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Nexions notes Culture Culture may be crudely defined as such: The arts, customs, intellectual achievements and institutions

s of a nation, people, or humanity regarded as a whole. This is, of course, an extremely crude representation of what culture in fact is. Any Initiate of the Sinister tradition should be well aware of the premise that Aeons, Higher Civilisations, Civilisations, Cultures, and individuals are much more complex than this crude definition asserts. Arts, the development of customs and traditional practices amongst peoples, intellectual inspiration and developments and the construction, from these foundations, of institutions and hence, Higher Cultures and Civilisations, are an expression drawn forth via a particular source. This source has been termed as Aeonic energy within the Sinister Tradition; and the study of this force and its emanations has been termed as Cliology. Cliology Aeonic energy influences the nature (defining qualities/characteristics of) and Wyrd of all organisms (Civilisations themselves being viewed as a certain type of Organism, and hence, a type of nexion as well they are truly numinous forms drawn forth via Nexions which discharge Aeonic Energy into the Causal from the Acausal). Prominent philosophers, intellectualists, and artists associated with each Higher Aeonic Civilisation may be viewed as the focal agents through their work and causal achievements- of the particular Aeonic energies associated with their respective eras of causal existence. More detailed reports on the subject of Cliology have been expounded upon in many Order Mss dealing with the subject of Aeonic Magick. According to Sinister Tradition, as has been stated before by Mr. Anton long; there have so far been only four officially recorded Higher Aeonic Civilisations four of which have concluded their duration within the Causal realm; i.e., they have expired; (in order: Primal/Pre-Hyperborean; Hyperborean; Sumerian/Egyptiac; Hellenic) and the fifth (Thorian/Western) of which is currently under way and nearing its end. The achievement and birthing of the sixth Aeon - known as the Galactic Aeon - is one of the paramount objectives of the Sinister Tradition. The purpose of Cliology is the enablement of the objectification of history as a science that is; withdrawing from any/all abstractions (subjective components) associated with mainstream historical studies/systems/models. An objective understanding of history enables and provokes Aeonic insight within the Cliologist and this Aeonic insight/understanding develops and leads to the eventual ability to effectively undertake Aeonic Magick through various magickal means/forms; i.e., Star Game. Abstract Numinous Symbolism and Nexions Apart from the competent interpretation of Cliology being necessary as a basis for Aeonic insight, leading to the eventual ability to perform Aeonic Magick; such forms as the Star Game also have their function dependant on the operators ability to effectively understand, interpret and execute a certain form of numinous abstract symbolism. In the case of Sinister Tradition, these symbols are effectively:

Alchemical Salt / Ego consciousness Alchemical Mercury / Self consciousness Alchemical Sulphur /Adeptship Group of Individuals knu -

Alternative symbolism given in Naos. Alternative symbolism given in Naos.

Alternative symbolism given in Naos.

Of n (or undefined) amount.


Kiu kcu

Higher Civilisation Causal Acausal Causal Time t

Acausal Time - t Causal Space Acausal Space s

A nexion/sub space/being between to spaces


All sentient life implies

s. To

those that do not understand this formula, here is a brief explanation:

The abstract symbolism may seem confusing at first glance, but it is extremely simple if studied effectively. If we already know that sentient (conscious/animate, e.g., human) life is a product of Acausal and Causal space intersecting or meeting one another, then the point of interaction/intersection/meeting between Acausal and Causal space is known as a Nexion. Thus, we may understand a Nexion as existing between Acausal and Causal space. Hence the formula (without abstract symbolism): Acausal space -> Nexion -> Causal space from this we can see how the nexion exists between two spaces; thus, it is a sub space of sorts. Now, let us show that formula again; only this time, words will be replaced with numinous abstract symbolism: thus: Kiu =


, however, only implies a nexion and is therefore an

undefined entity. If we wanted to define a single human entity (human sentient life), the formula could be

s / Individual = Acasual space -> Nexion -> Casual space.

