Previously on Heroes; - We see our band of heroes coming out from the portal in the alley. SPIKE “It’s quiet. Where are all the sounds of the cars, sirens and people in general? There’s nothing…” - We see the stunned expression on Angel’s face. ANGEL “You’re right…” - A shot of SPIKE picking up a newspaper. SPIKE “It’s dated five months after the battle!” (v.o) “The city is in ruins.” - We see GUNN lying on the couch at the HYPERION. And we hear his ragged cough. GUNN “It warms my heart to hear you bicker like an old married couple.” - A TIGHT SHOT of a bag lying next to the couch. Gunn points at it. GUNN “Is that for me?” - We see ILLYRIA standing at Gunn’s side, looking rather worried. ILLYRIA “The half-breed and I acquired it for you, Charles. Your condition is worsening.” (v.o) “Charles is dying.” - We see Angel digging through the bag. He gives Gunn a sot of penicillin, watching the man relax.

ANGEL (v.o) “Not yet.” - We see the blank expression on Gunn’s face as he lies perfectly still on the couch. ANGEL “Gunn?” - ZOOMING IN on Angel shaking Gunn’s lifeless body. ANGEL “Gunn! Gunn!” - We see a dark-haired young woman step out from a SUV. - We see the dark-haired woman outside a door that opens up and reveals GILES. GILES “Aerin. Welcome to L.A.” AERIN (v.o) “A slayers last outpost.” - We see Angel fighting and hear someone applauding in the background. It’s AERIN. - A WIDE SHOT of Aerin, Giles, BUFFY, WILLOW, DAWN and ANDREW together in a room. - ANGLE on Angel picking up a phone. ANGEL “Buffy.” - We see a shot of the demon that gave Spike his soul back. He roars in agony. - ANGLE ON Spike as he slumps to the floor and Illyria rushes to his side. ILLYRIA ”Spike? Spike!!”

- We see Aerin walking towards a door and Spike lies in the bed. SPIKE “Aerin… Get away from the door…” AERIN “What…?” - A TIGHT SHOT of DRUSILLA. DRUSILLA “Naughty me.” AERIN (v.o) ”Drusilla…” - WIDE SHOT of Spike lying chained to a marble table and Drusilla hovering over him. SPIKE “Dru… What are you gonna do with me?” DRUSILLA “I’ll save you. I’ll take away you soul.” - ZOOMING IN on Spike’s shocked face. SPIKE “No…”


By: Mariana INT. A DARK STREET - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - NIGHT The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on BUFFY fighting a gang of vampires. Fists are flying, stakes are swung, and curses are spoken between gritted teeth. One of the vampires grabs Buffy from behind, holding her as another one slams his fist into her face. Buffy growls. She jumps up, swing her legs up and catch the vampire in front of her around the neck. There’s a crack as its neck breaks. Then, throwing her weight forward, feet steadily in the ground, she breaks the vamp’s grip and sending him tumbling over her back. The demon has no time to react before she viciously plunges a stake thru his heart. ANDREW (impressed) ”You’re so cool.” The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the scene to reveal a group of…mostly people, watching Buffy’s actions. It’s AERIN, GILES, DAWN, ANDREW, WILLOW and ANGEL. GILES (coughing) ”Yes, you were quite resourceful, Buffy.” BUFFY (beaming) ”Thanks.” AERIN ”We really don’t have time for this.” (eyes darting) ”We need to find Spike.” BUFFY (clenched fists) ”I know.” ANGEL ”We’re on the right track, Aerin. I can sense Drusilla’s presence closely.”

WILLOW ”Yeah, have patience. We’ll find them - and we’ll rescue Spike.” ANGLE ON the group as they start to walk down the dark alley. Giles and Andrew take the lead with Angel, and the girls make up the after group. We can see that Buffy and Aerin both look determent and that Dawn and Willow look from one slayer to the other - perhaps expecting a fight any minute between these to? (Here’s for hoping…) ANGEL (coming to a halt) ”We’re really close.” AERIN (eagerly) ”How close?” ANGEL (facing her) ”Real close.” WILLOW ”Let’s just hope that Spike’s alright.” TIGHT SHOT of GILES as he takes of his glasses and cleans them. The Watcher does that a lot does he not? Then he puts them on and sighs. GILES (gathered) ”This is Spike we’re talking about.” (meeting Buffy’s gaze) ”I am perfectly sure that he’s alright.” WILLOW (chiming in) ”Besides, Drusilla would never hurt him.” (beat) ”Right?” ANGEL (shaking his head) ”I don’t think so.”

DAWN (noticing Buffy’s expression) ”Buffy, what’s wrong?” BUFFY ”I don’t know if I’m ready for this. To see him again…” WILLOW (eyes brimming with emotion) ”Buffy…” A CLOSE UP on Buffy’s face as she lifts her gaze to watch every one of them in turn. First, her eyes stop briefly on Angel, before continuing to Andrew - who looks questioning, and then to Aerin who seem distressed and then Giles who rubs his nose, obviously fearing what his slayer have to say. And Dawn and Willow both look at Buffy with soft gazes. BUFFY ”I never told this to anyone before… but I used to have dreams about him. About Spike. I still have I guess.” (looking from person to person) ”Mostly there are just fragments. Not the vivid, painful dreams I had after I killed Angel.” (meeting Angel’s gaze) ”My dreams of Spike… They’re more about stuff that never will happen. But also about things that did happen. Ordinary things, ya know. But then…” (twisting her hands) ”…sometimes I dream of digging through the ruins of the collapsed Hellmouth. And my knuckles are all bloody, my mouth dry and my skin leathery from being out in the sun to long. The dirt is everywhere, around me, and there are stones scraping against my hands. And I know that I’m looking for something… I just can’t figure it out. I know that I won’t find what I’m looking for. But I can’t stop… I can’t stop digging…” (looking down at her hands) ”Even when stones scrape against my bones…” FADE OUT-

