By: Mariana INT. UNKNOWN GRAVEYARD - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - NIGHTFALL It’s NIGHT and the scene takes place in an unknown GRAVEYARD. We hear sounds of a FIGHT and when the CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the sound, we can pinpoint a figure, female, that’s busy fighting a rather large opponent. It looks human in posture so we can assume that it’s a VAMPIRE. And the female figure is BUFFY. BUFFY (grumping) ”You’re one, fat bastard.” ANGEL (from somewhere behind) ”Need any help with that?” BUFFY (ducking a blow) ”I think I can manage.” FOCUS ON Buffy as she delivers a high kick to the vampire’s chest and sends him flying backwards, hitting a headstone and actually pulverizes it. (You go, girl!!) VAMPIRE (jumping up) ”You’re dead.” BUFFY (as a matter of fact) ”No. You are.” ANGLE ON Buffy as she charges at the vampire, grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back. Then she pulls up her knee and thrusts it in his back, making it crack. After that she swirls him around, as she pulls her STAKE from the belt and plunges it in his still heart. It only takes a blink of an eye before the demon is dust and Buffy coughs.

DAWN (impressed) ”That’s wicked.” A WIDE SHOT of the scene, as ANGEL, DAWN and ANDREW approaches Buffy where she stands. (A.N: Angel is wearing his usual black outfit; Dawn has clothed herself in tight jeans and a pink sweater, while Andrew is dressed in a dorky polyester suit. Oh, and Buffy’s wearing low-cut jeans and a blue blouse.) BUFFY (facing her sister) ”You’ve been spending way to much time with Faith.” FOCUS on Buffy’s face the moment after she says that. She looks somewhat uncomfortable. As the CAMERA ANGLES on DAWN we see the same expression on her face. (What’s going on?) ANGEL (out of the loop) ”How’s Faith?” BUFFY (bluntly) ”She’s dead.”


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SUPER LEGEND: INT. THE BUSS - OUTSKIRTS OF WHAT ONCE WAS SUNNYDALE - DAYTIME A LONG SHOT of a bus approaching in the horizon, coming closer and closer. Then the CAMERA PANS ACROSS the road and we have a SHOT of the inside of the bus. It’s filled with the survivors of the battle; injured slayers, GILES and the remaining SCOOBIE’S. Giles is still driving, but he looks really tired and soon he stops the bus by the roadside. He casts a look over his shoulder, and WE see things from his POV; ROBIN is slumping against his seat while FAITH is attending to his wounds with a worried look in her face. WILLOW and KENNEDY sits cuddled together, only aware of each other for the moment. DAWN sits next to XANDER with her hands entangled with his, whispering something that we can’t hear. The FOCUS of Giles gaze suddenly falls upon a lonely figure huddled in the back of the bus. The CAMERA PANS FORWARDS ‘til we have a CLOSE UP on BUFFY’S tearstained face. ANGLE ON Giles as he gets up from the drivers seat and stretches his limbs with a deep sigh. GILES (addressing everyone) “We’ll make a short break here before continuing on.” WILLOW (getting up) “Do you need me to take over the wheels?” GILES (shaking his head) “No, I’ll be just fine, Willow.” (nodding behind her) “I’m more concerned for Buffy’s sake.” WILLOW (following his gaze) “Oh. I see what you mean.” We follow Willow with a STEAD CAM as she walks through the bus and kneels by Buffy’s side. The FOCUS is on these two, as Buffy slowly lifts her head and looks at Willow. The blonde slayer truly looks terrible.

WILLOW (concerned) “Are you alright, Buffy?” (hesitant smile) “You had me and Giles quite worried, ya know.” A TIGHT SHOT of Buffy as she nods and straightens herself up in the seat. BUFFY (wiping away the tears) "No more tears. Sorry I fell apart like that." WILLOW (emphasizing) "No, Buffy, that's okay. I get it, I think. I know how it is to lose someone you care about." ALL LIGHT ON Buffy as she leans in closer and speaks conspiratorially. BUFFY (eagerly) "Willow, I want you to do something for me." WILLOW (brief smile) "Sure, sweetie. Anything. What is it?” BUFFY (a shuddering breath) "Bring him back." WILLOW (cringing) ”You don’t mean that.” (whispering) ”You can’t mean that.” BUFFY (begging) "Please, Will.” (croaking) "It can't end like this. Besides… He promised he’d always be here for me.”

WILLOW (faltering) "Buffy, I…" (twitching) ”I don’t…” BUFFY (stained and desperate) ”I, I need him by my side. Please, Will.” FOCUS ON Buffy’s hand as she reaches out and takes Willow’s hand, holding it tightly. Willow seems to wincing with the strength of Buffy's grasp, a grasp that must be at least somewhat painful by the look in the young Wicca’s face. WILLOW (apologetically) "Buffy, I don't think I can do that." (pause) "I mean, I might be able to, but… well, I don't think I should." BUFFY (frantically) ”I need you to do this for me. I want him back, Will.” WILLOW (shaking her head) ”Even if it was possible, Buffy… Do you really think that Spike would want to be raised from the dead? He died saving the world, remember? Maybe he's happily plonking a harp somewhere. Or chasing gorgeous angels." BUFFY (countering) ”But what if he’s not? What if he’s in some hell dimension… Stuck beneath the Hellmouth and being subjected to insufferable torment… Just because he saved the world?” (blinking away a tear) ”I want to be sure, Will. I want him here… So that I can tell him that what I said was true.” (pleadingly) ”You need to bring him back.”