From here-on throughout this Ms I shall replace words such as Causal, Acausal, etc, with their respective symbols. I find this to be a great form of exercise which promotes a better interpretation of the symbols. This form of abstract symbolism is much akin to mathematics in practice, although the nature of the two differs greatly. Mathematics serves the function of pre-determining the actions and courses of forms and phenomena within nature (external to the Kiu), and therefore to a certain extent it serves to objectify certain forms external to the Kiu; whereas the numinous symbolism of Hebdomadry, or the Septenary, encourages an objectification, mastery, and most imperatively an experiencing, of both and forces and phenomena. Once these symbols are learnt as second nature, they begin to exhibit a life of their own. The forces that these symbols represent possess an independent existence separate from the Kiu (Sartres being-in-itself; Non-conscious being. It is the being of the phenomenon and overflows the knowledge which we have of it. It is a plenitude, and strictly speaking we can say of it only that it is). The symbols only allow a conscious reception of these forces within the psyche of the Kiu (an internal or esoteric empathy with those exoteric forces of independent actuality); hence, these are only a single mode of numinous symbolism describing and representing those particular forces, or being-inthemselves. These symbols themselves effectively act as channels allowing us conscious reception, recognition and empathy/understanding of these particular being-in-themselves. Adeptship may be crudely expressed by the formula: = (Kiu)

A Higher Aeonic Civilisation by the following formula: Kcu = (Knu)

+ ()

; etc, etc.

What must also be understood by the Cliologist is the fact that Nexions are not or do not have to be strictly sentient; a nexion may or may not be an organic life-form such as a human being, animal, etc. Strictly speaking, all phenomena may be regarded as belonging to a certain class of Nexion. In fact, all tangible reality may be regarded as an interference pattern of sorts. An interference pattern is a common phenomenon witnessed within in nature. For example: when two stones are dropped simultaneously into a still pool of water or any other Newtonian liquid, each stone, upon impacting the water, creates a series of circular waves that travel outward from their respective centres (or points of impact). The two groups of circular waves expand and eventually collide. When they collide, they cause an interference pattern. Nexions may be viewed as interference patterns emanating through the interaction between intersecting universes (between the and realms, which may be apprehended as two separate universes from a certain perspective). Nexions, being the interference pattern resulting from the direct interaction between the s and s , exist between the actual interference waves that spread out from them. Nexions are the points where the waves meet each-other, where they intersect and interfere, the waves themselves give birth to the external phenomena that the Nexions are subject to; i.e., realms of external phenomena. Our universe which has 3 spatial dimensions at right angles to each-other is a result of complex interaction between the two realms of and phenomena and transphenomena. The universe is effectively an energy interference template resulting from this interaction; nexions themselves being the actual points of interaction. Modern physicists are beginning to regard this theory as well, abandoning what they call the Newtonian world system for the Einsteinian, or holistic; relating all phenomena to a holographic interface pattern the hologram itself being a product of intersecting laser beams; of course, the whole procedure is in reality much more complex than the given explanation. What we must realise is that nexions can to a certain extent be regarded as any form of phenomena. Many initiates regard a nexion as being simply a sacred site associated with a specific Aeon (Albion Stonehenge), or a splinter group of the ONA, or a circle of stones on some isolated hilltop in a secret location/s of which knowledge is only given to certain Initiates. Although these may be viewed as Nexions, and correctly so; the Initiate must come to realise that a nexion can be any form be that a sentient life form, a work of art, numinous symbols, a political system/vehicle, ad infinitum. A lack of real world experience on behalf of Sinister Initiates leads to dim interpretations of this subject instead of a conscious revelation of their particular nature. Tradition serves an important role as a foundation for progress but tradition and the learning of tradition should not stifle the potential practical deeds of the Initiate by sucking him/her into a world of abstraction which hinders him/her from actually experiencing the essence underlying the tradition and the being-in-themselves which gave rise to the numinous forms (Archetypes, etc) whos birth arose from the foundation of that particular tradition. Sinister Initiates must strive and make an effort to experience this essence practically and not only to intellectualise it as is the folly of many-a-many. I regard even myself as a victim of over intellectualisation. All in all, the Sinister Initiate must strive to experience Numinous Aeonic forms practically in order to develope true and lasting Aeonic insight. From this follows true knowledge, and what one could call wisdom. Practical action is of paramount significance and it is the task of each Initiate to go out of their way to presence the practically through the practice living of the Sinister Dialectic. Also important is the recognition of the fact that the Sinister Way itself is only a vehicle to something greater. Do not allow yourself to be stifled by abstraction strive practically to move beyond it. Fine. Endymion.

120 y.f.