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INT. UNKNOWN WAREHOUSE - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on the marble table; SPIKE lies there, fighting the restraints and DRUSILLA is dancing around him, graceful and pretty much as insane as ever. DRUSILLA (humming) ”Soon, dear William, you’ll be as before.” (running her hands over his chiselled face) ”Away, away the filthy soul will go!” SPIKE (pleadingly) "Don't do this. Please." DRUSILLA ”All the little dollies plead when Mommy comes to play.” (licking his throat) "Shhh, naughty boy. Mommy knows best." SPIKE "Drusilla, please…. I fought so hard for this." DRUSILLA ”You taste like despair, bitter and angry...” (smiling) “I like.” SPIKE ”Why?” DRUSILLA "Flipped a coin in my head. Came up tails." We hear a ROAR in the BACKGROUND and the CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us a Shaman stepping out of the shadows with the ’soul-demon’ in chains. The huge demon fights against the restraints, howls and seems in general very agitated. Then he stops dead in his tracks when he lays his eyes on Spike on the table - only moving when the Shaman pulls on

his chains. We follow the process as the Shaman effortlessly chains the demon to the wall not far from the table where Spike lies. A CLOSE UP on Spike as he knits his brow and gives Drusilla a questioning look. (He, probably like us, might wonder what’s up with this new development.) SPIKE (hoarsely) ”Dru…?” DRUSILLA (clapping her hands) ”Now everything will be alright again.” (leaning down and planting a kiss on Spike’s lips) ”I want us to be a family again, dear William.”

SPIKE (shaking his head) ”I must be going crazy.” A TIGHT SHOT of the vampire’s face can in fact tell us that he’s not far from the truth. Alas, poor Spike, will he ever get a bleeding chance to a ’normal’ life? SPIKE (sighing) ”I give up.” UNKNOWN VOICE (?) ”Snap out of it, Spike. Pull yourself together.” FOCUS ON Spike as he head snaps to the right. Then we see things from his POV; revealing FRED (of all…er…people???) standing by the side of the table. She looks down at him with a tender smile and with sympathy in her glistening eyes. She looks so radiant, so serene. SPIKE (crestfallen) ”Fred?!” (twitching) ”No. No. Sod off. You’re not here. Can’t be. You're just a voice in my head. You can’t be here. You’re dead. I'm dead.”

FRED (touching his hand) ”You can't be crazy when she gets here. She needs you, Spike. They all need you.” SPIKE (insane laugh) ”I know. Spike has to save the world. That’s why he left heaven. Needed to fight some more. Not fun to fight tough. Not by yourself. Not alone.” FRED ”You're not alone. I'm here. I’m with you.” SPIKE (gazing up at her) ”Who are you?” FRED ”A friend.” SPIKE ”Not a friend. My friends are not here. They can’t find me.” (turning his head away) ”Leave me alone.” FRED (sadly) ”Spike. You won't be alone. I'll be with you.” SPIKE ”Go away!” FRED ”Listen to me.” SPIKE ”I don’t want to hear it.” (looking up again) ”What happens now?” FRED ”What do you want to happen?”

SPIKE ”I just want the dance to end.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of a street; revealing groups of demons scattering in different directions as a figure approaches. They seem terrified by this figure’s presence and as it comes nearer to OUR view, we can see that it’s our dear and beloved (?) ILLYRIA. (Guessing here that the demons act like they’re afraid because that they have by now found out how powerful Illyria really are.) The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on our little Smurfette as she comes to a halt and tilts her head as she hears a noise - or picks up on a scent. Quite hard to tell really. A small - and quite scary smile slowly appears on her lips and then she continues to stalk down the street. The present demons skitter out of her way, clearly not willing to put themselves before her wrath. SUDDENLY Illyria jerks her head sideways as she stops by the entrance to an alley behind a huge warehouse. Her gaze swept it, focusing on a black t-shirt lying in a puddle of water and in one swift, jerky movement; she turns on her heels and enters the alley. Illyria’s focusing her attention on Spike’s t-shirt (must be Spike’s), so she doesn’t notice the ASSASSIN until it leaps upon her, clawing and clubbing at her. The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the alley as she swats the demon aside almost contemptuously, but it’s soon back and we can see how Illyria really starts to lose her temper. (Didn’t know she had any…) Ten seconds later, the demon is scattered in pieces around the alley. You go, girl!!! UNFAMILIAR VOICE ”Wow!!!” (beat) ”I mean wow!!!” We follow Illyria as she slowly turns around to face a Fyarl DEMON. She tilts her head and studies the demon with icy eyes. Then she moves forward - she actually moves so quickly that we don’t really know how she managed to reach the demon in such short time, and she holds the struggling creature by the throat. ILLYRIA ”You inhabit this place?” (gesturing around the alley) ”Tell me or die, vermin.”

