Visions of fate

By: Mariana Previously on Heroes; - A SHOT of BUFFY, DAWN and ANGEL. Buffy’s facing Dawn. They both look really uncomfortable. BUFFY ”You’ve been spending way to much time with Faith.” ANGEL ”How’s Faith?” BUFFY “She’s dead.” - A CLOSE UP on SPIKE and AERIN. Aerin studies Spike with her fingers entwined in his hair. AERIN ”Say it again.” SPIKE ”Say what?” AERIN ”Tell me that you love me.” SPIKE ”I love you.” - We see BUFFY on the phone talking. The voice in the other end is FAITH’S. BUFFY “Buffy Summers.” HOARSE VOICE “B.”

BUFFY “Faith?” FAITH “They’re all dead, B.” BUFFY “Who’s dead?” FAITH “Roona, Becky, Maya, Cleo, Eva… Every one of them. They’re dead. Gone.” BUFFY “Oh my God. What happened, Faith?” FAITH “It’s this damn Hellmouth, B. It’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. It’s like it’s pulling us all in. One by one…” BUFFY “I’m coming over as soon as possible.” FAITH “B, no!! It will be okay. I promise. I have a plan.” - A SHOT of BUFFY and SPIKE. It’s the dream sequence that Buffy had. SPIKE ”You need to be strong now. You need to go and find Faith.” BUFFY ”Faith?” SPIKE (v.o) “Help Faith.” - A SHOT of BUFFY and DAWN. BUFFY “Pack your bags. We’re going to Cleveland.” BLACK OUT-

Visions of fate
INT. UNKNOWN CEMETERY - SOMEWHERE IN L.A - NIGHT The CAMERA PANS ACROSS the cemetery zick zacking between the tombstones. We start to hear sounds of a FIGHT as we get a LONG SHOT of FOUR figures. Two of them are fighting while the other two seems to stand back WATCHING. The CAMERA COMES CLOSER and we see that it is DAWN that’s fighting a VAMPIRE while BUFFY and XANDER looks on. The FOCUS is on Dawn as she ducks from an incoming blow. Her leg shoots out and manages to trip the vampire, making him hit the ground with a definite thud. He growls at her, flashing his fangs. DAWN (rolling her eyes) “Pleuzzz. Is that supposed to scare me? Newsflash,” (putting a stake to its heart) “, it doesn’t.” ZOOMING IN on the cloud of dust before PULLING BACK to a WIDE SHOT. (A.N: Dawn is wearing low cut jeans, a blue turtleneck and her hair is down. Xander is wearing jeans that really fit his new toned body and a black shirt. Buffy’s wearing low cut jeans, a white blouse and has her hair tied back into a tight knot.) XANDER (cheerfully) “Way to go, Dawnster!” DAWN (brushing the dust off) “Thanks.” (grimacing) “Ow…” BUFFY (concerned) “Are you alright? Did you get hurt?” DAWN “Just a headache, sis. Nothing to worry about.”

(another grimace) “Scratch that. Oh man, this hurts…” ZOOMING IN on Dawn as she lets out a piercing scream and falls to the ground. Her body convulses and her eyelids flutter exposing only the white in her eyes. But as abruptly it began her seizure (?) stops. BUFFY (kneeling by her sisters side) “Dawn!!” A TIGHT SHOT of Dawn’s face as her eyes snaps open and she dazedly looks up on Buffy. DAWN “Buffy…?” BUFFY (distressed) ”Dawn, are you okay?” DAWN (crabbily) ”No, I am not OKAY.” BUFFY ”Will you live?” DAWN ”It depends.” BUFFY (eagerly) ”On what?” DAWN ”Do you have aspirins?” BUFFY (shaking her head) ”No.”

DAWN (moaning) ”Then I’m going to die.” ALL LIGHT on the three of them as XANDER kneels on Dawn’s other side - taking her tiny hand in his big. They all look at each other and it’s quite a moving moment. I mean - you could see the love they feel for each other. XANDER ”You gave us a bit of a scare there, Dawn.” DAWN (coughing) ”Sorry about that.” (trying to sit up) ”Can someone help me?” XANDER (supporting her) ”Can you tell us what happened?” DAWN (stricken look) ”I think…” (meeting Buffy’s gaze) ”…I think I had a vision.”


