By: Mariana

INT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - DUSK THE CAMERA ZOOMS IN ON SPIKE and AERIN where they’re lying in the bed. We can see Aerin shift under the cover and a smile slowly appear on her lips. As if affected by her motions, Spike grumbles in displease. SPIKE ”Mmm…?” AERIN (whispering in his ear) ”Wake up, sleepyhead.” SPIKE (squinting) ”’m awake.” Aww. He looks so darn quite!! But he’s a terrible liar. It’s quite obvious that the blonde vampire’s not awake. AERIN ”Really?” (chewing on his lower lip) ”Great then. Cause I was thinking of taking a shower and wanted some company.” A CLOSE UP on Spike as his eyes snaps open and he jolts up in bed faster than lightening. ANGLE ON Aerin as she fights to hold back what seems to be a smile. (Yeah, Spike’s so predictable it’s funny.) AERIN ”Good evening, sweetie. And what a wonderful evening it is!” SPIKE (eagerly) ”I thought you mentioned something about a shower? (eyeing her) ”Or am I mistaken?”

AERIN (blinking) ”I think you heard me right.” (rising) ”Are you coming or what?” FOCUS ON Spike as he gets up from the bed and follows her into the bathroom. (Oh, he’s so whipped!!) AERIN (from the shower) ”Oh, that’s cold!” SPIKE (smiling) ”Could’ve told you.” AERIN ”Stop enjoying this and get in here!” ZOOMING IN on Spike as he walks over to the shower. He stops on the other side of the curtain and the smile on his lips is slowly fading away. SPIKE (hush tone) ”Aerin?” AERIN (muffled voice) ”What is it, love?” SPIKE (bowing his head) ”What happens when we start hurting each other?” AERIN (peeking round the curtain) ”Nothing, cause that will never happen.”


CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN ALLEY - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT THE CAMERA FOLLOW ANGEL as he walks down a DARK ALLEY. He seems to be on his own, but soon enough we can hear steps BEHIND him. They seem light, possible belonging to a FEMALE. FOCUS ON Angel as he stops in his tracks and slowly turns around. We see the scene from his POV as rather lovely girl approaches him. She’s about his height, with pale skin and dark hair surrounding a face that’s pale with huge dark eyes and blood red lips. She wearing all black but doesn’t appear Goth in any other way. But who is she??! FEMALE ”You shouldn’t be out alone, you know.” (stopping only an inch away) ”Here there be monsters.” PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene. ANGEL (brief smile) ”Lady, I am the monster.” FEMALE ”Oh, I know.” (leaning in) ”You’re late.” A CLOSE UP on Angel’s face as he smiles broadly. (A.N; Angel seems different. There’s something amiss about him at this moment that not even I can put my finger on. For now it just seems as if the storyline has its own life. Hopefully it will work out in the end.) ANGEL (grinning) ”Had some things to take care off.” FEMALE (pouting) ”But they’re done now, right?”

ANGEL ”Oh, yeah.” FOCUS ON Angel as he SUDDENLY reaches out and PULLS the female into his arms. Their LIPS meet and, damn it, the KISS is SMOKING HOT!!! (Any more than me that’s caught by surprise???) ANGEL (breaking the kiss) ”I missed you.” FEMALE ”Didn’t know you were so eager for another ruff and tumble.” ANGEL ”C’mon, Kirsten.” (quick kiss) ”You know I always am.” KIRSTEN (laughing) ”Yeah. Nothing ever changes.” (caressing his cheek) ”Angelus.”


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INT. GILES’S OFFICE - GILES’S HEADQUARTERS - DUSK A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals GILES sitting behind his desk, WILLOW sitting on the floor with a book in front of her, DAWN laying sprawled out on the couch, ANDREW and XANDER standing by the window, chatting over something, BUFFY and ANGEL standing in the centre and ILLYRIA positioned in a corner. GILES (looking around the room) ”Let’s get to the issue regarding Illyria, shall we not?” BUFFY ”What about her?” GILES (cleaning his glasses) ”Well, I know that I would be much more comfortable knowing just what her powers are.” ANGEL ”They’re where stripped.” (noticing the others glares) ”Er…Wesley had this machine… I mean…” (sighing) ”She was going to implode.” XANDER ”Really?” (giving Illyria a glare) ”Cool.” GILES ”Indeed, Xander.” (turning to Angel) ”So, what are her powers?” ANGEL (shrugging) ”I need to think, okay?”