DEMON (choking) ”Yes. Yes. I inhabit it…” ILLYRIA ”Have you seen a vampire named Drusilla?” (tilting her head to the other side) ”She has something that belongs to me.” DEMON ”That blonde vampire?” ILLYRIA (squeezing the demons neck a little harder) ”If you know of the whereabouts of the white-haired vampire, you will take me to him immediately.” DEMON (shaking his head) ”He’s in one of these warehouses. I don’t know which one, I swear!” FOCUS on Illyria as she, without a twitch on her impassive face, twists the Fyarl demon’s neck. His body hit’s the ground with a small thump. ILLYRIA ”Thank you.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE WAREHOUSE - DOWNTOWN L.A - TIME UNKNOWN FOCUS on the shadows by the far end of a wall in the huge warehouse; a slender figure slowly steps out into the light, and we can see the ’Fred’-figure approach Spike on the table. ALL LIGHT on these two as she (?) stops by the vampire’s side and let a hand slip into his. FRED ”You have to fight this, Spike.”

SPIKE (whispering) ”Why?” FRED ”Cause you’re worth saving.” SPIKE (hesitant smile) ”You said that once before.” FRED (intertwining her fingers with his) ”I have haven’t I?” SPIKE (hoarse) ”What makes you think I’m worth saving?” FRED (planting a kiss on his forehead) ”Cause you’re a hero. A champion.” A CLOSE UP on Spike’s face as it’s slowly lit up with a beautiful, sad smile. Then we see how his features, that for a moment seemed so serene, change drastically. And his eyes, which had been burning with hope and life, clears and cools. The gasping breaths suddenly ceased, and he stops breathing altogether. We hear a GASP from the ’Fred’-figure, as Spike’s expression evens out. Bland. Blank. Empty. FRED (confused) ”Spike…?” SPIKE (resigned) ”Drusilla.” A TIGHT SHOT of Spike as his blue eyes left ’Fred’, and went beyond her to Drusilla.

A WIDE SHOT of the scene shows us the dark-haired vampire approaching Spike where he lies on the marble table. There’s no signs of the ’Fred’-figure - meaning that it’s only the blonde vampire who’s able to see her. DRUSILLA (snickering) ”It’s time.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. DARK ALLEY - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT Thud. Thump. Smack. DAWN (annoyed) ”Hey, watch it! That’s my best shirt!” ZOOMING IN on DAWN as she swings out a leg and sends a vampire (?) to the ground. The demon growls angrily and makes a move to jump up to his feet, but Dawn plunges a stake thru its heart with lethal accurately. Damn, she got some moves on her! BUFFY (approvingly) ”Good work, Dawn.” DAWN ”That?” (gleaming) ”Oh, it was nothing.” GILES (approaching thru the darkness) ”I must say that it was mighty impressive, Dawn.” WILLOW (from somewhere behind them) ”Hey, guys…” (pause) ”Come and look at this.”

FOCUS on BUFFY, DAWN, GILES and ANDREW as they turn around and walk to the spot where Willow’s voice came from. The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the alley to show us WILLOW, AERIN and ANGEL standing over a piece of clothing that lies on the ground. It’s Spike’s black shirt! That had to mean that they’re in the same alley as Illyria was not long ago. ANGEL (bluntly) ”It’s Spike’s.” ANDREW ”Can you smell him on it?” BUFFY (shaking her head) ”Not the smelling thing again!” AERIN ”Are you sure, Angel?” ANGEL (nodding) ”Yeah, I’m sure.” (pleased smile) ”We’re real close.”


INT. THE WAREHOUSE - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on the marble table in the centre of the huge room; SPIKE still lays chained to it, and DRUSILLA is sitting next to him. FOCUS on her hand as it trails a winding path over his abdomen. Then a ROOFTOP POV as Spike starts struggling against his restraints again. SPIKE ”Let me go!” DRUSILLA "Shh. It won't hurt. It won't hurt anymore when it's over. It will be wonderful, I promise. You’ll be mine once more." FOCUS ON Drusilla as she gets up, gracefully. We see her dark, velvet dress shift as she moves over the chained demon. Her fingers run over its irregular face and a long nail makes a rather ugly cut in its dark skin, making thick blood sipper thru. It moans and growls at her, but seems to have stopped fighting the restraints. And the dark-haired vampiress gives him a endearing smile. DRUSILLA "Better. Much, much better. You know the stars only tell the truth. You know that you have a higher purpose. You gave my dear William his filthy soul back.” (leaning in to whisper in his ear) ”You're the one who's going to take it away - and bring my dearest, darkest knight back into my arms. Where he belongs." ANGLE ON Drusilla as she steps back. We can see that she has a knife in her right hand. Where did that come from? And what on earth is she going to do with that? The answer is soon revealed to us as she lifts her hand and in one swift move cuts both writs on the howling demon. A CLOSE UP on the demon as Drusilla starts to chant; he’s head moves from side to side in a jerky way and he’s eyes are half-closed as in pain. DRUSILLA "Astarte, I call upon thee. Keeper of the dead ones, queen of the lost souls." PANNING ACROSS the room to SPIKE as he starts moving restlessly on the table, letting out small whimpers and again fighting against the chains that keeps him pinned in place. Our

