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Chronic Disease of Provincialism and Ethnocentrism in Pakistan.

Promotion of Provincialism and Ethnocentrism by President of Pakistan is highly deplorable, and is against the Constitution of Pakistan, in which it is the basic Policy principle of Constitution of Pakistan which directs to make efforts against provincialism but our president is trying to promote provincialism and ethnocentrism. Name of Pukhtoonkhwa. Names of Pukhtoonkhwa and Afghania are conspiracy against Pukhtoons, By naming frontier province with ethnocentric names enemies of Pukhtoons want to confine Pukhtoons in a very small place, and after that they will say to Pontoons now you have a province so don't go and live in other provinces, Pukhtoons are spread in all over Pakistan and are one of the main source of unity of Pakistan, no one is snatching NWFP from Pukhtoons but by giving ethnocentric name others want to keep away Pukhtoons from the rights on other provinces. There is no place for Discrimination Based Name in any civilized nation. Investors of Ethnocentrism. ANP, PPP and MQM are main beneficiaries and investors of ethnocentrism, provincialism and sectarianism and therefore Mr. Zardari is trying to divide Pakistani nation on such lines, and making statements such As people of other provinces are eating the resources of Balouchistan while infact those are Balouch Sardars who are mostly involved properties in other provinces, Jamali sons are having properties in Sind, Mengal and Marri are having properties in Karachi, Moreover Mr. Zardari is himself involved in making properties in U.K. (Surrey Palace) and every where in Pakistan (from Marri to Guwadar) Punjab is taking the share of water of Sind while infact it the Sind Government which is wasting the River Indus water in land and in Arabian Sea. Due to which many parts of Sind are suffering from problem of water accumulation leading to stagnant water in lakes and creating swamp lands and rise in sea level. People of Sind will be converted to minority due to migration of Pukhtoons to Karachi, while infact if whole of NWFP population move to Sind even then it is simply impossible to convert people of Sind into minority as population of NWFP is 15 Million and That of Sind about 40 million. Meanings of above statements are just to create disharmony and hatred among different sections of society. Who Supports such Name? If ethnicity is so much important why Mr.Zardari is not naming Karachi as Udru Khuwa or Gulshane Urdu or Urdunia, Because word Karachi also does not have any meaning, if ethnicity is so much important than why Muhajir Quomee Movement had changed its name to Mutahida Quomee Movement, if Provincialism is so much

important then why PPP, MQM and ANP are not trying to make separate provinces for Pukhtoons of Balochistan, Urdu speakers of Karachi, and Seraiki speakers of Punjab. It is the need of time for Pukhtoons to be vigilant against conspiracies of making them confined to ethnicity and a small province and snatching their main stream role. Ethnic ANP. ANP Foolish leaders always made wrong decisions for Pukhtoons, such as: 1) Opposition to creation of Pakistan even when not only all Muslims of India but also British and Hindus had accepted that. 2) Support for Soviet Union occupation on Afghanistan, when all nations of world including chronic supporters (Libya and Cuba) of Soviet Union opposed that occupation. 3) Now how blood of Pukhtoons is flowing in NWFP is one of result of Foolish policies of ANP. If any one have any desire for welfare of Pukhtoons,they should work for the Union of Pakistan and Afghanistan by which Pukhtoons living in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be united and that will be good for the development and progress of culture, language and economical prosperity of Pukhtoons and other ethnic groups living in both the countries otherwise pseudo acts of changing the names for political gains are meaningless. Name of Punjab. Name of Punjab means Land of five Rivers that does not have any link with any nationality or ethnic group. Name of Sind. Name of Sind indicates the land which is dependant totally on River Sind (Indus) that does not have any link with any nationality or ethnic group. Name of Surhad. Name of Surhad indicates Land of frontier dividing two areas that does not have any link with any nationality or ethnic group. Name of India indicates valley of Indus that does not have any link with any nationality or ethnic group. If any one calls himself Lahori, Punjabi, Sindhi, Surhadi Gandhi, Indian than it just means peoples relates themselves to that land, where as name Frontier (Surhad) is concerned this province was created by British by separating Six districts of Punjab in 1901, and most logically it should be termed as North West Punjab that does not have any link with any nationality or ethnic group.