GILES (stern voice) "No." A WIDE SHOT of the bus. It’s mostly empty, and Giles has sneaked up on them without anyone of them - or us, knowing it. As it is now; Rupert Giles stands in the aisle of the bus, supporting himself by holding onto the seat handles. He must really be tired beyond recognition, but he obviously can’t let this one slip, by the look in his weary eyes. GILES "Buffy, you know we cannot do that. Meddling with life and death is something we should not do, can not do, again. Even if it where for Spike.” (beat) ”And it’s too much to ask of from Willow. She might be powerful, but when it comes to raising the dead…” WILLOW (nodding) ”Me and raising the dead are unmixy things.” BUFFY (sniffling) ”I know.” (trembling smile) ”Besides, wasn’t it Spike who had told us repeatedly that magic always had consequences?” WILLOW ”That he did.” ZOOMING IN on Buffy’s face as she wipes away another tear and slowly gets up from the seat, legs shacking. BUFFY (eyes brimming with emotion) ”Than we should honour he’s beliefs.” FAITH ”Couldn’t have said it any better, B.” A TIGHT SHOT of FAITH’S smiling face. FADE OUT-

CUT TOPRESENT TIME: INT. THE GRAVEYARD - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on the four figures standing in a ruff circle, each looking at another. But the MAIN FOCUS is on BUFFY and DAWN. The two sisters share a sad gaze, then look at the very confused vampire. ANGEL (dumbfounded) ”What do you mean?” (beat) ”Faith’s dead?” DAWN (hush tone) ”She died a while back.” ANDREW (quietly) ”We should have let you know, but…” DAWN (uneasy) ”Well, we thought you were working for the bad guys.” (coughing) ”Ya know.” FOCUSING ON the sullen look on Angel’s face. The dark-haired vampire really looks cranky and ready to, possible, rip someone’s head off. ANGEL (gritting his teeth) ”I was working them from within.” BUFFY ”We know that now.” (uncomfortably) ”And I am sorry.”

ANGEL (waving his hand) ”Let’s just forget about it, okay?” DAWN ”That sounds like a good plan to me.” ANDREW (nodding) ”Me too!!” BUFFY ”Yeah.” ANGEL (raising an eyebrow) ”How about telling me what happened to Faith?” BUFFY (sighing) ”Let’s tell it from the beginning shall we?”

FADE OUTCUT TOSUPER LEGEND: INT. THE BUS - SOMEWHERE ON THE WAY TO L.A - DAY FOCUS ON GILES as he lays a reassuring hand on an unidentified shoulder. A WIDE SHOT of the scene reveals that the one occupying the driver’s seat at the moment is KENNEDY. GILES (concerned) “Tell me as soon as possible if you get tired, okay?” KENNEDY (nodding) “Sure thing.”

We follow Giles with a STEAD CAM as he turns his back on her and walks down the aisle of the bus, approaching the two sisters (Buffy and Dawn) where they sit in silence in the far back of the bus. At first it seems that they don’t notice the weary watcher, but then they look up in unison. DAWN (questioning) “Giles?” GILES (reaching out two letters) “It’s from Spike.” DAWN (trembling voice) “Spike…?” FOCUS ON both DAWN and Buffy as they each reaches out for their letters. Then ALL LIGHT on Dawn as she open hers and looks down at the letter written with an almost delicate handwriting. It’s rather difficult to see any of the words written there, but we do see the clearly written ‘Dear Dawn,’ SPIKE (v.o) Dear Dawn, I guess that the days when I called you by nicknames are long over, huh? But I want you to know that I will always think of you a ’niblet’ or li’l bit.’ I'm not one for long goodbyes, so this'll have to do. Maybe you think it’s cowardly of me, but I guess that I didn’t have the guts to really confront you. You actually gave me a scare when you threatened to put me on fire. No hard feelings on my part about that. I guess that if you get this letter I’m dead and I managed to do some good in the fight, since you must be alive. Told dear Rupert that he should give it to you, so that you at least would know that I always thought of you, even when you believed I didn’t. You're probably not in much of a mood to be helpful, I know, but take care of your sister. She needs you more than either of you knows. Once, she asked me to take care of you. Guess I managed that, at least some of the time. And it was not only because she asked me to… I really, genuinely cared for you - as I always will. One last thing, Bit. I love you. S. ZOOMING IN on Dawn’s face as she bursts into tears, hiding her head in her hands, and body shacking. Then PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene, as Buffy lays a trembling hand on her younger sisters shacking shoulders.