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INT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - DAWN A WIDE SHOT of the lobby. People accounted for: ANGEL, ILLYRIA, ANDREW, AERIN XANDER and GILES. But WILLOW and BUFFY comes down the stairs and walks over to the rest, who sits assembled around the table. Well, except from Illyria who obviously prefers to stand. GILES “How is she?” BUFFY “Tired. But that’s to be expected.” (sighing) “I’m worried, Giles.” GILES “We all understand that, Buffy.” (cleaning his glasses) “Did you find out what the vision was about?” BUFFY “It wasn’t my first priority, Giles.” AERIN (cutting in) “Still, we need to find out.” (looking at Giles) “Right?” GILES (nodding) “I’m afraid that Aerin’s right.” BUFFY (muttering) “You always think she’s right.”

GILES (confused frown) “What?” BUFFY (forced smile) “Of course she’s right.” GILES (suspiciously) “Hmm…” FOCUSING ON Angel as the vampire gets up from his place at the table and starts to pace the room with everyone following his actions. ANGEL “This is serious. When Cordelia had her visions…” (deep breath) “…they nearly killed her.” You can hear the pain in the dark-haired vampire’s voice as he talks about Cordelia. (A.N: I always voted for those two, but events came in the way. But I strongly believe that whatever happens, Cordelia will always have a special place in our hero’s heart. And who knows maybe he’ll meet someone else to love in the near feature. In fact, it’s quite likely that it will happen. But I’m not going to tell you who that love interest will be.) XANDER “That’s why she became half demon, right?” ANGEL “Yes.” (looking at Buffy) “There’s no telling what it will do to Dawn. I mean, her being…” BUFFY (finishing off) “Not completely human.” A TIGHT SHOT of Buffy’s face. The blonde slayer is deeply worried. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - DAY ALL LIGHT on DAWN as her eyes snaps open and she jolts up in the bed. Her breathing is rapid and shallow. Her eyes dart from place to place as if to find some familiar ground. BUFFY “Dawn?” A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals BUFFY standing by the window. Her face expresses deep concern as he hurried over to her sister’s side. DAWN “Buffy?” (running a hand through her hair) “How long have I slept?” BUFFY “A few hours.” (biting her bottom lip) “Are you ready to tell me about your vision?” DAWN “I guess.” (meeting Buffy’s gaze) “I saw Faith.” BUFFY “Huh? What fate? Yours?” DAWN “No. I saw Faith. She’s coming.” BUFFY “Dawn…honey, you know Faith’s dead.” DAWN (shaking her head) “No, I don’t know. We never found her body, right?”

BUFFY “All that blood…” DAWN “She could have survived that.” FOCUS ON Buffy as she returns to her previous spot by the window. The sunbeams illuminate her golden hair, making it glow beautifully. But her eyes are so sad… DAWN (empathizing) “She did survive that. And she’s coming.” (with confidence) “I have seen it.” SPIKE (v.o) “You need to go and find Faith.” BUFFY (turning around to face Dawn) “Then I have to go and find Faith.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY - THE HYPERION - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the lobby. GILES, XANDER, WILLOW, AERIN and BUFFY stands in a circle, seemingly deep in discussion. Giles is wearing jeans and a black polo shirt. Xander’s all dressed in black and looking hot. Willow is cute in a skirt and a white blouse. Both Aerin and Buffy is dressed in black and looking good. GILES “Are you saying that Faith’s alive?” BUFFY (nodding) “According to Dawn’s vision.”

GILES “It’s hard to believe…” AERIN (cutting in) “Not really. After all; her body was never found and Faith’s a true survivor.” GILES (smiling at Aerin) “If you say so.” FOCUS ON Buffy as she rolls her eyes. BUFFY “I think I should go out and see if I can find Faith.” AERIN “I’ll join you.” BUFFY (reluctantly) “Ok.” GILES “Ah. Before you go, might I have a word with you, Aerin?” AERIN “Of course.” A WIDE SHOT as the two of them leaves the scene, leaving Buffy, Xander and Willow behind. Buffy turns around to face her friends. BUFFY (sullenly) “I think Giles likes Aerin more than he likes me.” WILLOW (dumbfounded) “Oh my god, Buffy… No. Why would you think that?”

BUFFY “She’s stronger, smarter and…prettier than me.” XANDER “Can’t argue with you there, Buffster.” WILLOW (smacking him in the head) “Xander.” XANDER “What?!” BUFFY “He’s right. I mean, admit it. Aerin’s a watcher’s wet dream.” XANDER (looking peeved) “Dear god, Buffy. Really didn’t wanna visualize that.” There’s a NOISE and the CAMERA SWEEPS AROUND to expose that Aerin has yet again entered the room. AERIN (looking over at Buffy) “Are you ready to go?” BUFFY (nodding) “You bet.” We follow the two of them with a STEAD CAM as they exit’s the hotel and start walking down the street. We can see that Buffy gives the dark-haired slayer furtive glances and we can also see that Aerin picks up on them. It takes a few seconds, but eventually she turns to face Buffy with raised eyebrows. AERIN “What?” BUFFY (innocent look) “Huh?”