favourite blonde vampire seems really distressed. And can you blame him? Drusilla has obviously the means to actually rip the soul out of him. (Oh, my god… How will this end?) DRUSILLA "Astarte, bringer of both life and death. I beg thee; listen to the call of this creature’s blood. Take his blood and use his strength to reclaim this wretched soul that inhabits my dark knight." ANGLE ON the roaring demon as his blood drips fluidly to the floor, making a swirling portal open up amongst the debris and the dust. A bright light explodes from the floor and hits the roof with incredible force, making a hole and continues up to the dark sky. It swirls and roars, sweeping up the dirt from the floor and hurling Drusilla's hair and dress around her frail frame. She seems to pay no attention to this as she slowly raises her hands toward the darkness of the sky above her. DRUSILLA (chanting) "Astarte, bring back your darkest warrior; the Slayer of Slayers, and unleash his wrath!!" A TIGHT SHOT of the swirling portal as a dim figure suddenly appears from the depths of it. We can see it’s a female form (Astarte?) and she appears humanlike, clothed in a long, white robe and with long, red, wavy hair. She’s glowing (?!) and her black eyes are fixed on the struggling Spike. FOCUS ON Drusilla as she staggers back, a bit unsteady on her feet as a result of the effort she had made in casting the spell. We see one of the Shamans rushing over to her and caught her before she could fall. We also notice the strings of blood that comes out of her nose and ears, but she does not seem to be concerned about the fact that she’s bleeding. Instead she, completely fascinated, keep gazing at the swirling portal and the approaching goddess. WE can hear Spike’s frantic screams, the agonizing roars from the demon and the chanting from the other Shamans standing around the table. The sound of it all is to say the least, quite horrible. We follow the awoken goddess with a STEAD CAM as she gracefully approaches the marble table and the blonde vampire lying chained to it. Then PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene, revealing Drusilla just behind the goddess and the demon that now hangs motionless in his chains. ASTARTE (fingers playing over Spike’s chest) ”I can feel the soul in him.” (tilting her head) ”It glows so brightly.”

DRUSILLA (laying a hand upon her heart) ”Wretched soul. Take it away. Make him as he once was.” (sniffling) ”Make him glorious.” ASTARTE ”Glorious he would become, indeed.” (caressing Spike’s cheek) ”More powerful than before.” (turning to face Drusilla) ”He would be a king among vampires.” DRUSILLA (giggling) ”Oh, joyful news!” (twirling around) ”The moon and the stars sing out to me. I hear them…” (tapping a finger to her lobe) ”…in here.” ASTARTE (shuddering) ”You have the sight?” DRUSILLA ”I see. I see…” (sniffling) ”…I see the end.” (crazy laugh) ”What beautiful death and mayhem.” (hand on chest) ”I hear them scream now.” ASTARTE ”No, that’s him.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Spike, screaming and moving in agony on the marble table. The blonde vampire’s eyes are half-closed and his mouth slightly parted, to let out the screams, that’s followed by moans and whimpering sounds. He appears to be in great pain but why?

The CAMERA FOCUS on Astarte’s hand that lies on Spike’s chest, right above the place where the heart is. Could it be her touch that makes him react the way that he does? What exactly is she doing to him? And will his soul be taken away? DRUSILLA ”What’s happening to him?” ASTARTE ”It is his soul. It feels itself being ripped away.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. DARK ALLEY - OUTSIDE A WAREHOUSE IN DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on seven figures standing outside a warehouse. It’s soon revealed that the figures are; ANGEL, BUFFY, GILES, ANDREW, WILLOW, DAWN and AERIN. The CAMERA KEEPS ZOOMING IN until we have a CLOSE UP on Aerin, as she gazes at the warehouse with burning eyes. She really looks goal oriented. AERIN ”Is this the place?” ANGEL ”Yes.” A WIDE SHOT of the dark alley. DAWN (eagerly) ”So, what will we do now?” WILLOW ”Yeah, what Buffy?” BUFFY (grim look) ”We’ll storm the place.” (beat) ”And kill everyone except Spike.”

ANGLE ON Giles as he turns his head against the blonde Slayer. He also takes a few, almost hesitant, steps towards her, but then stops and sighs heavily. It’s like we get a feeling that he’s not to fond of her tone of voice. And can you blame him? Buffy really sounds harsh and quite alienated. (A.N: Buffy has indeed changed a lot since last time we saw her in the final ep. of Buffy the vampire slayer, ’Ch osen ’. But what to expect, really? She’s lost so many things on the way, even died twice. Add that with having to kill your lover (Angel), finding your mum dead on the couch, fighting an evil hell god that kidnaps your (fake) sister in an attempt to conquer the world and then take a leap off a huge tower to save that very world (death number 2), and end up in heaven - only to be ripped from there by your friends and have to fight evil once again? Sum that up with your best friend becoming evil and wanting to destroy the world, Spike leaving and his return to Sunnydale with a soul. Also the fight against the First and Caleb, your friends abandoning you and then the death of Spike, as he saves the world for you… And he not believing you when you tell him you love him?) GILES (clearing his throat) ”That’s one way to go at it, Buffy.” (sighing) ”But not necessarily the right way.” WILLOW (shuddering breath) ”Not to mention icky.” ANDREW (chirping in) ”Yeah, you sound way scary.” BUFFY (annoyed pout) ”Am I too blunt for you, people?” (even features) ”I’m so sorry.” ANGEL ”We could stand here all night bickering.” (pause) ”Or go in there…” (gesturing towards the warehouse) ”…and kick some butt.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE WAREHOUSE - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT DOOR POV of the WAREHOUSE; we see the marble table in the middle of the floor, Spike’s still laying chained to it and ASTARTE and DRUSILLA hovers over him. The Shamans seem to have all disappeared tough, and there’s no sign of the ’soul’-demon. As from a distant we can hear the ragged moans from the struggling vampire that from time to time grows into piercing screams. The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the floor to the trio, and we can see the GODDESS run a hand through the blonde vampire’s tangled locks. The other hand is firmly placed above his still heart. ASTARTE (benevolent) ”I can feel the soul slipping away.” (turning to face Drusilla) ”Soon you’ll have your dark knight by your side.” DRUSILLA (clapping her hands) ”And what terrible mayhem we will cause!!” (giggling) ”It will be like the old days…” (suddenly sniffling) ”When we were a family. All of us.” ASTARTE (dismissive wave) ”As you like.” (content) ”Either way, his soul will belong to me.” (beat) ”For all eternity.” A CLOSE UP on SPIKE’S face as he stares up at the two women over him. Although he’s quite busy fighting against what must be terrible pain, we can see the lingering flame in his beautiful blue eyes. But it’s a tiny, dying flame. It’s like he’s really given up. For good this time. FRED ”You can’t give up, Spike.”