DAWN (shaking her head) ”No…” BUFFY (distressed) ”Dawn…?” DAWN (sobbing) ”Oh, my God… He cared.” (sniffling) ”He really cared.” A TIGHT SHOT of Buffy as she stares at her sister with knitted brows. (A.N: So, Dawn really did care for Spike after all. I have to admit tough that I always knew this deep inside. I honestly didn’t like how the relationship between Spike and Dawn developed. I mean they had such chemistry in Buffy season five, and then in season six there was nothing. Nada. Not even a whiff. There should have been. At least that’s my point of view on the whole thing. Accept it or not.) BUFFY (opening her letter) ”What…?” SPIKE (v.o) Dear Buffy, How can I possible explain this letter to you? I asked Giles to give it to you if anything happened to me. That is if I died, which I must have since you’re actually reading this. This means that you’re alive, and that things are as they should be. Oh my God, I can’t do this. But I guess that I have to. So that you could get some closure or whatever. So, how hard this might be, I want you to know that I appreciate everything that you did for me. That you believed in me. That I could be a better man. And I was - because of you, Buffy. Did go ’n get me a soul cause of you, didn’t I? And I would do it again, no sweat. And it’s my soul that has kept me together these last days. Who could have figured? I think I knew, from the moment you gave me that ’trinket’, that this would be the outcome. I knew that I would stand by your side and that I would be a part of the whole saving the world thing. And I believe that I also knew that I wouldn’t make it out of the Hellmouth alive. And that’s okay. Cause I died for a good cause. I died saving the world. Saving you. Oh, one last thing. I know that you’re probably on your way to L.A by now. Send my bests to the poofter. All my love. S. FOCUS ON Buffy as she drops Spike's letter on the floor, tears floating freely. FADE OUT-

PRESENT TIME: INT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - DAY OVERTOP POV of a bed, as two figures roll of each other and stares up at the ceiling with amazement written all over their features. SPIKE lets out a shuddering breath and turns his head to AERIN that meets his gaze with a mega watt smile. AERIN (breathlessly) ”Man, that was fantastic!!” SPIKE (smiling) ”Wouldn’t want to argue with that, pet.” AERIN ”You got stamina like nothing else.” SPIKE ”And you run in a close second.” ZOOMING IN as Aerin leans forward and plants one HOT kiss on his slightly parted lips. We see Spike free a hand from the covers to stroke it through the slayers tangled hair. She leans her head against his palms and their kiss deepens. (So freakin’ hot!!) AERIN (lips against his) ”I love you.” (caressing his cheek) ”I love you so much.” SPIKE (pulling away ever so slightly) ”Oh my God, how I love you.” There is more passionate kissing, and hands all over the place as the two of them tumble round in the already messed up bed. All of a sudden Spike’s on his back and Aerin sits over

him. There’s not total nudity, as Aerin’s wearing a blue, laced bra. And Spike’s lover bits are covered from our eyes with the sheet. But his muscled chest is bare and we can see Aerin’s fingers tap their way over it in a playful, yet very kinky way. ZOOMING IN on Spike as he flinches at her touch, and we get an ANGLE ON Aerin as she hesitates for a second, with fingertips that’s exploring his face, lips and neck. A WIDE SHOT of them both as the blonde vampire reaches out for her and drags her against him, pulling her close. Exploring her curves as if there‘s no tomorrow. FOCUS ON Aerin as she let her fingers run through his tousled hair, burying her face against his collarbone and drags in a deep breath. She leans in, moulds her body after his, placing her hands on either side of his head. Caressing his lips with hers. Then, with fingers entwined in his hair, she studies his face. AERIN (breathless) ”Say it again.” SPIKE ”Say what?” AERIN (pleadingly) ”Tell me that you love me.” SPIKE (sweet smile) ”I love you.”

FADE OUTCUT TOSUPER LEGEND: INT. OUTSIDE THE HYPERION - L.A - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the scene, shows us that the bus has stopped just outside the Wolfram & Hart building, and that the doors to the entrance is flung open as ANGEL comes rushing out. We see GILES meet up the eager vampire and stop him by reaching out a hand.

GILES ”Remember to go easy on her, Angel.” (looking over hid shoulder) ”She’s been through a lot.” ANGEL (nodding) ”I’ll take it slow, okay?” PANNING ACROSS the scene to see BUFFY getting of the bus. The blonde slayer really looks tired and quite beaten up. FAITH (stopping by Angel’s side) ”Hey, fang boy, why don’t you give her a break?” (turning to Buffy) ”Let’s get inside and get some rest, B.” BUFFY (warily) "Yes, of course." Buffy straightens and tucks her hair behind her ear. ANGEL (reaching for Buffy) ”Buffy…” Before Angel can say whatever he was about to say, Buffy lets out a small sigh and falls unconscious to the ground. ANGEL (screaming) ”Buffy!!”


CUT TOPRESENT DAY: INT. THE GRAVEYARD - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT A CLOSE UP on ANGEL’S face as he apparently remembers the incident. ANGEL (hush voice) ”You fainted. Because of that stab wound in your gut…” BUFFY ”Yeah. And when woke up Faith where there with me.” ANGEL ”I remember that she insisted that she would stay be your side.” BUFFY (smiling) ”We had the most intimate talk ever.” ANGEL ”About Spike.” FOCUS ON BUFFY as she nods and frowns. BUFFY ”That. But also about what we should do next. Faith admitted that she wanted to continue the fight.” (beat) ”Me on the either hand felt that I’d done enough fighting.” ANGEL (filling in) ”So Faith decided to go to Cleveland.” BUFFY ”She did. And she took twelve slayers with her.” (pause) ”They’re dead now.”