BUFFY (yawning) ”Is this really necessary?” ILLYRIA "You speak as though I am not in the room." FOCUS ON both Angel and Buffy as they turn their heads in Illyria's direction at the sound of her voice. ILLYRIA (blue eyes blazing) "You speak as though I can not hear you." ANGEL (dismissively, turning back to Buffy) "Right." GILES ”Her powers, Angel.” ANGEL ”Let’s see.” (rambling) ”She has superhuman strength, which I think is diminished somewhat, agility, reflexes and endurance. She could create portals between dimensions and had temporal flow manipulation. I also know that she was able to communicate with plants. Uhm, her skin is capable of withstanding sharp objects such as swords or axes. She has enhanced senses that enable her to differentiate between humans, vampires and other creatures. Oh, and she can sense the emotional state of others, seemingly through empathy.” (beat) ”Limited shape shifting powers allow her to alter the appearance of her "shell" - which you might already have noticed.” (pause) ”That’s all I know.” WILLOW (swallowing) ”That’s all you know?” (beat) ”Great.”

AERIN ”Well, you could just ask her.” The CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us AERIN in the doorway. She smiles wildly and enters the room with confident steps. ANGEL ”Good that you finally shows up.” (peeking over her shoulder) ”Where’s Spike?” AERIN ”Oh, I don’t keep taps on my boyfriend.” (chuckling) ”Boyfriend!! How wonderful it is to call him that.” (swirling) ”I feel like a million bucks!” GILES (clearing his throat) ”Er… That’s fine, Aerin. So you really don’t have any idea where he is?” AERIN (shaking her head) “All know is that I fall in love with him a thousand times a day. A thousand times. A thousand different ways.” (tender smile) ”I love the way he sleeps. Sprawled out in the bed, all long, sweet limbs…tangled up in covers, snuffling and purring.” BUFFY ”Gagging here.” XANDER ”Yes, please stop.” ILLYRIA ”I am intrigued. I would like to know more about this mating ritual.” DEAD SILENCE. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. BUFFY’S BEDROOM - GILES’S HEADQUARTERS - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on BUFFY. The blonde slayer sits in her bed and seems to be flipping thru some sort of journal. Suddenly a single piece of paper slips thru the pages and hit’s the floor. ANGLE ON a manly hand reaching down to pick it up - WIDE SHOT of the room shows us that the owner of the hand is ANGEL. The vampire casts a quick glance at the piece of paper and then looks incredulously at the blushing (?!) Buffy. ANGEL ”How did you get your hands on this?” BUFFY (coughing) ”Er…Well, that…” (beat) ”I saw it in one of Giles’s books and I just wanted something…” (blinking) ”…some thing that reminded me of him.” ANGEL ”You stole it?” (perplexed) ”You stole a picture of Spike?” ZOOMING IN on the piece of paper; it’s a PHOTOGRAPH of SPIKE!! (A.N: The photo is a still shot of the blonde vampire, showing us a TIGHT SHOT of his handsome face, with its chiselled cheeks and those piercing blue eyes and that smirk that’s so just Spike.) BUFFY (clearing her throat) ”Er… Well, yeah. I stole it.” (reaching out and snatching the photo from Angel) ”Either way… it’s mine now.” ANGEL (shacking his head) ”Buffy…” (meeting her gaze) ”You know that the two of you… it’s over.”

FOCUS ON Buffy’s face as she pouts and tucks away the photo in the journal once again. She places it on her night desk and sighs warily. BUFFY (whispering) ”I know.” (noticing his stare) ”I know.” (looking away) ”I just didn’t think that it would hurt as much…” ANGEL ”It will pass.” BUFFY ”Will it?” (tensing) ”I mean… Are we really sure that they love each other?” ANGEL ”Aerin and Spike?” (nodding) ”Madly.” BUFFY ”But what if…” ANGEL ”Buffy…” BUFFY (eagerly) ”Maybe I should talk to him…?” ANGEL (bluntly) ”Come on, Buffy. You took his love, took his passion and his strength. He fought for you, bleed for you and even died for you. And now - when he’s trying to move on, what do you do? You try to keep him from being happy. With her.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT PITCH BLACK. Thump. Thud. Thud. Thump. Throw. Swack. Wham. Thump. Thud. SPIKE ”Bloody hell!!” ZOOMING IN on SPIKE as he ducks a blow aimed at him by a rather large, and ugly looking demon. (A.N: It looks like a Fyral demon, only its skin is red and scaly.) ILLYRIA ”You need assistance in killing the vile creature?” A WIDE SHOT of the scene reveals that ILLYRIA is present. She’s fighting her own demon just to left of Spike. SPIKE (sneering) ”Nah. I’ll manage.” (delivering a blow) ”But thanks for asking.” FOCUS ON SPIKE as he dodges the blow and hit the demon hard in its stomach, making it growl in pain. Then ANGLE ON Illyria as she has busied herself with neatly picking a poor creature in pieces. She quickly goes on to another combatant, ripping its head off. SUDDENLY, when Spike’s attention is focused on Illyria, we see that the demon manage to hit Spike hard in the head and sends him to the ground. A CLOSE UP on Spike’s face as he looks up at the creature, before closing his eyes. Perhaps he believes that this is it. The end. NEXT THING we know, blood is dripping down on Spike’s face and he opens his eyes to blink confusedly. We now see things from his POV; Illyria is standing over him with a angry look about her. (Apparently she’s slayed his attacker moments before it killed the blonde vampire.) SPIKE (sighing) ”Give it to me, Blue. Tell me that I had that one coming.”