AERIN “You seem to have something on your mind?” BUFFY (looking uncertain) “Er…” FOCUSING IN as the two slayers stops in their tracks and turns to face each other. Aerin seems to really be annoyed by Buffy’s rather strange behavior. And what is going on with Buffy?? AERIN “What?!!” BUFFY “Don’t you ever get tired? Of slaying. To always be on your guard?” AERIN (enlightened) “Ah.” (shaking her head) “Nah.” BUFFY “Oh.” AERIN “It’s alright tough.” BUFFY “What is?” AERIN “To be tired. You’ve been doing this a long time, Buffy. It would be strange if you didn’t feel like that.” BUFFY (reluctant smile) “Thank you.”

AERIN (shrugging) “No biggie. As long as you watch your back.” (turning straight forward) “After all; the mission is all that matters.” ZOOMING IN on the shocked look in the blonde slayers face. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. DAWN’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the bedroom. DAWN’S in her bed neatly tucked in under the covers. ANGEL is sitting on the chair. DAWN (looking over at the vampire) “They told you to watch over me, didn’t they?” ANGEL (sheepish smile) “They kind’a did.” DAWN (snorting) “Pushovers.” (staring at the ceiling) “Where are Giles, Xander and Willow?” ANGEL “They’re in the training room with Illyria. Giles wanted to find out how powerful Illyria really is.” DAWN “Oh.”


CUT TOINT. TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY ALL LIGHT on WILLOW as she’s slumped against the wall. She seems to be quite exhausted and her breathing is rather heavy. WILLOW (between breaths) “That’s it. I got nothing left.” A WIDE SHOT of the room to show us the other characters in play: GILES, XANDER and ILLYRIA. XANDER (amazed) “No more mojo? Are you…” (beat) “…drained?” WILLOW (nodding furiously) “Y’huh. All used up.” GILES (scribbling on a paper) “And no affect on Illyria what so ever. Amazing.” ILLYRIA (imperiously) “I am Illyria. God king of the primordium. The most powerful of the Old Ones. You are nothing. Merely a speck of dust in my path.” XANDER (muttering) “Charming.” FOCUSING ON Giles as he continues to write in his journal. At one point his glassed is off but they’re soon put back on. He also rubs his nose.

GILES “Everything Angel told us is true.” (looking up) “You’re immune to sharp objects, have superhuman strength – and you’re resistant to magic.” ILLYRIA (almost amused) “This makes you uneasy?” GILES “Bloody well it does! You’re too powerful to not be intimidating. What if you suddenly got it in your head to betray us?” ILLYRIA “I will not.” GILES “Why should we believe that you won’t?” ILLYRIA “Because I made a promise to someone.”


INT. UNKNOWN ALLEY – DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT Thud. Thump. Smack. Thud. Thud. Smack. Thump. ZOOMING IN on BUFFY and AERIN fighting a gang of vampires. BUFFY (staking a vampire) “Roast n’ toast.” AERIN “Now you got me hungry.” BUFFY “You’re always…” (avoiding a blow) “…hungry.” AERIN (staking a vampire) “Pregnant here.” BUFFY (gritting her teeth) “Just rub it in, why don’t ya?” A WIDE SHOT reveals that there are only two vampires left and the two slayers quickly finish them off. AERIN “That’s it. I’m beat.” (looking over at Buffy) “I don’t think we’ll find Faith tonight.” BUFFY “Me neither.” The CAMERA STAYS with them as they start to walk down the dark alley. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. DAWN’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY ALL LIGHT on DAWN as she lies in her bed. She seems extremely bored. DAWN “I am so incredible bored.” (scratching her arm) “And I’m thinking that I can get bedsores by lying still this much.” BUFFY (sighing) “Will you quite with the complaining?” A WIDE SHOT of the room: BUFFY stands by the window. She’s looking rather fetching in a jeans skirt and a blue top. DAWN (snorting) ”I'll complain if I want to. It's comforting.” BUFFY “It’s annoying the shit out of me.” DAWN (grim look) ”Bitchy much?” BUFFY (sneering) “Pathetic much?” DAWN (crossing her arms over her chest) “I am not pathetic.” BUFFY (rolling her eyes) “Whatever.”