ANGEL (fidgeting) ”How? How did they all die?” (hesitation) ”How did Faith die?” BUFFY ”I don’t know how she died. All I know is that she was the last one standing.” (looking away) ”Robin Wood where the first casualty. He died…a horrible death.” ANGEL (quizzically) ”You liked him?” BUFFY ”Nah. A little I guess.” (brief smile) ”He tried to kill Spike, ya know.” ANGEL (lifting an eyebrow) ”Smart man.” BUFFY ”Then the real horror began.” FADE OUTCUT TOSUPER LEGEND: INT. BUFFY’S APARTMENT - ROME - TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the living room and hallway. We can hear a phone ringing. SUDDENLY the apartment door bursts open and BUFFY rush in, struggling with a mother load of shopping bags. She lets them fall to the floor as she skidders over the room to answer the phone.

BUFFY “Buffy Summers.” HOARSE VOICE “B.” BUFFY (baffled) “Faith?” FAITH “They’re all dead, B.” BUFFY “Who’s dead?” FAITH “Roona, Becky, Maya, Cleo, Eva… Every one of them.” (cracked voice) “They’re dead. Gone.” BUFFY “Oh my God.” (pacing) “What happened, Faith?” FAITH “It’s this damn Hellmouth, B. It’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. It’s like it’s pulling us all in. One by one…” BUFFY “I’m coming over as soon as possible.” FAITH (hastily) “B, no!! It will be okay.” (beat) “I promise.” (beat) “I have a plan.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. BUFFY’S APARTMENT - ROME - TIME UNKNOWN ALL LIGHT ON BUFFY as she lies sprawled out on her bed, twisting and turning under the sheets while letting out small moans and whimpers. It’s apparent that she’s having a dream. SPIKE “Hey, sleeping beauty. It’s time to wake up.” FOCUS ON Buffy as she stirs and snaps her eyes open to look up at the blonde vampire sitting on her bedside. BUFFY “Spike?” SPIKE “The one and only.” BUFFY (shaking her head) “You’re not here. You can’t be.” (closing her eyes) “You died in the Hellmouth.” SPIKE (touching her cheek) “’m here now, pet.” We see Buffy turn her face up as to protest to this statement, and we SUDDENLY see things from her POV. It almost looks like she sees the man as an image that wavers in the light, as though caught in a candle flame. BUFFY (sniffling) “Spike, please. I can’t do it anymore. I’m tired, I’m lonely. I can’t have you haunting me.” (tears floating freely) ”It’s killing me.”

SPIKE ”Stop saying that, luv.” (kissing her forehead) ”You need to be strong now. You need to go and find Faith.” BUFFY ”Faith?” SPIKE ”She needs your help, Buffy.” BUFFY (shacking her head) ”No!! I’m done fighting.” ZOOMING IN on them as Spike leans in closer and press a kiss on the nape of her neck, making Buffy giggle in response. SPIKE “No, love that can’t be. Buffy, I know you, remember? You’re strong. You can do this.” (pulling back) ”I have faith in you, Buffy.” BUFFY (screaming frantically) “Wait!! No! Stop! Damn it, you swore you’d never leave me. You swore. You swore.” SPIKE (fading) ”Help Faith.” BUFFY ”Spike!!!” FLASH. A CLOSE UP on Buffy as she jolts up, screaming, in her bed and stares at the surroundings with wide opened horrified eyes. She’s panting heavily and sweat runs down the sides of her face, soaking her pyjama top. SUDDENLY we hear a knocking sound on her door.

DAWN (muffled voice) ”Buffy? Are you alright? The door is locked. Buffy?” BUFFY ”I’m okay, Dawn!” We follow Buffy with a STEAD CAM as she gets up from the bed and walk across the room to open the door for Dawn that steps in with an attentive look at her sister. DAWN (shacking her head) “You’re not okay, Buffy, OK? I heard your voice. You were...screaming.” BUFFY “I’m fine, Dawn. Just a bad dream.” (sighing) “Pack your bags. We’re going to Cleveland.” FADE OUTCUT TOPRESENT DAY: INT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the bedroom. We see AERIN sit at the bedside and look down at the sleeping form that is SPIKE. (And doesn’t he just look so cute sleeping, with his hair all tousled and limbs sprawling all over the place? Aww.) The CAMERA FOCUS on Spike as he stirs lets out a yawn and slowly wakes up. AERIN “I have a plan.” SPIKE “Huh?” AERIN “I said that I have a plan.”

SPIKE “Heard that. What kind’a plan?” AERIN (smug smile) “A very good one.” (kissing him on the lips) “Now get up. And put on something…other than black.” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) “’S’ that how it is? You ordering me around?” AERIN “It’s exactly how it is. You may be Illyria’s pet. But you’re my bitch.” SPIKE “Your bitch, huh? I guess that comes with its benefits?” AERIN “Oh, you know it does.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - DAWN A WIDE SHOT of the lobby revealing GILES, WILLOW and ANDREW sitting around a table and eating pizza. The FOCUS IS on the door as it opens and ANGEL, BUFFY and DAWN enter. DAWN (sniffing) “Do I smell pizza?” ILLYRIA “If that’s the name of the hot circles they’re consuming you’re not mistaken.” A WIDE SHOT of the room shows us that ILLYRIA stands by a covered window.

ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “I did not much like the one with anchovies and olives.” DAWN (yelping) “That was mine!” (rushing to the table) “Is there anything left?” ANDREW (piping) “Illyria put the whole thing in her mouth!” GILES (cleaning his glasses) “It was quite remarkable.” BUFFY (eying the scene) “Where’s Spike and Aerin?” SPIKE “Right here.” Everyone, even Illyria, turns around to the sound of Spike’s husky voice. We see things from their POV as both AERIN and SPIKE descend from the stairs. (A.N: Spike obviously listened to Aerin’s advice concerning the clothing as the blonde vampire wears blue jeans that fits like a glove, and a white turtleneck. He looks delicious!!) DAWN (admiringly) “Wow, Spike. You look good enough to eat.” ILLYRIA (cocking her head) “Do humans eat half-breeds these days?” WILLOW (wincing) “Goddess, I hope not.”

SPIKE (smiling) “Me too.” ILLYRIA (tensing) “I smell fornication on you.” DEAD SILENCE. ANGEL (clearing his throat) “Thanks for the info, Illyria.” ILLYRIA “The scent is strong.” (another tilt) “And it oozes from the both of you.” (disapprovingly) “Have you mated with this inferior being, Spike?” SPIKE (sighing) “Leery…” AERIN (gritting her teeth) “Who do you call inferior?” BUFFY “Excuse me.” FOCUS ON Buffy as she turns on her heels and leaved the hotel. The door slams shut behind her.


CUT TOINT. BUFFY’S BEDROOM - GILES’S HEADQUARTERS - DAY ALL LIGHT ON BUFFY. She sits on her bed, knees up and head leaning against them. We hear a NOISE coming from the door and her head snaps up. BUFFY “Angel?” (beat) “How did you get here?” PANNING ACROSS the room to show ANGEL standing in the doorway. ANGEL “The sewers.” BUFFY (wrinkling her nose) “Oh.” ANGEL “Can I come in?” BUFFY “I guess.” ANGEL (silently) “You haven’t lost him, ya know. Spike.” BUFFY (sarcastically) “Where you not there? Cause I think it was pretty damn obvious that I have.” We follow Angel with a STEAD CAM as he walks across the room and sits down on the couch opposite Buffy’s bed. ANGEL “He loves Aerin, yeah. But he stills cares for you.”

BUFFY (snorting) “Right.” A WIDE SHOT of the room, as Angel leans back and locks gazes with Buffy. (A.N: Buffy’s adorable. All red eyed and tousled but with that infamous pout that just makes her so cute.) ANGEL (sincerely) “The first Spike did, when he came back after closing the Hellmouth was to ask after you.” BUFFY (sitting upright) “Really?” (hesitation) “He didn’t call me.” ANGEL (clearing his throat) “That’s because he was incorporeal.” BUFFY “’s cuse me?” ANGEL “He was like a ghost. Although Fred said that he wasn’t. But, Buffy, he couldn’t touch anything…or anyone.” BUFFY (stern voice) “He’s corporeal now.” ANGEL (sighing) “He got a box of - and I’m quoting Spike here- bright flashy thing and *pof* he became corporeal again. But by then you have proved to both of us that you had moved on. With the Immortal.” BUFFY (shaking her head) “Oh my God….”

ANGEL (brooding) “He slept with both Darla and Drusilla, ya know.” BUFFY “Oh my God.” ANGEL (whispering) “He had to move on. We both had.” ANGLE ON Buffy as she rises from the bed and starts pacing back and forth. She stops for a few seconds, lets out a deep breath, and then starts to pace again. BUFFY “I know.” (sigh) “But it hurts. It hurts to know that she’s with him now. That she knows how he feels like, how he sounds like… That she probably knows what kind of music he likes, the food he loves. I hate that, Angel.” ANGEL (uncomfortably) “Uhm, Buffy…” BUFFY “I know. I have no right to be jealous.” (moping) "He’s probably got a pet name for her." ANGEL "Buffy…" BUFFY ”I hate it." (pouting) "I hate the way they look at each other, the way they touch each other." ANGEL "Well, I’m sorry for your sake, Buffy. But things are as they are now…”

BUFFY ”I hate…” (whispering) ”I hate the fact that he’s probably making love to her more times than he made love to me." ANGEL ”Dear lord, can you please stop?!” BUFFY “I’m sorry, Angel. But damn it! I was baked.” ZOOMING IN on Angel as he jolts up from the couch and stares at Buffy with wide-open eyes. (The poor bastard.) ANGEL “What?” BUFFY (tears running down her cheek) “Down there in the Hellmouth. When Spike and I joined hands. When they busted into flames… I was finally baked. And the cookies? They where Spikey flavoured.” ANGEL “A little bit uncomfortable here.” BUFFY “I’m sorry.” ANGEL “It’s okay. I know that I shouldn’t react like this. I have no right to. And I kind’a know what you’re going thru.” (looking away) “I loved Cordy.” BUFFY “What?” ANGEL “Cordy and I… We never…But we wanted to…”

BUFFY (gaping) “This is big. And I mean B.I.G.” ANGEL “She’s dead.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - DAY A TIGHT SHOT of SPIKE showering. We can only see his UPPER BODY; head, shoulders, waist, but that’s plenty enough. Grr. SUDDENLY the glass door is pulled aside and AERIN, seemingly naked, steps in. Now we have a CLOSE UP on the two of them as Spike turns to face the dark-haired slayer. AERIN “Mind if I join you?” SPIKE “Nah. To late for that anyhow.” AERIN (running her fingers thru his damp hair) “You look hot.” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) “And here I thought I was taking a cold shower.” AERIN (biting her lip) “Not anymore.”


