human body is even more wrong!

Women in the past were thought of as being fragile creatures who were suppose to be completely ignorant about sex, until they got married, then the husband was supposed to teach the woman he married what he liked and she was expected to "serve" his needs. With the philosophy of Goddess Kali, all of that kind of noise is considered hogwash! Among the Vampires of Goddess Kali, sex is worship and women are Deities! Therefore it is important that girls learn all about sex before having sex, this will eliminate many of the problems with teen pregnancy, abortions and unwanted children. The only way these young girls can actually learn about sex is if they are given unrestricted access to these kinds of sexually explicit materials. It is much easier for girls and boys to learn about sex in a relaxed environment such as in the privacy of their own bedrooms, and surfing on the Internet for example. Not too many girls are bold enough to walk into the bookstore and ask where the sex books are, and even if they were to find them by themselves, chances are they will not want to go up to the counter and pay for it, because they would feel too uncomfortable about what the cashier might think of them, (Given all the Negative Press from the Christians about Sex.) So if the young 15

teens are able to learn about sex from the Internet in a more relaxed environment, it really is up to the parents, to make sure that their right to view this kind of material on the Internet is protected. Because there are many Christian backed Government Officials who are trying to Control Internet Content, especially regarding sexually explicit materials. So I urge parents not to use blocking technology for just viewing anyway, and anytime you have the power to speak or vote on the issue, you need to stand up and tell the world that Internet pornography is not only useful to everyone young and old, it is imperative for humanity in this new age and world where the religions are in its rapid decline and disappear! Ignorance is a great enemy.

Sex is physical in a few different ways also, first of course there is touch, but each person responds to touch in different areas of the body differently. Some people get ticklish when touched in certain areas; others get really turned on if they are touched in the exact same areas. Some people have attached negative mental pegs to certain areas of their body, such as a girl who may have been sexually molested as a child, she might have attached negative emotions to sex and any part of sex, but this can be changed if she thinks about LOVE while she has sex instead of being molested. This is something where the mind and the body closely interact with each other in a certain TOUCH stimulus. But it helps to illustrate just how deep the sexual experience is, it is not just a bunch of "humping" and sweat. There are millions of touch receptors all over your body, and these touch receptors are more close together in certain areas of your body such as your mouth and your genitals, so that is why if you touch these places it feels a whole lot different than any place else. And we attach Emotions to different kinds of touch, just like we attach meaning to pictures in our mind, so this is why it is so important to actually work with yourself, either through masturbation or by having sex with someone else to learn what things really 16

give you the greatest pleasure. Then you can work on finding a man who fits your sexual profile, and you will be more educated and have the knowledge you need to go out and actually find happiness. But a small word of advice to any girl who might consider entering the world of prostitution, using a condom (preservative) is of major importance, unless you have taken the guy to the doctor yourself and listened to what the doctor has to tell you about him. If you have not done that, then PLEASE use always a condom. Remember that you do not need a pimp, it is much better for you to go out as a free agent, do your business, and hire a man to handle any problems you might have. Escort agencies which are run by females are usually better than working with a pimp, because in most cases you won't get slapped up and forced to hit the streets to make the Pimp money. Escort Services offer you a little protection against the weird guys who might try to take advantage of you; or, getting arrested by religious-minded police.

Tips for Masturbation in Goddess Kali Rituals

Foreword and a Bit of History This part of the treatise is about ways of sexual pleasuring with you and with others, that uses the hands and penis or vagina among women. This is masturbation (jacking off), always popular, and surprisingly varied in the world of nature and humanity. But, I am a man, therefore I know whether how to manage my penis for the best satisfaction. Captive apes and monkeys, as well as other animals have been seen fondling their penis with hand or foot (or even taken into the mouth). In one study, young male chimpanzees were noticed handling each other's penis. Other limbs can be used to, such as with free-living spider monkeys and baboons, who use their tails. And elephants sometimes employ their trunks.


