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February 1, 2012 ADDENDUM-6 to Emeryville Center of Community Life, Agreement for Architectural Services Project No. 10-001 I.

A. Client:



Emery Unified School District 4727 San Pablo Avenue Emeryville, CA 94608 Miller Kelley Architects, Inc., DBA MKThink 1500 Sansome Street San Francisco, CA 94111



This addendum serves as a bridging agreement for professional services to be performed by Nexus Partners commencing February 1, 2012 with EUSD staff authorization for Nexus Partners to proceed through the March 31, 2012, at which time it is anticipated that a lump sum Agreement for Architectural Services shall be approved and in effect. The scope of work described herein is titled “Conceptual Design Finalization”. Nexus Partners, for the purposes of this agreement is the design team of dsk architects, MKThink and Concordia LLC. The following scope of services describes the activities performed and to be performed within the stipulated time period of this addendum. 1. Purpose: Finalizing Conceptual Design. The ECCL Conceptual Design prepared by Nexus in November 2011 will be revised to reflect final input from the EUSD School Board and Facilities Committee. In addition to other refinements Nexus Partners will: 1) Revise the conceptual design and planning to eliminate the open plaza at the corner of 53rd Street and San Pablo, and 2) Develop a incremental approach for Phase 1 that meets the overall project budget of $80 million with up to $10 million of potential reductions that can be deferred to a later date should funding limitations require it. 3) Provide for a Phase 2 strategy that provides additional area for expected District and City population growth.

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Roundhouse One, 1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 415 402 0888


Client Responsibilities: a. Coordinate the City of Emeryville and EUSD meetings, resources and decision making. b. Identify Community Design Workshop locations and provide operational set up for internet access, recording and community support functions such as day care and language translation services. c. Provide all information to accommodate a completion of this phase by March 31, 2012. Schedule a. Meetings i. Community Design Workshop: 1. CDWS #7 March 3, 2012 ii. City/Schools: Nexus will provide update documentation for EUSD staff use in and attend the City/Schools meeting on March 1, 2012. iii. EUSD Board: Material for board presentations shall be provided to EUSD staff a minimum of 5 working days prior to meeting. Nexus will attend the following board meetings: 1. February 13, 2012 2. February 27, 2012 3. March 12, 2012 4. March 26, 2012 iv. Weekly Staff meetings through March 31, 2012: Weekly, regular, pre scheduled, meeting at EUSD staff office. Weekly meetings to be attended by Mark Seiberlich and/or dsk staff, Steve Kelley and/or MKThink staff, and Steven Bingler and/or Concordia Staff. b. Meetings will conclude March 31, 2012. All deliverables will be presented and made available to EUSD staff.



Conceptual Design Tasks a. Process: Nexus Partners will lead the effort to produce the itemized deliverables. Nexus will provide supporting documentation of progress at each weekly meeting. b. Community Design Workshops and Presentations:

Roundhouse One, 1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 415 402 0888

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ECCL Nexus Partners Addendum‐6 


i. The March 3, 2012 workshop is included in this agreement. ii. Goal: Present to the Community the latest Conceptual Design revisions recommended and approved by the Board, engage and receive Community input regarding the proposed Conceptual Design and continue to engage the Community with conversations and ideas about the look and feel of the ECCL and the aesthetic direction that is appropriate for the Center. 5. ECCL Project Schedule Nexus will work with the District and Contractor to adopt a Project Schedule that will become the basis for the design and construction as well as the basis for any Agreement for Architectural Services to follow. External Communications a. Nexus staff will continue to update as required through March 31, 2011. b. Nexus staff will monitor the website to respond to ongoing dialogue once every week. Sub Consultants The following consultants are included in this agreement: a. Leeland Saylor Associates, Cost Estimators Cost & Budget Review Leeland Saylor Associates will review unit square foot costs according to the current Space Program list and advise the Nexus Partners team on establishing material quality and design considerations that are necessary to achieve a project cost within the established construction budget. b. Fehr & Peers, Traffic and Parking Consultants Drop-off / Pick-Up Analysis and Documentation Fehr & Peers observed afternoon pick-up activities at Anna Yates elementary school (K-6) in September, 2011. As part of this scope of work, Fehr & Peers will conduct observations of morning drop-off activities at Anna Yates. These combined observations will help to validate drop-off demand and form recommendations related to the sizing of the pickup area on 53rd Street and will be documented in a technical memorandum for use by the project team.



Coordination with City of Oakland Regarding Conceptual Design of 53rd Street Turnaround
Fehr & Peers will attend a meeting with City of Oakland staff to present the conceptual design of the 53rd Street turnaround and discuss the feasibility of constructing the proposed turnaround across city boundaries. As part of this

Roundhouse One, 1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 415 402 0888

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ECCL Nexus Partners Addendum‐6 


meeting, Fehr & Peers will discuss that the purpose of the turnaround is to provide adequate space for westbound vehicles to turn around to access the school parking and drop-off area on the south side of 53rd Street, while also permitting local through traffic. The feature would also serve to detour through traffic on 53rd Street west of the school. The intent of the design is also consistent with the City of Emeryville Green Street classification of 53rd Street. The purpose of this meeting is to determine if the City of Oakland would be supportive of the roadway improvement concept, subject to review of detailed improvement plans.