ILLYRIA (caressing his cheek) "My pet." (smiling) ”The insolent creature thought he could rob me of what belongs to me.” SPIKE ”Oh, well… (coughing) ”Just glad to have me alive, then?” ILLYRIA ”I would not want to lose something that I’ve put effort in keeping alive until now.” (eying him closely) ”You’ve tasted my blood.” SPIKE ”And it was bloody ambrosia, pet.” ILLYRIA (contemplating) ”Yet, it’s this Aerin that your loyalties lie?” SPIKE (tensing) ”You have my loyalties, Bluebell.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head to the side) "I speak vaguely of the dark-haired slayer…" (tilting her head downwards) "Aerin, and you tense.” (scoffing) "I care not of this feeling you have for her, or any feelings at all for that matter. It is sickingly human, to be consumed so deeply by something other than power, to care for something that is not a God…” (beat) ”That’s not me.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the lobby. EVERYONE - meaning: ANGEL, SPIKE, ILLYRIA, AERIN, BUFFY, DAWN, WILLOW, XANDER, GILES and ANDREW, seem to be present and they are all scattered around the room. (A.N: ANGEL sits in a chair at the table wearing his usual black outfit, SPIKE and AERIN sits together on the couch whispering to each other. SPIKE’S wearing light blue jeans and a blue shirt that sooo brings out the colour of his eyes and AERIN in adorable in low-cut jeans and a red top with her long and shiny hair loose. ILLYRIA is… Illyria and she’s standing by the window as usual. BUFFY and DAWN sits together in another couch. Both sisters are wearing low-cut jeans and black tops. WILLOW sits on the floor, sweet in grey trousers and a green blouse. XANDER is standing over her, wearing black jeans and a black shirt. He seems thinner and somewhat more manly than last time we saw him in ’Ch osen ’. GILES and ANDREW are both wearing identical suits and both are pacing back and forth over the floor.) WILLOW (enthused) ”Aha!!” (looking up) ”I think I finally got it, folks!” GILES (coming to a halt) ”You’ve found the nest?” WILLOW ”Yep. It’s downtown in an apartment building.” GILES ”I think that Aerin and Spike should check it out first, before we act.” AERIN ”So, Spike and I will have a quickie…” (noticing the others glares) ”Er… I mean we’ll make a quick round downtown.” XANDER ”Thanks for the visual.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN ALLEY - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on ANGEL as he walks down a DARK ALLEY, seemingly alone. A CLOSER LOOK reveals that it might even be the SAME alley as before. (Where he meets up with that mysterious woman (?) he called KIRSTEN. (A.N: It’s is indeed the same alley.) ANGEL (coming to a halt) ”Are you here?” KIRSTEN ”Hey, there, handsome.” THE CAMERA ZOOMS IN on KIRSTEN as she steps out from the shadows of a huge building. She’s wearing the same clothes as before, but her hair is now pulled back in a tight ponytail. She advances ever so graceful to the spot where Angel stands. KIRSTEN (lopsided grin) ”Can’t have enough of me, can you?” ANGEL (shacking his head) ”I need your help.” KIRSTEN (now confused) ”Help?” (beat) ”With what?” ANGEL ”I think something’s coming. Something big.” KIRSTEN ”And you want me to do a little research?”