A curious scientist watches a porcupine: His excitement was evidenced by...holding a long stick in his forepaws and straddling it as a child does a broomstick. The stick was held so that his genitals were stimulated by the contact, and the wood soon accumulated odour from the urine and glandular secretions absorbed. In consequence, it was a natural source of sexual stimulation. Dolphins can be seen rubbing their erect penis against the tank floor, and one individual had the habit of holding his in the jet of the water intake. In addition, larger males will attempt masturbation against the flanks of smaller ones. Perhaps the most unusual way of masturbating is found among red deer: This act is accomplished by lowering the head and gently drawing the tips (of the antlers) to and fro through the herbage. Erection and extrusion of the penis from the sheath follows in five to seven seconds...Ejaculation follows about five seconds after. Masturbation has always been common among humans. In some ancient western cultures, it was connected with religious worship. For example, in Egyptian mythology the god Orisis "creates all living creatures by an infinite act of masturbation." This was also seen as the source of the Nile river, and the cause of its annual flooding, which was the backbone of life in Egypt. The ritual developed of pharaohs masturbating before the god's image at the time of their enthronement. This led to public masturbation during religious worship, "to expel evil and honour the gods of generation," and became a part of an ancient Egyptian, and also Phoenician, Babylonian and Assyrian, sacred 18

ceremonies. Masturbation was also done for its own sake, without any sacred meanings; the Bible gives us several instances of this (the "spilling of seed"). The Greeks and Romans thought the god Hermes (Mercury in Latin) invented masturbation. The Greeks called it thrypsis, "the rubbing," and in Latin it was masturatus. People doubtless masturbated together at times, as well as doing it by themselves, in these ancient cultures, even though we have no records of this. The ancients were generally very relaxed about male sexual expression. However jacking-off was later frowned upon thoroughly by the Christian Church. In the middle and Far East, attitudes toward jacking-off have not changed from ancient times. In most eastern cultured, Arabian, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese, masturbation was allowed at an early age, and at times even encouraged. For example, Ibn Kemal Pasha, in On the Lengthening and Thickening of the Rod quotes old Arabian doctors in saying that "rubbing and constant handling both make the virile member longer and thicker." Masturbation was sometimes used on babies to quiet their crying and Bernard Stern noted that in Arabia it (jackingoff) "has become almost the custom of the land." Two scholars noted that Muslim and Jewish boys who actively and exclusively engaged in solitary and/or mutual masturbation, did so on the average of three to five times per week during the ages of eleven and eighteen. In Arabian slang the act was known as jeng, jelq, jerk, and musht-zeni, jerking, flipping, juggling and fist beating respectively, referring to the different techniques. In Turkey it was called istimney-bilyet ("the practice of self-control of the stalk"), while in Persia it was called maulish-e-zubb ("shampooing the cord"). Masturbation was especially popular in public baths, where you and/or a friend, or a masseur and/or a prostitute, could engage you in the practice, "Mutual or one-sided, as desired." Some ribald poetry survives, such as two lines from "The Fabulous Feats of the Futtering Freebooters:" "Felah and Negro did jerk off his yard/For all of a week; hashish kept it up hard." And from the Persian poet Abu Nuwas: Are not this child's eyes all fire? . O Desire! Feel the flush of the eggs. Between his legs! . Dearest, seize what you can seize! If you please Fill your boyish fist with me . And then see. Will it go a little way Just in play?


In India, masturbation has a long history, going back to ancient Hindu mythology, In one story, Lord Shiva was "masturbated by Agnee the Fire- lord who, bearing his precious semen across the Ganges, accidentally dropped it and witnessed the miraculous birth of Kartikeh (or Koomareh) the misogynist wargod." Krishna, as god of Self-Contemplation, became the symbol of jacking-off and "the favourite Hindu youth. His practice, hautrus (manual orgasm)...was deified as ritualistic." It was also called panimathana ("hand churning") and "was relished extensively." In China, Dr. Jacobus reports, young men would get together to smoke opium, and then "abuse their generative organs for hours at a time in a frenzy of mutual masturbation and anal copulation." Along the same lines, one report explains that the Cossacks, who lived on the middle Asian plains, were more excited by self and mutual masturbation than in sex with women, "having from infancy identified sexual pleasure with masturbation alone." Among other cultures, masturbation was often allowed or encouraged. Of special of interest are cultures allowing the act to be shared between males. These include the Hopi in Arizona, Wogeno in Oceania, and Dahomeans and Namu of Africa. In certain Melanesian communities this was expected between boys, and between boys and married men, although no other king of gay male sex was allowed. In the Cubeo tribe of the Amazon mutual masturbation was "semi-public." Among the Tikopia of the South Pacific, men masturbated themselves as other men watched.

