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like Architect Richard Hawkes has (that's designedpassive a house a completely airtight apparenfly) one, forhimself hiswifeSophie and thatis"zero-carbon". basically lt's a couple timber-framed of boxes precariously nestling under a huge, unsupported constructed arch f rom26,000 hand-made tiles. clay The whole thingistopped by goodness knows many how tons soil of sothatwhen grassed it will itb over blend thehill. into Which where is the lunacy reference comes because in, McCloud understand can't howthis structure going stayupright (and is to he's rightto have concerns because half through project, of way part the theroofdramatically in). caves Intheoriginal drawings, house the looks though going bea cross as it's to between Anderson an shelter one and ofthose trendy chicken Eglus, but asbuilding nears end, work an the vaulted ceiling theinterior of reveals itself bebreathtakingly to GaudFesque. Rackham Jane EIF IL MOF T H EW E EK

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Movie Connections
10.45pmBBC| It'snotoften thatthisalways interesting series makes laugh us out loud, it doesthis but week, cast as and crew recallthe making much-loved of Scottish comedy Local Hero. They clearly a high time had old onsetback in'1983, thepresence and ofa bona Hollywood in fide star BurtLancaster didn't hurt. Co-stars (most Peter Riegert recently seen (Ihe inDamages) Peter and Capaldi Devil's Whore) f ineimpressions do of

Grand Designs
9.OOpmC4 There's nearly always moment a in Kevin McCloud's enthusiastic introduction GrandDesign he to when pausesand youjust knowthere's a "but"coming. Tonight's eco-house in

Designs Grand Kevinhas 9.00pm serious concerns over viability the of anarchitect's bu amb i ti o u s ild
Freeview Freesatl04 Sky 104VirqinTV 104 4

6.30 PM Hollyoaks scared llve to alone. Darren Newt he's tells that
Mercedes Fisher Jemibr liletcafh JackOsborneJamesMcKenna [,lalachy Fisher GlenWallace Frankie osborne HelenPearson Michaela NlcQueen Darren osborne Hollie'JayBowes AshleyTaylorDawson K€nt Riley Warren Fox Jamie LomasZakRamsey Ramsey SpencerDarrenJohn LangfordHayley Gemma Mema Kelly MarieStewart carmelValentine NicoMirallegro JacquiMcoueen ClaireCooperNewt Brian Bovell Theresa N4coueen JorgiePorter LeoValentine l,'lcQueen Govinda Roy Anthony Bunsee N4yra NicoleBarber-Lane WriterJesse 0'Mahoneyllore caston Thursday yesterdav 7pm on E4 Repeated tomorrow at at Shown follows E4 (5) 215 on 4.250mon E4 Thenextepisode in 4 S i m u l c a st H Do n Ch a n n e l HD

headlines. 7.OOChannel 4 News Thelatest s8795 Weather. Including Sport; rsr A Story3/4 Wonder: Motorway 7.55Three-Minute (s) his of David Cooke discusses love cars. 35550 8.OO Relocation, Relocation

wantto abandon a couple 6/'12. soon-to-wed A and homein Hertfordshire sink mortgage-free venue business. intoa wedding alltheirmoney
5953 Nina Director/Producer Brown(S) in 4 Simulcast HDon Channel HD Alison Graham's blog: www.radiotimes,com/relocation

GrandDesigns 9.OO
at liLl w Richard Hawkes his and Younq architect 418. new wife Sophie wanta sustainable lifein the bold is Richard's design meant Kentcountryside. into to blendeffortlessly the surrounding buildit? landscapebut canhe actually
producer producer Bunce Madeleine Executive Hall; Charlie Series 2499 Repeated Fridayat 9pm on More4 (S) on Why I Love Grand Designs: www.radiotimes,com/grand-desi gns



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