A TIGHT SHOT of the blonde vampire as he turns his head to the side and then we see things from his POV; the ’Fred’-figure stands yet again by his side. (A.N; She’s wearing blue jeans and a blue silken shirt. Her hair hangs lose and she’s gorgeous.) SPIKE (cringing) ”You again.” FRED (comfortingly) ”I did tell you that I would be here for you.” (cupping his cheek) ”I’m not leaving you, Spike.” SPIKE (croaking) ”No, I’m leaving you.” (convulsing) ”I’m done for, pet.” FRED ”No!! You’re not!!” FOCUS ON the two of them, as she (what the hell she is) leans forward so that she’s just a breath away from the vampire. A lone tear trickles down her cheek, lingers for a while before dropping down on Spike’s upper lip. The blonde vampire looks her steadily in the eyes as he slowly reaches out with his tongue and licks the tear away. SPIKE (regretfully) ”Tears? For me?” FRED (pleadingly) ”Spike… You must fight this.” (sniffling) ”You must be strong.” SPIKE (tortured sigh) ”Strong, eh?”

ZOOMING IN on his lopsided smile that he’s firing off at her. Oh, he’s so unbelievable cute. No, that is not the right word to describe the hotness that is Spike… He’s got damn SEXY!!! SPIKE (voice breaking) ”For you…I’ll be strong.” A CLOSE UP on Spike’s face as his features twists in pain and he opens his mouth to let out a piercing scream. Then we have a WIDE SHOT of the scene, with ALL LIGHT on the table and those surrounding it - there’s no ’Fred’-figure in sight. Only Spike, Drusilla and Astarte. And the later one now has both of her hands steadily placed on Spike’s naked chest. ASTARTE (pleased) ”It’s only a matter of minutes now.” AERIN ”Then it seems we arrived just in time.” A TIGHT SHOT of Drusilla and Astarte as they twist their head upwards to the reeling above the floor, surprise written all over their faces. Then we have a LONG SHOT of Aerin and the others standing there and looking down at the scene below them. DRUSILLA (snarling) ”Filthy slayers.” ASTARTE (sizing them up) ”You really think you could stop me??” BUFFY ”Not think, will.” FOCUS ON Buffy as she takes a leap over the reeling and gracefully lands on her feet. A second later, Aerin lands beside her, just as gracefully. BUFFY ”After all, we are slayers.” FADE OUT-

INT. THE WAREHOUSE - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT Thump. Thump. Smack. Thump. Thud. Smack. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on BUFFY as she sends DRUSILLA flying backwards with a high kick. Then the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene, revealing that ALL characters are involved in a fight in one or the other way. As if from nowhere, there’s a group of vampires and other ugly looking demons present, and our team of heroes are quite busy fighting for their lives. ASTARTE (laughing) “Fools!!” (raising a hand) “Volare!!!” FOCUS ON Buffy as she’s suddenly flung high up in the air and then sent flying across the warehouse and crashing into a wall, leaving quite a mark on it. She then slumps to the ground, looking really dizzy. ASTARTE “None of you have the strength to fight me.” AERIN (grimly) “We will have to see about that.” FOCUSING ON the dark-haired slayer as she charges against Astarte, only to be swept to the side like a fly. She propels through the air and lands next to Buffy in a huddled mass. We can see the resigned expression on the blonde slayers face as she looks at her fallen companion. (If Aerin, who’s stronger than Buffy, can’t even get in a blow at Astarte, how could they possible defeat the powerful goddess?) ANGEL (noticing Buffy’s look) “No, Buffy.” (beat) “You can’t give up.”

The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Buffy and Aerin again as they share a quick look. Then they rise as one and turn around in unison against the smug goddess. BUFFY (coldly) “I never give up.” AERIN (charging forward) “Neither do I.” And the fight is on again. There’s the momentary thud of bodies. The grunts and groans from demons, vampires and our brave heroes. It’s a fight against death. Then the intense rhythm of sound was disturbed by an out-of-place cry. Everyone, even the demons, turns and watch as Astarte with a simple gesture with her hand made Spike jolt in his chains. ASTARTE (evil smile) ”Surrender or I’ll kill this tortured creature.” (sighing) ”Face it; none of you can defeat me.” ILLYRIA (blank) ”I can.” A TIGHT SHOT of Astarte as she rapidly swings around to face the blue demon that walks out from the shadows of the far side of the warehouse. We see the goddess eyes widened and then hear her swallow hard as she backs one step. ASTARTE (voice cracking) ”I…Illyria?” (shacking her head) ”No!! It can not be.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) ”Astarte.”