A CLOSE UP on Dawn as she sits up. The young woman leans against the wall and runs a hand through her hair. DAWN “I guess that you didn’t find Faith?” BUFFY (shaking her head) “But we will keep on looking.” DAWN (sighing) “I am not making it up, Buffy.” (grimacing) “I saw her.” BUFFY (nodding) “I believe you.” DAWN “You do?” BUFFY “Of course.” SPIKE “I believe you too, niblet.” The CAMERA SPINS AROUND. SPIKE’S standing in the doorway. Oh, he looks so good. BUFFY (shrieking) “Spike!!” (blushing) ”How are you?” SPIKE (warily) ”Oh, I'm mutating into a god. How are you?” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DUSK A WIDE SHOT of the room. People present at the time: ANGEL, GILES, ANDREW, WILLOW, XANDER, ILLYRIA and AERIN. But we can soon see BUFFY, DAWN and SPIKE appear at the base of the stairs. This means that everyone is accounted for. The CAMERA FOCUS on Spike as he comes to a halt in front of Illyria, who for once doesn’t look like she doesn’t give a crap about anything or anyone. In fact, the entity seems rather tense. SPIKE (acknowledgeable nod) “Illyria.” ILLYRIA (returning the nod) “Spike.” Spike says something in a language completely unknown to us. And Illyria responds in that very same language. BUFFY (coughing) "...kaaaay... do you come with subtitles?” GILES (amazed) “I believe that they were talking the language of the Old Ones.” BUFFY “Oh.” XANDER (shaking his head) “That’s just whacked.” SPIKE (turning around) ”Lately, do I seem a little crazy to you?”

BUFFY (rolling her eyes) ”What do you mean, 'lately'?” AERIN “What do you mean, hubby?” FOCUS ON Aerin as she walks over to the blonde vampire and wraps her arms around him. They share a tight hug and smile at each other. The CAMERA RETURNS to a WIDE SHOT. BUFFY (mouthing) “Hubby??” GILES “I must admit that I am rather amazed of how it is that you could hit the First.” XANDER “Yeah, hubby. Can you tell us how that is??” SPIKE “I actually don’t know.” AERIN “Couldn’t it be because of him being half…god??” SPIKE (looking down at her) “So you know?” BUFFY “We all know.” XANDER “And it’s wigging the hell out of us.” The CAMERA ROLLS AROUND the scene, showing us the perplexed expressions on almost everyone’s faces. It’s only Angel and Illyria that doesn’t let out what they actually think. The CAMERA RETURNS to a WIDE SHOT.

GILES (cleaning his glasses) “I see that we have a lot to discuss.” BUFFY “But there’s the issue about Faith also.” AERIN (sighing) “I guess that we should go out and continue looking for her?” ZOOMING IN on Aerin and Spike as the dark-haired slayer turns up her head to look up at the vampire. AERIN (whispering) “I was thinking that if you're still alive when I get back from patrol tonight... maybe we could go out to dinner or something?” SPIKE (smiling) “Or I’ll accompany you and we can have a pick nick in the park?” AERIN (beaming) “I would love that!!” BUFFY (suspiciously) “Would love what?” AERIN (turning to the others) “Spike and I will patrol and have a pick nick later!” BUFFY “How…lovely.” We follow the two lovers with a STEAD CAM as they make their way out of the lobby. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN PARK – SOMEWHERE IN L.A – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the park. AERIN and SPIKE are busy fighting a gang of vampires and demons. It’s two against…hmm….ten. As the CAMERA ZOOMS IN, Aerin plunges a stake into the chest of a vampire. To her left, Spike simply and effortlessly snaps an ugly looking demon’s neck. Did we just see his eyes flash in neon blue?? SPIKE “Watch out!!” AERIN “What?” (getting tackled) “Ow.” Spike rips the demon of Aerin and throws it across the park. It’s a rather amazing throw and the demon stays on the ground where it lands. AERIN (getting up) “Thanks.” SPIKE (avoiding a blow) “’S nothing.” We hear a roam and suddenly a very huge and grey demon has lunged itself on Spike. It manages to get in a good blow to the vampire’s side making him growl. AERIN “Spike!!” (staking a vampire) “Spike!!” The CAMERA FOCUS on Spike and the unknown demon. The vampire’s eyes turn to their neon blue color as he catches the other demon by its throat. He lifts the now struggling demon up in the air and with his free hand; he rips its heart out. The now dead body falls to the ground with a thud as Spike realizes it from his grip. A CLOSE UP on Spike as he looks up to meet Aerin’s gaze. His eyes are still neon blue.