ANGEL (nodding) ”You have connections in the demon world.” FOCUS ON KIRSTEN as she nods and gives the dark-haired vampire a calculating look. KIRSTEN (admittedly) ”Yes, I do.” (sighing) ”Consider it done.” WIDE SHOT as she turns her back on Angel and starts walking away. ANGEL (yelling) ”Be careful.” KIRSTEN (over her shoulder) ”You too.” FADE OUT-


INT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - DAWN ZOOMING IN on BUFFY and ANGEL as they sits together on the couch. (A.N: Angel’s in his usual dark colours, but Buffy is adorable in a long jeans skirt and a white top. Her hair hangs loose and curls slightly at the tops.) ANGEL ”We haven’t been able to talk more about your time in Italy.” BUFFY (huffing) ”Didn’t think it was needed.” (giving him a glare) ”After all, you had me tailed.” ANGEL (coughing) ”It was for your own good. Really.” BUFFY (lifted eyebrow) ”Of course.” CLOSE UP on Angel as he tried on a hesitant smile. Then back to a WIDE SHOT, revealing Buffy’s smiling response. BUFFY (benevolent) ”I’m not mad, Angel.” (beat) ”I’m more upset over the fact that you didn’t let me know that Spike was back.” ANGEL (sulking) ”He could have called you if he wanted.”

BUFFY (ironically) ”U’huh.” ANGEL ”Well, it’s true.” BUFFY (eyes downcast) ”It’s just too much ya know.” (deep breath) ”Spike was in heaven.” ANGEL (grimacing) ”Who knew?” BUFFY ”You ripped him out of heaven.” TIGHT SHOT of Angel’s frown. ANGEL ”Not as much as ’ripped’. I talked him into it.” BUFFY (dumfounded) ”You talked him into it?” ANGEL ”To be honest… It was more your mother who managed that.” ZOOMING IN on the stricken look on Buffy’s face. (Could you blame her??) Then PULL BACK to a WIDE SHOT. BUFFY ”Stop right there!!” (shuddering breath) ”My mom?!!” (perturbed) ”What the hell are you talking about?”

ANGEL (nodding) ”Your mom. Joyce. She was there. With Spike.” BUFFY (shacking her head) ”I can’t believe it.” ANGEL (sardonically) ”Tell me about it. I mean Spike in a tan? Unreal.” BUFFY (rapidly) ”How was she? I mean…” (blinking away tears) ”Was she happy?” ANGEL (knitted brow) ”Why shouldn’t she be? She’s in heaven.” BUFFY (gritting her teeth) ”Angel.” ANGEL (regretfully) ”Sorry.” (tender smile) ”Yeah, she was happy. How that’s impossible around Spike.” BUFFY (distant look) ”She always had a soft spot for him. Bringing him hot cocoa…” ANGEL (childish voice) ”She never gave me hot cocoa.”

BUFFY ”I guess she saw the potential in him all along…” ANGEL (huffing) ”Potential my ass!! She fell for him. Just like most women do.” WE HEAR A NOISE and the CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us AERIN entering the room from outside. (A.N: Aerin’s wearing low-cut leather pants, black boots and a red tight fitting shirt. Her hair is braided and she’s wearing big earrings in gold.) ANGEL ”Exhibit A.” ANOTHER NOISE and the CAMERA PANS ACROSS the room to reveal ILLYRIA descending from the stairs. (A.N: What can I say? Illyria looks like Illyria always do.) ANGEL ”Exhibit B.” YET ANOTHER SOUND and the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT as DAWN enter the scene. (A.N: Dawn’s wearing low-cut jeans and a black tub top. Her hair is loose and dances around her face as she smiles at them all.) DAWN (beaming) ”Where’s Spike?” ANGEL ”Exhibit…” BUFFY (deadly smile) ”Angel? Shut up.”


CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - DAWN A WIDE SHOT of the room shows us that BUFFY, DAWN, WILLOW and XANDER are present. Obviously GILES, ANDREW and ILLYRIA are elsewhere. As well as ANGEL probably off somewhere brooding, and SPIKE and AERIN - most likely off somewhere snuggling. DAWN (sighing) ”I could be in Rome by now.” (longing) ”Having a mocha and flirting with hot Italian guys.” BUFFY (snorting) ”Hey! There’ll be no flirting.” DAWN (rolling her eyes) ”Whatever.” (looking hopelessly at Willow and Xander) ”Sooo bossy.” BUFFY (muttering) ”Heard that.” SPIKE ”Heard what?” FOCUS ON the entrance as SPIKE and AERIN steps over the threshold and entering the lobby hand in hand. PANNING ACROSS the room to reveal the hurt look in the blonde slayers face as she, obviously, notices the handholding. BUFFY ”Nothing.” (pause) ”Did you find the nest?”