YET AGAIN Illyria moves so fast that we can’t keep up. All we know is that in one moment she’s at least fifty feet away from Astarte, in the next she’s standing right in front of the goddess and lifting her up as if she weighs nothing. ILLYRIA (vehemently) ”Vermin.” ASTARTE (fighting against Illyria’s grip) ”Are you the protector of this creature?” ILLYRIA ”I am.” ASTARTE (panting) ”Then the loss of him would disturb you a great deal?” (gesturing with one hand) ”What are you willing to risk for his life?” ANGLE ON Illyria as she twists her head in a jerky way towards the table where Spike’s lies chained. Then a WIDE SHOT of the room, as we see the demon that holds a rather nasty sword against Spike’s throat. We see Illyria snap Astarte’s neck without hesitation. ILLYRIA ”Spike!!!” Illyria came to his aid in moments, tossing the demon across the warehouse like a rag doll. A CLOSE UP on Illyria shows us that she has a slight gash running down her cheek, but in her eyes there’s a wild hunger. A hunger for violence. For destruction. For revenge. Presume here that it’s against Astarte and all of those who threaten her favourite vampire. FOCUS ON the blue demon as she easily frees Spike from the shackles that have kept Spike chained in place. Her attention is obviously so focused on the hurt vampire, that she does not notice DRUSILLA sneaking up behind her. WILLOW (noticing the situation) ”Illyria!!”

Illyria spins around and faces the dark-haired vampire that now looks at her with fear in her dark eyes. ILLYRIA (cocking her head) ”Drusilla?” DRUSILLA (perturbed) ”Death around you.” (sniffling) ”The stars lied.” (writhing) ”I miss Ms Edith…” These words become the last words spoken by the beautiful, dark vampire that sired Spike. Without a change in her impassive face, Illyria reached out a hand and snapped Drusilla’s neck. She was quickly covered by the vampire’s dust. ILLYRIA ”Insignificant creature.” A WIDE SHOT of the scene; As Illyria pulls a disoriented Spike to his feet, we see Angel plunge his sword into the gut of a demon, then pull it out and with a roundhouse kick sent the demon to the ground. (Impressive, don’t ya think??”) BUFFY (plunging a stake thru a vampires chest) “They seem to give up.” AERIN “Well, their leaders are dead.” ILLYRIA (heading towards the door) “Spike needs aid quickly.” ANGEL “We’ll take him back to the Hyperion.”

BUFFY (rushing forward) “Let me help you.” ILLYRIA (grim look) “I need no assistance from you.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the lobby at the Hyperion, FOCUS on the door; the door bursts open kicked in by Angel and we see the dark-haired vampire and Illyria tumble in, seemingly exhausted. Spike is slung over Illyria’s right shoulder, unconscious, half naked and very, very bruised. Behind them trails the rest of the gang, all looking worried and concerned for the blonde vampire, but also incapable of doing anything for him themselves, as Illyria looks at them with eyes that literary threatens them to come any closer. Our little protective Smurfette marches over the lobby and places Spike, gently for her, on the couch. ANGEL (gasping) "Blood…In the...fridge." FOCUS on Buffy as she rushes over to the fridge and frenetically slung the door open. She seems pleased when WE from her POV see bags and bags of blood. Buffy grabs a couple, empties them into mugs, and took them over to the couch, along with some spares. She hands them to Angel, but it is Illyria, who sits next to Spike, that takes the cup from her trembling hands. A CLOSE UP on Illyria as she props the blonde vampire up, placing the mug to his lips and tilting it slowly. ILLYRIA "Drink, Spike." A TIGHT SHOOT of Spike. It seems that his reflexes are not as they should be, as the blood runs down his chin without any of it being swallowed.

ILLYRIA (disturbed) "Angel. He will not drink." ANGEL "Shake him awake. If he's not dust now, you can't hurt him any worse." ANGLE on the couch as Illyria frowns a little, leans down and grabs Spike's shoulder, shaking it. His head lolled bonelessly, and he still doesn’t respond. ILLYRIA (peeved) "Spike. If you die after all this, I will be very annoyed." (sighing) ”I might even want to do some more violence.” SPIKE (coughing blood) ”No need for that, luv.” DOWNWARDS ANGLE on Spike as he stirs and slowly open his eyes to look up at Illyria. (Is it just me or has the sparkle in Spike’s eyes died out???) SPIKE (raising an eyebrow) "You were worried about me?" ILLYRIA (straightening herself up with dignity) "Not worried as such.” (beat) “But I would not have approved of your death.” SPIKE (coughing fit) “To bad, ‘cause I believe that’s still an option…” A TIGHT SHOT of Spike as his body starts to convulse and moans slips thru his lips. The blonde vampire’s body shakes with suck intensity that it almost seems as he’s about to fall of the couch - and it’s only Illyria’s presence at his side that keeps him from doing just that. We see Illyria pin him down while she casts a concerned look at Angel.

ILLYRIA (nervy) “What’s wrong with him?” ANGEL (resigned) “I think he’s dying.” (noticing everyone’s glares) “He needs blood. But he won’t swallow it.” ILLYRIA (determent look) “I know what he needs.” FOCUS ON Illyria as she makes a cut on her wrist and then press it against Spike’s mouth. At first it doesn’t seem like the vampire’s going to react, but only seconds later, the CAMERA ZOOMS IN on his mouth, as he opens it and let his fangs penetrate Illyria’s skin. Slowly his beautiful features slip into those of a vampire. He’s eyes snaps completely open and we see the golden yellow in them, just before he closes them again as he gulps down the much needed blood. (A.N: If one looks closely at the vampire one could see the blissful expression on his demonic face. It’s almost as he’s drinking ambrosia.) A CLOSE UP on Spike as he finally pulls away and looks up at Illyria with silent praise. His features returns to those of a handsome man and he smiles briefly with his gaze still locked with Illyria’s. (Am I imagining this or is there a moment between those two??) SPIKE (whispering) “Thank you.” ILLYRIA “It needed to be done.” GILES (clearing his throat) “Er… Well, I guess we all are in need of some rest.” (looking at Angel) “Is there any chance that there are rooms we could use?” ANGEL (nodding) “Just take your pick.”

