Indo-Pak Relations

Introduction India and Pakistan has been at war from the time of India’s independence. The conflict between the two countries is a worldwide issue, which is at the UN as well to help peace between the two neighbouring country, before the independence of India, Pakistan was a part of India after independence the Muslim community demanded a different country and so Pakistan was born a new independent country and became a neighbouring country of India. Though the tension between the two countries has been exploding for quite long, of late there has been much exchange between the two countries with many sports personnel, film stars, singers coming over the border. There has been a lot of change happening lately. This study will examine the reason of conflict between the two countries, will investigate the bilateral talk between both the government and will examine the efforts put in by the UN to resolve peace between these two once upon a time same country.

Since 1947 Indo-Pak Relations have been under the shadows of suspicions, misunderstanding, disappointment, tensions and wars. Both states never succeeded to win the mutual trust of each other because of their unresolved disputes and lack of cooperation between them. It is highly expected from the elected Government of Pakistan (2008) that the resumption of the dialogue process between Pakistan and India will provide new opportunity for both countries to resolve their all long standing disputes and it will create an atmosphere in which both states can improve their bilateral relations. But for this purpose, both countries have to overcome their short-sighted plans and they have to reconsider their policies towards each other. The hostility between Pakistan and India is the main hurdle in the progress of the people of these countries.

Both countries should overcome their political differences and should work together to reduce poverty from the region and to raise the living standards of the people.

Both Pakistan and India have nuclear status and in this scenario the need of peace process between them is much more important than ever before .Now perhaps war is not a good option for them because any kind of a conventional armed conflict can change into a nuclear war. So in

Statements of Indian leadership create a lot of doubts and threats in the minds of Pakistani public and Government which ultimately disturb the peace process and bilateral relations. Pakistan will never ever accept this proposal. Specially Pakistan should focus on its political stability. mutual gain and to develop an atmosphere of peace and progress where both countries can resolve their disputes through composite dialogues.this situation Pakistan and India should put the option of war for the settlement of their disputes out of the equation. Pakistan’s political as well as military leadership should be focused on economic and defense requirements and they have to keep in mind that the disintegration of USSR was not because of the shortage of latest weapons but that was because of weak economy. A famous Indian analyst C . So in this regard. On the other hand in economic field. economic growth and to facilitate its people in the fields of health and education. Military interventions. For example L. . Indian leadership should realize that Pakistan came into existence on ideological basis (Two Nation Theory) and it will never ever rejoin India in any form. In this regard. if India will continue such ambitions then it is almost impossible for India to maintain its relations with Pakistan and it will further enhance the mistrust between the two states rather than cooperation. On the other hand Pakistan should also change its attitude to develop good relations with India. The peace process between Pakistan and India should be based on development of the trust on each other. a day would come when India and Pakistan would form a federation to solve the issue.” And of course. He said that “Although the Kashmir problem would take time to resolve. For example India is the largest state in the region and India’s desire is to become the hegemonic power in South Asia. The improvement of Indo-Pak relations need some changes in the attitudes of both countries.K.Raja Mohan expressed his views that India wants “primacy and a veto over actions of outside powers” in South Asia. Pakistan’s leadership should take immediate steps to fasten its economic growth in order to achieve desirable results from the dialogue process with India. This is a fact that Pakistan has not been able to achieve its desire results in political and economic fields. Pakistan’s economic growth rate is far less as compare to India for the last eight years or so. Adwani expressed his views in an interview. lack of political awareness and the non-serious attitude of politicians are the major reasons of the political instability in Pakistan. The pocession of a minimum (credible) deterrence is essential for Pakistan.

. economically. politically. diplomatically and militarily to enhance the balance of power like India.Finally. Pakistan should strengthen. Thus. It is an existing fact that the solution of Kashmir issue according to Pakistan’s will is not possible in short-term duration because currently the balance of power is hugely in India’s favor.

S were not take place. For the success of peacebuilding and peacekeeping process the willingness of both countries is very important. If they confronted to each other the war must be fought with the weapons of mass destruction and it would be worst for the population of both countries and it will cause a horrible loss. So. The continued circle of wars and boundry tension between both countries reduces the process of exchange of political and cultural delegations and reduction of this process creates misunderstandings between them and because of that effective CBM. The leadership of both states must take immediate steps to develop peacebuilding and peacekeeping between them. Since 1998 both countries have been decleared as nuclear powers. under the umbrella of Nuclear weapons it is not possible for both countries to go for war.The effective dialogue process is possible only through peacebuilding and peacekeeping process by which both Pakistan and India can solve their long standing issues peacefully. In this scenario the only possible way for both countries to solve their problems is through a composite dialogue process. . The holocaust of refugees and unnatural boundries of both countries create a mountain of problems that cannot be solved even at present time.Conclusion: Pakistan and India are two most important countries of the Region but it is unfortunate that both countries are hostile to each other since the time of their independence.

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