SPIKE (nodding) ”Find it good and proper, slayer.” AERIN ”It seemed okay. Nothing that we can’t take care off.” (looking up at Spike) ”I’ll go up and take a shower.” SPIKE (nodding) ”Join you in a bit, luv.” A WIDE SHOT of the room as AERIN disappears upstairs. Spike walks over the lobby and stops by the couch where Dawn sits. SPIKE (questioning) ”I thought I heard something about hot Italian guys?” DAWN (blushing) ”Er… You know.” (swallowing) ”Italian guys are hot.” WILLOW (quipping in) ”Yeah. Buffy would certainly agree…” (coughing) ”Oh…” SPIKE ”Old Morty, I wager.” (smirk) ”Right?” ANGLE ON Buffy as she jolts up from the couch. She starts walking towards the stairs. DAWN ”Buffy…?”

BUFFY ”I’m tired, Dawn. I’ll just get some rest.” ZOOMING IN on the worried look in Dawn’s face as she stares after the slumping form that is her sister. Then when she seems to be sure that her sister is out of earshot, Dawn turns back to Spike and smacks him on the side of the head. SPIKE (yelling) “Bloody hell! What was that for?!” DAWN “For not telling us you were alive!” (another bitch slap) “Oh, and for hurting Buffy. Did you know that the first week you were gone; she would come into a room and ask where you were? And every time we told her...told her you weren’t coming back, she’d start crying and talking about how you’d never leave her, how you loved her, and how you would come back no matter what. Cause you promised her that you’d always be there.” SPIKE ”Oh my God, Dawn.” (caressing her cheek) ”I didn’t know. I guess I thought that she…that the lot of you would do better without me.” DAWN (biting her lip) ”Well, we didn’t.” A CLOSE UP on Spike’s face as he looks down at Dawn with a tormented expression. (A.N: poor Spike. Nothing he does seems to be right, does it?) SPIKE ”I’m sorry if I hurt you with my actions. But, Dawn…” (hoarse) ”I had to move on.” DAWN (bitterly) ”Yeah. To Aerin.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN ALLEY - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - DUSK ZOOMING IN on SPIKE and ANGEL as they walk down the dark alley side by side. (Mmm, our two heroes certainly is candy for the eyes.) SPIKE ”Is this the place?” A CLOSE UP on the two vampires as they come to a halt in front of a huge WAREHOUSE. ANGEL ”According to the Intel it is.” SPIKE (sighing) ”Then let the show begin.” The CAMERA FOLLOWS the two vampires as they kick open the doors and bursts in. inside it’s PITCH BLACK and at the beginning WE don’t see much, but we’re able to HEAR the sounds from a FIGHT and soon enough we can see figures through the blackness. Smack. Thud. Thuck. Smash. Boing. Smack. Thus. Thump. Thump. SPIKE ”Bloody hell!!!” SUDDENLY the LIGHT’S on and we can see clearly. The fight is over and there’s no evidence at all that it even has taken place. Well, except from a whole lot of dust. ZOOMING IN on Spike and Angel as they look at each other from opposite sides of the room. They’re both covered in dust. And strangely enough - because it is strangely to see them in their vampiric visage, they’re both in their ’game faces’. SPIKE (blinking) ”Er…Why are you in vamp mode?” ANGEL ”What are you talking about?”

SPIKE ”You got the ’grr’ look.” ANGEL ”I do not…” (blinking) ”You are though.” SPIKE ”What are you talking about?” (feeling his forehead) ”Bugger.” ANGEL ”What’s going on?” ZOOMING IN on the two vampires as they stare at each other dumbfounded. Angel really looks perplexed and Spike seems rather distressed. SPIKE ”Hell if I know.” ANGEL ”I don’t feel all vampy.” (pause) ”Do you?” SPIKE ”Nah.” (shaking his head) ”Hey! It might be a glamour.” The CAMERA PULLS BACK TO A WIDE SHOT as they start to exit the warehouse side by side, still looking very peeved. ANGEL ”Who would want to put a glamour on us?” SPIKE (sardonically) ”Right. Like we don’t have any enemies.”