A WIDE ANGLE on the room as most of the group heads towards the stairs. BUFFY, ILLYRIA, AERIN and ANGEL linger behind, as well as Spike who still lies on the couch. BUFFY (hesitant) “I…” (looking at Illyria and Spike) “…I guess I should get some sleep too.” We follow Buffy with a STEAD CAM as she turns her back on them and heads towards the stairs. She walks with heavy steps, but don’t look back as she slowly disappears out of sight. The CAMERA SPINS AROUND and PAN ACROSS the room to FOCUS on Angel. The darkhaired vampire rubs his neck and gives Illyria and Spike as tired look. ANGEL “Illyria…” (sighing) “I think Spike and Aerin needs some time alone.” ILLYRIA (oblivious) “Why?” (icy look at Aerin) “I don’t see the need…?” SPIKE (lying his hand over Illyria’s) “Please, Leery.” ILLYRIA (meeting his gaze) “As you wish.” (gracefully getting up) “I will also get some ‘sleep’.” This time we follow Illyria with a STEAD CAM as she walks past Angel and continue up the stair with definite purpose in her steps. Then the CAMERA RETURNS to Angel as he gives Spike and Aerin a brief smile before he turns his back on them and heads towards the stairs to follow Illyria.

ANGEL (over the shoulder) “Goodnight.” AERIN “Goodnight.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the two characters in PLAY. Aerin walks over to the couch and reach out a hand to Spike, who takes it in a firm grip. The dark-haired SLAYER drags the vampire to his feet and their eyes meet. They look at each other for what seems as an eternity (Yeah, defiantly a moment there). AERIN “Are you strong enough to make it up the stairs?” SPIKE (nodding) “Yeah.” AERIN (caressing his cheek with her free hand) “The let’s go.”


INT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of a dark room; shadows from the streetlight outside playing over the walls. At first it appears to be empty, but then the CAMERA ZOOMS IN on a lone figure sitting on the bed with its back against the wall and knees pulled up. A flickering light sweeps across the room and lit up the person’s face for just a moment, but that’s enough to see that the figure is BUFFY. SPIKE (v.o) ”It’s here. In me. All the time. The spark. I wanted to give you what you deserve. And I got it. They put the spark in me… And now all it does is…burn.” BUFFY (whispering) ”Your soul.” SPIKE (v.o) ”A bit worse for the lack of use.” BUFFY ”You got your soul back.” (pause) ”How?” SPIKE (v.o) ”Is what you wanted, right? Is what you wanted, right? And now, everyone’s in here, talking. Everything I did, everyone I… And him. And it. The other. The thing. Beneath… Beneath you. It’s here too. Everybody… they all just tell me ’go’… go to hell.” BUFFY (lone tear running down her cheek) ”Why…? Why would you do…?” SPIKE (v.o) ”Don’t be shame on you. Why does a man do what he mustn’t? For her. To be hers. To be the kind of man who would… to be the kind of man… And she would look at him with forgiveness, and everyone would forgive and love… and he would be loved.”

BUFFY ”You are loved.” ANGEL ”Buffy?” A CLOSE UP on Buffy as her head snaps up and she looks over to the door, where Angel’s voice has come from. Then a WIDE SHOT of the room as the dark-haired and dark clothed vampire steps over the threshold. ANGEL ”Who where you talking to?” BUFFY (shaking her head) ”No one.” (brief smile) ”Couldn’t sleep either?” ANGEL (sincerely) ”No, I couldn’t.” (stepping further in) ”She’s really dead this time.” BUFFY (twitching) ”You mean Drusilla, don’t you?” A TIGHT SHOT of Angel as he turns his back against Buffy and heads over to the window. He stops there, still with his back turned against the slayer, and his posture’s stiff. ANGEL (swallowing) ”I sired her.” (beat) ”I turned her into a monster.” BUFFY ”Angel…”

ANGEL (turning to face her) ”I turned Spike into a monster.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - DAWN A WIDE SHOT of an unknown bedroom reveals four figures sitting in a ring around a table. As the CAMERA ZOOMS IN on these people, we can see that it is GILES, WILLOW, DAWN and ANDREW. They’re talking in hush voices and we can’t really hear what they’re saying not until the CAMERA’S CLOSER, so that we can see all of their faces. GILES (apologetically) ”I’m sorry that I have called all of you here when you probably would like to get some sleep. But I felt that we had many things to discuss.” WILLOW (yawning) ”That’s okay, Giles.” (looking around) ”We wanted to talk too.” ANDREW ”Yeah.” GILES (turning to dawn) ”What about you, Dawn? Are you okay with this?” DAWN (nodding) ”I guess so.” (pause) ”I guess you want to talk about recent events?” WILLOW (straight forward) ”Like Spike.”