Price of Ethnic Name of Balouchistan Pakistani nation is already paying heavy price of ethnic name of province of Balouchistan, it has become a chronic disease and nuisance and Balouch organizations are killing and are involved in ethnic cleansing of Pukhtoons and Punjabies and their Ideology is based on just ethnic name of Balouchistan. Need to change ethnic Name to Non ethnic Name of Balouchistan. Infact due to killing and victimization of ethnic minorities In Balouchistan and to counter such ethnic cleansing in that province there is need to change the ethnic name of Balouchistan by some geographical name such as Jabalistan or Hills Land and making more provinces of that provinces such as Quetta Province, Makran Province, Kalat Province, Chaggi Province and Lasbella Province for countering disease of Provincialism instead of surrendering against Provincialism and Ethnocentrism. Provincialism and Ethnocentrism already had caused a serious loss of life and property of people. Example Of Bangladesh and Palestine Dhaka fall is the biggest example of adverse effects of Ethnocentrism and Provincialism. * Three millions people in Bengal were the victims of this disease,due to this disease A MUSLIM ARMY SUFFERED with the biggest defeat of the history. Now Bangladesh is one of the least developed country of the world. Now their position is that of a bonded slave working for others to earn their bread. Daily Indian Border Security forces kill one or two Bengalees mercilessly. Now Bangladesh is trying to find its future in Saarc, then why they have been separated from Pakistan. There are lessons to be learnt from fate of Bangladesh and Palestinians (Who made mutiny against Ottoman Khilafat) in the result of their Ethnic mistakes their present generation is suffering from painful humiliations and difficulties. Sind and Karachi. Presently people of Karachi and Sind are also suffering from this disease and thousands of people have died due to this disease in only Karachi, This disease makes people mad, blind and deaf ,This is the reason that although people of Karachi and Sindh are most educated in Pakistan and know very well that their leaders are terrorist, killers and corrupted but even then they supports to terrorist, killers and corrupted leaders, and there is no value of life in city of Karachi and Sind. Example of Arabs versus Israel. The fact of Unity is strength and division is weakness, is clear from the example of nationalistic 20 Arab states, who have same race, same language, same land, same

religion but are shamelessly divided into 20 states due to nationalism ,regionalism, and for the lust of power of their rulers and kings although they are the most powerless nations against tiny state of Israel who with the blessing of unity of different races, groups, cultures (whether Black, White , Red, Arabs, Russians, Africans, Europeans ) from different regions of world ,Due to unity of Jews whether Black, White , Red, Arabs, Russians, Africans, Europeans now Israel is one of the most developed and powerful nation of the world. If we can not understand the teachings of Islam then it will be better to learn something from the living example of Jews. Example of European Union and USA. Every one should take a look to other developed nations like European Union and USA when they were divided on the basis of language, region and colour, they were nothing and were killing each other but now they are united so they are governing all over the world and are most advanced, developed and safe nations of the world. Conclusion: It is the need of the time to inform to masses of Pakistan that such ethnic and dividing ideologies are not beneficial to any one if we Pakistanis when united are unable to do any great and worth mentioning deed in the world then what will be our role when we will be divided into further pieces (Pukhtoonkhwa, Azad Balouchistan, Azad Punjab, Sindho Desh) and such hatred based dividing ideologies do not have an end and their adverse effects are countless. Moreover Provincialism and ethnocenterism Blocks the mix up of different races and ethnic groups which also hinders evolution of good genetic health characteristics in present races and due to this racial and ethnic groups become confined just to their community , causing increase in genetic and hereditary diseases in human population. Therefore it is necessary to strongly and categorically oppose those who are trying to divide Pakistan on the basis of ethoncenterism, provincialism and sectarianism. Written By: M.AKRAM KHAN