Art of Male Masturbation

Men who experience premature ejaculation or erection difficulties can use a variety of techniques including the squeeze, and the stop and start method, both variations of masturbation. Penile Stimulation While stroking use a bit of lubricant, or saliva, place one or both hands around the erect penis, and stroke up and down along the shaft. Some men enjoy encircling the head of the penis with each stroke; this stimulation is often combined with massaging or holding one's balls. You may want to wrap your cock in a soft cloth to stroke it with.


Haunch Stroke Sit back on your haunches and pull on your balls while stroking your cock gently. Most men like to stoke vigorously, so try it slow. Recliner and Lotion Lie in a recliner and apply some lotion. Use one hand on the shaft and rub the head, testes and the hand rubbing the area towards my anus. Thumb and Fingers Put your thumb and two fingers of each hand around your dick and move up and down until you reach climax. Ball Cup Cup your balls in your left hand and move up and down the shaft with your right hand. Vary the speed and go to the verge of orgasm and then back off and then approach orgasm again. Do this a few before cumin. You can also squeeze your balls while you are cumin. Rapid Stroke Rapid stroke with your hand encircling your penis. Occasionally use lather or oil. Shaft Stroke Lie on your back and use your hand to stoke the entire shaft of your penis. You may want to masturbate as much as an hour before orgasm. Slapping and Beating This involves a steady slapping of the penis back and forth between two hands, or against the stomach or another object. 21

Object Rubbing Read dirty book and lie on your stomach pushing your cock against the surface youre lying on. Pillow Thrusting While lying in bed place a pillow between your stomach and cock, then thrust between the pillow and sheets. Great for morning hard on. Pillowing A pillow, a porn movie and a couch. Fast forward the porn tape to a section where entry and penetration of a woman is graphically shot. Fold the pillow so that it holds your penis against your stomach then match the porn stars in the movie "stroke for stroke." Either cum on your stomach or towel off if you choose not to wear a condom. Insertion and Thrusting Men have found a variety of things and places into which a penis can be inserted - from hands to watermelons to toilet paper rolls. Men with intact foreskins know that they are highly sensitive and may enjoy pulling the foreskin over the glands, so it serves as a type of sleeve through which the penis can slide. The foreskin reduces friction between the glands and the hand as it thrust into the hand. Slick Wet Cunt Slick up your hand with water-soluble lubricant, grasp your penis and try to simulate the feeling of a wet cunt, thrusting and caressing. Knotty Place tissue around a knot hold in the floor and fuck the floor.


Penis Pumps (not advisable) Pumps have long since been popular with men as masturbation devices. A generic penis pump consists of a long Lucite cylinder, which fits over the penis and is attached to a pump. The pump creates vacuum around the penis; in doing so it pulls blood into the area and temporarily enlarges the penis, a feeling many men find pleasurable. Men who enjoy this type of stimulation play with varying degrees of pressure and suction. You should be sure to follow the recommendations for proper use and avoid using it at high pressure for longer than fifteen minutes. Use ample amounts of water-based lubricant inside the cylinder, as well as around the base of the penis, as this helps create a seal. Attachments for nipples are available with some pumps. Vibrator Manipulation A variety of vibrators provide penile or anal stimulation. Back of the hand models, vibrating sleeves or spot vibrators can all provide intense stimulation. Vibrator Slide Slide a battery vibrator along the shaft of your penis.

Double Duo Put a dildo inside your anus and stimulate your penis with the other hand or with a powerful vibrator. Water Fun Women aren't the only ones who can spend enjoyable long periods of time in the bathtub!