INT. BUFFY’S BEDROOM - GILES’S HEADQUARTERS - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the room, as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN on BUFFY and ANGEL sitting on the bed and looking all mopy. BUFFY “Love sucks.” ANGEL (nodding) “I second that.” SUDDENLY the CELL PHONE on Buffy’s nightstand starts buzzing and the tunes from WIND BENEATH MY WINGS fills the room. ANGEL “Is that Wind beneath…” BUFFY (quickly grabbing the phone) “Buffy here.” (beat) “Say what now?” (pause) “I understand.” ANGEL (as Buffy hangs up) “What was that about?” Buffy (standing up) “That was Giles.” (frowning) “It seems as if Illyria’s missing.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. OUTSIDE THE HYPERION - DOWNTOWN L.A - DAY The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on BUFFY, GILES, ANDREW, WILLOW and DAWN. They stand in a circle, looking from face to face. BUFFY (impatiently) “Are we waiting for something or what?” GILES (clearing his throat) “As a matter of fact, we’re waiting for Aerin.” BUFFY (pouting) “Why?” AERIN “’cause I’m as anxious as you to find Blue menace.” FOCUS ON AERIN as she self-confident walks down the stairs to join the group. (If one where to look closely, it’s obvious that she just recently has taken a shower since her hair is still somewhat wet.) AERIN “And I know how important she’s to Spike.” BUFFY (rolling her eyes) “Pulleesae.” AERIN (narrowing eyes) “Got a problem?” GILES “No. No problem.” (turning to Buffy) “Right, Buffy?”

BUFFY (shrugging) “Yeah. Whatever.” WILLOW “Er… Maybe we should get going?” GILES (nodding) “Of course. Who knows what damage Illyria could be doing at this very moment.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN BAR - DOWNTOWN L.A - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the crowded room, a DEMON BAR as it appears to be. We see several UNKNOWN demon species, but also some that we may recognize. Then the FOCUS IS on one particular demon as he walks thru the crowd. It’s LORNE!! We follow Lorne with a STEAD CAM as he approaches the bar and waves at the bartender. LORNE (cheerfully) “Quite the crowd today.” BARTENDER (nodding) “They heard the rumors about our newest singing bird. They‘ve been poring in non-stop.” (polishing a glass) “She’s remarkable.” LORNE (smiling) “She got quite the voice on her. But it’s almost difficult to get a reading. It’s like…” (freezing) “Oh my…” We see the shocked expression in Lorne’s face as he turns on his heels and stares at the stage. We see the scene from his POV, and get a good look at ILLYRIA standing in the spotlights. She’s singing something in a language unknown to us. But it sound pretty darn good.

LORNE (whispering) “Illyria.” BARTENDER “Is that was she’s called? She’s absolutely amazing. Not a dry eye in this bar ever since she started singing a few hours ago.” LORNE “Yes, I see.” (thoughtful look) “She’s rather upset. I can sense it now.” BARTENDER “What can she possible have to be upset about? Even I can feel the power that radiates from her.” (beat) “Maybe she’s heard that the humans plan on returning to this tow. Damn misfortune that.” LORNE (tilting his head) “She’s upset because of Spike.” BARTENDER “A spike?” (baffled) “Why?” LORNE (sighing) “Not a Spike. Spike.” BARTENDER “Oh.” (shocked) “The famous vampire Spike?” LORNE “One and the same.”

BARTENDER “Why she’s upset with him?” LORNE (smiling) “Obviously he’s mated with another woman.” (smirk) “A slayer.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - DAY ALL LIGHT ON ANGEL and SPIKE. Angel sits at the table with a cup in his hand (Assuming here that it contains blood), and Spike is slumped on the couch. (A.N: Spike’s again wearing the outfit Aerin picked out for him, and Angel is in his usual black. Both vampires look pretty amazing.) ANGEL (out of the blue) “She’s hurt, ya know.” SPIKE (sighing) “I know.” (shifting) “But there’s nothing I can do about that.” ANGEL (sipping from the mug) “You could tell her that she still matters.” SPIKE (ruefully) “She will always matter to me.” ANGEL “But Aerin’s your first priority now?” (chewing on his lip)

“I get that.” (beat) “And what is it with you and slayers anyway?” SPIKE “Dunno, Peaches.” (shrugging) “It’s the greatest mystery of my whole undead life.” ANGEL “You’re a mystery, Spike.” (gritting his teeth) “And I asked you not to call me that.” SPIKE (smirking) “Well, poofter, what would you like me to call you?” ANGEL “You’re an idiot.” SPIKE “Ponce.” ANGEL “Looks who’s talking, captain Peroxide.” SPIKE (sitting up) “Hey!” ANGEL “Seriously.” (contemplating) “Why Aerin?” SPIKE (wiggling his eyebrows) “Girl’s got stamina.”