FOCUS ON the Watcher as he takes of his glasses, clean them and then puts them on again. He continues with rubbing his noose and let out a small sigh. GILES ”That… And the fact that there seems to be something between him and Aerin.” WILLOW (shuddering breath) ”You noticed that too?” DAWN (looking from Giles to Willow) ”Whoa!! What are you talking about?” WILLOW ”There’s something between Spike and Aerin, Dawn. Didn’t you see the looks they exchanged?” ANDREW (eagerly) ”I noticed it!!” ANGLE ON Dawn as she shakes her head and gets up from her chair. She starts pacing back and forth over the floor, looking really disturbed by these facts given to her. DAWN (coming to a halt) ”I…” (looking baffled) ”…I guess that I did too.” WILLOW (chastened) ”Poor Buffy…”


CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - DAWN A WIDE SHOT of the lobby. We can see BUFFY standing on one side of the room and SPIKE on the other side. They’re looking at each other while the silence stretches out. SPIKE (silently) “Couldn’t sleep, pet?” BUFFY (shacking her head) “No.” SPIKE “Know the feeling.” BUFFY (cruelly) “What? Didn’t you newest pet wear you down enough?” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) “That’s a little harsh.” BUFFY “Yeah?” (snorting) “You’re such an idiot, Spike.” FOCUSING ON Spike as he shakes his head and lets out a deep sight. SPIKE (sneering) “Right. Heard that song before.” BUFFY (snorting) “Pig.”

SPIKE “You’re insufferable!” BUFFY (changing tone) “I’m sorry.” SPIKE ”I’m sorry.” BUFFY “What are you sorry for?” SPIKE “You first.” BUFFY “No, you.” SPIKE “You.” BUFFY “Still the same, old Spike. Okay. I’m sorry that I didn’t give you enough reason to believe me when I said that I loved you. You know, before you got all…flamey.” SPIKE “Didn’t want to stick around for the marshmallows?” BUFFY “That’s cold.” SPIKE “No, it was bloody hot, love.” (looking away) ”Anyway… I was glad that you left.” BUFFY ”I thought about it. Staying.” (sniffling) ”Every night I save you.”

SPIKE (eyes softening) “Buffy…” TIGHT SHOT of the two of them as Buffy SUDDENLY launches herself at Spike. Her arms wrap themselves around his lean, yet muscular frame, hugging him to her as her body shivers. BUFFY (sobbing) “You’re real. Oh God, you’re real.” (desperately pressing her lips against his) ”You’re really real.” SPIKE (pulling back) “Buffy. Sweetheart, I…” Whatever Spike was about to say is totally lost to US, when Buffy once again presses her lips against his, cutting of the words. We can sense the desperation in her, but we also see that Spike’s struggling against her embrace. A WIDE SHOT of the scene as Spike finally manages to break free. SPIKE ”Buffy… I can’t.” (stepping away) “I love her. Aerin…” BUFFY (trembling) ”I…” SPIKE "It's over Buffy. Whatever there was between us, it's gone. I think it's been gone for a long time. I think…maybe I just couldn't admit it to myself. Or maybe I didn't really want to believe it, but I know it now. Knew it the minute I saw Aerin.” The CAMERA FOLLOWS Spike when he turns his back against Buffy and starts walking away. But he stops at the bottom of the stairs and cast a look over his shoulder. And we see things from his POV. Buffy’s standing at the very spot where he left her with tears running down her cheeks. She looks so… heartbroken might be the right word.

SPIKE (irregular breath) “We’re friends though. Remember that, pet.” The blonde vampire disappears from our view and the CAMERA PANS ACROSS the room to show us a CLOSE UP on Buffy’s face as she hides her face in her hands, body shacking. BUFFY (frenetic laugh) “Friends...”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - DAWN The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the bed, and we see SPIKE lying slumped on it, with AERIN sitting by his side on the edge of the bed. Their hands are tangled together and their gazes steadily locked in each other. (A.N: The scene is really romantic - if you put aside the not so perfect room and the flickering light that plays over their features.) AERIN (quietly) “How’re you doing?” SPIKE (briefly smiling) “I’ll be alright, pet.” (coughing) “Don’t you worry about me.” AERIN (blinking away some tears) “How could I possible not?” (caressing his cheek) “I… We almost lost you tonight.” SPIKE (hesitantly) “You mean I almost lost my soul tonight?”

FOCUS ON Spike’s face as he gazes up at the dark-haired slayer. The blonde vampire seems to be searching for something in her face. Then he relaxes and takes a deep breath. SPIKE (hesitantly) “Would you still have loved me…” AERIN (protesting) “Hey!! Who said anything about love?” (noticing his stare) “Alright… I love you.” SPIKE (smiling) “Would you still have loved me if my soul was taken away?” (squeezing her hand) “Or would you just have thought I was a soulless monster?” AERIN (upset) “A soulless monster? I would never think that about you.” (sincerely) “You’re perfect. Soul or no soul.” SPIKE “You really are one amazing bird, pet.” A TIGHT SHOT of Aerin as she bends down and shakes her head in what seems like denial. Then PULL BACK so that ALL LIGHT’S ON the two of them. AERIN (silently) “Not amazing enough to save you.” SPIKE (knitted brow) “What do you mean? You did save me…”

AERIN “I, I didn’t save you. She did. Illyria.” (looking away) “She killed Astarte… Drusilla… and she gave you her blood…” SPIKE “You did save me.” (caressing her cheek) “When I looked up and saw you and the ledge… It made me fight harder to cling on to my soul.” AERIN “So you’re saying…?” SPIKE “You gave me my soul back.” A WIDE SHOT of the two of them, as Aerin leans back against the pillows and closes her eyes. She lets out a small sighs and seem to be drifting of to sleep. Spike, on the other hand, lies awake, obviously staring up in the ceiling. Then we have a CLOSE UP on Spike’s face and ZOOMING IN on his EYES. Are we mistaken, or did we just see them turn neon blue? But as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN closer we see that they’re their usual color. Then the vampire closes the eyelids and-