Showerhead After bathing in a tub stimulate yourself using a hand-held shower-head, directing the spray at the glands (the back of your cock where the head and shaft meet) of my penis to give pleasurable and powerful sensations. Then lie on your back in the tub and hold the showerhead over your cock. Removable Showerhead Remove the showerhead, turn over, belly down, squeeze the stream of water exiting the hose to make it stronger, and then direct this stream against the glands of your cock. This is astoundingly pleasurable. Anal and Prostate Stimulation The anus is quite sensitive to touch and inserting fingers or a toy in the anus can stimulate the prostate gland. Many men enjoy stimulation of this area during masturbation or partner sex play. You can experiment with your fingers or anal toys either by themselves or with penile stimulation. Slow Jack Pull on your dick slowly - keeping the excitement low grade for about an hour or so. When you come after one of these sessions, it's usually very intense. This sort of masturbation is usually accompanied by the insertion of one or two fingers into your anus toward climax. Masturbating is Healthy! Sexuality experts agree, orgasms are good for your mental, emotional, and physical health. And it doesn't seem to make any difference whether the orgasms are self-induced or experienced with a partner.


Masturbation is fun; there's no reason you should not enjoy self- love. Certain religious leaders may say otherwise (for discussions about this see our page on "The Pleasure Bashers"), but they're wrong. Selections in this section focus on what experts have said about masturbation. Read them all; you'll be pleased, and maybe even surprised! Reasons why YOU Should Masturbate - Famed psychoanalyst Albert Ellis, Ph.D., gives his long list of reasons why people should masturbate. Do you need an excuse? It's here in this list. "Auto-eroticism and Ecstatic Passageways," an article by therapist Marcia Singer, M.S.W., explores self-loving as a pleasurable method for achieving transcendence. Notes 'n' Quotes - Hundreds of short quotes from experts and others...their thoughts about sexuality and masturbation.


Goddess Kali Chalisa

The Kali Chalisa is a forty verse prayer dedicated to the Goddess Kali, who is considered in Hinduism to symbolise eternal time and change. The recitation of this prayer with full dedication will help you erase the ill effects of past Karma and lead towards a happy and contented life, which leads towards the final liberation. The worship of Kali is very important in Tantric Practices. This hymn to the acts of the formidable Goddess Kali is like a sacred formula capable of fulfilling every wish as if it were a magick talisman and a charm. He who wishes to attain brilliance should read this hymn to Kali; for it will ensure the destruction of all those who are hostile to Kali promise which would never go in vain. Kai incarnates the very vital force and power of Hari with which she destroys her enemies for the well-being of the world. Every man and woman who seeks refuge in Mother's protective grace and, abandoning all other support, meditates on her, reaps all the auspicious rewards without any effort, so sings Sundaradasa.

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Goddess Kali in English of transliteration Version