ANGEL “You’re a pig, Spike.” SPIKE “Like you’re the one to talk, dog molester.” ANGEL “Nina’s not a dog.” SPIKE “Yeah, yeah. A werewolf. No bloody difference.” ANGEL “I would like to kill you, but I fear that Aerin would stake me if I did.” SPIKE (laughing) “That she will.” SILENCE. ANGEL “Are you worried?” SPIKE “About Illyria?” (beat) “Nah, Blue can take care of herself.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE DEMON BAR - DOWNTOWN L.A - DAY Smack. Squeak. Boom. Smack. Thud. Thump. Thump. Squeak. Squeak. Smack. Boink. Thud. UNFAMILIAR VOICE “Die, you Blue bitch!!” Smack.

The CAMERA FOCUS on ILLYRIA as she lifts up a Fyarl demon by the throat and tosses him away as he weighs nothing. The demon hit’s a wall and slumps to the ground. ANGLE ON Illyria once again as she plunges her hand through the chest of a Chaos demon, rips it out and shoves it in the demons own, gaping mouth. The demon stares back in wide-eyed horror, before falling over on his back and hit’s the floor, by all means very, very dead. Illyria turns swiftly around, lashing out and strikes another Fyarl demon right in the head, making it snap. Yeah, that demon’s dead to. SILENCE. A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals an impressive amount of dead (?) bodies lying all over the place and Illyria standing in the middle of the room, posture proud and expression blank. ZOOMING IN on the BARTENDER from before as he and LORNE peeks over the counter. BARTENDER (flabbergasted) “What the fuck happened?” LORNE “I think someone made a pass on her.” BARTENDER “Oh.” (beat) “Poor bastard.” We hear a door being KICKED IN. SUDDENLY BUFFY and the OTHERS storms in and comes to a halt when they see the mess before them. GILES (chastened) “Oh dear…” BUFFY (watching the scene) “This is…” (turning her gaze to Illyria) “You did this.” ANGLE ON Illyria as she’s mirroring Buffy’s defensive stance. (Can this be the girl fight we all been waiting for??)

ILLYRIA (impassive) “They were weak.” (looking at her victims) “Their deaths bear no significance.” BUFFY (clenched fists) “This is murder.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “You’re insignificant.” ZOOMING IN on the two of them as they start to circle each other. Then Illyria surges forward and we see Buffy prepare as to block the incoming blow. GILES (screaming) “No!! Stop it!!” FOCUSING ON Illyria as she stops in mid-strike, her fist merely an inch from Buffy’s chest. She jerks her head toward the Watcher and narrows her eyes calculatingly. ILLYRIA “Watcher, this does not concern you. It’s this feeble slayer that challenges my will.” WILLOW (shaking her head) “Don’t do it.” Illyria drops her arm and turns her body to face the lot of them; GILES, WILLOW, ANDREW, AERIN and DAWN. ILLYRIA (sneering) “Do not order me. You all are too puny of a creature to make amends on me now, mortal rodents.” FOCUSING ON Illyria as she charges herself at the unsuspected Buffy, kneeing the slayer in the torso. Buffy stumbles back a few steps and Illyria walks after, still with that blank

expression on her face, wraps her hands around Buffy’s neck as in preparation to twist it. We see Buffy struggle, but she can’t break lose from Illyria’s death grip. LORNE (yelling) “Illyria, don’t do it!!” ILLYRIA (jerking her head in his direction) “The green one?” LORNE “Spike wouldn’t want this.” (coming closer) “Now, please, drop Buffy.” ILLYRIA (releasing a seemingly relieved Buffy) “As you wish.” (posture relaxing) “She has no value as dead anyway.” PULLING BACK TO A WIDE SHOT as the rest of the group hesitantly circled around the dead bodies of fallen demons towards the prone slayer. It seems, that although Illyria let go of Buffy and now appears relaxed, she’s still the one with the control. BUFFY (gasping) “Man, she’s strong.” AERIN (sighing) “Tell me about it.” ILLYRIA (snapping her head in Aerin’s direction) “You.” (stepping closer) “You’ve mated with Spike.” (another step) “My pet.”

AERIN (jeering) “Uhm… Yeah…” ILLYRIA (coming to a halt) “You made him happy.” (tilting her head) “I will allow.”