AERIN (knitted brow) “Spike…?” Spike lets out an animalistic growl as he turns away from her and attacks the rest of their opponents. In a matter of seconds they’re all dead. Oh my god, Spike has really…changed. He seems that much stronger, that mush faster… And he’s still sooo HOT!! SUDDENLY we hear a CLAPPING sound from somewhere outside the CAMERA and as we return to a WIDE SHOT, we see FAITH coming out from under a tree. FAITH (still clapping her hands) “That was some show. I mean… Wait a sec. Spike?” SPIKE (calmly) “’lo, Faith.” FAITH (confused) “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” SPIKE (raising a eyebrow) “Look who’s talking. Heard you died in Cleveland.” FAITH “I didn’t.” (confused look) “Hold on. This is surreal.” (eyes playing over the vampire) “I saw you in that ray of light, Spike. You should have burned to a crisp. Not that I have anything against you being back.” (approving glance) “You sure look hot.” AERIN “He sure does.” (wrapping her arms around Spike) “And he’s spoken for.”

FAITH (quizzical eyebrow) “Another slayer? Is it some kind of disease or what?” (shrugging) “Whatever. It’s five by five with me.” AERIN “I assume that you’re Faith?” FAITH “Yup.” (studying Aerin) “And you are?” AERIN “Aerin Browder.” FAITH (whistle) “’ve heard of you.” (turning to Spike) “You certainly have stepped up a notch. Oh man, Buffy must be fuming.” AERIN “No, she’s cool with it.” FAITH “Really?” (not so convinced) “If you say so.” SPIKE (sighing) “Well, now that we have found you, we should get back to the others.” We follow the three of them with a STEAD CAM as they leave the park.


INT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DAWN A WIDE SHOT of the lobby as SPIKE, AERIN and FAITH enters from the outside. Inside there’s five people present: DAWN, BUFFY, WILLOW, XANDER and ILLYRIA. Dawn and Xander’s sitting by the table while Willow and Buffy sits on the couch, the later with her head in Willow’s lap, and Illyria stands by the window. SPIKE “Look who we found.” DAWN (squeaking) “Faith!” BUFFY (head popping up) “Faith?” FAITH “Yo, my fellow…er…” (noticing Illyria) “…warriors?” (loud whisper) “You know there’s a blue person in this room?” BUFFY (rolling her eyes) “We know, Faith.” FAITH (raised eyebrow) “Really?” ILLYRIA “Who is this intruder?” DAWN “Her name is Faith. She’s a slayer.”

ILLYRIA “Another one?” (tilting her head) “Why is she here?” FAITH (hands on hips) “Why are you here?” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “You dare to question my presence here? Such manners should be punished by snapping your neck, insolent creature.” FAITH (tensing) “Who do you call creature, creature?” BUFFY “Faith, don’t anger the blue person.” FAITH “Don’t need you to fight my battles, B.” (eying Illyria) “Especially when regarding the Goth slut here.” BUFFY (gasping) “No she didn’t…” FOCUS ON Faith and her perplexed expression. In the next second she’s struggling for air when Illyria appears at her side and easily lifts her up in the air by the throat. BUFFY (sighing) “Illyria, don’t kill her.” FAITH (struggling in Illyria’s death grip) “Yeah, what she says.”

ILLYRIA “You are fortunate that I am such a forgiving entity.” (releasing Faith) “Remember that.” FAITH (coughing) “Yeah. Sure thing.” We follow FAITH with a STEAD CAM as she walks over to Buffy, who’s now getting up from the couch to join the newly arrived slayer. BUFFY (smiling) “It’s good to have you here, Faith.” (nodding in the direction of the stairs) “Lets go and find you a room.” We follow the two slayers as they approach the stairs and continue to stay with them as they starts to walk upwards. FAITH “What’s the what with Blue Goth?” BUFFY (rolling her eyes) “She is Spike’s guard dog.” FAITH (knitted brow) “I thought Aerin was that?” BUFFY (sighing) “He has two.” FAITH “Oh.” (smiling) “Wicked threesome.”