Jaykaali Kalimalaharan, Mahima Agam Apaar,l Mahish Mardini Kaalika, Dehu Abhay Apaar.ll Ari Mad Maan Mitaavan Haari,l Mundamaal Gal Sohat Pyaari.ll Ashtabhuji Sukhdaayak Maata,l Dushtdalan Jag Me Vikhyaata.ll Bhaal Vishaal Mukut Chhavi Chhajei,l Kar Me Shish Shatru Ka Saajei.ll Dooje Haath Liye Madhu Pyaala,l Haath Tiisare Sohat Bhaala.ll Chauthe Khappar Khadag Kar Paanche,l Chhathe Trishul Shatru Bal Jaanche.ll Saptam Kar Damakat Asi Pyaari,l Shobha Adbhut Maat Tumhaari.ll Ashtam Kar Bhaktan Var Data,l Jag Manharan Roop Ye Maata.ll Bhaktan Me Anurakt Bhavaani,l Nishdin Rate Rishi-Muni Gyaani.ll Mahaashakti Ati Prabal Punita,l Tu Hi Kaali Tu Hi Sita.ll Patit Taarini He Jag Paalak,l Kalyaani Paapi Kul Ghaalak.ll Shesh Suresh Na Paavat Paara,l Gauri Roop Dharyo Ek Baara.ll Tum Samaan Daata Nahi Dooja,l Vidhivat Kare Bhaktajan Pooja.ll Roop Bhayankar Jab Tum Dhaara,l Dushtadalan Kinhehu Sanhaara.ll Naam Anekan Maat Tumhaare,l Bhaktajano Ke Sankat Taare.ll Kali Ke Kasht Kaleshan Harani,l Bhav Bhay Mochan Mangal Karani.ll Mahima Agam Ved Yash Gaavei,l Naarad Shaarad Paar Na Paavei.ll Bhoo Par Bhaar Badhyau Jab Bhaari,l Tab Tab Tum Prakati Mahtaari.ll Aadi Anaadi Abhay Varadaata,l Vishvavidit Bhav Sankat Traata.ll Kusamay Naam Tumhaarau Linha,l Usako Sada Abhay Var Dinha.ll Dhyaan Dhare Shruti Shesh Suresha,l Kaal Roop Lakhi Tumaro Bhesha.ll Kaluaa Bhairo Sang Tumhaare,l Ari Hit Roop Bhayaanak Dhaare.ll Sevak Laangur Rahat Agaari,l Chauisath Jogan Agyaakaari.ll 28

Treta Mein Raghuvar Hit Aai,l Dashkandhar Ki Sain Nasaai.ll Khela Ran Ka Khel Niraala,l Bhara Maans-Majja Se Pyaala.ll Raudra Roop Lakhi Daanav Bhaage,l Kiyau Gavan Bhavan Nij Tyaage.ll Tab Esau Taamas Chadh Aayo,l Svajan Vijan Ko Bhed Bhulaayo.ll Ye Baalak Lakhi Shankar Aaye,l Raah Rok Charanan Me Dhaaye.ll Tab Mukh Jibh Nikar Jo Aai,l Yahi Roop Prachalit Hai Maai.ll Baadhyo Mahishaasur Mad Bhaari,l Pidit Kiye Sakal Nar-Naari.ll Karun Pukaar Suni Bhaktan Ki,l Peer Mitaavan Hit Jan-Jan Ki.ll Tab Pragati Nij Sain Sameta,l Naam Pada Maa Mahish Vijeta.ll Shumbh Nishumbh Hane Chhan Maahi,l Tum Sam Jag Doosar Kou Naahi.ll Maan Mathanhaari Khal Dal Ke,l Sada Sahaayak Bhakt Vikal Ke.ll Deen Vihin Karei Nit Seva,l Paavei Manvaanchhit Phal Meva.ll Sankat Me Jo Sumiran Karahi,l Unake Kasht Maaatu Tum Harahi.ll Prem Sahit Jo Kirati Gaavei,l Bhav Bandhan So Mukti Paavei.ll Kaali Chaalisa Jo Padhahi,l Svarglok Binu Bandhan Chadhahi.ll Daya Drishti Herau Jagadamba,l Kehi Kaaran Maa Kiyau Vilamba.ll Karahu Maatu Bhaktan Rakhvaali,l Jayati Jayati Kaali Kankaali.ll Sevak Deen Anaath Anaari,l Bhaktibhaav Yuti Sharan Tumhaari.ll ll Doha ll Prem Sahit Jo Kare,l Kaali Chaalisa Paath,ll Tinaki Pooran Kaamana,l Hoy Sakal Jag Thaath.ll


Om (AUM) Kali
Kali Chalisa
Jayati mahakali jayati, adya kali mata I Jai karala vadane jayati, jagata matu vikhyata II

Victory to you, O Mahakali ! Victory to you, O primordial source of all beings ! Victory to you, O formidable looking goddess, who are renowned as the very mother of the world !

Jai jai rupa pracandika, mahakalika devi I Jayati jayati siva-candrika, sura nara munijana sevi II

Victory, all victory to you, O great goddess Mahakalika, of terrible and frightening aspect ! Victory to you, O Moon on the locks of Shiva, who are ever adored by gods, men, hermits, and devotees.