INT. GILES’S OFFICE - GILES’S HEADQUARTERS -DUSK ALL LIGHT ON ANGEL and BUFFY sitting on the couch. ANGEL (questioning) “So, what happened to Faith?” BUFFY (deep breath) “I don’t know.” (meeting his gaze) “When we arrived to Cleveland…” (hesitation) “She wasn’t there. But we found traces of blood in her apartment. And when we had it analyzed we find out it belonged to Faith. And there were a large amount of blood.” ANGEL (gasping) “You mean that there’s no chance that she could have come out of… whatever situation she was in, alive?” (beat) “None at all?” BUFFY (shaking her head) “No. I’m afraid not.” ANGEL “I can’t believe she’s dead.” BUFFY “Me neither. She…” (tearing up) “We became friends, ya know.” (brief smile) “When she wasn’t trying to kill me she was quite nice.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOSUPER LEGEND: INT. UNKNOWN ROOM - SOMEWHERE IN CLEVELAND - TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of a room. We see BUFFY sitting on a sofa and looking thru a magazine. It appears to be… Cosmopolitan. We HEAR a KNOCKING sound on the door to the apartment and Buffy’s head snaps up as in surprise. (Obviously she wasn’t expecting someone.) We follow the slayer with a STEAD CAM as she walks over to the door and opens it. BUFFY (beaming) “Giles!!” (throwing herself in his arms) “I can’t believe that you’re here!” GILES (muffled) “Buffy, air.” FOCUS ON the two of them as Buffy releases her grip and steps back so that the Watcher can enter the apartment. He looks around and puts down a portfolio. GILES “Nice apartment, Buffy.” BUFFY “It was cheep.” GILES (studying her person) “You on the other hand look terrible.” BUFFY (wincing) “Oh, thank you.” GILES (cleaning his glasses) “I mean it. It looks like you haven’t slept in days.”

BUFFY “Have had some nightmares.” (shrugging) “No biggie.” GILES (coldly) “Dawn filled me in.” (looking away) “Even as dead he’s trying to destroy you.” BUFFY (baffled) ”What…?” (realization hitting her) ”You…” FOCUSING IN as Buffy, with her eyes opening wide in fury, slams Giles into the wall and pinning him in place. BUFFY (clenched teeth) “Do. Not. Ever. Talk. About. Him. Like that. Again.” GILES (gasping for breath) ”Buffy…” BUFFY “Spike never tried to destroy me. All he ever did was loving me and stand by my side, no matter what. He wouldn’t let me give up. He… had faith in me.” ZOOMING IN on Giles as he looks Buffy straight in the eye and calmly removes her hand from his throat. GILES “Then why are you acting like this with him gone? You know what it would do to him if he knew how you live your life these days. Stop doing it, move on and be strong like he would have wanted.” (sighing) ”For God’s sake, Buffy, live! Or his sacrifice meant nothing.”

BUFFY (swallowing) “Is that what that was about? Making me feel guilty that he died and I did not?” GILES (shaking his head) ”Never, Buffy.” (caressing her cheek) ”You have nothing to feel guilty about. It was Spike’s choice. A choice he made so that you could live on. To have a normal life.” BUFFY (sniffling) ”My life will never be normal.” PULLING BACK to A WIDE SHOT as Buffy returns to the couch and sits down on it with a thud. She looks so exhausted. BUFFY (looking up a Giles) ”Why have you come?” GILES ”I’ve come to tell you to pack your things.” (rubbing his nose) ”We’re going to L.A.” BUFFY (head snapping up) ”L.A?” (pause) ”Why?” GILES ”Because dark forces has taken over the town.” BUFFY ”That’s Angel’s territory.” GILES ”Angel’s dead.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOPRESENT DAY: INT. GILES’S OFFICE - GILES’S HEADQUARTERS - DUSK ZOOMING IN on BUFFY and ANGEL. The dark-haired vampire looks at Buffy with a furrowed brow. ANGEL “So you came here. And took care of things.” BUFFY (nodding) “We killed a fare amount of demons.” (brief smile) “And let the public think that L.A been subjected to a deadly virus and had to be quarantined.” ANGEL “Sneaky.” The door OPENS and in comes GILES, WILLOW, ANDREW, DAWN, AERIN, SPIKE and ILLYRIA. DAWN (launching herself at the couch) “Whatcha talking about?” BUFFY “Nothing important.” (looking at the group) “Hasn’t Xander arrived yet?” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) “The whelp? Is he coming?” (sighing) “Great.” ILLYRIA “I could kill this creature and make a necklace of his spine for you.”

BUFFY (wincing) “Please tell me that you’re kidding.” ILLYRIA (impassive) “I’m not unknown for my great humor.” ANGEL (sarcastically) “Since when?” ILLYRIA “You dare…” Illyria’s next words are lost as the door opens ONCE AGAIN and XANDER (!!) enters the room. He drops his bag and looks around in disbelief. XANDER “Spike! Great googley-moogley! How? What? How?” SPIKE (grinning) ”’lo, Whelp.” XANDER (looking frenzied) ”Why aren’t you all running? The First is back, for God’s sake!!” BUFFY (sighing) “Xander, this is Spike.” (touching the vampire to prove it) ”He’s not the First.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “You’re a Cyclops? Fascinating. Their spines are juicy and quite delicious.” (turning to Spike) “Is this the whelp you were referring to before? I could still make you a souvenir.”

XANDER (gulping) “What the fu…” (noticing Buffy’s stare) “What’s that?” ANDREW (chipping in) “She’s an Old One, Xander.” XANDER (brow knit) “Really? She doesn’t look that old to me.” ILLYRIA (sneering) “You’re insolent.” (voice lowered) “How about I suck out your insides and use your shell as a blanket?” THUMP. BUFFY “Great.” (rolling her eyes) “Now Xander has fainted.”