BUFFY “No.” (shaking her head) “No threesome.” FAITH (shrugging) “Whatever.” (eying Buffy) “Must be tuff on you tough.” BUFFY “What?” FAITH “Seeing Spike with some other woman.” BUFFY “You have no idea.” (sighing) “They are so…perfect for each other. And it makes me wanna throw up.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN ALL LIGHT on SPIKE and AERIN as they sit huddled up in the chair. Aerin’s on Spike’s lap and he’s busy running his fingers thru her hair and snuggling at her neckline. AERIN “Spike…” (drawing back) “In the park…” SPIKE (closing his eyes) “I know.”

AERIN “You’re really strong now.” SPIKE (nodding) “Yeah.” AERIN “Stronger than me.” SPIKE (opening his eyes) “I guess.” AERIN “Stronger than Illyria?” SPIKE “I don’t know.” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as Aerin suddenly gasps and looks at Spike with amazement in her glistening eyes. AERIN “Ow.” SPIKE “Ow… What?” AERIN “The baby moved.” SPIKE (stunned) “The baby moved?” FOCUSING ON Aerin as she lays a gentle hand on her stomach. When she looks up at Spike there is such love in her eyes… AERIN “Feel for yourself.”

Almost hesitantly, Spike reaches out a hand and lays it on her stomach. We can see the bewildered expression spread across his handsome features. SPIKE (smiling) “I can feel her too.” AERIN “Her?” SPIKE (nodding) “It’s a girl.” AERIN “Really?” (grimacing) “It kicked again.” SPIKE “Definitely a girl.” A CLOSE UP on both of their hands lying on Aerin’s stomach. Then PULL BACK to a TIGHT SHOT of them as they look into each others eyes. AERIN “What should we call her?” SPIKE (bright smile) “How about Honey?” AERIN “Honey?” (beat) “I love it!!” (beaming) “She will be our honey.” ZOOMING IN on their happy faces. The FOCUS is on Spike as his expression changes from happiness to aching sorrow.

AERIN “What’s the matter?” SPIKE (cringing) “I just realized…” (meeting her concerned gaze) “I won’t be around to see her grow up.” AERIN “Spike…” There’s a deadly SILENCE as the two lovers look at each other with tears in their eyes.

FADE OUTCUT TO – INT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN SPOTLIGHT on FAITH. She’s sitting on a bed with her knees up and head pressed against them as she’s rocking back and forth. FAITH (mumbling) “Get away from me.” FAMILIAR VOICE “You left me to die.” A WIDE SHOT of the dark bedroom shows us that there’s a figure standing by the window. As it steps out from the shadows we can see that it’s ROBIN WOOD. Or is it really??? FAITH (looking up with tears in her eyes) “Oh my god. I am so sorry.” (closing her eyes) “But you can’t be him.”

THE FIRST (??) “Of course not. How can I?” (walking towards the bed) “When you left me to die!!” FAITH (looking up) “I thought we defeated you?” THE FIRST (snickering) “I hear that a lot.” FOCUS on the First as he takes a seat on a chair besides the bed. He tilts his head and look at Faith with contemplating expression. THE FIRST “Why did you come here?” FAITH (shrugging) “I felt like I was needed here.” (shaking her head) “Seems like I was right.” THE FIRST (laughing) “Who would ever need you, Faith?” (morphing in to Buffy) “I don’t.” The First/Buffy leans forward with a grim smile. THE FIRST “I will never need you.” FAITH “Quit it.” THE FIRST “With what? Telling the truth?”

FAITH “Buffy’s going to need all help she can get.” THE FIRST (raising a eyebrow) “No, I won’t.” (giggling) “I have Spike and I have Angel.” The CAMERA FOCUS on the First as it gets up from the chair and walks over to the window once again. It looks back over the shoulder at Faith and we see that she’s following its every move intently. THE FIRST (sneering) “What do you have?” FAITH (quietly) “I have friends.” THE FIRST (chuckling) “Friends?” (morphing in to Fred) “You didn’t even recognize me.” FAITH (twitching) “Fred…?” THE FIRST “You’re fortunate that I am such a forgiving entity.” FAITH (blinking) “Oh me god…” THE FIRST (morphing in to Spike) “No, not yet. But soon.”