Conceptual Refinement and Technical Validation of 53rd Street Turnaround and Drop-off
Fehr & Peers will review the design issues related to driveway connections along 53rd Street, the precise placement of the proposed turnaround and early coordination with bicycle lanes and the Green Street objectives described in the Emeryville General Plan. c. Marta Fry Landscape Associates, Landscape Consultant

Landscape and Play Area Review
MFLA will undertake a review of the current conceptual plan and suggest conceptual design directions related to the following areas: outdoor open space program refinement, active and passive open space areas, softscape and hardscape areas, K-8 play areas locations with appropriate age group separation, high school and community athletic field needs and configuration, and appropriate landscape & planting material direction in light of programmatic needs and allocated construction budget allocation. d. Integral Engineering, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Consultant

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Systems & Sustainability Review
Integral Engineering will undertake a review of the current conceptual plan and suggest conceptual design direction related to the following: Building envelope and orientation, initial building system cost / benefit recommendations and sustainability features that might be incorporated into the design. 8. Contractor Client will engage & coordinate Contractor involvement. Nexus will participate as requested. Budget The established budget for Phase I project costs remains as follows: i. $80,000,000 Total Full Phase I project costs
Roundhouse One, 1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 415 402 0888


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ECCL Nexus Partners Addendum‐6 


ii. Phase 1 incremental option: The design will include a strategy to achieve approximately $10,000,000 in deferred project costs. This may include a combination of cold-shelling the K-3 program as well as deferred site improvements to be further evaluated during this contract period. 10. Tasks & Deliverables a. Conceptual Design Tasks & Deliverables i. Concept design finalization incorporating District directives on building placement and associated site modifications ii. 3D illustrative sketch renderings (aerial & eye level views) iii. Program area coordination with 3D modeling iv. Phasing Strategies & Diagrams v. Confirmation of Space Program list vi. Confirmation of Outdoor Space Program list vii. Outdoor Space definition & refinement viii. Conceptual Functional Relationship Plans ix. Opinion on construction cost from Leland Saylor Associates with review by Turner Construction x. Selection and presentation of images & photographs reflecting architectural materials and features for review and input by the community at Community Workshop #7 on March 3, 2012 xi. 53rd Street drop-off & turn-around study xii. Summary Report of Conceptual Design, Consultant and Community input. xiii. FEMA application support b. EUSD will be provided with digital records of these deliverables and paper copies of all drawing documents and one digital CD. Reports will be 8 ½ X 11 or 11X17 format. 11. Pro Bono Efforts Nexus Partners will continue to participate in efforts deemed to have value to the community. These efforts, past and future, include attending school events, public meetings, supporting students through mentorships and hands on experience, staff & community engagement, arranging and leading informative tours etc.

Roundhouse One, 1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 415 402 0888

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ECCL Nexus Partners Addendum‐6 



BASIS OF COMPENSATION Lump Sum Fee including Consultants $168,700

The Lump Sum fee amount includes: Normal and customary expenses for printing, all travel expenses, and 10% consultant coordination markup. Large volume, large format printing is not included. Nexus will assist the client in arrangements for special and large volume printing if requested. The Lump Sum amount also includes 48 hours of staff time required to de-mobilize the project team, properly archive and record the current status of work, and phase out of active work until further notified to resume work. Upon entering into this Amendment, EUSD and it’s assigned representatives acknowledge that scope items, tasks and deliverables defined in the Board approved “Agreement for Architectural Services” (Agreement) with Miller Kelley Architects, dba MKThink executed March 10, 2010, Exhibit A (including all subsequent Addenda), deleted or otherwise removed by the direction of EUSD and authorized staff, are no longer in-scope, unless the associated funding of any specific remaining tasks is adjusted accordingly. The responsibilities and deliverables described in Exhibit A and Exhibit B of the original Agreement are therefore superseded by this Addendum.

Faithfully Submitted by:

Approved by:
Emery Unified School District

______________ Steven Kelley AIA Founding Principal February 21, 2012


Roundhouse One, 1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 415 402 0888

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ECCL Nexus Partners Addendum‐6 


Hourly Rate Schedule Professional Architectural Services For Emery Unified School District – through March, 2012

Classification Nexus Partners Principals Contracted Facilitators Senior Project Staff Intermediate Project Staff Junior Project Staff

Standard Rates $250 $175 $175 $125 $85

EUSD Discounted Rates $225 $150 $150 $120 $85

Roundhouse One, 1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 415 402 0888

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ECCL Nexus Partners Addendum‐6