You need three things to learn first year Greek. You do not need the latest editions either. You need to buy one thing. Besides these three, I listed some extras you can get free. Get Basics of Biblical Greek 2nd Ed. here: or here: or here: or here: or here: Buy this 2nd ed. Workbook: -15 Key for Workbook:

Key can also be found elsewhere on the NET. Extras: Laminated Cheat Sheet: Paradigms: Summary: Overheads: Greek Numbers: There is also a Torrent out there of the CD that comes with the 2nd ed. All I can say is that it is an ISO format (you’ll need to investigate and take care of this yourself) and it works on Windows 7. It has chapter lecture summaries and a vocabulary drill with sound. Mounce has free vocabulary software called Flashworks here:

It should take no longer than 1 year to go through the course. Then you can move on to Daniel Wallace’s smaller book for grammar. There is also a workbook for this and the smaller textbook is all over the NET free. Until you know how to read NT Greek you will be at a great disadvantage. Also a concise lexicon and any Greek New Testament is a good idea. You can get a GNT at Any of the old ones will do for practice. I recommend the following shorter lexicon out of all the old free ones I have seen. It is way better than Souter’s Pocket lexicon: The above lexicon is also available free at Print out the five pages of front matter with the abbreviations for reference. Here is a site with definitions for Latin terms used as abbreviations:

Have fun!

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