We follow the First with a STEAD CAM as it walks over to the bed to look down at Faith with a smirk in his face. THE FIRST “You’re wrong, you know that right?” (leaning down) “They’re her friends.” (drawing back) “They will always be.” FAITH “If you’re trying to scare me with all this…” (beat) “It’s not working.” THE FIRST (shrugging) “That’s too bad.” (evil grin) “But I guess that you were right.” FAITH “I was?” (beat) “When?” THE FIRST “Buffy’s going to need all help she can get.” (morphing in to Angel) “When her precious Spike dies.” FAITH (gasping for air) “Wait!! What…?” ZOOMING IN on the First as he…implodes??? Then a WIDE SHOT as Faith gets up from the bed with a shocked expression. FAITH “What did you mean…?!!” FADE OUT-

INT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN We follow BUFFY and FAITH with a STEAD CAM when they come down the stairs and enters the lobby. Buffy’s wearing jeans and a black shirt and Faith is wearing black leather pants and a black T-shirt. As the walk over the floor the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT so that we can see the people present. ANGEL and GILES stand in the doorway in to Angel’s office and seem to be deep in conversation. Angel’s all in black and Giles are in his suit. DAWN, WILLOW and XANDER sit around the table – playing cards. Dawn is wearing jeans and a white blouse and looks adorable. Willow’s all in black and so are XANDER. SPIKE and AERIN sits on the couch, snuggling. Spike is deliciously hot in jeans and a black shirt while Aerin is cute in a loose sitting black woolen skirt and a white blouse. The CAMERA FOCUSES on Spike and Aerin for a while. SPIKE (caressing Aerin’s cheek) “You gorgeous thing.” AERIN (snuggling at his neck) “Not as gorgeous as you, Spikey-po.” The CAMERA RETURNS to a WIDE SHOT. FAITH “Gag.” (leaning in on Buffy to whisper) “I see what you mean. It’s so sugar coated that it’s enough to send one into a coma.” BUFFY (unease) “Right there with ya.” We follow the two slayers as they exit the lobby and steps outside. We can now see that the sun is up and that it seems to be midday. BUFFY (furtive glance) “So, Faith… What really happened in Cleveland?”

FAITH “It was bad, B.” (distressed look) “I mean real bad.” BUFFY (touching Faith’s arm) “I’m sorry. If I’d only known…” (retrieving her hand) “Then I could’ve…” The CAMERA STAYS with them as they turn to walk back in to the lobby. Faith turns her head to look at the blonde slayer. FAITH “You’d what? Come to my rescue? Nah, B, you had done enough. It was my time to shine.” (sniffle) “And what I lousy job I did at that. But hey- we managed to beat down the bad guy.” (eyes downcast) “Even tough we lost so many on the way.” BUFFY (deep breath) “I’m sorry about, Robin, Faith. I know how much he meant for you.” ZOOMING IN on Faith and the aching expression in her face. (A.N: Sure, Faith can come across as this hard ass chick, but deep inside she’s just as insecure and vulnerable as anyone else. And even tough she hasn’t been the nicest girl around guy’s we can so see that Robin Wood really meant something to her. Poor Faith…) The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the scene. FAITH “Thanks.” (ragged breath) “Hey, we both know something about losses, right?” BUFFY (looking over at Spike) “We sure do.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DAY SPOTLIGHT on the table and WILLOW, XANDER and DAWN. They have obviously abandoned the cards in favor of some reading. Research?? DAWN (sighing) “This is sooo boring.” WILLOW (looking up) “I know, Dawnie.” (sad smile) “But don’t you want to find a way to help Spike?” DAWN “More than anything.” (blinking away a tear) “I am not ready to lose him again.” XANDER (laying down his book) “How crazy it may sound… Neither am I.” ZOOMING IN on Dawn as she fires of a bright smile at her friend. Then, suddenly, we can see the perplexed expression on her face – right before she screams out as in agony and falls to the floor. XANDER (distresses) “Dawn!!” WILLOW (shrieking) “Dawn!!” The CAMERA SHOWS us a WIDE SHOT as Willow and Xander kneels besides the writhing girl. BUFFY comes rushing from Angel’s office. Behind her follows the vampire and GILES. Buffy falls to her knees besides her sister with a terrified look in her face.

BUFFY (shouting) “Dawn!!” (shaking her sister) “What happened?!” FOCUS on Dawn as she opens her eyes and shakes her head as if to clear it. DAWN (grimacing) “Another vision.” BUFFY “Oh my god…” GILES (concerned) “What did you see?” DAWN “I saw what’s to come…” (blinking) “We need more slayers.” (looking up) “A lot of slayers.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. FAITH’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DUSK ALL LIGHT on Faith as she stands by the window. Then we hear a sound and the CAMERA TURNS to a WIDE SHOT as ANGEL walks into the dark room. FAITH “How’s Dawn?” ANGEL “Better now.”