The FOCUS remains with our two heroes as they come to a halt right outside the warehouse. Angel turns to look maliciously at the blonde vampire by his side. ANGEL ”Could do without the sarcasm.” SPIKE ”Pfft.” (vicious glare) ”Nancy.” ANGEL ”I swear, Spike, one day…” SPIKE ”You’ll what? Bore me to death?” ANGEL ”That’s it!!” (throwing himself at Spike) ”I’ll…” (freezing) ”I’ll…” SPIKE ”You’ll what?” A CLOSE UP on Angel as he stared at the dart that sticks out from his shoulder. ANGEL ”I’ll…” ANGEL falls UNCONSCIOUSLY to the ground with a loud thud. A TIGHT SHOT of Spike. SPIKE ”What the fu…” (grimacing and looking at the identical dart on his shoulder) ”Bugger.” SPIKE joins Angel in the land of the unconscious. FADE OUT-

INT. UNKNOWN ROOM - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of an UNKNOWN ROOM. It’s quite bright, but it’s all artificial light. We can see BUFFY, GILES, AERIN, DAWN and XANDER standing in front of a mirror. When the CAMERA ZOOMS IN CLOSER we can see it’s a two-way mirror and on the other side we can make out the two still forms of ANGEL and SPIKE. BUFFY (eying the two dozing vampires) ”Have they lost their souls?” GILES (cleaning his glasses) ”Willow’s working on a spell to find that out.” AERIN (eagerly) ”I thought that Spike couldn’t lose his soul? Him not being cursed, I mean.” BUFFY (warily) ”WE don’t know what’s wrong with them.” (turning around) ”Let’s go and see what Willow’s up to.” AERIN (jerking around) ”And leave the two of them like this?” BUFFY ”Yeah. It could be good for them. All locked up.” (slowly smiling) ”We could get some oil.” DAWN ”Oil?” (stricken look) ”Oh.”

GILES ”No! No, no, no. No oil.” BUFFY (pouting) ”Party popper.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN ROOM - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - TIME UNKNOWN ZOOMING IN on ANGEL and SPIKE. The two vampires lay snuggling together; Angel on his back and Spike resting his head on his chest. (Aww, cute…) SUDDENLY the dark-haired vampire’s eyes snaps open and he blinks rapidly as to clear his view. When he sees Spike head on his own chest, he gasps and rather roughly pushes the younger vampire away. SPIKE (groggily) ”Ow. My head. It hurts.” ANGEL ”What the hell happened?” SPIKE (blinking) ”All blank here. But if this is a hangover it’s the mother of all hangovers I tell you.” ANGEL (agitated) ”This is not a hangover, Spike.” SPIKE (squinting) ”Dude, why are you in ’vamp’ mode?” ANGEL ”What?” (beat) ”I am?”

SPIKE (nodding) ”U’huh.” ANGEL (scoffing) ”Well, I’m not the only one.” SPIKE (feeling his forehead) ”I be damned. You’re right.” A WIDE SHOT of the room as they get up to their feet, shaking their heads as if to clear it. (A.N: Finally some real interaction between these two characters. I’ve been thinking about a way to best put their bickering to a good use and now it seems to be the perfect time. Yay me!! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this.) ANGEL (full of himself) ”I usually am.” SPIKE (cocking his head) ”What do you think happened to us?” ANGEL (incredulously) ”Do I look like someone who knows?” SPIKE ”Nah. Not really.” (pause) ”Hey, it could be a glamour.” ANGEL (reluctantly) ”Deja’vu.” SPIKE (shuddering) ”Right there with ya.”

ANGEL (looking around) ”Where are we by the way?” SPIKE ”Looks like a holding room.” ANGEL ”Thanks for stating the obvious.” SPIKE (smirk) ”You’re welcome.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. GILES’S OFFICE - DOWNTOWN L.A - NEAR DUSK A WIDE SHOT of the office reveals WILLOW sitting on the floor with a book in front of her and GILES, AERIN, XANDER, DAWN and BUFFY standing in a circle around her. BUFFY (impatiently) ”Willow?” WILLOW (confused frown) ”They’re both souly as far as I can tell.” DAWN (gingerly) ”Then why are they…?” WILLOW (shacking her head) ”I don’t know, Dawnie.” BUFFY ”Can we fix it?”

WILLOW ”Maybe if I knew what we’re up against.” BUFFY (sighing) ”Guess is research time.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE HOLDING ROOM - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - DUSK A WIDE SHOT of the holding room that… holds our two champions. They’re both pacing the floor, passing each other now and then without looking at the other part. SPIKE (shouting) ”Argh!” (connecting his fist against the wall) ”I hate this place. I bloody hate it!” ANGEL ”You and I both, pal.” (rising to his feet) ”How long do you think they will have us locked up like this?” SPIKE ”Hell if I know, peaches. And I still say that this is all you bloody fault.” ANGEL ”Was not.” SPIKE ”Yeah? I recall that it was you who wanted to ’go and kill us some vamps’.” (eying the cell) ”Think we could escape? Try to bust our way out?” ANGEL ”Right. Like that won’t convince the others that we’re playing for the other team I don’t know what will…”