Jayati jayati raktasana, raudramukhi rudrani I 30

ari sonita khappara bharani, khaRaga dharini suci pani II

Victory, all victory to you, O consort of Rudra; you are fearsome to look at and prefer a drink of hot blood; you are described as having a sword in your hollowed hand and as one who fills her cranial bowl with the blood of her victim.

jai jai jai maiya sri kali I jayati khaRaga kara khappara vali II jayati mahamaya vikarla I rudra-sakti kalahum ko kala II

Glory, glory, all glory to you, O Kali, the bearer of a cranial bowl and a sword in your hands. Victory to you, O terrible Delusion, the might of Rudra, and the very death of Death.

mam madhu kaitabha ke vadha hetu I pragati sri hari ke tana se tu II syamala gata mata tava sohata I ravi sama chavi lakhi chavipati mohata II

O Mother, it is for the slaughter of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha that you appeared from the body of Hari. O Mother, your dark form radiant as the sun looks so splendidly winsome that the god of beauty himself cannot but succumb to its charm

dasa mukha tisa netra mana bhavana I bhala bala sasi mukuta suhavana II ko chavi varani sakai mam teri I syama kesa janu ghata sugheri II

You are ten-faced with thirty attractive eyes, the crescent moon and a lovely coronet on your head, O Divine Mother; who can describe your comeliness and your dark hair like massed clouds ?

ura ari mundamala chavi chajata I astra sastra dasa hasta virajata II khappara khaRaga trisula kuthari I gada cakra dhanu samkha sudhari II


The beauty of the wreath made of your victims' skulls looks splendid as do the weapons and missiles in all your ten hands. You carry a cranial bowl, a sword, a three-progned trident, an axe, a club, a disc, a bow and a conch, all in their proper places.

ari kra katana ghamghara rajai I amga-amga suci bhusana sajai II ramjita rakta dasa carana karala I jihi visala rupa vikarala II

The beautiful skirt made of the severed arms of your enemies looks so becoming like the sacred ornaments adorning every part of your body. Your ten dread feet are all smeared with blood and your long tongue sticks out, rendering your appearance frightening.

jabahim attahasa mam karati I kampata thara-thara thara-thara dharati II adi sakti dhani jaga dhatri I maha pralaya ki adhisthatri II

When, O Mother, you laugh aloud, the earth shives (like one suffering from shaking chills). Blessed are you, O Primordial Energy and fostermother of the world, you are presiding deity of Doom (who causes universal destruction).

mam tava carana pragata sri samkara I rasana bahara vadana bhayamkara II dhani dhani kalakatte ke kali I sahasabhuji sri sivapura vali II

O Mother Kali ! It is your divine feet that made Shiva's appearance possible in the world; you have long protruding tongue and a frightening look. Blessed, all blessed are you, O Mother Kali of Calcutta, who are thousand-armed and who have your abode in Sivapura.

O Kali ! as Sita you were instrumental in bringing about Ravana's destruction and Raghupati's which, appearing, became amorous of the Lord's feet. You assumed manifold forms for the well-being, peace and happiness of the world. 32

tu hi sri krsna rupa ki kali I candrahasa murali kara vali II caturbhuji tanu astabhuji dhari I kahum dasabhuja astadasakari II

You manifested yourself in the form of Krsna and let your sword be mysteriously transformed into a flute in his hand. Sometimes you take on the form of Visnu with his four arms, at other times of one (Durga, for example) having eight arms, at still other one having ten or eighteen arms.

kahun battisa causatha bhuja dharata I kahun sahasra bhuja kri ari marata II tu hari sakti ardha nisi vali I tiksnadanta rasana risi vali II

You sometimes appear with thirty-two arms, at other times with just the double of this number, and at still others multiply your arms into a thousand in order to slay your enemies. You are the very power of Hari invoked with prayer at midnight; you have long sharp fangs and a protruding tongue showing your blood-thirsty and fearsome nature.