FAITH (turning to face him) “I heard that see saw something that scared the hell out of her..?” ANGEL (meeting her gaze) “She saw war coming.” FAITH (shrugging) “What’s new?” ANGEL (stepping further in) “I’m glad that you’re okay.” FAITH “Likewise.” (sitting down) “I’m sorry about Wes. And Fred. And Gunn… Cordelia…” ANGEL (clenching his fists) “They died because of me.” FAITH (shaking her head) “They died because they believed. In you.” The CAMERA FOLLOWS Angel as he walks over the floor to join Faith by the window. They both turn around to look out at the darkness on the other side of the glass. It’s raining. They stand there, side by side, two black clothed figures. ANGEL “Either way they’re gone. And all that’s left…” (deep breath) “…are an egoistic god king and a blonde thorn in my side.” FAITH (lopsided grin) “I heard that said ‘blonde thorn’ was in heaven. What do you make of that?”

ANGEL “I don’t know.” (brow knit) “But I do fear the outcome if he truly are transforming into some kind of god.” FAITH (furtive glance) “But wouldn’t that make him a valuable fighter in the upcoming war?” ANGEL (closing his eyes) “It would.” (sighing) “But which side would he be on?” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. DAWN’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – NIGHT DOOR POV: BUFFY enters the bedroom and walks towards the bed in which DAWN’S in. at first we can only see the slayers back but as she takes a seat on the bedside we get a profile. And she looks really tired and concerned. Dawn seems to share these emotions. BUFFY (quietly) “Are you okay?” DAWN (nodding) “I guess.” BUFFY (hesitantly) “These visions… Do they hurt?” DAWN (shuddering breath) “Yes.”

BUFFY “I’m so sorry, Dawn.” DAWN (shaking her head) “Don’t be.” ALL LIGHT on the two sisters as they wrap their arms around each other for a tight hug. Buffy’s eyes are closed but as we ZOOM IN we can see that Dawn’s are wide open and that there’s something in them… a feeling that something’s troubling her. DAWN “Buffy…” (pulling away) “There’s something I need to tell you…” BUFFY (confused frown) “What is it?” DAWN (meeting Buffy’s gaze) “It’s Spike.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. FAITH’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – NIGHT SPOTLIGHT ON FAITH: The slayer stands by the window. We can see that it’s still raining outside. Very…gloomy. FAITH (warily) “You again?” A WIDE SHOT of the dark room as a shadow breaks free from the wall and approaches Faith. It has the appearance of SPIKE – but we instinctively know that it’s THE FIRST. It comes up to her side and follows her gaze out at the rain.

THE FIRST (amusedly) “If I’m lucky you’ll drown.” FAITH (smiling) “You wish.” THE FIRST “Hey, a man can hope.” FAITH (furtive glance) “Can I ask you a question?” THE FIRST (shrugging) “Shoot.” FAITH “Why him?” ZOOMING IN on the two of them as the First turns around to look down at Faith. Faith meets his gaze dead on. THE FIRST (raised eyebrow) “Why not?” (running a hand down the tones chest) “I like the body.” FAITH (rolling her eyes) “Who doesn’t?” THE FIRST (smirk) “Still want to pop me like warm champagne?” FAITH “In you dreams.”

THE FIRST (benevolently) “Indeed.” FAITH “So… Why him?” We follow the First with a STEAD CAM as it crosses the floor to take a seat on her bed. He looks over at the slayer and pats the spot next to him. The CAMERA RETURNS to a WIDE SHOT as Faith slowly walks over there and takes a seat next to it. THE FIRST (tilting his head) ”Understanding your opponent’s weaknesses is important in everything.” FAITH (quizzically) ”Then what are yours?” THE FIRST (laughing) ”None of your damn business.” FAITH “Is Spike your weakness?” (hidden grin) “I heard he knocked you down.” THE FIRST (grimacing) “It was… most irritating.” FAITH (raised eyebrow) “Are you afraid of him?” THE FIRST (shaking his head) “Not really.”

FAITH “Then what?” THE FIRST “I’m more concerned about you.” (meeting her gaze) “And your precious friends.” FAITH (tensing) “What do you mean?” THE FIRST “That thing… That he will become…” (leaning closer) “It will kill you all.” A CLOSE UP on Faith as she seems to recoil from the words. Then we have a WIDE SHOT again. The First is nowhere to be seen. FAITH (ragged moan) “Oh my god.” THE FIRST/SPIKE (voice over) “No, not yet. But soon.”