ZOOMING IN on Spike as he comes to a halt and sighs deeply. SPIKE (almost whining) "But I’m so fucking bored." ANGEL "Not the only one, Spike.” (pause) ”You have any ideas how we could to it?" SPIKE ”Well, we could use you big forehead…” ANGEL (sneering) ”Not funny.” SPIKE (shrugging) ”Wasn’t trying to be.” ANGEL "Shut up, Spike." (pause) "So, you wanna try to bust out?" SPIKE (heartedly) "I sure do." ANGEL (contemplating) "Okay, let's do it." SPIKE "Okay."


CUT TOINT. GILES’S OFFICE - DOWNTOWN L.A - DUSK FOCUSING ON the group around the table: DAWN, XANDER, ANDREW, WILLOW, GILES, BUFFY and AERIN. BUFFY (exhausted sigh) ”Got anything?” DAWN (shaking her head) ”Nope.” WILLOW (hush tone) ”Nothing.” XANDER ”Nada.” AERIN (sighing) ”This is futile.” ILLYRIA ”It is a glamour.” The CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us ILLYRIA stepping out from the shadows by the window. BUFFY ”A what?” ILLYRIA ”Someone has put a glamour in the two half breeds.” WILLOW (alert) ”Really? Why was it that I didn’t feel that?”

ILLYRIA ”The glamour is a strong one.” (eying Willow) ”Made to make you doubt the half breeds.” XANDER ”As in; doubt them and kill them?” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) ”Correct.” AERIN (rising) ”Not going to happen.” BUFFY (turning to the witch) ”Can you reverse the spell, Will?” WILLOW (nodding) ”No biggie.” BUFFY ”The let’s go and free our champions.” (sighing) ”Before they do something stupid.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE ROOM OUTSIDE THE HOLDING ROOM - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the scene. The group stands in a row and looks at the empty room on the other side of the mirror. There are collective sighs heard from them all. DAWN (frowning) ”I guess we’re too late?”

BUFFY ”I’ll kill them.” (noticing the glares) ”Or not. Whatever.” XANDER (squinting) ”Is it my imagination or is that hole Spike-shaped?” DAWN ”Where could they have gone?” ANGEL ”We didn’t go anywhere.” THE CAMERA SPINS AROUND to reveal ANGEL and SPIKE standing behind Buffy and the others, still in their vampiric visage. BUFFY ”Angel!” (beat) ”Spike!” ANGEL (hastily) ”We’re not evil, Buffy.” SPIKE ”We think it’s a glamour.” The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the room. BUFFY (raised eyebrow) ”We know.” ANGEL ”You do?” DAWN ”Yeah. Illyria told us.”

SPIKE (smugly) ”Did she now? That’s my girl.” BUFFY ”Er… How did you escape?” ANGEL (reluctant) ”That was all Spikes’ idea.” SPIKE (beaming) ”I must be smarter than I look.” ANGEL ”That would be easy.” SPIKE ”Hey!”