raktacandika kahRaga dharini I rudra candrika khala samharini II sri satasrmgi adya kali I kali khoha nivasini vali II

You are furious combatant (raktacandika) with a sword in your hand (you are usually shown on the battlefield or in a cremation ground where you sit on a corpse surrounded by jackals and goblins); you are at once soothing like the moon and fearsome like Rudra and the slayer of the wicked. You are sublime as a hundred peaked mountain and a primordial deity of black or dark complexion. You dwell amongst dark, untrodden caverns.

adi matu tuhi nara siramali I tumhim kamsa hanani vaiatali II tumhim bhadrakali kailasi I sada khalana ke rakta ki pyasi II


You're the original mother (of all beings) and at the same time a dread deity with human heads for your garland; you're the very slayer of Kamsa and subduer of ghosts and goblins; you're Bhadrakali, a dweller on Kailasa and one who thirsts for the blood of the wicked.

khaca-khaca-khaca sira kati satru kara I bhara-bhara-bhara sonita khappara bhara II dala-dala-dala danava bhaksana kara I chala-chala-chala-chala rakta khalana kara II

Again and again you strike off the heads of your enemies (with your slashing sword) and fill your cranial bowl with blood (oozing from corpses). You gorge yourself on the demon host one after another and rushing on and on shed their wicked blood.

gani-gani-gani ari karahu nipata I dhani-dhani-dhani sri kali mata II yahi aradasa dasa kaham mai I purahu asa tu hou sahai II

Blessed, blessed, all blessed are you, O Mother Kali, who cause your enemies to lick the dust one after another. I entreat you, O Mother, to fulfil your votary's expectations and grant him your favour.

paryo garha samkata aba bhari I kehi ka maiya aja pukari II cari cora lagyo maga mohi I karana cahata raghupati ko drohi II

I am in a perilous predicament, O Mother, and know not whom to call for help. I am being pursued on the rough roads of life by four robbers who are bent upon turning me against the lord of the house of Raghus, Rama.

hai yehi satruna ka bhupa I kama krodha moha lobha sarupa II inhim dehum yadi anta pachari I tabahim milahim bhagavanta murari II

These are my prime enemies, the sovereign lords of all the deadly evils; lust, anger, infatuation and avarice. If you overthrow them 34

(and abandon me not to my troubles), I would be blessed with devotion to the enemy of Mura, namely, Lord Krsna

dujo ika arja yaha mata I toRahu sapadi khalana ke tamta II jete dusta maha aparadhi I badakarmi pamara baka vyadhi II

I also urge you, Mother, to put an end to the unending string of the wicked (bent on vexing me) immediately. All those wicked souls, who are confirmed sinners, evil-doers, mean, and suffer from idle volubility and vain chattering.

jo nita binu aparadha satavata I dharma karma subha ho na pavata II tinhim matu tu caki ja hali I bacana putra ki hoya na khali II

Those who cause vexation without being provoked, and who render all religious observances propitious activities fruitless, you pick up, O Mother, and slaughter them without delay; let not this prayer of your son go in vain.

puni bani aindri avahu mata I adbhuta sakti dikhavahu mata II jhatapata lehu khalahim samhari I mori matu jani karahu abari II

I entreat you, O Mother, to reveal yourself as the power of Indra (or as Indrani or as Durga) and display your wondrous might. Slay the villains promptly without further delay.

bharahu santi sukha dhana jana dhama I ati ananda hoi yaha grama II puni puni vinavahi sundaradasa I maiya pura karahu abhilasa II

Fill the homes of your devotees with peace, happiness and prosperity, so that this countryside becomes seat of growing exultation and felicity. Sundardasa bows to you again and again, O Mother, and supplicates you to fulfil his expectation. Doha 35

mahakalika carita yaha, ika prakara ka mamtra I sarva kamana purana prati, manahu yantra aru tantra II kali calisa paRhai, lali cahai ju koi I kali ari ka nasa ho, khali vacana na hoi II kali hari ka teja haim, ari ko nasana hara I hari ki purana sakti haim, karata hetu samhara II


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