INT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on AERIN and SPIKE as they sits cuddled on the couch. (Aww, they really look sooo cute together.) DAWN ”Spike?” A WIDE SHOT of the room shows us the presence of DAWN, WILLOW, XANDER and AERIN. Obviously ANGEL, ANDREW, GILES and BUFFY is elsewhere. DAWN ”Spike?” SPIKE (lifting his head) ”What?” DAWN (crooning) "Spike’s in looove.” SPIKE (helping Aerin up from the couch) "Sod off.” The CAMERA FOLLOWS Spike and Aerin as they walk over the room and heads up the stairs, soon disappearing from our view. Then the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT as the entrance door is opened and BUFFY steps in. BUFFY (eyes darting over the room) ”Where’s Spike and Aerin?” ILLYRIA ”If I'm not mistaken, they are preparing to mate. Do you think they might let me watch?” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - NIGHT A CLOSE UP on SPIKE as he skimmers out of his T-shirt and joins AERIN on the bed. (A.N: Aerin’s already covered up, but we can see a hint of her blue laced bra.) SPIKE (leaning in for a kiss) ”I can’t believe that you could really love me.” AERIN ”But I do.” SPIKE (game face) ”How could anyone love a monster?” AERIN (kissing the ridges) ”I do.” A TIGHT SHOT of Spike’s face as his features return to those of a handsome man. The look on the blonde vampires face is enough to make you wanna cry - like a baby. It’s so unbelievable vulnerable. SPIKE (ragged voice) “God, how I love you.” (another soft kiss) “You’re the light of my life.” AERIN (caressing his cheek) “And you’re my true constant.” (whispering) “My guiding star.” The CAMERA ZOOMS OUT as the two of them join in a heated embrace. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - NIGHT WIDE SHOT of the room. Accounted: XANDER, DAWN, WILLOW, ANDREW, BUFFY. Then the doors open and GILES and ANGEL enter the scene. GILES (assessing the situation) “Good, most of you are here.” (rubbing his nose) “Except Illyria, Spike and Aerin.” XANDER “Illyria went out just a minute ago.” ANGEL “Where’s Spike and Aerin?” XANDER “I think they’re upstairs doing the horizontal mambo.” GILES (peeved) “Dear lord! Again?” DAWN (nodding) “It’s rather amazing.” XANDER (shrugging) “Not really. I mean; vampire stamina plus slayer stamina. You do the math.” DAWN “They’re like some Duracell bunnies. Just going and going…” GILES “Oh dear…” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - NEAR DAWN ALL LIGHT on BUFFY and XANDER as they sit in a bed with their back against the wall and staring out into nothing. BUFFY (out of the blue) “Xan… Have you noticed anything different about Spike?” XANDER “Different as in he doesn’t obsess about you, or different as in he’s all nice and slobbering all over Aerin?” BUFFY “Hey!!” (sneering) “There’s no slobbering. Okay?” XANDER (shrugging) “If you say so.” SILENCE. BUFFY “No. Really.” XANDER (facing her) “Really?” (nodding) “Yeah. I’ve noticed something different about him.” BUFFY “I wonder what it is.” XANDER “Me too.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. A DARK ALLEY - DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT ALL LIGHT ON ANGEL and KIRSTEN as they stand face to face in the alley. (A.N: Angel is wearing leather pants and a white shirt. Looking rather yummy. Kirsten is all dressed in black and her hair is pulled back in a pigtail.) KIRSTEN (affectionate smile) “Heard about the glamour.” ANGEL “Why am I not surprised?” KIRSTEN “’know who did it?” ANGEL (shaking his head) “But I have a feeling that you do.” KIRSTEN (hush tone) “It is big, Angel.” ANGEL (tensing) “How big?” KIRSTEN (looking around) “Let us just say that the First is back in business.” ZOOMING IN on the perplexed look in Angel’s face. And can you really blame him? Who thought that the First would be back in the game? ANGEL (gritting his teeth) “I thought that the First was defeated.”

KIRSTEN (snorting) “Defeated yes. Gone, no.” ANGEL “How much of a disaster are we talking about?” KIRSTEN “Let us just say that I’m skipping town as soon as possible.” (caressing his cheek) “But if I know you, you’ll stay and fight.” ANGEL “You know me.” KIRSTEN “One more thing.” (leaning in to whisper in his ear) “You’d be wise to worry about the blonde champion’s well being.” (stepping back) “The First doesn’t take lightly on losing.” ANGEL ”We are talking about Spike here. The ultimate survivor.” KIRSTEN “Be as it may. But I know you’ve noticed it.” ANGEL “Noticed what?” KIRSTEN “That it is something off about him.” We FOLLOW Kirsten with a STEAD CAM as she walks down the dark alley. KIRSTEN (over the shoulder) “Good luck!!” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on SPIKE. The blonde vampire lies in his bed, seemingly asleep, next to the still form of AERIN. We can see that the vampire seems to have a disturbing dream as he twitches under the sheets and lets out ragged moans as well as mumbling incoherently. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on him as his movements grow even more agitated and we wonder what the hell could be going on with our hero. SUDDENLY he yells right out and jolts up to sitting position in the blink of an eye. He coughs and stares around the room with wide eyes. And are we only imagining ourselves when his eyes appear to be in a different color? Something aching to neon blue? It must be, for in the next second they’re back to their natural color. NEXT to Spike, as the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT, Aerin mumbles and slowly wakes up - probably disturbed by the vampires movements. AERIN (groggily) “Spike…?” SPIKE “’m sorry, luv. Didn’t mean to wake you.” AERIN “’S something wrong?” SPIKE “No. No, there’s nothing wrong. Go back to sleep, pet.” AERIN (lazy smile) “’m okay.” ZOOMING IN on Spike as he stares out into nothing. And this time we’re not mistaken. The vampire’s eyes are defiantly changing color!! SPIKE (whispering) “I’m fine.” BLACK OUTEND OF EPIS ODE